December 20
Referee Owes His Life to Quick Thinking Teen
December 18
You Are So Blessed
December 17
Wis. Man Graduates College at Age 87
December 5
Stories of Hope from the Persecuted Church

November 22
Newsweek: When Making Decisions, Trust Your Gut
Wedding Ring Recovered 34 Years After Deadly Tornado
November 19
Man's 10-Hour Arctic Trek Saves Family
November 13
The Power of “Thank You”
October 26
17 Ways to Find Your Passion for Any and Everything
October 22
Woman Survives 19 Hours in Sea Off Maui
October 5
Woman Turns in Bag Stuffed With $65,000
October 4
Ala. Couple Celebrate 80th Anniversary
September 24
Murphy's Lesser-Known Laws - humor
August 31
Patrick Henry Hughes' Inspirational Story of Triumph - video
August 30
I Am at Work in Your Midst
The Battle for the Heart
August 22
Blind Woman Hits Historic Hole-In-One
Woman Walks Away From Home Wrecked by Explosion
August 20
Man Pulled Baby From Quake Ruins
August 14
Croc Target Spent Week Up Tree
August 8
Dancing in Iraq —video
August 6
Teen Falls 6 Stories, Walks Away
July 2
Paintjam Dan Dunn great video

June 4
Polish Man Emerging From 19-Year Coma Adjusts to Democracy
The Secret Equation of Life
June 2
Working on My Dash
May 24
Weep No More

May 21
Hope for Families of Forgotten Hostages: After 4 Years, Word That Three Americans Held in Colombia Are Alive
May 6
Want to See a MIRACLE? great video
April 19
Smoking Break Saves Woman From Falling Tree
Long-lost Sisters Reunite After 50 Years Apart - and Discover They Are Actually Neighbours
April 9
Proving the Doubters Wrong: Couple Who Started Their Family When He Was 12 and She Was 17
April 1
One Solitary Life — uplifting 3 minute video
March 29
Do One Nice Thing — need help where to start?
The Answer Is on the Way

March 27
'Suffering Can Make Us Wise'
March 24
The Day I Met Daniel
March 9
Woman Wakes From 6-Year Coma for Three Days
March 7
Jerusalem: City of Hope
February 28
Miracle Baby Comes Back From the Dead
February 7
Couple Locked in Eternal Embrace
January 24
Phone Thief Repents After 21 Text Messages
January 15
Miraculous Survival: Alive After Five Weeks in Wilderness
January 13
Miracle in Missouri