Dream-Visions of 1997
Concerning Lake Taupo Volcanoes in New Zealand

My friend, Larry Taylor (a brother in "the Way"), recently related a dream to us which he had been given on the 1st of August this year. It immediately made me remember the dreams I had been given back in January and May of this year. Our dreams had something in common: mass deaths.... Larry's dream went like this:

On the first of August 1997, in a dream, I was walking in a sandy desert area and walked up to what looked like a giant black shroud. The black shroud went on for a long distance. It seemed to be covering something. I saw a large hand reach down and grab the corner of the shroud and lift it up on one end. I looked under the lifted corner of the black shroud and saw line after line of caskets as far as I could see under the shroud. The caskets were all lined up in multiple rows on the sand or desert. Something had happened and there were many dead. I do not know the physical location of the place or the event.

Neither Larry nor I knew where this place might be; but we thought his dream may have related to the coming disasters there in America. I will relate my second dream which came in May this year before I relate the first dream which eventually helped us to know where my vision was placed. The second dream went like this:

It began as I was standing at the head of a line of people in a small anteroom. The room had a door to my left which opened to let more people come into the anteroom when others had been "processed." The line of people was folded back and forth two or three times between me and the door like the lines in the passport clearance booths when one enters a foreign country. People would file in and move silently (almost zombie-like) to the head of the line where I was standing and then to my right as they were processed through something like the visa officer's booth to enter a country....

As I stood there I saw a man standing between my wife, Holly, and myself. Suddenly, he just disappeared; and Holly wondered that he was no more. I could see his invisible body because it was like his body was made of a dense gaseous substance or water which bent the light enough that I could see him. I assured her that he was not totally gone. I told her to reach out with my hand and I would let her touch his invisible body so she could understand what was happening. Not everyone in the line blinked out to that invisible state. Some remained with us.

Then when she understood this and felt his presence and was no longer dismayed, we moved over to the visa officer's booth. I deposited all sorts of equipment and computer gear on the bench for him to approve for me to take into the other side with me. I felt uneasy that he would discover something about us that would either prevent us from entering or would make him detain us.

To our surprise, he simply said that where I was going I would not need all this equipment except for one small item. His hand extended to me and opened; and there was a small calculator with a clock built into it. The clock was running. He said to me that I only needed to take the clock with me. It was the single, most important tool I would need. I was relieved as we took the clock thing and were passed for entry into what appeared like a hallway leading to a subway platform outside.

The whole mood of the dream was one of foreboding and darkness for everyone else except Holly and myself. We could feel their zombie-like stupor as they plodded along in the line oblivious to the unseen dread which was plucking them out of this world one by one. Just after we left the officer's booth, I left Holly standing there while I walked just about ten feet to peek behind a partition which was hidden from view of everyone about to be processed for entry into this place where we were standing.

The partition was like the ones at airport luggage collection areas. It had an opening coming in from the first room (the anteroom). Through this opening was a conveyor belt carrying possessions or luggage of those people in that long line. They could not see what I saw on my side of the partition. Things from their baggage were being used to make something; but I could not see who had been making them. My side of the partition was a small room and was devoid of people except me.

I could see all manner of body bags for the soon-to-be-dead people (those zombie-like ones in the line). The bags were in various stages of being sewn. They were also of many types of materials. The one in front of me was from a light, khaki-colored material like Hessian with camouflage patterns on it and with either "US Army" or "Army" and some numbers stenciled on it in black. There were others made from civilian materials like denim and some were quite elegant materials.

I turned from this in horror thinking that they did not know what was going to happen to them when they come into this place. They weren't aware of the deception which had been sold to them. They were just moving along in the line like lemmings to the slaughter by some devilish power....

To my left now as I faced the platform where Holly was still waiting for me to finish my assessment of the situation, I saw a long, wide street which looked like an ordinary American street in a small-town business district. There were small shops on both sides of the street and there was sunlight shining over this scene as though it were late afternoon and the Sun was setting soon. The light had an eerie almost haziness to it. There were a few trees lining the street which sloped downhill away from where I was standing on what appeared to be subway rail track lines.

What appeared to be a subway or rail went down into the large opening which allowed me to see the street and the small buildings. It was as though I was looking through a big hole cut into a movie set to see the scene. The wall through which the hole had been cut was black and threateningly solid. The slope of the street was gentle and somewhere down the way it climbed back up again as though the street was in a large bowl-shaped depression. When I looked as far as I could through the opening, I had to bend down to see the horizon.

Strangely, the hole was not round or square. It was cut in the outline of what appeared to be the end of the street. The bottom of the hole followed the street contour with the tracks leading down into the street scene below. The left and right sides followed the edges of the buildings there. The top was a almost a straight line between the tops of the street-side edges of the facing buildings at the opening but this too deviated over trees and signs and the far horizon. There was an oddness about this opening as though there was an outline around the opening on the dark wall. I was reminded of the holes my Mom used to cut in the cookie dough with various patterns.

A subway car appeared in the hole opening as it prepared to take passengers (the sleeping zombies) down into the street below. The car passed by me from my right side toward the hole. There were a few people inside this car as it began to move down in the growing darkness which was engulfing the street scene. The internal lights of the subway had been turned on.

I watched the face of a young woman as she sat facing the right end of the car toward me. She could not see where she was going and was not even looking. She was in a stupor. Her hair was long and black and was gathered in a long pony tail. Her skin was olive in color. I yelled at her to get out of the subway car but she did not hear me.

As the car passed by me I saw it had no back end to it. That's how I could see the other few passengers briefly. One man was older and going grey. His skin was fair. The walls of the car seemed thin but there were seats in it with hand rails and so forth. It was getting late and darker as the car slowly pulled away... almost imperceptibly; it was so subtle. I knew the night held death for them. I looked back up at Holly on the landing of the terminal and the dream stopped.

I awoke with a start and a heavy heart. I wanted to yell loudly to warn those people. I thought about the dream and decided if it had been a vision that it must have had something to do with the USA where I know that large-scale disasters will occur very soon. However, I told the dream to Holly and let it fade from my conscious mind as other priorities in life pressed upon us.

It was not , however, until this month when Holly and I were in New Zealand on a business trip that a strange series of events revealed the meaning of not only my second dream but also the first.

We always take our laptop Macintosh computer with us when we travel to enable us to have web access daily for email and Naval data collection. When we arrived in Auckland, we had immediately struck trouble with the computer and with the differently-shaped phone connectors to access the New Zealand web servers. Then the computer began get warm and crash doing the most ordinary of tasks... (no, it's not because it's a Mac...and not a windows box!)

With the help of Peter and Margaret Caffell our friends in Auckland, we were able to get the connector problem fixed but then the crashes made our web access very intermittent at best. As I pondered our technological troubles, I realized we were going to be without Naval data for a few days - if not the entire trip.

We left Auckland and decided to see some of the volcanoes in the Lake Taupo region because of the first dream I had back in January. At this point I suppose it would be fitting that I relate that dream. In January as Holly and I were preparing to go to America to do a lecture in Nevada, I had a strange dream :

As it started, I saw myself at home outside looking for something which was lost because of my son Joshua. I remember being frustrated with him as we searched through the trees and the surrounding bush for something.

I was particularly annoyed because it was delaying Holly and I from leaving to go overseas to New Zealand (now at the time, we had no intention of going to New Zealand). After a few moments in the dream I found whatever it was that was lost; then, suddenly, Holly and I were in New Zealand (don't ask me how I knew. I just knew we were there somewhere).

I found us standing on the side of a small, sloping hillside which extended up to our right side. There were palm trees around the motel and some pine trees scattered around the hillside and we were actually standing on a road which separated the higher ground on our right from the lower ground on the left. It was in the morning. The Sun was shining and there was a long motel to our left and beneath the road height. We had to descend a short way to walk into the office of the motel. It was a sort of Spanish style decor with orangish roof tiles and a light colored wall. It felt Mediterranean because of its porticos and two main levels with a sunken area below in the middle of the motel.

I went ahead of Holly and entered the motel from the street level. I could not find any staff there; so I wandered down a hallway to an open door where I found the staff all sitting on top of the tables and bars to keep their feet from getting wet. They told me the water had become warm and had risen during the night. It had flooded the sunken bar area and most of the restaurant where they were sitting on the bars and the tables. They said that it would kill the tourist trade and they were saddened.

Then I realized we were in a motel on the edge of a crater lake as I saw the steam venting up from the water outside the windows of the restaurant. I could see out into a blue lake through the upper half of the windows and through an open doorway at the lower end of the restaurant. To the left of this view was a small peninsula which jutted into the view. It had buildings on it and in the lake between us and it were several small boats or yachts. The water level had risen suddenly during the night before.... and the people were at a loss to know what to do next. I knew that we did not want to stay there after that because I knew there was going to be more violent activity from the crater soon; so Holly and I left the motel and I awoke.

A few days after the dream, we were visited unexpectedly by a lady we did not know who had come to buy a copy of one our books from us at home. In the course of her conversation, we discovered she had been born and raised in New Zealand. I then asked her if she knew of a place in New Zealand that was like a big crater lake where there was steam coming up through the water and there was a tourist resort. Without hesitation she said there was only one place she could think of and that was Lake Taupo in the North Island.

After she left, I got onto the Internet and downloaded all the info I could on Taupo. It wasn't a lot that day and I didn't do much more than wonder why I would have had such a dream about a country and a place I had never seen or even studied from a distance. I discovered it was a resort center and it was a crater lake and that it was close to Ruapehu volcano. Other than that, I found little else to make me spend much more time in reflection about it..... until eight months later when we were in Auckland and deciding where we would visit during the few short days we had spare on our business trip there.

As I thought on the Taupo region a sort of 6th sense caused me to remember the second dream and to start to relate it, as well, to New Zealand instead of America. Holly and I drove down to Taupo arriving late that afternoon. We decided to buy some food items from the local grocery store to save money while we were there (not that it is a terribly expensive place - just that we try to be frugal when and where we can).

While we shopping at the store a young man passed me wearing a soldiers uniform with the camouflage patterns on it. I remember thinking he stood out to my mind for some reason; but I went on with the shopping. Close to the time we were ready to leave the store, the young man again passed me but did not look at me again.... and suddenly I remembered the army material that one of the body bags had been fashioned from in my second dream.

I asked the checkout girl if she had seen anything unusual with the water level in the lake recently. She had not; but she had seen little puddles of yellowish liquid near her school. When we returned to the motel, we asked the managers if they had noticed anything unusual regarding the lake of the volcano or the steam vents etc. They had noticed that the smell of sulphur dioxide was stronger than normal that very day.... They had lived in the region most of their lives....

As Holly and I sat in our room trying to get the computer to work long enough to get the Naval OTIS data downloaded, we discussed the army chap, the bad smells and then later the second and first dreams. In a mutual growing awareness, we both realized we were sitting at the edge of the world's largest active volcano region.

When the Romans recorded the three days of global darkness back in 186 AD, it was because of an eruption of Taupo. The eruption threw out more than 100 times the debris than that of Mt St Helens and more than 5.5 than that of Krakatau back in 1883.

As I looked at a small map of Taupo we had bought earlier that day in a petrol station, I saw something that astounded us. As you can see, there was an outlined 'doorway' to the Lake as one stood at Taupo and looked South. I then remembered the dream of the young man in his military uniform at the store and that one of the bags in my dream was made from that same kind of cloth.

We knew we had stumbled onto something supernatural there; but we still did not have the picture completed. We left early the next morning to get back to Auckland for a couple of things we needed to attend there including Shabbat.

While we were there, the computer gave us more trouble by crashing and by not behaving normally at all. The second night we set the alarm so we could get back to Taupo early the next day. While we were setting the alarm, I remembered in the second dream where we were told our equipment would not be of use to us - BUT that our alarm clock would. Then I remembered that just before we had left Australia to go to New Zealand I had been looking for a brass water hose nozzle in the backyard amongst the trees. Since my son Joshua had been the last one to use it, I had become a little annoyed with him as I didn't have a lot of time to go looking for a nozzle while we were getting ready to leave the country. Just as implied in the first dream, I did find the nozzle where Joshua had dutifully placed it amongst the coils of the hose on the wall of the house. Shortly thereafter Holly and I had left for New Zealand as shown in the dream.

Two days passed peacefully for us in Auckland and then we returned to Taupo to complete the investigation. When we got there the second time we had two days to check out the place and to see various scientists and locals concerning the behavior of their volcanoes of late. The first thing we did was to drive around to the airport to book a flight with DeBretts Aviation over the volcanoes and the Crater Lake for the next day. While we there at the airfield, we talked to the pilot, Simon, about the volcanoes and their recent activities. In the course of the discussion, he told us that his sister worked at a shoreside motel on the edge of the crater; and that she had told him a few months previously that their floor safe had been so hot a couple of times that she couldn't open it without protection. Apparently, underground steam vents had shifted under her office and a few guest rooms there.

This caught our attention because of the first dream I had experienced in January which showed a crater-side motel with hot water and steam vents coming out from underneath it. We asked Simon what the motel was called. To our amazement he said, "Manuels." This sounded sort of Spanish immediately; but we thought it was too great a coincidence to be true; so we asked what the building looked like. He told us it was unusual for these parts as it was somewhat Spanish or Mediterranean in style with those orange roof tiles.....

We raced out of the airfield terminal and down along the crater-side road until we came to Manuel's. When we stopped on the roadside we were in the exact spot I had seen in my first dream. Manuel's was on our left and down from the road toward on the edge of a huge crater lake. The style was Spanish as you can see.

It had a sunken lounge/bar area named "Pepper's" at the rear of the reception area at the shoreside. It had the jutting peninsula to the left. It had the restaurant next to the sunken lounge/bar area; and as I walked down the hallway and turned into that restaurant there were the staff sitting around a table for a staff meeting (just like I had seen except they were on the chairs not the bars because no flooding had yet occurred there). The windows behind them showed us the lake and the boats between the peninsula and the motel.

We discovered from the pilot earlier that the last big eruption crater was submerged just offshore from the motel - down about 250 meters. We went outside and we could see the steam venting from underneath the motel as it was from several other spots along the edge and up along the roadside above us. We took a photo of Manuel's front view from the air and facing toward Ruapehu as well as one from the opposite side facing east.

Later that night we came back to watch the steam rising from the lake's edge at the back of the motel. I realized from my second dream that something was going to happen here at night and it would kill a lot of people - all caught napping. I also knew that all our computers would fail to warn them in time. The only clue I was shown was a calculator alarm clock.

We wondered if this meant it would happen in the early hours of the morning when alarm clocks are usually set or perhaps that it might mean we could calculate the time by saying it would occur the morning after the warm water suddenly rises into the restaurant area of the motel. I did notice in both my dreams that the locals were blissfully unaware of the danger about to befall them as Holly and I tried to warn them....

We wondered what the gaseous or watery people that were disappearing in my second dream represented. Were they the souls of the dead on the other side? Holly was worried as she saw them disappear until I said to her that the were alive on the other side of a sort of dimensional wall - like Heaven I suppose. Then she was at peace and reached out to touch their spirit forms with me. They were definitely dead to this world, however.... but NOT ALL of the people died then. Some were saved somehow. Maybe we were being shown that we would lose some of those we would try to warn but that some would listen; so that we would not feel so bad when the disaster takes so many lives.

The next morning we flew over the Lake and on up over the three semi-active volcanoes south of the crater lake. Mt Ruapehu was boiling as we flew over the rim of the crater. The greenish color was due to the presence of a sulphur layer under the ash and water. We flew over the steam fields known as 'Craters of the Moon' and then we landed without event.

I wish that more equipment could be given to the local volcanic observatory for sensors down in the crater to tell them when heat fluctuations and gas emissions were changing for the worse; but that is not within my ability to grant. They do have water level detectors around the lake now; but it is not clear to us whether a water level change would sound alarms or just appear on a log sheet the next morning. If my dream applies to their instruments as well as ours, then the only clue we will have is the sudden upwelling of water on the lake one day soon. If I were there in Lake Taupo on that day, I would leave rubber burn streaks on the main road out of there back to Hamilton and safety.... but that's just my opinion.

Do the people live in the 'Valley of the Shadow of Death'? The way we see it now, there will come a day soon in Taupo when the water will have risen quickly one morning. There will be many people sitting around complaining about the economic impact on the tourist trade in the area. That very night will be their last night alive if we understand the timing correctly.

Well, folks. That's the weird dreams for today. I have had dreamvisions before over the years. Usually I have seen the events happen the next day or the next week or in two cases about 6-9 months later - but never longer than a year... I have seen two airline crashes from inside the aircraft and outside a day before they happened but the detail was enough to allow me to warn the people. I have seen events with my sons playing a week ahead of time and I was able to avoid one of them breaking his leg horribly by installing a safety rope system in the trees they climbed every day.... The son I had seen fall in my dream did fall and was caught by the safety rope.

Twice, I have seen into my own life some 6-9 months ahead of a major event down to the last detail. I dreamed of Holly and I warning many people over the web just as the disasters would be starting and here we are... doing just that. Soon, volcanoes will erupt, meteorites will rain down upon us, violent windstorms will rip through our homes and giant earthquakes will shake our lands into confused rubble... I have seen these things as well... by the grace of our G*D (Blessed be His Name)... Amen!

-Stan Deyo ....... in Perth, Western Australia, 4 December 1997