Stan's Dream/Vision of West Coast Erupting Volcanoes

June 1996

I found myself floating over the West Coast of the lower 48 states of America. I was up near Washington State looking down toward Mexico. I saw columns of smoke blowing toward the East over the mountain ranges.

USGS caption: Volcanoes of very high to low threat are scattered throughout California, from the Oregon border (north) to Mexico (south). Other older volcanoes in California are of less concern. California’s volcano watch list is subject to change as new data on past eruptive activity are collected, as volcanic unrest changes, and as populations in threatened areas grow or decline.

They were smoke columns from eight volcanoes all erupting at the same time. The nearest one was at the North end of the Cascades and the farthest one looked to be near Mexico City - probably Popocatépetl. The tops of these clouds were flattening as they were so high in the atmosphere.

I moved down and close to one of the volcanoes at the north end of the Cascades. From the western side of the range, I saw cars filled with people trying to get across the mountains to relative safety. I could see the roads were slippery from the wet ash that was falling on them. One car slipped off the narrow road and slid down the steep embankment. They had no ropes to allow them to climb back up to the road to continue on foot. I zoomed in on the car and saw it was my brother, Glenn, and his family.

I awoke with a start and notified my brother of what I had seen. He is a doctor and was firmly locked into the SeaTac area by his practice. I wondered if my dream vision was from bad pizza and filed it away.

Years passed and in 2012 my brother did move his practice and his family to Maine on the East Coast of the lower 48. For whatever reason I was relieved he did move from the West.

Then on the 11
th of August 2017, my wife, Holly, posted a news article entitled, "With 8 Threatening Volcanoes, USGS Says California Deserves Close Monitoring". Who knows... maybe it wasn't the pizza...

Stan Deyo