The Coming "Alien" Deception

This Dream woke me at 04:30 today, 13 August 2007.

I sat in a small wooden church - like a country church - with a group of pastors in several rows facing the pastor chairing the meeting. Pastors in the first row were generally taller and stronger men, both physically and spiritually, than those in the second row where I sat.

The pastor to my right turned and spoke, "I have a strong feeling something is about to happen. Do you?"

Somewhat uncertain, I answered, "Yes I think so."

Then the pastor to my left exclaimed, "Yes, I feel it too!"

Some pastors in the first row turned around to look at us as if to express their dismay at our lack of discernment.

The scene then changed to my home, at night, where Holly and I stood. Two 'beings' who seemed to be angels from God walked up to us. They were female with short glowing wings like angels might be expected to possess; however, their bodies did not glow - just their wings.

They said they had come to take us to a secret meeting in the Arizona desert. One was blonde with short hair; the other had dark brunette-to-black short hair. Both were small in stature… possibly 5.5 feet or so. They seemed to be unnaturally playful - joking between themselves and smiling at us from time to time.

We got into our car; they slouched in the back saying they were exhausted from telling so many folks to go to the meeting place.

We drove through the night until we needed gas. We stopped at a filling station where a couple of men and a woman were on duty. After I filled the car, I stood before one of the men to pay the bill. He said it would be $40, so I searched my wallet for the money and found only $15. Flustered I reached for a credit card. What I had taken from my wallet appeared to be theatre tickets - not a credit card. I apologized for the delay and reached again for a credit card. Again I found a piece of paper in my hand, not a credit card. Finally after three tries to pay the bill, I found a credit card and we were ready to continue the journey.

Suddenly I found myself inside the mind of the blonde-haired 'being' as she lay against the right rear passenger door - somewhat sleepily. Although she could not see through the door with normal vision, she was able to 'see' the woman who worked at the filling station sneaking up to the car to see who was in the back seat. The blonde-haired being wasn't threatened and simply went back to sleep. (I felt the woman who sneaked up to the car was like a motorcycle moll with evil intent. It made me wonder why the blonde-haired 'being' was not threatened… was it because she could not be hurt or was it because she was evil herself and meaner than the motorcycle moll?)

We left the filling station and continued into the night getting closer and closer to the Arizona meeting place but becoming more remote with each mile. We noticed more cars heading the same direction ahead of us and behind as well.

After a time, we stopped at a small convenience store run by a local guy. The store had two rooms: an anteroom (like a mud room for dirty shoes one would find in a typical farm or ranch house) and the main store viewed through a normal doorway. It was still pitch black outside.

We walked inside the store and asked the clerk for a map to the meeting place. He gave us an unusual one which allowed us to mentally 'see' this area like a 3D version of Google Earth. We observed as the map 'flew' us into a deep canyon filled with huge pointed rock formations. The map took us over the top of the meeting place where a rectangular, barn-like structure sat below us, surrounded by natural rock barriers. It was not easily accessible nor inviting.

Once the map had shown us where to go, we were suddenly back at the anteroom facing into the main store. A farming couple entered the anteroom who looked somewhat like members of a Mennonite or Quaker church. They were aloof.

As I looked at the man standing between me and the door to the main store, he glanced down at his feet in a manner as to direct my gaze to that area. At our feet was a scale model of the barn-like structure we had seen in the map. It was about 1.0 x 2.5 feet by .75 feet high. It had been cut neatly into two halves of about 1.25 feet each.

The man scooted the back half toward a rectangular hole just a bit smaller than the barn footprint in the floor between us. I looked down through the hole and saw another room with a couple of things in it like boxes sitting on a wooden floor. His half of the 'mini-barn' moved neatly over the back half of the hole. He motioned for me to place the other half of the barn over the hole to conceal it. As I did so slowly, I sensed something wrong with the whole dream.

I looked out the anteroom window to where huge numbers of cars streamed toward the 'secret' meeting place. Somehow I knew there were about 2 million people headed for this place. I saw the faces of many of them as their cars passed by. They looked like simple farm folk (which somehow conveyed to me they were not well-educated in the written Word or the Bible).

Suddenly, I realized what I was seeing. Humble, uneducated Believers thought they were going to gathered up to meet their 'messiah' in something like a 'rapture'. They were falling into a trap because of their lack of knowledge about this clever deception. I recalled from the Bible:

Matt. 24:24-27 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Behold, I have told you before.

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

I knew I had to wake up and tell Believers to beware of a very clever deception coming soon. As I awoke, I remembered what I had written in 1978 in "The Cosmic Conspiracy". I had warned that superbeings posing as angels from God would arrive on Earth at a time of great global threat from various factors like world and local wars, famine, disease, climate change, financial chaos and possible asteroid impacts to offer 'peace and safety' to the nations under their leadership… Their arrival and their UFOs would be a great cosmic deception….

Next, I remembered a dream from 1996 which showed me and a number of fellow watchpersons in a desert setting where we witnessed a rain of burning embers falling to Earth over the northern, pre-dawn skies of California in increasing numbers. I wondered if the falling, flaming embers represented fallen angels cast down to Earth in the last days who they would follow Satan in a great global deception (with the exception of the Elect Believers). With the current increase in UFO sightings across the planet, I wondered if the time of their arrival was near.

In an effort to deceive as many Believers as possible before the Day of Judgment, Satan has and does provide fake versions of the good things God plans to release on Earth. Before the real Messiah came to Israel, several men falsely claimed to be the Deliverer of Israel. Now, before the return of the Ruling Messiah Y'shua (Jesus), Satan will again produce a false messiah along with a false prophet and himself as rulers of Earth.

Furthermore, I believe this dream related to you today tells of a fake 'rapture' of Believers who are ignorant of the knowledge of the deception and that fake from Satan precedes a true 'rapture' of Believers by God to follow soon after.

So, I share this dream with all Followers of the Way of Y'shua Ben Elohim in a last ditch effort to educate them and their fellow Believers regarding the great deception which is almost certainly upon us in the immediate future.