Threat Watch

The following links (updated April 7, 2019) give you a quick, bottom line look at today's concerns. There are many other sources available, but these give you a comprehensive overview without chasing around the Net. —Holly Deyo

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Active Alerts – OVERVIEW
Severe Weather All U.S. 1 or 2
Severe Weather: AK, HI, Guam,
or 2, Am. Samoa
Real Time Chill Map 1 or 2 or 3
Real Time Heat Map 1
or 2
Canada Wind Chill / Heat
Canada Severe Weather
Avalanche US / Canada
Europe Weather Warnings
Drought Monitor
Palmer Drought
Seasonal Drought
Canada Temp Anomalies: 1 / 2
Canada 1 Mo. Precip
Australia Temp Anomalies
Australia Drought
North America Drought Monitor
Australia 1 Mo. Precip
La Niña Impacts:
Dec-Feb Temp / Precip
Jan-Mar Temp
/ Precip
Feb-April Temp
/ Precip
Mar-May Temp
/ Precip
Apr-June Temp
/ Precip