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IS The United States of America in BIG Trouble?

Many years ago in 1978 when I was writing my first book, The Cosmic Conspiracy, I had a most unique experience. Each day as I would sit down to write my book, I would pray to God for direction and clarity. One day, I was trying to figure out if there was a secret code in the Great Seal of the United States. I was getting nowhere very fast when suddenly I became very drowsy... So drowsy, that I literally fell from my chair to the carpet by the desk and the heater and went to sleep.

Immediately, I had a very real and graphic dream. On page 79 of The Cosmic Conspiracy, I explained what I had seen in the dreamWITHOUT telling the reader that I had "dreamed" the secret to the coding on America's Great Seal. It was in 1989 in my next book, "The Vindicator Scrolls" that I finally explained how I was shown that America is under the control of a modern economic and trading system known as "Babylon" in the Book of Revelation. My explanation from The Vindicator Scrolls follows:

My Seal Dream of 1978

In my dream I saw the Great Seal of the United States floating over the flattened pyramid in the Great Seal. The Great Seal spun around and was transparent so that I could see both sides superimposed as it spun. Then, columns of light formed by the tail-feathers of the eagle, shone down onto the roman numerals at the base of the pyramid and the numerals which were illuminated fell to the dirt and ashes in front of the pyramid. The "illuminated" numerals were, "DC, LX, VI" or "666" in the Arabic numbering system. In my vision I did not realise what this meant; but I did see the eagle-like bird rise up out of the ashes at the foot of the pyramid to a position over the pyramid which had no cornerstone.

I awoke with a start and rushed to the desk where I immediately wrote down these things I had seen in the vision. I did not yet understand the full implications of it. However, as the afternoon passed, I did come to understand it in much more detail. As I explain in The Cosmic Conspiracy, the numbers which were not illuminated and which remained on the base of the pyramid were, "M, C, X" or "1110" which is "666" in the ancient, Babylonian "sexagesimal" numbering system. I had never heard of the Babylonian "sexagesimal" numbering system until that afternoon when I found a reference to it inside the encyclopaedia where I was searching for old world numbering systems - after I had had the "dream."

It has now been 27 years since I was touched with this dream which gave at least a million people in some 22 countries the seal warning. It was a spark which spread like wildfire throughout the world. It warned us of the return of the "phoenix" - like "antichrist" of Biblical prophecies; it warned us of the approach of his global, monetary system to be based on the old Babylonian system; and it warned us that he would try to sit upon the apex of the pyramid symbolising the rightful position of the "Chief Cornerstone rejected by the builders." It warned us that America would be under the seal of a modern "Babylon" whether by design or by deception.

Now, other authors have since picked up on the theme and have produced more evidence of this Babylonian conspiracy which tightens its grip on mankind by the hour. In light of the World Trade Center destruction, I am wondering if the Babylonian System has been destroyed and will be replaced by a new world economic order with more control over our individual lives than any government on Earth has ever had before.