Dear Mr. Trump
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Holly Deyo
January 11, 2016

Democrats say you don't have the detail. You don't have a plan. I'd like to know one past President, just one, that could stand alone and have all the answers. No one. They aren't God. That's why Presidents have advisors. A Cabinet. Intelligence agencies. Briefings. Oh yeah, Obama opts out of these. Presidents consult people, unlike Obama who mistakenly thinks he's omniscient. Like you said, he racks up plenty of experience on the golf course, but has no knowledge of how to unify America. Or, doesn't choose to… He's made us more divided than ever since the Civil War.

We don't give a rip that you don't have former political experience. That's what America needs. Did our Founding Fathers have a political legacy? Experienced advisors? No, they used common sense and put America first. We need a fresh perspective, a businessman who understands how to dig us out of this crippling economic hole. Be your optimistic self like Reagan. Back when Reagan was President I wasn't thinking so much about politics, but listened every single time he spoke to our Country on TV - dropped everything to hear him - because he embodied everything I felt and honored. When Obama invokes Reagan, we know he's desperate, because there is ZERO likeness there. It's an insult to Reagan.

We need some optimism Mr. Trump. That old can-do American spirit that many Americans are now embarrassed by. Why is that? Look to the Progressives. They spew this poison and strangle freedom of speech with political correctness.

My health insurance went up 47% when ObamaCare went into effect. Self-employed, we pay it. You have to. It's gone up every year since. While rarely ever sick, instead of paying for my healthcare, I pay for every deadbeat hanger-on out there. Sometimes money's tight but doable. BUT I don't appreciate taking on every other person to raise as ObamaCare prescribes. A lot of these are generational welfare recipients. Why should I work 70 hours a week while they sit back and do nothing? At least, consider Workfare instead of Welfare. It'd give recipients a degree of self-respect instead of the self-perpetuating role of sponge.

Would like to see again the days of Major Medical and leave the bloodsuckers out of my checkbook. Too many doctors are burdened with ObamaCare's paperwork instead of seeing patients. And when they do, it's a slap and a tickle. Got to have enough time to do that ObamaCare paperwork. This is upside down.

Oh yeah, reform the tax code. We're a small business yet we have to hire a high-power tax company to keep our tail feathers out of the fire. We need a simple set of rules, not 75,000 pages of expanding tax code. Mrs. Fiorina is spot-on with this. She said 3 pages would suffice.

We respect leaders that admit they can't go it alone, don't have all the answers, do consult advisors, will move our beautiful Country off entitlements, way away from TPP, build those southern and northern secure fences (not those falling down, half-there things of the last three administrations), vet people diligently that want to immigrate and ENFORCE on-the-books immigration laws, block refugees coming here, as you say, "till we figure out what the hell's going on". Why do we OWE anyone anything? It's the UN feel-guilty socialist nonsense. That doesn't resonate. We are the most giving country in the world, but we're giving our Nation away financially, spiritually and culturally. Many of the Muslims coming here who hate us, want to institute Sharia. That's not in the Constitution.

Tell China to go jump, balance the trade deficit in favor of America for a switch and for Heaven's sake, quit Obama's eternal bowing and scraping to every other country leader. Nobody respects this posture. He'd be better positioned at the UN. Not here.

Isn't America the Super Power, yet Obama's neutered us. Decimated our military. Makes us look weak and ineffectual. Ripe for terrorism. (oops, I meant workplace violence.) China sits in our patent office with their own desk peeling off our patents to their advantage and America's detriment. They literally stole one of my husband's energy patent applications. No protection of intellectual property. Was supposed to be sealed. Wasn't. This silliness started with zipper-down Bill Clinton.

One of the biggest threats Newt Gingrich addressed is an EMP - either solar or nuclear driven. It'd cost about $2 billion to harden the grid yet no politician tackles this issue. Compared to the utter chaos, millions dead and estimated $2 TRILLION it'd cause in damages, that's peanuts. Why do they let this slide and ride while Putin gains creds and power. Nations think that little 5'7" runt is all-powerful. Middle East countries do too. They respect an iron fist while Obama gives them a limp pinkie. Meanwhile America becomes more vulnerable. We're no longer on the offensive and alert, just pee-weak responders.

Thank you for standing. You could have quite happily stayed out of the fray with smart and lovely Melania at your side and your exceptional daughters and sons. Could live anywhere in the world. You didn't have to dig into political wars, that Uglyville, - unless you see what's happening and hate it. Will fight for America.

It's my fervent hope you truly mean it Mr. Trump. The rest of the GOP hopefuls, except for Cruz, Fiorina and maybe Christie, I hope they clear the field, support you. Especially Jeb. He looks weak, like something could blow his doors off in a mild breeze. Somebody, someone, Mr. Trump has to stand for America or we will surely fall. Really stand, not sell out as so many politicians do once they hit the Pearly Gates of the White House, Senate and Congress.

NOTE: My philosophy is say it, own it and maybe others will pave the way for positive change. Maybe others will stand up. Have courage. Be a Light. Not Obama's Nation-ripping, soul-crippling, black-white dividing, fundamentally transforming America type socialist-sucking change.

'Nough said.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of four books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (6th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.), Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed and Garden Gold (2017 ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

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