Update on Stan's 1996 Vision of Things to Come
August 19, 2010 by Stan Deyo
In my dream-vision of 1996 I saw several things that would occur in the future. Some of them have already come to fruition. However, the last portion of the dream-vision (see end of this article) has been elusive in occurring. A couple of instances in the news seemed as though they might have fulfilled that last portion, but they did not look like what I saw exactly.

Image: normal tallit and how it's worn

Over the years since 1996, the interpretation and/or fulfillment of what I saw faded into the background of daily life... UNTIL today. A Christian friend of ours, Gil Pacheko, came to visit us after returning from Israel. Before he left to visit Israel this time, he told us about a strange dream-vision of his own. He was shown he was to receive an anointing of the Holy Spirit by what appeared to be a priest of the coming 3rd Temple period in Israel. As there are presently Hebrew priests being schooled in Israel he thought perhaps he would be given the anointing on this trip. To his disappointment this did not happen.

He told us he visited another friend before coming to see us and that he had seen something that caught his attention. He was telling his other friend about his disappointment over not receiving the anointing on this trip when his friend went into another room and returned with a special tallit (Hebrew prayer shawl traditionally as shown). However, his friend's tallit had tongues of flame stretching across it like those of the Holy Spirit when anointing the disciples.

Image: Flaming tallit of Pentecost

As Gil told me this I suddenly remembered that unresolved portion of my dream-vision in 1996. There were two mysteries I was not able to interpret clearly. One was what were those flaming things similar to meteorites and second, what was meant by the closing statement of the dream-vision, "IT BEGINS NOW!"

As I thought on the tongues of flame which descended upon the disciples 50 days after the Ascension of Jesus from the grave, I realized the flaming things of my dream-vision could well be the descent of the Holy Spirit upon all the Christian watchmen who were looking up for the Return of their Messiah. That would mean they were about to be anointed so they could initiate a huge revival in the 'West' before the Rapture and before the Great Tribulation. I used the term 'West' to refer to all the Judeo-Christian nations of the 'West'. Thus my definition of the nations of the 'East' would be the Islamic nations of the world. So, in my dream-vision, the awakened watchmen of the Christian faith and I were facing to the 'West' where the Holy Spirit fell like a rain of flaming balls of light.

Then it dawned on me. The last great Christian revival would begin in the 'West' with the anointing of many many Christian watchmen. The phrase, "IT BEGINS NOW!" signifies the beginning of the last great revival.

Image: front and back of tallit of Pentecost

Now I understand the last portion of the dream-vision. I could never understand what those flaming balls of light were as they fell like a shower or a rain that intensified as time passed until it was like a waterfall of flaming balls of light. They did not leave streaks of light behind them like meteorites do and they fell slower like rain...

After Gil told me his story about that flaming tallit and his own dream-vision just a few weeks ago I think the moment may be close... very close. WOW!

I also wonder if the 50 days to Pentecost has meaning in this context. Perhaps you can add to what I've interpreted.

Stan Deyo

Excerpt below from Stan's Dream-Vision of 1996
"I found myself landing to the south and west of the piney forest in the mountains where the golden ring had come from. I landed and was standing in a somewhat desert region like Arizona with those funny, flat-topped buttes; and I was in a large cleared area filled with strange, one-man tents with people inside each of them. An eerie, yellow-pink light like those found in large parking lots next to shopping centers illuminated the scene.

"As I looked at the tents arrayed before me, I realized these people were known to me - but at a distance... They were like an army of special people. Their tents were made of a cocoon-like web that encased them in sort of a womb-like sleep. Each person was laying on a fold-up cot. By each one on a cot-side nightstand was an alarm clock which had already gone off - BUT each had overslept their alarm. One by one I reached through the web into them and shook them to tell them it was time to awaken for they had overslept. I collected these sleepy-eyed folks in front of me; and then told them it was time to prepare themselves for what was to come at the dawn.

(I assumed it was to be 'dawn' because I could see a faint light over the California coastline. However, in retrospect, the Sun usually sets in the West - not rises; however, if that were the case, then why were there alarm clocks which are normally set for early morning hours?)

They were facing west toward California. There were only a few hundred of them. Then, somehow, while looking at them, I knew it was time; and I turned my back to them and looked to the skies of the west over California. Shooting stars began to fall... first came small, faint traces then the downpour became greater like a curtain... Some had small flames attached to them. Excitedly, I cried out loud, `Look! Look!... it has started!... THIS is the time... We must awaken the others and prepare them! Tell them, IT BEGINS NOW!'"