The Coming Storm – prophecy

INTERESTING NOTE: When Brenda sent in her prophetic dream, she hadn't titled it like most people do. After reading it several times, it it just popped into mind to call it "The Coming Storm". When looking for something to illustrate her dream, this picture was the first one to come up and thought perfect, just perfect!

In searching for the painter to give hem or her credit, it literally took one hit. Typed into Google
angel storm field and look what immediately came up – more specifically, check the title: "Coming Storm". It's a painting by Danny Hahlbohm. Isn't this just something?

Brenda Nuland
September 13, 2015

Dear Holly,

This dream happened in the Winter and I was going to send it to you then but I didn't understand it fully. I knew it was prophetic. But recently God released the full meaning and told me to send it to you.

There was a storm raging in the dream which appeared like a storm occurring in the atmosphere. There was thunder and lightening with multiple colors in the atmosphere (like the Northern lights) but mainly red-ish and as it came near, one could see there was a windstorm sweeping on earth so severe that one was in serious danger if out in the elements.

In the dream, there were two people running towards a car parked in a garage for safety before the violent winds would hit. One was a woman who was pregnant and looked past her due date. The other was a child (running from another direction and not hers) who was around age ten to twelve, very strong, and had a meanness to him. I sensed that everyone who had been around him were afraid and the term "bully" came to mind in the dream.

Both of these people reached the car and got inside, the woman with great difficulty due to her advanced pregnancy. The child jumped in the passenger seat at the same time, just before the front edge of the storm and the severe winds hit the house.

That was when I woke up. I asked God what it meant and I knew the woman represented the Church and the fullness of time. I was unsure of the boy but I knew he was the cause of great trouble. I thought perhaps it represented Satan's work in the world. But when God brought the dream to my mind again, I realized the boy represented Satan's power and how he was using our current President and his Administration to do evil... and what the dream meant.

God showed me that the Church was near the end of this age and it would seem as we were left in the chaos too long (the appearance of the woman being past due). But He reminded me although the storms in the atmosphere were raging around her, she was out of danger when the worst of the storm arrived with the terrible heat and winds destroying everything in their path.

He then caused me to understand the boy and the evil he represented. For in the dream I knew he was the reason for the storm. But God showed me while it seemed they would be riding together in the car (although I never saw it out of the garage), the woman was in the driver's seat... not the boy. Also, the woman obviously was full grown and the evil boy was not yet a teenager. The woman was not only in the driver's seat and in control but the evil represented by the child could not match up with the fully mature Church.

I believe God reminded me to send this to you today because the storm is about to be released but He is reminding us that... although the Church goes through at least part of the storm, if not all of it... He is in control of the times and seasons. And that while evil seems to prevail in this time, it (and the people it represents) will seem to have power for awhile but in Truth... God and His people are the ultimate victors. We are not to let the enemy of our souls deceive us into thinking the war has been won and that he is the victor.

I've continued to encourage friends and family to stock up, even if they can only afford rice and beans. I can't remember if I told you about my vision when we were corresponding quite often.

I've had only two visions in my life, both in the 1990s. The first one came true, the second has yet to come true but He reminded me of it recently. I was driving the By-pass that goes around our town (in real time) and as I looked to my left, it suddenly looked desolate, as if I were the only car on the road and the only person outside. I was passing a favorite restaurant of ours at the time and in my spirit, God told me there would come a day when the restaurant would be closed because they could not get any food... a combination of supply and trucks not being able to transport the food. Please see Holly's 2015 article: When Trucks Stop, America Stops & Massive Mega-Quake Could Destroy Pacific Northwest.

The vision was brief and almost immediately I was back in full traffic but it was so very real. That same restaurant still exists even though other stores in the shopping center have come and gone.

Your friend,

Brenda Nuland

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