December 28
Human-to-Human Bird Flu Case Confirmed
Bird Flu, Is There an Anti-Virus?
Is French Green Clay The New Penicillin?
December 26
Mind Doping' Becoming More Common
December 23
As Earth Warms Up, Tropical Virus Moves to Italy
December 21
HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed: FDA Documents Reveal HPV 'Not Associated With Cervical Cancer'
Emergency in the Emergency Room
December 20
Got Fleas? Get the Vacuum
December 18
GSK Suffers Setback as US Launch of Cervical Cancer Drug Is Delayed
December 17
Pakistan Has Eight Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu
FDA Knew HPV Not Actual Cause of Cancer
Three More Bird Flu Victims Detected in NWFP
December 14
Despite Deaths and Miscarriages, FDA Refuses to Investigate HPV Vaccine
December 12
Merck Drug Company Vaccines Admits Injecting Cancer Viruses
Religious Practice of Fasting One Day a Month May Protect Arteries
Turn Off the TV to Save Children’s Eyes
December 9
Parents Protesting Flu-Shot Proposal
How Many of These Ridiculous "Disorders" Do YOU Suffer From?
December 7
New Crippling Mosquito-Borne Virus Spreading Worldwide
Old Remedy Uses Vitamin Power to Repel Mosquitoes
December 6
Vaccines Ruined by Poor Refrigeration

December 5
Why the Flu Likes Winter
Report: 35% of Toys Contain Lead
December 4
The Longevity Pill?
Out-of-Date FDA May Threaten Public Health

Bird Flu Risks Will Persist for Years, Health Experts Warn As They Draw Up Combat Plan
WHO Concerned at New Ebola Strain in Uganda

November 28
Handwashing Beats Drugs in Fighting Viruses
Outbreak of Rare African Disease in Italy Linked to Globalization, Climate Change

November 27
Are Your Products Safe? You Can't Tell.

Were 'Cursed' Rams the First Biological Weapons?
November 25
Dirty Hotel Secrets - video

November 22
Exercise Rates Up, Though You'd Hardly Know It
Eating More Fish May Reduce ‘Senior Moments’
November 19
Bird Flu Deal Hangs in the Balance
Doctors Oppose Maryland Vaccine Roundup: Expect Dangerous Reactions When Children Are Treated Like Cattle
How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds
Muscle Disease Symptom Reversed
November 16
Virulent Form of Cold Virus Worries Experts
Ship Emissions Kill 60,000 a Year
4 Patients Get HIV From Organ Donor
November 14
Morgellons: Morphology Confirmed - flashback
November 13
New Zealand Quarantines 223 Over Bird Flu
Infected Turkeys 'have Deadly Avian Flu Strain' That is Dangerous to Humans
A Revolution in Teaching Promises the Solution to Dyslexia
Curvy Women May Be a Clever Bet
Forced Medication -- Could Your Child be Next?
Adults Beware -- New Vaccine Guidelines Released
Same Hong Kong Hospital Where SARS Originated Has Highest Rate of “Superbug"-Infected Infants
November 11
MRSA Germs Attack the Immume Cells
Illness Breaks Out Aboard Hawaiian Islands Cruise Ship
November 10
Ariz. Biologist Likely Died of Plague
November 6
Can Eating Pork & Shellfish Destroy Your Health?
November 4
Chicken-Plant Workers Test 'Positive' for TB
Avoiding Cancer: Your Nine-Point Action Plan
Firestorm Over Haiti's HIV Connection
November 1
Bulging Brits Losing Battle With Bangers
October 30
AIDS Virus Invaded USA From Haiti in 1969; Most Likely By a Single Infected Immigrant, Study
Sunlight May Cut Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women
Eight Deaths Linked to Labour's New Sex Jab for Schoolgirls
Scientists Target Tumors With 'Magic Bullet' Antibodies
The Truth About Deadly 'Superbugs'
October 28
Brits in Record Numbers Go Abroad for Health Care
Melville Teen Successfully Battles MRSA
Autopsy: Superbug MRSA Didn't Kill Brooklyn Boy
Hammer Horror - the Curse of the Streets Returns
Global Disease Alert Map
Gov't. is Not Protecting the Public From Contagious Illegals
The New Import: MDR-TB
October 26
APA: One-Third of Americans Live With Extreme Stress
More 'Go Diego Go' Toys Recalled Over Lead
October 23
Obesity 'Epidemic' Turns Global
October 17
21 Schools Closed After Teen Dies of Staph
'Superbug' Deaths Could Surpass AIDS
Rare Tropical Fungus Spreads to Wash.
Scientists Unravel Health Benefits of Garlic
Obesity is 'Deadlier Than Smoking' and Can Knock 13 Years Off Your Life
Amazon Tribes Fear 'White Man's Diseases'
October 15
Cancer Death Rates Falling Faster Than Ever in U.S.
What to Eat and What to Avoid to Cut Cancer Risk
October 14
Eat Less, Live More: Radical Diet Offers Hope of Seeing 120
Report Ranks Jobs by Rates of Depression — Get Report
Japanese Officials Battle Through "Samurai" Diet
October 12
Lipsticks Test Positive for Lead
1 in 5 Pregnancies Ends in Abortion
October 10
For Men: The Top 10 Ways to Live Forever
The Radiation Poisoning of America
Low-Fat Diet May Cut Cancer Risk
October 8
EPA Approves 1-Year Use of Pesticide Overriding Health Concerns of More Than 50 Chemists and Other Scientists
Are Cancer Cures Being Hidden From the Public?
Small Scanners Find Hidden Heart Disease
October 5
Bird Flu Virus Mutating into Human-Unfriendly Form
October 4
Drug Has Ability to Cure Type of Leukemia
Natural Medicine on Trial: The Trouble With Herbs
Drug From Chillis is Hailed as a Pain Breakthrough
The Cadaver Calculator - How Much is Your Body Worth?
How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?
October 1
Morgellons - New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror?
Measles Cases Rising Amid Fears of Epidemic
Bristol-Myers Squibb to Pay $515 Million for Doctor Kickback Scheme
50 Years Later, Many Victims of Japan's Worst Eco-Disaster Still Struggle
September 28
Dozens in Mexican City Ill With Suspected Avian Flu
Study: Pregnant Mom Could Pass Bird Flu to Fetus
Bird Flu Strain Found in Saskatchewan
September 27
How "Fresh" Is Air Freshener?
Food and Drugs Can Create Toxic Mix
Chinese-Made Jewelry and Toys Recalled
Study: Men Who Smoke Risk Erectile Dysfunction
September 24
Scientists Find Hundreds of New Cold Viruses
FDA Warns About Hand Sanitizer Ad Claims
Learning Curve
56,000 Calif. Lunch Boxes Recalled for Lead
1 Million Cribs Sold in U.S. Recalled
Bluetongue Disease fight First 'Priority'; Fears of an Outbreak
Deaths Associated with HPV Vaccine Start Rolling In, Over 3500 Adverse Affects Reported
September 18
Meteorite Makes Villagers Ill
Effectiveness of Drugs 'Overstated Because of Biased Testing'
South African Children Infected With HIV in Public Hospitals
Hillary to Unveil 110 Billion Universal Health Care Plan
Nurses to Lead MRSA Fight
September 15
China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs
Infectious Skin Disease Found in Texas
Arizona Woman Infected With Plague Known as 'Black Death'
Mediterranean Diet Slows Alzheimer's
Foot-and-Mouth Outbreak Confirmed at Second Farm
WHO Issues Ebola Virus Warning
September 12
Injuries, Deaths Tied to Consumer Drugs Rise Sharply
Smart Bra Does Breast Cancer Screening
Vitamin C Found to Inhibit Certain Cancers
September 10
Face-scan Can Spot Genetic Illnesses
Black Mold Continues to Plague Some Coast Families
Canada Pimps Its Girls to Big Pharma
Vaccination - The Hidden Truth
September 5
Experts Suggest a Link Between the Use of Deodorants and Breast Cancer
Intestinal Disease Outbreak Reported
West Nile Virus Cases Soar on Canada's Prairies
September 1
Merck's Gardasil for Boys: How Will Those Ads Play?
CDC Requests Bay Area Morgellons
CBS 11 News Looks At Morgellons Disease
August 28
Colorado Still Leanest State in the Nation; Americans Are Still Getting Fatter
Are You in a "Lean" State? - Map
Statins May Protect Against Alzheimer's, Study Finds
‘Diaper-Free Babies’ Fad Swells, Despite Critics
August 25-26
Rate of Death in Childbirth Rising in U.S.
August 22
FDA Approves Strong Psych Drug for Kids
Infectious Diseases Spreading Faster Than Ever: U.N.
August 20-21
The New Chinese Take-Out
Deadly Mosquito Lands in Britain
Pill-Popping America: Pain Med Use Has Nearly Doubled
Bogus Diabetes Test Strips Traced to Chinese Distributor
Breastfeeding Moms Taking Codeine Could Kill Their Babies
Dietary Supplements Recalled
August 16
DNA Vaccine May Offer Hope for MS and Other Auto-Immune Diseases
Pollution Causes 40 Percent of Deaths
August 14
Canadian Team Discovers Gene That Turns Cancers Off
Second Mattel Toy Recall Over Lead Paint Coming
Scan Sees Brain Activity in 2nd Vegetative Patient
Tape Measure, Not Scale, Shows Heart Risk
Indonesian Woman is First Bird Flu Death on Bali
How do Pandemics Start? - BBC video
Killer Flu Outbreak Strikes Queensland: State Raids Drug Stockpile
Hotel Toothpaste Recalled Over Toxic Concerns
Chinese-Made Hotel Toothpaste Recalled in Canada
August 8
Mysterious Illness Strikes Teenage Girls in Mexico
Skin Cancer is Fastest Growing UK Disease
Third Foot and Mouth Cull as Ban is Eased
E. Coli Linked to Crohn’s Disease
August 7
Beachgoers at Risk From High Bacteria Levels in Water, Group Finds
Grocery Store Chain to Give Free Drugs
Foot and Mouth: Tests Underway on More Farms Amid Fear of Spreading Virus
Recent Floods Could Have Spread Foot and Mouth
July 31
Exercise, Caffeine Fight Skin Cancer
July 25
Scientists on Verge of Alzheimer's Holy Grail
Texas Man Battles Flesh-Eating Bacteria
July 24
Biblical Recipe Produces Virus-Fighting Oil
Katrina Evacuees Say US Disaster Response Agency Rebuffed Health Complaints
Bush Set to Veto HHS-Labor-Education Appropriations Bill Due to Provision to Remove Mercury From Infant Vaccines
With Global Warming Comes a Rash of Poison Ivy
Millions of Seniors Losing Out on Medicare Part D Saving Program
Congressional Corner: New Rx Drug Bill Aimed at Saving Seniors Money
July 16
Clues to Future Evolution of HIV Come From African Green Monkeys
Foods to Keep Your Ticker in Top Shape

July 11
Virginia Turkeys Show Signs of H5 Avian Flu Exposure
Now 10-Year-Olds Get the Contraceptive Pill
TB Patient Flees Ark. Quarantine; Broke Hospital Window and Fled
House Set to Vote Today to Allow FDA to Eliminate Vitamin Companies
When Tomatoes Fight Cancer
Shy Men '50% More Likely to Die of Heart Disease'
July 10
Women Drawn to Men With Muscles But . . .
Antidepressants Most Prescribed U.S. Drugs
Non-Hospital MRSA More Deadly
July 4
West Nile Virus Still in the Cross Hairs
West Nile Virus — It's Back
West Nile Arrives Three Weeks Early in Manitoba
Questions and Answers About West Nile Virus
Just 2 Kisses a Day Can Lower Blood Pressure

July 2
Health Officials Avoid "C" Word as CJD Cluster Fears Grow in Indiana
Contaminated Counterfeit Toothpaste Now Found in 6 States, Canada

June 26
Deadly Avian Flu Resurfaces in Germany
Superbugs More Widespread Than Thought
America's Growing Problem
June 23
Supplements Face Stricter Rules
Ancient Retrovirus Sheds Light on Modern Pandemic
June 18
FDA Warning Expands List of Contaminated Toothpaste From China
New Study Proves Even Low Doses of Aspartame Cause Cancer
Lyme Disease Warning From the CDC
Parasitic Worm Unleashed in Woman After Heavy Drinking
June 11
Colorado Springs Patient Died From TB
Border Agent Who Let TB Patient Through Champlain Crossing Fired
Jelly in the Belly: A Diet Pill That Expands So You Don't
New Weapon in the War on Bird Flu: Tiny Bubbles
Virus Spread By Sex Is Linked to Breast Cancer
CDC: 2006 West Nile Virus Deaths Up
June 7
Study Finds Record Haul of Disease Genes
Drug Prevents Diabetes, Heart Disease in Mice
June 4
Big Rise in Deaths From 'Superbug'
Toxic Toothpaste Made in China Is Found in U.S.
Brands of Toothpaste That May Contain Toxin
History Explains Why TB Case Caused Such Worldwide Concern
June 1
Folic Acid Supplements Cut Stroke Risk

May 30
U.S. Seeks Fliers Possibly Exposed to TB Superbug
Preparing for a Pandemic
Feds Fight Broad Testing for Mad Cow Disease
Lost Chances for Survival, Before and After Stroke
Antibodies From Survivors Could Combat Human Strain of Bird Flu
Caution: Some Soft Drinks May Seriously Harm Your Health
May 24
Gardasil, the HPV Vaccine, Kills Three
FDA Keeps Ban on Gay Men As Blood Donors
WHO Reaches Bird Flu Vaccine Deal
BVI: At Last, a More Accurate Picture of Body Fat
May 21
States Balk at Cancer Vaccine Mandate
May 19-20
The FDA Has Blood on Its Hands
Understanding the Threat to Dietary Supplements - Part 2
Even Limited Exercise Helps Overweight Women: Study
China Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak Among Poultry
May 15
The FDA is Acquiring New Powers to Suppress Alternative Health
Calcium 'Is the Key to Staying Slim After 50'
May 11
National Guard May Be Needed to Enforce Quarantine in Flu Pandemic, Report
iPods Can Make Pacemakers Malfunction - Study
Oral Sex Raises Risk of Throat Cancer
May 9
Texas' Anti-Cervical Cancer Shot a No Go
U.S. Has Monkey on its Back: 1 in 10 Adults Abuses Drugs
Senate Blocks Bid to Allow Drug Imports
May 6
From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine
Syrupy Killer in Medicine Bottle
Mumps Outbreak Spreads to Ontario

Masks May Not Help Against Super-Flu
May 3
Longevity Gene Linked to Low-Calorie Diets
April 30
FDA Wants to Eliminate Natural Health Care
April 25
U.S. Health Freedom on Verge of Collapse
Cancer-Fighting Drug Found in Dirt
Senate Votes to Overturn Perry's Vaccination Order
April 22
Cure Your Own Skin Cancer
Power Lines Link to Cancer in New Alert
April 20
Scientists Prove That Salty Diet Costs Lives
April 19
Ovarian Cancer Linked to Hormone Replacement Therapy
April 18
FDA Approves First Bird Flu Vaccine

Aspirin Reduces Overall Cancer and Mortality Rates
Tests of Clotting Agent 'Led to 2,000 Deaths'
Leave ’Em Cured Meats Alone
April 11
Physicians Believe God Can Help Patients Get Healthy

Chocolate Better for Your Heart Than Tea, Study

Study: Dieting Useless, May Damage Health
Number of Morbidly Obese Growing Rapidly
Insect-Based Flu Vaccine Shows Promise
Scientists Show We Can Die of a Broken Heart
April 9
15-Year-Old Egyptian Girl Diagnosed With Deadly Bird Flu Strain
UK Patients Leaving Hospital 'With Surgical Instruments Inside Them'
April 6
Researchers Tested Pot, LSD on Army Volunteers
Avain Flu Found at SC Turkey Farm
GM Insulin Breakthrough
April 3
Man With TB Locked up for Endangering the Public
New Strain of Norovirus Hits Hard
Size Matters
April 2
HIV Patient Names to be Tracked in All 50 States By Year's End
April 1
7 Genetic Risk Factors Found for Prostate Cancer
March 30
Inter-Government Response to Future Global Health Crisis
March 27
Essential Oils 'Combat Superbug'
Aspirin May Lower Death Risk in Women
DEA: Flavored Meth use on the Rise
March 21
Contrails: Killing Us Softly?
You Can Stop ‘‘Normal’’ Aging
Alzheimer's Cases Up 10% to 5 Million in Half Decade
Millions of Flu Shots to be Dumped Before New Supply is Ready
March 19
Better than Botox?
Deadly Remedy: Strange Illnesses Lead Horse Breeder to Challenge Fluoridation of Pagosa's Water
Health Employee Warns of Next Flu Pandemic
March 16
Top Researcher: 'Untested' Vaccine Could Harm
Texas House Rejects Order by Governor on Vaccines
March 14
Genome Sequence Shows What Makes Bacteria Dangerous for Troops in Iraq
March 12
Illnesses Traced to a New, Virulent Strain of Norovirus
Maggots May Be Used to Treat MRSA
Wounded Troops Face New Enemy: Bacteria
March 9
Dozens Sick After Visiting Ohio Water Park
March 7
Violent Bacteria Strain Hits Israeli Hospitals
Circumcision May Lift HIV Risk for Women
Atkins Beats Other Diet Plans in Study
Norovirus Sickens 124 on NJ College Campus
March 5
FDA Set to Approve Controversial Cow Drug

March 2
Experts Bet $100 on Odds of Bird-Flu Outbreak
March 1
On Stan's Health
Bird Flu Cure Could Be in Diplomat's Body
February 28
Bird-Flu Shot Better Than Nothing, Experts Say
February 25
Global Warming: Enough to Make You Sick
Hospitals' Hidden Danger
February 19
Most U.S. Women Face Heart, Stroke Risk - New Guidelines
Indonesia to Share Bird Flu Virus in Exchange For Vaccine
February 16
South Tops for Heart Disease - How Does Your State Rate?
Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Peanut Butter
Human Brain Can Regenerate Cells
February 14
Stray Cats Now Carry H5N1 Bird Flu Virus in Indonesia
UK Bird Flu Mystery Deepens as Hungary Rejects Link
Study Suggests Possible Bird Flu Immunity
February 12
Indonesia Records 64th Human Bird Flu Death
February 5
Vaccine Furor in Texas
Ten Reasons Why HPV Vaccine is 'Murky' Issue
February 4
H5N1: The Deadly Strain of Bird Flu is Here. But We're Told: Don't Panic
World Braced for Huge Surge in Bird Flu Cases
UK 'Preparing for Human Flu Pandemic'
Vets Working to Contain Bird Flu
Bird Flu: It's Here. But Will It Spread to Humans?
Study: Long Drives Boost Skin Cancer Risk
February 2
Another Sick Ship Arrives at Port Everglades
Pandemic Flu May Be Only Two Mutations Away
February 1
U.S. Issues Guidelines in Case of Flu Pandemic
In a Daylong Drill, an Agency Tries to Prepare for a Real Outbreak of Avian Flu
Bird Flu Detected in Ang Thong
Flu Virus' Coat May Be Key to Human Spread
Study: Air Pollution Harms Women's Hearts
1st Bird Flu Death in Nigeria
Drug Firm Pushes Vaccine Mandate
January 30
Can Cancer Be Avoided or Cured With vitamin B-17?
America's Healthiest, Unhealthiest Cities
January 28
Next Pandemic is Closer Than You Think
Preparedness & Community Response to Pandemics - FREE Online Course
January 24
Weather Forecasts Predict Disease Outbreaks, Too
Scientists Assess Risk of Potential Flu Pandemic Spread Via Global Airlines
January 22
Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Case Confirmed In South Korea
January 19
Deadly New Swine Disease Identified
January 17
Study Uncovers Lethal Secret of 1918 Influenza Virus
Cancer Deaths Drop for Second Year
January 15
Gene Could Unlock the Mysteries of Alzheimer's
Europe Warned Over Resurgence of Bird Flu
Japan Starts Incinerating Chickens
Thai Officials Find Bird Flu in Ducks
New Outbreak of Bird Flu Hits Nigeria
January 13
Rare Brain Worms Latest Border Disease
Bird Flu Kills 2 Indonesians, Raises Resurgence Fear
January 11
Deaths as Bird Flu Flares in Asia
Cleaning Up: More Businesses Offering Hand Sanitizers
Hand Sanitizers, Good or Bad?
Sex Spreads Staph Bacteria
January 6
Meningitis Outbreak: Schools Closed, Dozens at Risk