Obama's Latest Outrage

Order for 34,000,000 Blank Work Permits, Green Cards Raising Amnesty Concerns

Holly Deyo
Oct. 21, 2014

If there were ever any doubt Obama is attempting to take over this Country by any means possible, kill that thought like Raid on a roach.

Two weeks ago, the GSA (Government Services Administration) posted a notice on their Federal Business Opportunities website that should alarm every American.

This is the same government site that requested bids in Jan. 2011 for 140,000,000 MREs, blankets and body bags, and billions of rounds of ammo last year. Currently the FBO wants a company that can print up to 34,000,000 permanent residency and work permit cards. This company should be able to crank out at least 4 million cards per year for 5 years, including possibly 9 MILLION in the beginning. This is what their draft shows the next generation PRC and EAD images to look like:

Source: USCIS


The Obama and Bush administrations both touted that there were 'only' 11 million illegals within U.S. borders. This is their guesstimate since 2005 based on numbers from Pew Hispanic Research. What, in a decade no one else stampeded across our nether regions? Doubtful.

In Jim Gilchrist and Dr. Jerome Corsi's 2006 book, Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders, they put the count of illegals in the U.S. closer to 30,000,000. This number certainly ties more closely to the number of cards the Feds want to print. Any extra cards may be for the millions who stream across our border, unhampered and uninvited once Obama invokes the next amnesty.

Many people feel this will come on the heels of midterm elections when it's safe for Progressives to rise up loudly for amnesty. “Clearly the federal government does not want to close our nation's open borders, so why should we believe that it is being honest in estimating the number of illegal immigrants already in the country? Telling the truth would make it too difficult to get political support for another amnesty program.”1


In the Gilchrist-Corsi book, they state,

Dr. Corsi asserts, “One out of every ten births in the United States is to an illegal immigrant. The federal government and the states pay out billions each year in social programs to the 30 million illegal aliens in the country. Welfare benefits coupled with open borders have created an enormous underclass of cheap labor for farmers and businesses, but it's come at an enormous expense to U.S. taxpayers.”3

So phony-government-baloney persists and oozes into every area of our lives.

Proponents of the North American Union (NAU) are just biding their time. This immigration invasion is just another cog.

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