December 23
Flu Pandemic Forecast to Kill 81 Million
December 20
Diabetes Breakthrough
December 18
Quarantine Unit Prepares for Wave of Infection
December 15
United States Officially Accepts New International Health Regulations
Doctor: FDA-Approved Drug a 'Time Bomb'
December 13
Hospital Serial Killers Are Big Threat, Study Says
Brain Tumors May be Infectious
December 11
Experts Puzzle Over Halt of Bird Flu
Condoms 'Too Big' for Indian Men
December 8
Christmas Tree Fire — video
Readers' Christmas Tree Tips
December 4
Doctors Worry About Drug-Resistant Bacteria
December 1
Avian Flu Still a Risk; New More Dire Predictions
Bird Flu Hits Second S Korea Farm
November 29
Kentucky Marine Can't Walk After Reaction to Vaccine
November 27
S Korea Bird Flu Scare Prompts Mass Slaughter
CODEX Puts Industry Interests Before Consumers - Again
Dandelion Root Cancer Treatment?
November 21
Mayo Vaccinates Up to 1,000 People Per Hour
Pueblo Colo. Practices for Pandemic
Government Orders More Bird Flu Vaccine
Stockpiled Bird Flu Vaccine Losing Potency
How to Prepare (Naturally) for Avian Influenza — repost requested
November 20
Expert: Prepare for a Pandemic
Hemophilia Drug Used on GIs Labeled Risk
Disease Stricken Cruise Ship Docks for Cleaning
November 17
700 Carnival Passengers Struck Down by Highly Contagious Stomach Bug
New CU-Boulder Technology Expected to Help Rapidly I.D. Avian Flu Strains
Preparing for a Pandemic
November 16
Scarlet Fever Spreads in N.Korea
Wal-Mart Expands Generic Drug Program
November 15
Global Warming Causing Disease to Rise
The Politics and Profits in Keeping Americans Sick
November 14
Tamiflu Label Will Change
Red Meat Linked to Breast Cancer
NORTHCOM'S Pandemic Flu Guide for Service Members & Families
November 13
Creepy Photos of Morgellons Disease
Next Flu Pandemic: What to Do Until the Vaccine Arrives?
November 10
Feeling Down? Blame the Weather
November 9
11M Bottles of Acetaminophen Recalled
Fast-Spreading Flu Scare Draws CDC
Human Deaths from Animal Diseases on the Rise
November 8
Genetically Altered AIDS Retrovirus Has Encouraging Results
Pandemic Influenza -- Preparing for Possible Shelter-In-Place
November 6
Bird Flu-Infected Dog Suggests Human Risk From Pets, Study Says
November 4
Evolution and Spread of Fujian H5N1 In China
November 3
China's Dirty Secret
Six Test Positive for TB in Colorado
Tuberculosis Returns to UK With Big Jump in Cases
Bright Idea: Light Bulb Burns Away Tumors
November 2
Chemo 'Super-Cocktail' Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths by 30%
Continued Hoarding of H5N1 Sequences
October 31
New Strain of Bird Flu Found in China — Resistant to Vaccines
CDC Investigating Salmonella Outbreak
Phoenix Rising: Scientists Resuscitate 5 Million-Year-Old Retrovirus
October 30
US Scientists Crack Cancer 'Gene Codes'
Teen Loses Breast to Flesh Eating Bacteria
October 23
Becoming Mother at 50 'No Risk to Health'
October 22
Alaska Villagers in Bird Flu's Path
4 Die in Israel After Flu Shots; Vaccinations Suspended
October 19
"Morgellons Disease" Sprayed on Meats and Vegetables?
Despite Surplus, Flu Shots May Be Hard to Find
Variant of Bird Flu Found in Ohio Ducks
Illinois Unable to Duck ‘Low-Risk’ Bird-Flu
Bird Flu Vaccine May Hit Many Strains
Switzerland Stockpiling Bird Flu Vaccine for Entire Population
Dengue Fever: Growing Threat Rivals Malaria, Ebola
October 17
Red Wine Can Help Prevent Stroke Damage: Study
October 14
Coroner: Preparedness Only Rx for Pandemic Flu
October 11
Rich and Red, Tomatoes May Help Cut Your Cancer Risk
Human Plague Hits Four States
October 10
The Cancer Research Money Machine
October 9
Troops 'Spread Superbug'
'Manorexia' on the Rise
October 5
3rd E. Coli Death Confirmed in Neb. Lady
October 5
Mad Deer Disease May Spread with Saliva
October 1
Mumps Outbreak Hits College Campus Hardest
Disputes Delays Anthrax Vaccine Until 2008
September 28
Red Wine May Help Prevent Alzheimer's
September 27
The Truth Behind the Spinach Scare: Cheap Beef
September 23
New Methadone Street Menace: One Pill Can Kill
September 22
2 More Possible Spinach Deaths
West Nile Cases Nearing Record
'Natural Male Enhancement' Maker Indicted for Fraud
September 21
'Smoking Gun' Spinach Found in Victim's Fridge
September 19
Global Warming Brings New Diseases North
Hundreds May Face TB Exposure in Okla.
September 18
FDA: Dont' Eat ANY Fresh 'Until Further Notice' — Cases Up to 109
Brands Recalled by Natural Selection Foods
Tampering Not Suspected in E. Coli Outbreak
September 16
FDA Identifies Source of E. Coli Outbreak
September 15
E. Coli Outbreak Traced to Bagged Spinach in 8 States
Old Diseases Become New Threats
September 14
Removing Ovaries During Hysterectomy May Increase Risk of Early Death
September 13
10 Things Your Hospital Won't Tell You
Where You Live Linked to Life Expectancy
Green Tea May Help Prevent Strokes, Not Cancer
September 12
Study Adds Details on Bird Flu, Humans
September 8
Scientists Warn of 'Mad Honey Disease'
September 8
Health Officials Warn of Potentially Untreatable TB
September 6
Most WTC Recovery Workers Plagued by Lung Problems
September 5
Older Fathers Increase Autism Risk
Obesity Pandemic Looms, Health Experts
September 3
How VA Hospitals Became the Best
September 1
Mystery Plague Hits Georgia
August 31
Spanish Flu Cases in 1918-1920 Suggest Transfusions Might Help in Bird Flu Pandemic
August 30
Why Blood of Bird Flu Survivors is a Lifesaver
Waistlines Continue to Grow in U.S.; Colorado Still Leanest State
More Nicotine in Cigarettes, U.S. Report
August 29
13 Plague Cases Reported in 4 States, Highest in 12 Years
August 25
Springs Bring Mystery Illness
August 22
Climate Linked to Plague Increase
August 11
Bird Flu Monitoring Goes Nationwide
August 10
Test Predicts Lung Cancer’s Spread
August 9
Even One Fatty Meal Affects Arteries
Thai Government Declares 29 Provinces as Bird Flu Disaster Zone
July 31
Red Tide May Weaken People's Immune Systems
Nearly 230 People Fall Ill Aboard Cruise
July 27
Vaccine Against Bird Flu Developed
Sun Kills 60,000 a Year, WHO
July 14
Increased Risk of Hantavirus Forecast for U.S. Southwest
July 8
BSE Prions 'Leak' Into Blood
July 7
Avian Flu Reaches Spain
Bird Flu Pandemic Inevitable, Says EU
States Line Up Early for Anti-Flu Medication
Anthrax Kills Six Cattle in Minnesota
Anthrax Outbreak Kills Cows and Buffalo in Canada
July 5
Canada Finds 6th Case of Mad Cow Disease
Man's Brain Rewired Itself After Crash Severed Nerve Connections
July 2
Bird Flu Vaccine '10 Years Away'
Could Chilli Peppers Relieve Arthritis Pain
June 30
Effects of Avian Flu Pandemic Disasterous
June 23
Superbug Infects Tattoo Customers in Three States
Bird Flu Spread Among Family Members, WHO
June 18
Eating Veggies 'Prevents Artery Hardening'
Tobacco Industry: Smoking Isn't Bad for Your Health
June 16
Plague Kills More Than 100 In DR Congo
June 13
Coffee May Prevent Alcohol’s Liver Damage
Vitamin D — The Wonder Pill
June 11
Mad Cow Found in U.S.
June 7
States to Ration Bird-flu Vaccine in Pandemic
Use of Antipsychotics by the Young Up Fivefold
June 6
Explosive Road-Rage Disorder Affecting as Many as 16 Million Americans
June 5
Earthquake Survivors Now Fear Bird Flu In Indonesia
June 1
Bird Flu Underreported in Many Countries, U.N. Says
Bird Flu Explodes in Indonesia
Santa Fe County Man Hospitalized with Plague
May 30
Global Warming Feeds Poison Ivy — Noxious Vine Loves CO2
May 28
Skin Cancer Epidemic Sweeping the US
Top 10 Causes of Death Worldwide
May 27
Mystery Disease Makes Peoples' Skin Crawl
New Mexico Woman Dies From the Plague
May 25
Bird Flu Deaths Spark Human Infection Fear
May 23
Human-to-Human Bird Flu Suspected in Indonesia, Report
Late WHO Chief Warns of Bird Flu "Blind Spots"
Hidden Dangers of Belly Fat
Walking, Talking Toxic Waste Dumps
May 22
Trans Fats Called 'the Most Harmful Substance in the American Diet'
May 19
Patient at Colorado Hospital Dies From Human Mad Cow Disease
New Study Boosts Worries About Human Risk From Mad-Cow Disease
Is Mad Cow Making Its Way Into Our Beef?
Mad Cow Disease 'a Threat to Tens of Millions in Britain'
May 17
WHO Confirms More Bird Flu Deaths
Evidence for Human Transmission of H5N1 in Indonesian Cluster
May 16
First Human Bird Flu Reported in Horn of Africa
May 12
After the Earthquake, Bam Battles With Heroin and AIDS
May 10
Study Finds How Grapefruit Juice Affects Drugs
Treating the Symptoms: What's Wrong with U.S. Health Care
May 9
Bird Flu Pandemic Simulation — Implication for the Public and Private Sectors
May 8
North Korea Trying to Weaponize Bird Flu
May 5
Genetics Might Be Why Some People Get Bird Flu
Bird Flu Spreads at Slower Rate, Hindered by Weather
Kansas Has First Measles Cases Since 2000
Mumps Cases in Iowa Climb Past 1,500
People, Pets Sickened by Boot Spray
May 4
US Considers Closing Border With Canada If Bird Flu Strikes
Report: Federal Bird Flu Aid May Be Tough
May 2
U.S. Maps Drastic Bird Flu Plan
In U.S Hospitals, Emergency Care in Critical Condition
April 30
Chickens at Two More British Farms Found to Have Bird Flu
April 27
Cancer-AIDS-Malaria Curing Plants Found in Borneo Forest
Bird Flu One of Many Pandemic Threats
Chicken Cull After Bird Flu Find
Fart-Free Beans
Vaccine First Treatment for Ebola-Like Virus
April 26
Plague-Infested Mice, Anthrax Missing From N.J. Labs
Mumps Outbreak Spreads to Colorado
Bubonic Plague Detected in 6 Colorado Counties
Chernobyl Disaster Still Causing Cancer
Medicare May Shock Seniors
April 24
FDA Rejects Medicinal Use of Marijuana
Australians Ignore Drug, Alcohol Dangers
Outbreak: Could It Happen Here?
Breaking Bioethics: The Scary Thing About Bird Flu
Half in U.S. Don't Trust Feds to Handle Bird Flu
Skeptics Warn Bird Flu Fears Are Overblown
What Scares Doctors About Hospitals
Mumps, Rickets: Vintage Bugs Are Back
April 20
Mumps Hits Midwest, More Vaccine Promised
April 18
Storm Evacuees Found to Suffer Health Setbacks
April 17
Canada Confirms Its 5th Case of Mad Cow Disease
Why Millions of Women Can't Sleep
Hawaii Prepares for Flu Pandemic
April 13
Fast Food Awash With 'Worst' Kind of Fat
High Cholesterol Linked to Prostate Cancer
April 11
Cats More Likely to Catch, Pass on Bird Flu Than Thought
April 9
Scientists Play Down Fears Over Spread of Disease in UK
April 5
Los Alamos, UW Research Paints Grim Picture of Bird Flu Pandemic
Supercomputer Explores Avian Flu Vaccine and Isolation Options
Second Flu Drug Approved for Bird Flu
April 4
Bird Flu Victims to be Buried in Plague Pits
U.S. Not Ready for Fast-Spreading Bird Flu, Study
April 3
Bird Flu Goes for the Throat
High Bacteria Counts Close Waikiki Beaches
Dinosaur Tumor Studied for Human Cancer Clues
U.S. Company Claims to Make Stem Cells From Testes
March 31
Fungus Outbreak Showing Up in Wearers of Soft Contact Lenses
March 24
Bird Flu Resides Deep in Lungs, Preventing Human-to-Human
S227N H5N1 in Human Upper/Lower Respiratory Tract
March 21
Deadly Bird Flu Strain Divides
Bird Flu Likely in U.S. This Year, Norton
To Head Off Allergies, Expose Your Kids to Pets and Dirt Early. Really.
March 18
Problems Plague U.S. Anthrax Vaccine Program
March 17
Bird Flu Scare in Holy Land
Possible Path to Humans for Avian Flu Found
March 16
How Will Bird Flu Change Your Life?
Bird Flu 'Causes First Dog Death'
Deadly Bird Flu Spreads to Three Asian Countries
Scorched Mouth, Healthy Prostate
March 15
Bird Flu to Hit U.S. Within 3 Weeks
Renowned Bird Flu Expert Warns: Be Prepared
March 13
Mad Cow Disease Found in Alabama
March 11
Red Wine May Ward Off Gum Disease
March 9
Bird Flu Could Reach Americas in 6 Months
March 8
Gene Spells Danger for Coffee Addicts
March 1
1 in 10 U.S. Iraq Veterans Suffers Stress Disorder
Chocolate Linked to Lower Blood Pressure
February 28
Unless We Act Now, Bird Flu May Win
Cat in Germany Has Deadly Strain of Bird Flu
February 27
Bird Flu Confirmed in Second African Country
Poll: Bird Flu Worries 60% in U.S.
February 25
Virus Shuts Down Entire Hospital Wing
February 24
Mom’s Genetics Could Produce Gay Sons
February 23
Bird Flu Threat Widens at Alarming Pace
New York Anthrax Case Believed to Be Accidental
February 22
HIV-Positive Plasma from U.S. Entered Canada's Blood Supply
February 20
Israeli Elderberry Extract Effective Against Avian Flu
February 16
Maryland Power Plants Linked to 700 Premature Deaths Per Year
February 11
Deadly Bird Flu Virus Strikes Italy, Greece for First Time
February 10
Altruistic Love Related to Happier Marriages
Scranton Tops List of Worst Asthma Cities
February 8
Deadly Bird Flu Found in Nigeria - First Case Found in Africa
February 7
Record Sales of Sleeping Pills Are Causing Worries
February 6
World's Deadliest Germs Moving to Boston
February 1
Bird Flu: The Untold Story
Iraq Says Treating 12 Possible Human Bird Flu Cases
Bird Flu Strain in Hong Kong Same As in China Outbreak
January 29
Inhaled insulin OK'd by FDA
Ozarks on Alert Against Dangerous Staph Strain
January 27
Insides of Flu Virus Revealed
January 24
How Safe is Your Grocery Store?
Diet Pill Gets Closer to Store Shelves
Bird Flu Virus Mutations Found In Turkey
London Scientists Discover H5N1 Mutation
Canada Confirms 4th Case of Mad-Cow Disease Since 2003
January 16
State Pandemic Plans
January 15
ADHD or 'Indigo'? Parents Flock to New Theory
Fourth 'Bird Flu' Death in Turkey; 70+ Have Died Worldwide
January 10
States Average a C-Minus for Emergency Care
January 9
Turkey Confirms 14 Bird Flu Cases
January 7
Number of Suspected Bird Flu Cases Reaches 32
January 5
America's Mad Cow Safeguards Called Inadequate
First Human Bird Flu Death Outside Asia Confirmed
January 1
U.S. Tightens Its Borders in Bird Flu Fight