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December 28
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December 23
Great Are My Ways
The Eve of Christmas Eve ‚ Commentary
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The Purpose of Christmas
Christmas Persecution: An End Time Tradition
December 20
Alpine Episcopal Church Splits Over Homosexual Issue
December 19
Palestinian Christians Face Persecution - Leaving Holy Land in Record Numbers
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December 16
Christians Under Siege Globally
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When Was Jesus Born?
December 13
Who is St. Nicholas?
St. Nicholas and the Origin of Santa Claus
December 11
What's Happened to Christmas?
Pope: Christmas Polluted by Consumerism
December 9
Pakistan Christians Expelled to Make Room for Earthquake Survivors
Critics Aren't Keeping Quiet Over 'Silent Night' Lyrics Change
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Wake Up Church!
December 5
Shopping Information: Christmas — or Not
Joining Hands to Defend Christmas
Hey, It's the Solstice Buying Season
I'm Offended That You're Offended - Merry Christmas Anyway!
Operation: Just Say Merry Christmas
December 2
Bracelets Urge: 'Just say Merry Christmas'
November 28
Will Your Church be Closed for Christmas?
Believers Flock to 'Crying' Virgin Mary
Boston "Holiday Tree" Stirs Controversy
November 26
Arabic Christian Channel a Hit?
November 23
'Megachurches' Draw Big Crowds
November 22
Walk the Line Ignores Cash's Christianity
November 21
Chinese Christians Forced to Worship in Secret
November 16
First Church to Depart Over Gay Bishop Issue
November 14
New Atheist Challenge to 'In God We Trust'
Saudi Jailed for Discussing the Bible
Gay Priests Struggle With Vatican's Rules
November 13
Two Pakistan Churches Burned
November 12
Conservative Anglicans Call for Split with US Episcopal Church
November 11
Finding Said to Boost Proof of Goliath
Wal-Mart Defends 'Happy Holidays' Approach
November 10
Wal-Mart Faces Boycott for 'Banning' Christmas
November 8
Anne Rice Turns to Jesus
November 7
Archaeologists Unveil Ancient Church in Israel
November 6
World's Oldest Church Inscribed — "to the memory of the Lord Jesus Cristos”
Archaeologists Discover Ancient Church — References Jesus
November 3
Approximately 100 Million American Church Members Have Very Little to No Understanding of Bible Prophecy
October 27
Bible Coming on iPod in February
October 25
Poll: Majority Reject Evolution
Episcopal Liberals Prepare for Split
October 24
'Satanism Flourishing in Russia'
October 23
Is God Mad at Us?
University to Ban Bibles
Al Aqsa Leader: Jews Have No Right to Mount
October 16
God's Main Sign to This Generation
Timing the 'Birth Pangs'

Earthquakes, Famines and Wars
October 13
Halloween — Blending of Paganism with Christianity
October 10
Robertson: Disasters Point to 2nd Coming
October 7
God Told Me to Invade Iraq, Bush Tells Palestinian Ministers
October 6
Catholic Church No Longer Swears by Truth of the Bible
More Hispanic Women Coverting to Islam
October 5
Wiccan Veterans Want Parity
September 29
Senator: God Judging U.S. with Disastrous Hurricanes
September 27
Rabbis Convert 'Lost Tribe of Israel'
'Intelligent Design' Court Battle Begins
Christianity in a Nutshell: Britain's '100-Minute Bible'
September 26
Worshippers Give Thanks for Surviving Rita
September 25
Gay Bishop Predicts Anglican Church Split
September 23
Signs of Christ's Soon Return
Why are America’s Churches Out of Touch with Reality?
September 22
Vatican to Bar Homosexual Priests-New York Times
September 20
In a Parking Lot, Under a Tent and Amid the Chaos, Sunday Goes On
September 19
Another Side to Disaster Relief: Prayer
September 17
'Under God' Under Fire
Christians Pray to Counter 'Pagan Pride Day'
September 12
U.S. Prelate: Gays Shouldn't Be Ordained
September 9
What Katrina Can Teach Us?
September 8
Churches Rise to Answer South's Call
September 6
Atheists: No Prayer for Disaster Victims
August 31
648 Dead, 322 Hurt in Iraq Bridge Stampede
August 30
Poll: Dems Losing Religious Voters
Air Force Discourages Public Prayer
August 29
Vatican Plan to Block Gay Priests
August 23
85% of U.S. Say They're Christians
August 22
AD 2005 and the "Times of the Gentiles"
In Search of the Spiritual
Religious Belief 'Falling Faster Than Church Attendance'
Pagans to Hold 'Pride Day'
August 20
Ten Commandments Resurrected by Federal Court
Court Rules Atheism a Religion