December 29
Why Did Jesus Come?
Americans Believe Angels Are Amongst Us, Poll Finds
December 23
The Birth of Jesus in the New Testament: One Event – Four Narratives

Does God Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan?
Why Jesus is Better than Santa Claus
Christmas Love (The "W" In Christmas)
The Jesus Doll and Say "Christmas" - comics
Record Number of ex-Muslims Celebrate Christmas This Year!
December 20
Jesus, Mahdi Both Coming, Says Iran's Ahmadinejad
December 18
Knowing God by Revelation - must see video
December 15
The Generation of the Messiah
Politically Correct Seasons Greetings
ACLU's 'Search and Destroy' Agenda
December 8
Pagan Christmas Ritual Pressed on Young Kids - at Church!
God's Judgment on America
How the Mighty Have Fallen
Biblical Cities of Sin Reported Found - video
Why We Wish You a Merry Christmas
December 7
Have St. Paul’s Remains Been Unearthed?
December 5
Pope Hailed for Praying Toward Mecca Like Muslims
December 4
Episcopalians Warned Against Leaving Diocese
ACLU Targets High School Elective Course
November 29
Understanding the Power of Abrahamic Covenant in a Time of Evil
November 27
Australians Ask God to End Drought
Thanks to 'Whatever'
From Sackcloth and Ashes to Let's Deal
November 24
Islam: What the West Needs to Know - trailer
November 22
Does God Exist?
November 21
Should Muslims Be Allowed to Impose Islam on Others?
November 20
Life as a Secret Christian Convert
November 15
Britons Critical of Christless Christmas
Roman Catholic Bishops Approve New Guidelines on Gays
For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’
November 14
Toilet Tied to Tale of Dead Sea Scrolls
November 13
Sir Elton: Ban Organised Religion
Quota for Homosexual and/or Atheist Clergy?
Christian Charity Bans Christmas Themed Children's Gifts
Christianity Seen at Risk of Extinction in Birthplace
Americans Believe in God, With Conditions
November 8
A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues
November 6
Transforming the World by Subverting the Church
Evangelist Leader Turns, Admits to 'Sexual Immorality'
November 2
While Most U.S. Adults Believe in God, Only 58 Percent are 'Absolutely Certain'
The Coming Tribulation
October 31
Some Churches Rejecting Occult for 'Holy' Halloween
October 26
Man Throws Gas on Oregon Churchgoers
October 17
An Armageddon Possibility?
October 16
Europe Raising Its Voice Over Radical Islam
Muslim Stabs Wife When Daughter Becomes Christian
October 14
Christian British Airways Employee Suspended for Wearing Cross Necklace
October 11
The Trinity: One God or Three?
October 10
'Five Pillars of Islam' Taught in Public School
British Historian Claims to Have Found the Temple Treasures
Treasures Looted by Rome 'are Back in the Holy Land'
October 9
Woman Joins Small Club of ‘Consecrated Virgins’
October 6
'Lost Tribe of Israel' Returning Home
October 5
Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a “Social Gospel”
To Churches in the US: “The Tax Will Set You Free!”
Maryland School Officials Threaten Seventh Grader with Disciplinary Action for Reading Bible During Lunch Time
October 1
So the Torah Is a Parenting Guide?
September 28
Suicide Bombers Follow Quran, Concludes Pentagon Briefing
More US Hispanics Drawn to Islam
September 27
Muslim Youths Destroy 10 Nigerian Churches
Dead Sea Scrolls Still Spur Debate
Fox to Offer Films for Christian Viewers
September 25
Letter to an Atheist
September 23
A Time to Reflect on Spiritual Journeys
At Ramadan, Christians Pray for Muslims
September 18
Long Reach of a Megachurch
The Islamic Pot Calling the Kettle Black
September 16
Calif. Church Ordered to Give IRS
September 14
Navy Chaplain Convicted of Praying 'in Jesus' Name'
Radical Christians Pose Islamofascist Threat, Rosie O'Donnell
September 13
Ordaining Gays Divides Episcopal Bishops
September 11
Religious Affiliation Underestimated in U.S., Study
How the US Views God
September 9
Javier Solana and the End Times
Pope Says Not to Reject God for Science
Does Everyone Go to Heaven?
Using the Bible, Man Searches for Noah's Ark
September 8
Americans' Faith Unchanged By 9/11
August 25
The Signs Within Part 1
August 22
We Need to Resurrect the Black Regiment
August 11
More and More Germans Become Muslims
August 10
Encouragement for Times of Trouble
August 5
The Growing Dispute Over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
Born-Again, Ex-Islamic Terrorists Speak Out
July 28
Man Fishes 188-Year-Old Bible From Trash
July 21
Evangelical Christians Plead for Israel
July 13
Predestination vs. Free Will
July 2
Episcopalians Shaken by Division in Church
I'm on a Man Hunt
June 29
Seeing God in Science
June 27
Wanted: Savior for Europe
June 20
Noah’s Ark? for Real
June 18
Revelation in our Generation? — Evidence from Prophecies Fulfilled in our Generation
Whatever Happened to Hell? . . .and What About Heaven?
June 16
U.S. Bishops Agree to Alter Catholic Prayers
June 14
God and Gays: Churchgoers Divided
June 12
I’ve Found God, Says Man Who Cracked the Genome
June 11
Why I've Had It
Dead Faith
June 5
New Film to Prove Accuracy of Bible?
Going to Church by Staying at Home
Hell, Michigan, Heats Up for 6-6-6 Party
Grab A Hose!
June 3
World Premiere of Apocalypse TV Special Airs TONIGHT on i Network
Ancient Scroll May Yield Religious Secrets
May 28
Zoned Out of Worship
May 27
4 Homes Raided in Polygamist Enclave
May 25
So, What Will It Take?
Hindu Woman Claims She is Jesus Christ
May 24
Atheist Sues for Proof of Jesus - video
May 22
Fewer Americans Than Thought Going to Church, Study
Judge Blocks Prayer at High School Graduation
May 19
The Da Vinci Code: Blasphemy Hits the Big Screen
The Da Vinci Cloak
May 17
Reading "Da Vinci Code" Alters Beliefs: Survey
Jeering, Laughter at 'Da Vinci' Cannes Critics Left Cold
May 14
Greece's Orthodox Church: 'Da Vinci Code' False
Da Vinci Code Movie a Target for US Evangelicals
Neo-Paganism Re-Captures Ancient Heresies
May 10
TV / Prophetic History!
Bush Urged to Save San Diego Cross
May 9
'Da Vinci Code' Errors: A Quick List
May 7
Cardinal Urges Legal Action Against Da Vinci Code
Good for Nothing Christianity
May 5
Movie Making Mark of the Beast "Fashionable"
Christians Plan Boycott of 'Da Vinci Code'
May 1
Religion and Medicine Mix, Survey Indicates
April 26
No Jesus - No Peace
April 24
'After Two Days, He Will Revive Us'
April 14
Knife-Wielding Assailants Attack Worshippers at 3 Christian Churches in Egypt; 1 Dead
April 13
The Gospel of Judas
Passover Goes High-Tech in Israel
April 5
Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says
Did Jesus Really Walk on Water? — Rebuttal
April 3
Churchgoers Live Longer
April 2
Johan Huibers Builds Replica of Noah's Ark

March 31
Is Easter Latest Holiday Hijack?
The Story of Easter
March 27
Stand Up and Getting There
Hundreds Push for Death of Christian Convert
March 24
Afghan Christian 'Likely to be Released Soon'
Clerics Insist on Execution of Convert
March 21
From "Down Under" to the Top of the Class: Australia Says No to Islam
March 15
The Da Vinci Hoax: A Tour de Distortion
March 14
God, Satan, and Katrina
March 10
FBI Manhunt for Polygamist Cult Leader
March 6
Conservative Jews to Consider Ending a Ban on Same-Sex Unions and Gay Rabbis
March 2
God Moves Among the Masai
Hagee, Falwell Deny Endorsing 'Dual Covenant'
March 1
Islam Envelopes the Once-Christian Nation of Ghana
February 25
10,000 Pastors Sign Letter Debunking Creationism
Church Politicking 'Disturbing' to IRS
February 21
Fighting Evil on the Wrong Field
February 17
DNA Contradicts Mormon Scripture
February 16
Europe Forsakes Christianity for Islam?
February 13
Two Suspects in Ala. Church Fires
February 11
The Rapture is Coming - Believe It or Not
Church's Stand on Gays Strained by 'Marriage'
February 7
Catholic Group Says of 'Da Vinci Code' Film: It's Just Fiction
Three More Alabama Churches Set on Fire, Officials Say
February 5
Scientology and its Unsolicited "Gifts"
February 3
At Least Five Rural Alabama Churches Burned
January 29
Has Your Church Been Infiltrated?
New Religion in Africa: Islam and Christianity Blended - and Growing
Nearly 3000 Places of Worship Destroyed in War, Tsunami in South India
January 25
Public Schools Looking at Bible Literacy Class
January 24
NBC Pulls the Plug on 'Book of Daniel'
January 23
What is Armageddon?

January 15
Satanic Priest Launches Governor Bid on Friday the 13th
January 13
In Good and Bad Times
January 10
Is God Dead in Europe?
January 5
Did Jesus Exist? Court to Decide
NBC’s ‘Book of Daniel’ mocks Christian families; Catholics consider abolishing ‘Limbo’; Ads Add to Teen Drinking
Congressman Echoes Outrage Over Christian-Mocking TV Show
TV Stations Won't Air 'Book of Daniel'
January 4
‘Book of Daniel' Called ‘Bigotry'
The Kolbrin Dilemma: Hidden History or Fantasy?
January 2
Pagan Scouting Group Takes Root in 20 States, Canada, Europe
Artifacts With Links to Bible Unearthed
January 1
Chief Rabbi Warns of Anti-Semitic 'Tsunami'
King David's Palace Found in East Jerusalem?