December 28
Flying the Germy Skies
Adult Brain Cells Do Keep Growing
December 22
Bird Flu Resists Tamiflu in Some Cases
December 21
'Baghdad Boils,' Plague Men From N.C. Unit
Doctor Allegedly Used Weed Killer on Patients
December 20
Want to Get to the Top? Put On a Happy Face
Dark Chocolate May Cut Heart Disease Risk: Study
December 19
In Alaska, Darkness and Depression Descend
Customs Agents Seize Counterfeit Tamiflu
December 15
New Flu Fears In Three Countries
December 14
Party Time! What Drinking Does to Your Body
Whooping Cough Makes Comeback
Whooping Cough Cases at 30-Year High in State
December 13
Scientists to Draw Cancer-gene Map
December 12
One Hour Lab Test for Anthrax Approved
December 9
U.S. Life Expectancy Hits All-Time High
How to Get More Cancer-Fighting Nutrients
December 7
Are You A Sitting Duck for Bird Flu?

December 6
US Prepares for Worst-Case Scenario With Bird Flu
Bird Flu: All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Coming Pandemic
Arguments Dramatically Slow Wound Healing
December 5
Has Feared Mutation of Avian Flu Arrived?
December 2
Deadly Bacterial Illness May be Spreading
November 29
Heart Assoc. Offers New CPR Guidelines
China Says Bird Flu Mutating
Study Verifies Power of Positive Thinking
November 28
Just Try to Sleep Tight. The Bedbugs are Back
Colorado Has Watchful Eye on Bird Flu
Herbal Extract May Treat Prostate Cancer
November 25
Allergies Getting Worse Due to Global Warming
November 23
Man Who Lived in Houston has Human Form of Mad Cow
November 16
UCLA Study Says Dogs Help Heart Patients
China Reports Three Human Bird-Flu Cases
China Begins Massive Bird Flu Vaccination Campaign
November 15
Heart Attacks Pared in Pueblo, CO; What's Their Secret?
Scientists Warn of Climate Change Causing Plague
November 14
Cold Weather May Help Cause Colds: Scientists
November 12
Eighth Bird Flu Outbreak in China
November 11
Warning Issued for Birth-Control Patch
November 10
Sleep Apnea Doubles Risk of Stroke, Death
November 9
Nanotech Cure for Cancer?
November 8
Vaccine Refusals Vex Doctors
November 7
Sentries in U.S. Seek Early Signs of the Avian Flu
Doctors Say ERs Not Ready for a Disaster
Pneumonia Hits Pakistan Quake Zone; Vast Numbers at Risk
November 6
Bird Flu on Migration Path, Report
The Thames: Awash with Cocaine
Test Your Boomer Knowledge
November 5
China's People's Liberation Army to Join Fight Against Bird Flu
Indonesia Confirms Fifth Bird Flu Death
November 4
China, Vietnam Confirm New Bird Flu Cases
November 3
Pandemic Is Inevitable, Govt. Officials Say
Bird Flu Plan: Quarantine and Common Sense
A Closer Look at U.S. Flu Plan
Branson Snaps Up 10,000 Courses of Tamiflu
November 2
Scientists Offer New Hope for Rapid Production of Bird Flu Vaccine
November 1
Bush Proposes Readiness Plan for Flu Pandemic
Canada Discovers H5 Avian Flu Virus in Wild Birds
Thailand Confirms 20th Human Case of Bird Flu Infection
October 27
Roche Suspends Shipments of Tamiflu
China Steps Up Efforts Against Bird Flu After Week's Third Outbreak
Suspected Haemorrhagic Fever Case In Pakistan Quake Zone
October 26
Bird Flu Could Hit U.S. Next Year
Scientists Aim for Clone Cure to Bird Flu
October 25
Ouch! Why Women Feel More Pain
October 24
The Fight Against the Flu
Ubersexuals Leaving Metrosexuals at the Spa
October 23
Facing Up to Disaster: Bird Flu Virus, H5N1
Scientists Use Computer Model to Predict U.S. Bird Flu Outbreak
How to Prepare (Naturally) for Avian Influenza — Updated
Armed Police to Guard Bird Flu Drugs
Bird Flu Fears Spur Hoarding of Tamiflu
October 20
Breast Cancer Drug 'Stunning'
October 19
Bird Flu: Everything You Need to Know
China Finds 2,600 Dead Birds; EU Suspects More Cases
October 18
Hospitals to Treat Avian Flu Epidemic Same as Terrorist Attack
October 17
Bird Flu Pandemic 'Will Hit UK'
One Bird Flu Case Resistant to Tamiflu
October 16
Bird Flu Virus Shows Signs of Evading Newest Drug
The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
October 14
Europe Holding Crisis Talks on Bird Flu
October 13
EU: Bird Flu in Turkey is Feared Strain; Scientists Worry it May Mutate
October 11
Officials Race to Head Off a Bird Flu Pandemic
Devastating Bird Flu Probability 'Very High'
Many in U.S. Playing a Risky Game of Sex
October 10
U.S. A Step Behind Bird Flu
From Pears to Apples: Women's New Shape Puts Them at Risk
October 8
Riots, Shortages, Millions Die: Bush Plan Warns of Dire Results in Flu Epidemic
Quarantine Call After Romania Detects First Bird Flu Cases
2,000 Turkeys Dead From Avian Flu in Turkey: TV
Romania Isolates Bird Flu Village
October 7
Experts Unlock Clues to Spread of 1918 Flu Virus
Merck: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Effective
Toronto Health Officials Identify Illness
October 6
Avian Flu Virus Growing Similar to Lethal 'Spanish Flu'
1918 Killer Flu 'Came From Birds'
World Not Ready for Flu Pandemic, Official Says
Inhaled Bird Flu Vaccine in the Works
October 5
Bush: Quarantines Possible If Bird Flu Breaks Out
Air Force Enlisted in Post-Rita Mosquito Battle
Four More at Canadian Nursing Home Die
October 4
Study: Most Will Be Fat Over the Long Haul
October 3
Ebola's Dogged Enemies
Bird Flu Redux
October 2
Why You Should Worry About Avian Flu
Frog Gunk Blocks HIV
Health Officials Probe Respiratory Illness Outbreak at Toronto Nursing Home
September 30
U.N.: Bird Flu May Kill 150 Million People Worldwide
September 29
Frist: America Unprepared for Avian Flu Outbreak
September 28
Monster Mold Threatens Health in South
September 27
U.N. Says $100M Needed to Stop Bird Flu
September 26
Healthy Heart: Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough
September 22
U.S. Bird Flu Scenario Eyed
Superbug Kills 3 Kids in Chicago
Hygiene: Men Fail to Clean Up in Restroom Test
September 21
Indonesia Says Facing Bird Flu Epidemic
United States To Press For Bird Flu Action Plan In APEC Summit
Live Webcast: Emerging Pandemic: Costs and Consequences of an Avian Influenza Outbreak
Tiniest Baby Celebrates First Birthday
September 20
U.S. Tightens Mad Cow Feed Regulations
September 17
Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic?
September 16
SARS Vaccine Appears to be Safe
New Study Shows SARS Can Infect Brain Tissue
Mice Infected With Bubonic Plague Missing
Rising Premiums Threaten Job-Based Health Coverage
September 12
Doctors: Hurricane Katrina Forced Us to Kill Patients
September 9
Eat Chocolate, Fish, Garlic and Red Wine to Live Longer
Stress May Prevent Breast Cancer
September 2
Did Human Remains in India Lead to Mad Cow?
September 1
New Orleans Sinks into Public Health Disaster
46 Million Lack Health Insurance
August 29
U.S. to Triple Airport Quarantine Stations
New Process May Lead to Mad Cow Diagnosis
Plague-Like Disease - Tularemia - Found in Area Rabbits
Coffee a Top Source of Healthy Antioxidants
August 25
Painkillers Can Cause Fatal Stomach Bleeding
August 20
Migrating Birds Could Bring Deadly Flu to UK This Winter
All Australian Ports to Close If Bird Flu Strikes
Merck & Co. Vows to Appeal $253M Judgment
Britons to Sue Drug Giant After Vioxx Ruling
August 19
Bacteria That Eats Flesh Kills Woman
Secondhand Smoke Costs Nearly $10 Bln in U.S.-Study
5 Idaho Women Dead From CJD
August 18
Sheep Can Pass BSE to Their Lambs