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Holly Deyo
April 10, 2015


For another book to be released later this year, I'd researched the California mega-drought situation. It's Uglyville there and unfortunately, they provide most of the fruits and veggies for our Country. The water situation there is at crisis level. Unlike Texas who has been in the same boat but hit the problem head on, CA is late to the remediation party. As a consequence, it's ramping fresh produce prices in grocery stores and also for the wine and nut industries. Go buy a bottle of CA wine and it's up at least 20% from 12 months ago.

Last year California produce rose as much as 34% specifically as a result of the drought. With no end in sight, prices may go even higher this year. This weekend we'll get our veggie gardens ready using Garden Gold's method of biointensive gardening. Not only are our veggies grown organically, it saves heaps of money, they're always right out our back door AND they taste so much better!

We shop Sam's Club frequently and when there is a product deficit, there's usually a money reason. It's a BIG heads up.

A month ago we shopped there for bulk bags of pecans and sliced almonds. There were none. Zip. Zero. Nada. That entire cooking isle was gone. BUT you can buy them cheapest through Sam's Club online.

Almonds are very important to optimal health. We put them in yogurt, cereal, green bean casseroles, on Stan's homemade ice cream or munch as a snack. They are vital, all heart-healthy.

A week ago Coast To Coast AM called Stan to talk about California's water crisis. It's that bad.

If you have a Sam's Club card, they have the best price for a 2-pound bag of Diamond Almonds at $16.48. This is killer-low compared to other producers. Wait, and prices will go into stratosphere. Stick extra bags in your freezer. They'll keep for a long time.


Canine influenza is at epidemic levels and our 4-leggeds need protection and have preventative measures taken for them – just like people do.

Klein, the supervising veterinarian at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency Center, stated "We have had a few fatalities, so that's why it's exceedingly serious. It causes pneumonia, in some cases, and some of these dogs have to be on oxygen and on ventilation."

Dr. Judith Schwartz, staff veterinarian at New York's Humane Society of New York, called the outbreak "very" concerning. "Especially if it's within a certain period of time. That's very, very... that's frightening."

One vet shared that he'd seen 5% fatalities.

Andy Izquierdo of PetSmart warns. "If they've been in a boarding facility, if they've been at a doggy day camp, or a dog park, that's an area where this virus can be spread. Take a look at your dog, look for symptoms, keep them isolated if at all possible."

Our female Kelpie, Bella, came down with the flu a month ago. We have no idea where or how she caught it. Though she's fine now, her breathing became very labored, her heart seemed like it would pound out of her chest, she refused to eat and lost 9% of her body weight and continually made weird noises in her throat. It took TWO rounds of antibiotics for her to kick it. Now she's back to her ornery self. Jayzbo also caught it from Bella, but wasn't nearly so sick. We had no idea what we were dealing with otherwise we'd have kept them apart. So it was inevitable Jayzbo would catch it from his sister.

Symptoms to look for include a persistent cough, runny nose and fever. Read the rest here and watch the CBS video for tips of how to prevent flu in your 4-legged.


After several years, we used the last bit of Miracle-Gro All Purpose Flower and Vegetable Fertilizer. Have used it for 40 years and my mother before me. This was part of her the secret for her fabulously green thumb.

Sam's Club has a 12.5 pound box for $21. At Lowe's a 1.5 pound box is $6. Home Depot's 10 pound box is $19.50. These are the largest size each store sells. Bigger size normally = better price.

Checked Costco online and they don't seem to sell it in any size.

Sam's Club 12.5# box – $1.68/lb
Lowe's – $4/lb (they only sell it in the 1.5 pound size)
Home Depot 10# box – $1.95/lb

DING DING DING – and the winner is: Sam's Club. Bought ours a week ago. Happy Gardening!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (5th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

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