December 23
The Gift That Keeps on Giving
My First Christmas In Heaven
December 13
Sweethearts Reunite, Marry After 47 Years
The Power of One
December 7
The Coming of Christ
November 27
If Flood Crises Spared You, Lend a Hand
November 20
Giving Inspired Secret Santa
The Meaning of Life
November 13
The Hope That is in You
November 4
The Medium, The Drunk, and the Savior
October 23
Man Finds Flawless 5.47 Diamond in Ark. Park
October 14
Strongest Dad in the World — Amazing, Uplifting True Story
October 10
You ARE Worthy
Diabetic Driver Survives on Crackers, Dew After Crash
October 6
The Dash (sound on please)
October 2
I’m Taking Charge of Everything
August 4
May You Be Blessed (sound on please)
July 15
Drinking From My Saucer (sound on please)
May 28
Jesus Christ: The Shelter in the Time of Storm
He's Coming! — awesome video/audio presentation (please turn your speakers on)
April 5
I Am the Answer
April 4
Born Again!
February 16
God is Calling His Church
January 31
The Coming Glory
January 16
Do Not Fret in This Hour
January 13
Our Only Hope is Jesus
January 8
Pressed Beyond Measure
January 6
Angelic Help
January 5
Stay the Course