December 30
Power Outage Big Lesson
Teens Suffer From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
The Last Train to Redemption
Supremes to Weigh in on Voter IDs
Why Is Public Education Failing?
Plan Under Way to Build Nuke Reactors
Opposition Stirring Against New Nuke Reactors
December 28
Vermont Wants Plant to Have More Nuke Storage - in Case of Emergency
United Cancels Flights for Fourth Straight Day
US Deaths Spark Debate Over Stun Gun Laws
Cash Machines - Who's Filling the Candidates' Coffers?
FEMA's Fake News Conference Brings New Hire
Will a Dark Horse Take the Republican Reins?
Teen Killed in Tiger Attack at Zoo Was Trying to Save Friend When Animal Turned on Him
FBI to Display Criminals' Mug Shots on Electronic Billboards in 20 Cities
December 27
NRA: Gun Owners' Rights Violated During Katrina
US Passes Law to Keep Guns From Mentally Ill
December 26
Are You Scheduled for Political Termination? HR 1955 & S.1959
December 24
FEMA to Measure Formaldehyde in Trailers
December 23
FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics; $1 Billion Project to Include Images of Irises and Faces
Gun Owners 'Get Stabbed in Back'
Ron Paul Interviewed on “Meet the Press” About Role of Government - video or transcript
J. Edgar Hoover Sought Mass Arrests in 1950, Document Shows
Congress Cuts Funding for Mexican Trucks
December 21
FEMA Least-Liked Federal Agency, Poll
December 20
32,000 Households, Businesses Will Have Icy Christmas
Many Homes Burglarized During Power Outage
U.S. Still Unprepared for Flu Disaster
Lakota Indians Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years Ago
Americans' Approval of Congress Sinks to New Low
Revealed: 'Gay' Plans to Target 2-Year-Olds
Woman Abandons Home to Escape Public Schools
December 19
Best Ron Paul Videos
December 18
Bush Administration Caused a Surge in Executive Powers
Control Sought on Military Lawyers
Ron Paul for the Republican Nomination
December 17
Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in 24 Hours
Obama, Ron Paul Soar in Web Traffic
Pardon Ramos and Compean Now
Mom Threatened With Jail for Teaching Kids at Home
December 14
Senators Question How $151M Hurricane Plan Went Wrong
December 13
Studies Fault Charities for Veterans - Some Nonprofits Shortchange Troops, Watchdog Group Says
There’s a Press Blackout on S1959, the Thought Crime Prevention Bill; Why?
Ron Paul Supporters “Scaring” People… and Darn Proud of It
December 12
How to Control the AMERICAN Population
Bush 'Misled' US on Climate Change
Climate Science Manipulation Alleged
5 Year Old Great Grandson of Davy Crockett Kills 400 Pound Bear
Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBRVictim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR
Drought, Hay Shortage Force Cattlemen to Sell Livestock
December 9
4 Shot Outside Colorado Springs Church; Not Known if Linked to Denver Suburb Shooting
Gunman Kills 2 in Missionary Center
New Driver's License Requires Birth Certificate: Radio Frequency ID Chip to be Added
No. Carolina Dam Leaking After Earthquake
December 7
Pearl Harbor Attack as It Was Told 66 Years Ago Today - videos
December 6
Dissent in America to be Relabeled 'Homegrown Terrorism'
San Francisco Straw Poll Canceled After Paul Supporters Stream In
Homosexodus! Students Flee Forced 'Gay' Agenda
December 5
Dear Deluded Mass Media, North American Union Agenda Exists
Domestic Concerns Rise in Polls
Hundreds of Safety Violations Documented for Mexican Rigs
November 29
Airline 'Discount' Charges Heterosexual Customers More
November 28
SPP 'Dead,' Says Insider
Cross-Dressing Day Sparks School Exodus
Gates Urges More Emphasis, Funding for All Aspects of National Power
November 27
New U.S.-Iraq Deal Sees Long-Term Troop Presence
High at the Mountain Post: Coming Home: Soldiers and Drugs
Archaeologists Explore Wreck Off Fla.
Suckers Wanted: How Car Dealers and Other Businesses are Taking Away Your Right to Sue
Pain at the Pump - Ron Paul
The Media Arranged for Brothel Owner to "Endorse" Ron Paul
Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep
Society is Cursed With Four-Letter Words
Homeschoolers Say Nazism Revived By Court Ruling
Decay, Economic Downturn and Revolution
Archaeologists Explore Wreck Off Fla.
November 25
The Most Important Election Case Since Bush v. Gore?
Army Corps Flip-Flops on N.O. Flood Risk
Cellphone Tracking: Secret Warrants Granted Without Probable Cause
November 23
NYC Sees Lowest Murder Rate in 40 Years
Neediest Kids Live in Rich States
New Bill to Repeal Military Commissions Act in House
November 22
Water Park in Drought Area Wise?
North American Union 'a Couple Years Away'
Simply Grateful: Holiday Has Tornado Victims Giving Thanks
The First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving 'Myths' Stun Seattle
San Francisco Approves ID Cards That Exclude Gender
The Final Word: Give Thanks for Loved Ones Who Are Still With Us
Happy in Their Personal Lives, Americans Worry About Country
Thanksgiving at a Time of War
November 19
Man Dies After Police Jolt Him With Stun Gun
The War on Error
Police to Search for Guns in Homes
Battle for the Republic - video
Blood for Votes
U.S. Won't Close Cheyenne Mountain Defense Center
Disputed Analysis of FBI Statistics Says Detroit Most Dangerous US City
Feds Raid 'Liberty Dollar' Operations in Idaho and Indiana
House Passes Eavesdropping Bill
Panel Drops Immunity From Eavesdropping Bill
Ron Paul Supporters Flock to Campaign Despite Smears
Army Desertion Rates Up 80% Since 2003
November 16
In Event of Emergency ... Call Out the Military?
General Would Deploy Troops on U.S. Soil
The irresponsible Congress
FBI Raids Liberty Dollar – Confiscates All Ron Paul Dollars
U.S. Has Become Haven for War Criminals, Senator Says
The American People are Beginning to Get It
Litigators Will continue to Pursue Bush & Cheney
November 14
Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans
GOP Split on Repeal of Real ID
Don't Answer Census, Don't Face Going to Jail
ID Cards for San Fran Residents – Legal or Not
86,000 Homes to be Built in Fire-Prone SoCal Areas
Justice Dept. Reopens NSA Wiretap Inquiry
November 13
Supreme Court May Weigh In on D.C. gun ban D.C. Gun Ban
Toxic Gas in FEMA Units, Tests Show
U.S. Simulates 'Dirty Bomb' Attacks on Phoenix, Portland
U.S. Military Begins Reversing Iraq Troop Surge
November 11
Supreme Court Could Take Guns Case
US Citzens Losing Their Privacy
Coast Guard: Human Error in S.F. Oil Spill
As Vietnam Memorial Turns 25, Some 100,000 Personal Tributes Are Being Preserved as Museum Pieces
November 10
Ron Paul: Brushfires of Freedom
Los Angeles Police Plan to Map Muslims - video
LAPD Defends Muslim Mapping Effort
We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For - video
The Militarization of Our Police - video
Because of You, I'm Free
Patriotic Veteran's Day Slideshow
Patriotic Tribute to our Military — salute to all 5 branches
Remembrance Day - British Military Tribute
- video
Veteran's Day (Terry Kelley - Pittance of Time)
- video
Ron Paul's Chances and Opinion Polling
It's Now or Never to Save America, Support Ron Paul- Killed by the Republican Party
Why True Patriots Are Timeless American Heroes
Why Millions of Americans Don't Want Smaller Government
Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order
Gunmen Storm Nuclear Facility
Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty Would Give the UN Control Over Everything About the Oceans
November 7
Plans Aim to Give FDA More Power in Product Safety
Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack
November 6
Who are Ron Paul's Donors: Republican Raises Stunning $4.3 Million Online in 24 Hours
An Appeal to My Fellow Pastors
U.S. Government Claims No Privacy for Email
Restoring Rights
United States Medal of Honor Citations U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith
Baby Jesus on the Ballot
Red, Green Lights to be Banned?
Sherry Jackson Convicted Under What Law?
Tire Recalls Show Flaws in the System
November 5
U.S. Army: Five Million Acres Needed for Training Facilities by 2011
Americans' New Religion
For First Time, Half of Those Surveyed 'Strongly Disapprove' of Bush's Performance
November 4
Eminent Domain: Army Site Expansion Angers Colorado Ranchers
Palo Verde Nuke Plant 'Back to Normal' After Bomb Discovery
Farley Plant's Response to Panel on Nuke Valve Failures Disturbing
Hogging the Road
Pittsburgh Paper: Hugo Chavez Has 'Right To Come Here and Make Money'
Big Brother: House Passes "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act"
November 2
Senate Considering Treaty That Could Affect Gun Rights
Pass the Towels! Plans for Coed Locker Rooms
Data Driven Destruction
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - free book download
November 1
Earthquake Prompts Levee Inspections ln California's Delta
October 31
The Patent Act Is a Cheat on Americans — for any inventor and patent holder like Stan, this bill has enormous implications - all harmful - to Americans
NY Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Again

October 30
FEMA Spokesman Loses Spy Job Offer
Bush Insiders Describe How This Administration Starts Wars
States Battle Rise in Copper Thefts
The Evangelical Crackup: Love Affair With Bush Has Largely Ended, Sharpening Latent Internal Divisions
Media Coverage is LOST
1 in 10 Schools Are 'Dropout Factories'
October 28
House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill
Train Carrying Spent Nuclear Fuel Derails at Wake Plant
Missile-Defense Test Off Hawaii Proves Successful
Rising Tide of Opposition to L.O.S.T.
Logan Airport Stages Largest Ever Mass-Casualty Disaster Drill
October 26
Man-Made Disaster: Phony FEMA Press Conference
Aircraft Sat Out Firestorm: Red Tape Kept Choppers, Tankers on the Ground
Agents Discover Four Charred Bodies in California
Thousands Moved into Fire-Risk Areas
Ga. to Build Lakes Amid Drought Fight
Is a 'North American Union' in Future?
Law of Sea Treaty Draws GOP Focus
Ron Paul Uses New Millions for Major Media Push
U.S. Army Accused of Hiding Chemical Weapons Information
DOT Inspection of Mexican Truck Fails to Impress
October 23
Five US Nuclear Plants Shut Units for Refueling and Repairs
Who Really Owns the Roads?
Huckabee's Bid for the Christian Right
Chuck Norris Endorses Mike Huckabee for President
GRRR! Zero Tolerance in So Many Ways
October 22
NASA Won't Disclose Air Safety Survey
Feds Outsource Mexican Truck Safety
Louisiana Most Corrupt State in the Nation, Mississippi Second, Illinois Sixth, New Jersey Ninth
The American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 -- Both Conservatives and Liberals Endorse Ron Paul’s Bill to Uphold the Constitution
October 19
Air Force Officers Relieved of Duty Over Loose Nukes
Airport Screeners Flunk Fake-Bomb Tests
Couple Make Burglar Clean Up at Gunpoint
October 17
The First Mega-Shelter in Oregon Created for Major Disaster
Europe's Frog Stew
Let Washington, D.C. Feel Your Wrath This Week

Army Ex-Captains Want US Out Of Iraq or a New Military Draft
More Attacks on Free Expression Reported
America is Succumbing to Fascism, Author Naomi Klein

October 14
Fiery 15-Truck Pile-Up Kills 2, Closes Calif. I-5 Tunnel
Watchdog Says IRS Unable to Readily Locate Key Files
Wyoming Tops List of Tax-Friendly States
As Logging Fades, Rich Carve Up Open Land in West
'Made in U.S.A.' Stages a Comeback
Anti-NAU Warriors Beginning to Move the Rock Uphill
To Put Your Phone Numbers on National DO NOT CALL List
Oliver North: Law of the Sea Treaty on Fast Track
Pentagon and Islam
Ron Paul Stands Alone on War Power at GOP Debate
Low-Level Emergency Declared at Fermi 2 Nuke Plant
Schwarzenegger Signs Pro-Homosexual Bills
As Logging Fades, Rich Carve Up Open Land in West
October 12
FEMA Shifts, Quietly Drawing Own Disaster Plans
Mexico's Fox Openly Calls for North American Union
Amero Plot Real, Says Biz Columnist
Bush U.n. Ambassador Says He's 'Caving' on World Court
George W. Bush, Globalist
New Orleans Scales Back Rebuilding Plans
Real ID Act: NY Today, Your State Tomorrow
October 10
Nuke Transportation Story Has Explosive Implications
U.S. Considered Radiological Weapon
Ex-Mexican Prez: Yes, There Will Be an Amero
Scholars Explain Bush's SPP
White Paper: Negotiating North America: The Security and Prosperity Partnership
March for America: We Are Losing Our Country…
Married Gay Couple Seeks Right to Divorce
Work Fails to Block Ore. Gay Rights Law
Black & White & Red Faces All Over: Chicago Law Hurts Free Papers
More Legal Battles Loom Over Pollution
October 8
Bush Seeks NAFTA Expansion to Peru
Amero Coming Within Decade
Threat to Vets' 2nd Amendment Rights on Hold
Huge Explosion Rocks Tacoma
Texas Set to Open New Canyon to Public
October 4
Giant Sinkhole: One La Jolla Home Destroyed, Several Damaged in Mt. Soledad Slide
Homeowners' Policies Don't Cover Landslides
US Trumps States Over Siting Power Lines
Bush Prepared to Veto 'Hate Crimes' Bill
Bush, Congress Hit New Lows In AP Poll
Secessionists Meeting in Tennessee
October 1
Not If, But When: Ferry Responders Prepare for Disaster
Bush's EPA Is Pursuing Fewer Polluters
Nuclear Plant Security Asleep on Job - go to video
NRC Accused of Ignoring for Months Complaints About Nuclear Plant Guards Sleeping
Law of the Sea Travesty - Biggest Giveaway of American Sovereignty, Resources Since Panama Canal Treaty
Law of Sea Treaty on Senate Fast-Track
Sea Sickness in the Senate
Christian Leaders Threaten to Abandon Republicans
Many Soldiers Get Boot for 'Pre-Existing' Mental Illness
Aging Inmates Clogging Nation's Prisons
Wyoming to Test Variable Speed Limits
Conserve Energy: L.A. County Calls for Lights-Out Hour
September 28
Alabama City Reopening Fallout Shelters
Hate Crimes Bill Put on Pentagon Measure
Nuclear Power Surge Coming
African Americans Now More Likely to Say O.J. Murdered Ex-Wife, Her Friend
Democratic Candidates Say They're OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale
September 27
U.S. Infrastructure, Roadways, Even Lotteries for Sale to Foreigners
Injustice Exposed: The Secret Code on Veteran's DD214
Unraveling Spin Codes
Ex-Military to Be Denied Gun Ownership
2 Patriot Act Provisions Ruled Unlawful
Adios Dollar, Hola Amero
US Video Shows Hacker Hit on Power Grid
Separate Storm Shelter for Sex Offenders Debated In Louisiana
Physicists Challenge U.S. Missile Claims
September 24
New York Bridges Under Constant Watch
Feds to Help With Plum Island Upgrade
NSA Plans Massive Expansion Into Private Networks
The Road to Serfdom Is Indeed a Conspiratorial Highway
‘Off the Grid, Self-Sufficient’
September 21
Judge OKs Hitler Buttons in School Protest
September 18
A Town of 500 Learns to Love Preparedness & Response
Drill Tests Disaster Response at Mall of Georgia
CIA Brings Back Spy Chief
Ron Paul on The Sunlight Rule
September 17
New Federal Disaster Plan Looks a Lot Like the Old One
September 15
Air Force Probes Nuke Missile Incident
Trucking Another Job We Don't Want?
Fight Looms Over Mexican Trucks
Mexican Truckers: Suspend Pilot Program
NAFTA and Our Borders
1st U.S. Truck Rolls Across Mexican Border
Several Central Texas Towns Working to Prevent the Building of the Trans Texas Corridor
Philly Seeks 10,000 Men to Guard Streets
Federal Agencies Flunk Their Audits
Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged
They're Lying to Us

September 12
Bomb Squad Defuses 2 Incidents in Westmoreland, Fayette Counties
Police Warn Residents of Mailbox Bombers
Most Think Founders Wanted Christian USA
Senator Moves to Block Mexican Trucks
Ron Paul: Regulation, Free Trade and Mexican Trucks
See How Your Senator Voted on Allowing Mexican Trucks into the USA
Illegal NAFTA Corporate International Tribunals Don't Over Rule American Rule of Law & Constitution
Senate Approves $1 Billion to Fix America's Bridges
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part 4: Ports in a Storm
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part 5: Hidden Threat: Emergency Planning
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part 6: Hidden Threat: Theory Vs. Fact
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part 7: Hidden Threat: Airport Security
Feds Threaten to Ground Airlines Over Record Delays
When the Levees Fail
September 10
NAFTA Superhighway Plans Advance South
Federal ‘Corridors of the Future’ Privatization Plan Expanded
Cross-Border Program Funding in Jeopardy in Senate
Thousands of Soldiers Live With 'Silent Epidemic'
Air Combat Command Orders Commandwide Standdown Friday
Ahmadinejad Says USA 'Racing to Hell'
Dam Could Break Without a Fast Fix
Katrina Restoration: Like Rocky, We Must Never Lose Sight of the Goal
JBS Action Alert: 'Clean Water Restoration Act' Threatens Property Rights
Dems Hold First Spanish-Language Debate
Vote Fraud: It's Not Just the Machines
September 7
Mexican Competition Stirs Truckers' Ire
North American Union Drivers License
Handgun Ban Could Lead to Key Ruling
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part One: Why Congress Hasn't Implemented the 9/11 Commission's Suggestions
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part Two: Hidden Threat: Liquefied Natural Gas Tankers
Homeland Insecurity Off Track: Part Three: Hidden Threat: Chemical Freight Cars
Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act
Police Break Up Anti-War Meeting in Washington
Flood of New Nuclear Reactors Expected
Nuclear Power: Atomic Renaissance
Runaway Tanker Rekindles Yucca Mountain Concerns
The Coming Battle Over FISA
California Launches Same-Sex Marriage
Federal Court Upholds ‘One State Under God’ in Texas
September 5
Nuke-Tipped Missiles Mistakenly Flown Over U.S.
CNBC Interview With Stephen Previs About the Amero
Superhighway a Cash Cow?
Colo. Police Link Rise in Violence to Rap Music
Do-Not-Call Lists Start to Expire This Year
Texas Buys Davy Crockett's Last Known Letter Before His Death at the Alamo in 1836
When It Comes to Wildfires, the Very Rich Are Different
September 4
Report: 4,000 Died After Working on Nuclear Projects

Keep on Truckin' – Back to Mexico!
Name Changed to Hide 'Superhighway'?
Most Flights Are Late, and It May Only Get Worse
Flights Running Behind Schedule - interactive map
September 1
City Officials, Retired Military Officer Pressure US Senator on Eminent Domain

Union: Mexican Trucks Begin Crossing Border Saturday
Court: Mexican Trucks Program to Proceed
Truckers Outraged at Impending Opening of Mexican Border
Congressional Leaders Want Bush to Reconsider Opening Mexican Border
Stop the NAU/SPP - What Does That Really Mean?
Secret TexDOT Plan to Toll Existing Interstates
1200 WOAI News Toll Road Report Prompts Calls for Congressional Investigation
Glenn Beck Interviews Pat Gray About Mexican Trucks
Arizona to Offer Driver’s Licenses With Citizenship Identifiers
Audit Finds U.S. Nuclear Weapons Parts Misplaced
Never Again? The Politics of Preventing Another Katrina
Want to Know Where the Hurricane Relief Money Went?
Iowa Gay Marriage Applications Halted
Michael Chertoff As Attorney General?
Education or Rapid, Nationwide Political Indoctrination? - flashback, school reminder
Springs Elementary Gives Tag a Timeout
Are We Teaching Our Children to Lie?
August 30
Gasoline Supply at Record-Low 20 Days
2 Years After Katrina, Rebuilding Pace Depends on Who's Paying
Katrina: Disaster Neglect
U.S. Under U.N. Law in Health Emergency
Disaster is Only One Marsh Away
Study: 9 Guns for Every 10 Americans
Ron Paul on Our Aging Infrastructure
Illinois School Pushes Smut on Children
August 29
Recovery Leaves Thousands in the Dust
August 28
Behind Closed Doors: What They're Not Telling Us About the Security and Prosperity Partnership
The Next Sound You Hear. . .
NY: Armed Guard at Gate Inside Nuclear Plant Complex Found Asleep
U.S. Sponsors Islamic Convention
How "Poor" Are the Poor?
August 25-26
Big Easy Struggles 2 Years After Katrina
FEMA Looks to Private Sector for Disaster Provisions
International Law Will Crowd Constitutional Law Off the Face of the Earth
NFL: 'Reprehensible' Vick Suspended Indefinitely
As an Energy-Saver, the Clothesline Makes a Comeback
North American Union and Super Highway is Rubbish
Law Requiring 100 Percent Cargo Screening Sets Tough Standards
Congress: For Plane That Won't Fly, $63 Mil Is Enough
Most US Adults in the Dark About World Politics
August 22
Senate Acts, Bureaucrats Stall on FOIA Requests
The Principles of Freedom vs. Public/Private Partnerships
North American Integration And the Militarization of the Arctic
SPP is Built Around Secrecy and US Military Command - Law Expert
SPP Summit Ends With 'Conspiracy' Denial
Bush Doesn't Deny Plans for N. American Union
Recalled Toys Turning Up In Online Auctions
Tenn. Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept Secret
August 21
Partnership Viewed as a Threat to Sovereignty
Duceppe Slams "Secretive" Three Amigos Meeting
August 20
Bush Seeks to Boost Canada, Mexico Ties
Jack Bauer is Watching You - US Agencies Train Spy Satellites on Civilians
August 19
Work at Utah Mine Grim
O'Malley: Spend for Roads, Bridges
Drafting Our Daughters
Ammunition Shortage Squeezes Police
NYC to Host Annual Muslim Day Parade
August 18
BP Evacuates Gulf of Mexico Workers
Congress Tells Bush: Back Off SPP Agenda
China to Install Sensors Along NAFTA Highway
August 16
Glimmer of Hope: Mine Rescuers Hear Noise, Find Livable Space
The Nation Cover Story Denies Superhighway
Democrat Sees Large Stress Cracks in the Bridge to America’s Future
94% of Americans Say They Are Satisfied With Their Lives
Toolmaker Recalls 800,000 Power Saws
August 14
From the Arctic to the Caribbean — NAU Protest
Dan Rather Reports: Defective Touch Screen Voting Machines Alter Elections
Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos
NSA Wiretapping Trial Begins
US Govt Ready to Finance NYC Traffic Fee Plan
The Human Cost of Polygamy
August 13
Army to Expand Recruiting Incentives
Bush War Adviser: Military Draft Should Be Considered
3rd Hole Planned to Reach Utah Miners
3rd SPP Summit Shrouded in Secrecy
Military Aid to Mexico on SPP Summit Agenda
Republican US Senator Calls for All Americans to Have National Biometric ID
In Case of Apocalypse Later, a Plan to Ensure America’s Regreening
Legendary US Brothel Reopens After $6M Refit
Urgent Warning to the Citizens of the US
Bush Advisor Karl Rove Will Resign at the End of August
August 8
NYC Storm Leaves Mess and Questions About Subway's Hardiness
Plans for Economic Integration
As Recess Begins, Spending Spree Continues

The Globalists' Plan to Give Away U.S. Patents
New Orleans Officials Say City Cannot Wait for New Flood Gates
Louisiana Nursing Home Case Puts Response to Katrina on Trial
Army Eminent Domain Takeover Still "A Go"
The Bush Family America Doesn’t Know
Inherent Presidential Power to Seize: Understanding Presidential EOs and Underlying Statutes
I-35W Inspectors Flagged Serious Cracks, Rusting
August 7
Surge: U.S. Troops in Iraq Top Out at 162K
DNI McConnell Defends FISA Reform
The Minneapolis Bridge, Katrina and the World That Fails
Oakland's Unholy Alliance
Warlocks and Eloy – Are Americans Headed for a New Slavery?
August 6
NYC Unprepared for 'Day After' WMD Attack
NAFTA Superhighway Traffic Tied to Minn. Bridge Collapse
Shifting CA Bridge Sends Big Rigs Airborne
More Than 70,000 Bridges Rated Deficient
Is Creaking America on Road to Ruin?
Homeless Vets: A Hidden Crisis
Army Corps Dumps Old Bombs on NJ Beach
July 31
Largest-Ever Mock Disaster Training
New Gun-Grab Scheme Exposed
Gun Grabbers Lose Yet Another Round
Cities Sue Gangs in Bid to Stop Violence
FBI Wants to Buy Access to Your Phone Records
Underwater Ticking Bomb?
House: Boost Vets' Mental Care
Now Cheney Chimes In: Ain't No Superhighways
July 27
Blast at Calif. Aerospace Site Kills 3
OKC Mayor Washes Hands of North American Union
Out of the Whores' Mouths
Saving the 'John Doe' Amendment
Report: NASA Lost $94 Million in Office Items
FEMA Reviewing Policy on Selling Toxic Trailers
July 25
U.S. Refineries Pushed to the Limit
Colo. Prof Fired After 9/11 Remarks
Power Outages Plague San Francisco
'Declaration of North American Integration' Unearthed
July 24
US National Guard: Still Unprepared for Large-Scale Disaster
Poll: Coastal Residents Won't Evacuate
Wanna Buy a Bridge?: Selling U.S. Infrastructure
Outage Traps 200 in St. Louis Arch
Secret Memo: One-World Agenda Dominates SPP Summit
Bush's Latest Executive Order & Jurisdiction
Obama Solicits La Raza Backing
Dead Farmers Got $1.1 Billion From USDA
Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA Head
WA Gay Couples Line Up to Register As Domestic Partners
Congressional Corner: New Rx Drug Bill Aimed at Saving Seniors Money
Ex-FEMA Chief Profiteering on Katrina?
Feingold Calls for Censure of President, Administration Officials Over Iraq & Attack on Rule of Law
Congressman Asks, But He's Denied Access to Continuity of Gov't. Plans
July 16
Destruction of America in High Gear
Los Angeles Ports Facing Strike Threat
LA Port Clerks Ready 'Final' Offer
First Atomic Bomb Test Exposed U.S. Civilians to Radiation
Armed Man Killed at Colo. Governor's Office
Atom Bombs, Suitcase Nukes and America's Future
The New York Times, the NAU, and the Burden of Empire
There Is a Conspiracy
Risky US Alliances in Iraq
Muslim Rep. Likens Bush to Hitler
Agency: Pollution Has 'Impaired' Rivers
The Income Tax Trial of Tommy Cryer, Lawyer
July 11
Globalists to Formally Propose Merger of U.S., Canada, Mexico
Update on the Status of the Anti-NAU Resolutions in 19 State Legislatures
Lady Bird Johnson Dies at 94
Opponents of U.S. Sovereignty Plan to Sneak Their Agenda Around Congress

Phyllis Schlafly on the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST) - video

Stop Saying 'We Can't'
Maryland State School Board Advances “Sexual Diversity” Above Children’s Safety
Signing Statements Erode Constitutional Balance
Find Ron Paul Supporters and Ron Paul 2008 Meetups Near You
Sex Offenders Missing Since Katrina
EPA Head Defends New Smog Proposal
July 10
Assume No Peace - Safeguard Now
Job Vacancies at DHS Said to Hurt U.S. Preparedness
Wyoming Attracting Outsiders In View of Coming Apocalyptic Events
Pro-Immigration Forces Back North American Union
NYC Surveillance Cameras to Track Terrorists
July 6
Our Nation's Plight: Such a Simple Solution
It's the People vs. the Government
Your Global Usefulness Profile
July 4-5
The Enigmatic North American Union
Disaster's Coming: Get Ready
Plague of Bioweapons Accidents Afflicts the US
The War is Here - Are You Ready?
New Law in Minnesota Requires all US Flags to Be Made in America
Nation to Celebrate the 4th With Caution
Put the "Independence" Back in Independence Day
Independence Forever
The Meaning of Independence
Independence Now and Forever
Ratings for Bush, Congress Sink Lower
Oklahoma City Mayor Calls for North American Union
NAFTA Superhighway Extends North
5 Die on Virginia Farm From Deadly Methane Gas in Manure Pit
Case Dropped Against 2 Nurses in Post-Katrina Hospital Deaths
July 2
Levee Work Might Imperil New Orleans' French Quarter
On Their Own, Residents Rebuild Their Lives in New Orleans
Missing U.S. Diplomat Found Dead in Cyprus
42,000 Gallons of Crude Oil Mixes With Flood Waters
Lap Dances Are a Right, Judge Rules
US Governor Signs Law Banning National ID Card, Citing Concerns About Privacy, Cost
Is There One Person Who Can Answer These Questions?
Mennonite Farmer Settles With State Over Animal ID Tags
June 26
Survey: Almost 44 Million in U.S. Are Uninsured
Newsweek: New Los Alamos Breaches
Gov't. Struggles to Care for Wounded GI's
Teens Die In Oil Tank Explosion In Forest
Religious Groups Lead Gay Pride Parade
How America Went Gay
June 23
Texas Governor Clears Way for NAFTA Superhighway
U.S. May Cut Iraq Forces By Spring
New Orleans Still at Risk of Serious Flooding
Wash. Woman Registers Her Dog to Vote
CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry
Congressman: Cheney Tried to Abolish Agency
Mexico Wants Our 2nd Amendment Erased
License to Kill: Thousands of Truckers on the Road Illegally
Center May Make Chicago Gay Destination
Albertsons to Discontinue Loyalty Cards Today
Government Watchdog Says Bush Ignored Law After 30% of Signing Statements
GAO Examination Shows White House Power Grab
June 18
Army's Colo. Expansion Squashed - for Now
Neocon “Scholars” Call for Dismembering Bill of Rights
Guard Running Low on Equipment
How Ready is Your State's National Guard?
Jefferson Memorial 'Sinking' Into DC Mud
June 13
Taking Back the Country
N.Y. City Urged to Prepare for Major Hurricane
FBI Warns Universities to Watch Out for Spies
Mississippi Sues State Farm Over Katrina Deal
'US Must Expand Efforts to Track Illegal Nukes'
June 11
Illegals/NAU: A Hot Summer Coming
Death Penalty Debate: Is 1 Killer Worth 18 Innocents?
Cities Taking Climate Fight into Own Hands
This Platform Elects Next President
Not Our Fathers' America
Disney Tourists Abducted, Beaten After Stopping to Give Directions
June 7
New Poll Shows Greater Acceptance of Homosexuality in U.S.
Feds Prepping for 'Continuity' Hub?
Military Positioned to Launch Action - Here

For Bush, Historical Hindsight is Not 20/20
'Marriage' to Become Museum Piece
June 4
Republicans: the 81-Percent Exodus
America the Passive
In Vermont, Nascent Secession Movement Gains Traction
Who's to Blame for the Sellout?
The Unitary King George: Homeland Security Presidential Directive: an Unconstitutional Bombshell
Many Gas Stations Not In Compliance With Generator Law
Robbery, Big City Murder Soar; U.S. Violent Crime Roars Back
Anti-Crime Teams Sent to 4 More Cities
Maine and NH vs. the Real ID Act
If Disaster Strikes, Hundreds of Facilities Earmarked for Shelters
June 1
Hurricane Season Begins: FEMA Urges Personal Preparedness and Responsibility
Hurricane Season Is Here: Holding Breath Not a Plan
40 Million Replaces 40 Million
RNC Fires Phone Solicitors
Plans for U.S. Embassy in Iraq Leaked Online
May 30
NAFTA: Kicked Up a Notch
Mild '06 Hurricane Season Has Some Floridians Again Unprepared
Emergency Detention Plan: 'This Way to the Camps!'
May 24
Bush Grants Presidency Extraordinary Powers
Bill Grants President Dictatorial Powers - Never Submitted to Congress: National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51 / Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20 - CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REP
North American Union Plan Headed to Congress in Fall
It's Official — NAFTA Is a Treaty: Special-Interest Stalling
Texas Town Worries About Polygamists
Swipe Your Driver's License to Pay for Gasoline
May 21
The Troubled Waters of “Deepwater”
Business Visionary Predicted North American Union in '93
New Toll Road Hype in Oklahoma
May 19-20
North America 'Partnership' Fast-Tracked in Border Bill
Understanding the Worth of Our Nation
Missing Soldier Was 'New Guy,' Another Knows Arabic
Ice‚ Becomes Drug Enforcement Nightmare
Did America Ever Have A Godly Heritage? Part 1 - video
Did America Ever Have A Godly Heritage? Part 2 - video
The Coming Nuclear Attack on America!
Gun Owners and State Legislators: Get on the Phone
Cave Near Chicago Full of Ancient Wonders

May 15-16
2 Years After Katrina, FEMA Still Not Ready
Governors Say War Has Gutted
CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver
Giuliani Linked to "NAFTA Superhighway"
Progress in the Fight to Stop NAU and NAFTA Superhighway
Opposition to National ID Continues to Grow
Security, Washington-Style
Texan Whips GOP Hopefuls
White House Scrubs Privacy Report
Cities With Most, Least Road Rage
May 11
Bush Orders Contingency Plans for Attack on U.S.
USA: Many Unprepared for Disaster
Govs Worry About Depleted National Guard
'We're At Our Breaking Point': One night in Atlanta
If It Walks Like a Duck...
Income Tax Activists Reject Bitter Reality: National ID Postponed Because of Backlash by the People and the States
U.S. Divorce Rate Falls to Lowest Level Since 1970 Because . . .
10-Year-Old Guilty of Beating Homeless Vet
May 8
Goodbye U.S. Dollar, Hello Global Currency
Tornado Response Sparks Debate
The 2007 Temporary Bounty, Transport & Incarceration Act
Bush OKs 'Integration' with European Union
Anti-'Superhighway' Bill Prompts Backlash
NAFTA Superhighway has Guiliani as Key Player
Students Join 'North American Parliament'
Report Raises Concerns About Tunnel Safety
Is Lou Dobbs Being Set Up to Follow Don Imus?
VA Urged to Boost Compensation for Vets With PTSD
May 15 "National Gas Out" Likely Not Be Effective
May 6
Colo. Tries to Block Army Site Expansion
High-Rises Approved That Would Dwarf D.C.
May 3
The Real Homeland Security
One Land Grab Stopped - Another In Progress
FEMA Planting Fear on Levees
Now U.S. Trucks to Cruise Mexico
Teachers Insist: Being 'Gay' Good
States May Require Sex Offenders to Use Special License Plates
April 30
Fiery Crash Collapses SF Interchange
Emergency Declared After Bay Area Freeway Collapses
Ill. Pipeline Explosion Creates Giant Fireball; No Injuries
Lightning Starts Fire at Okla. Refinery
True Destruction of the NAU and the War to Stop It
Park Fee Hikes Questioned
Officer Tried to Leave Squad Car Before Tornado Swept It Up
Ban on 'Mom' and 'Dad' Considered – Again
April 25
Colorado Joins Fight With Anti NAU Resolution
Emergency Powers to Govern Worlds "Regions"
America: A Culture Losing Itself Inside Itself
Police Targeting Urban Marauders
Why are Law Abiding Citizens Considered a Threat?
April 22-23
U.S. Tests Nuke Terror With Simulated Detonation Today
Former Nuke Plant Engineer Allegedly Took Access Codes to Iran
Overstretched: The U.S. Army is Running Out of People
With Personnel Shortage, Air Force Fills Army Ranks
Dems Mull Options Amid Likely Iraq Veto
Budget Delays Force Army Spending Cuts
Gov't Posted 63,000 Social Security Numbers
Closing a Gun-Law Loophole
Schweitzer: Hell No‚ to Federal ID
Healing Without the Great Physician?
April 20
The Emerging North American Union (NAU) Timeline
Montana Legislature Passes Anti-NAU Resolution
25 Years Murder-free in 'Gun Town USA'
April 19
New FEMA Hurricane Plan Won't Be Ready
FEMA is Itself a Disaster
Lawmakers Advance 'Gay' Marriage, Mandatory 'Attitude' Adjustments
N.H. Governor to Sign Bill Allowing Civil Unions
"Gun Free" Zone Failure in Virginia
Chertoff, Gutierrez, Rice: Plotting Bush’s North American Union
April 18
Court Upholds Federal Ban on Partial Birth Abortions
Classmates Saw Campus Killer's Madness
Va. Gunman Had 2 Previous Stalking Cases
Echoes of Columbine
Threats Rattle Schools in at Least 10 States
Foreshadowing Tragedy at Virginia Tech
After Tragedy, Gun Control Debate Begins Anew
Media Spins Va.-Tech Tragedy for Gun Control
Reid Warns Against Rush on Gun Control
Gun Control Is a Tough Sell in Congress
Gun Owners Not Fond of 2008 Candidates
Katrina Inspires Bans on Gun Seizures
Ban People — They Kill
Holocaust Survivor, Professor Took Bullets, Died, Helping Students Escape
EPA Proposing Limits to Lawnmower Emissions
Big Companies Get Their Way on Interpretation of Fuel Rule
Truckers With Criminal Record Could Access U.S.
Gay Rights Bill Passes Oregon House
Rosie O'Donnell Cruise for Gay Families Cuts Bermuda Stop, Fearing Protests
April 16
Flooding Forces Evacuations; Officials Concerned About Dam
W. Virginia Dam May Break; Rain Leads Gov. Manchin to Request Disaster Declaration
A Dark Moon Rising: Surrendering Sovereignty
Hello, 'Cultural Diversity' – Goodbye, Sovereignty
Stopping the NAU - What You Can Do
The North American Union 01 - video
Angry Truckers to Encircle D.C. With 'Blockade'
Almost Half of Americans Fear Corruption if Clintons Return to White House, Poll Finds
The Accidental Satire

What Ever Happened to "Innocent Until Proven Guilty?"
Government and Racism
April 13
Mexican Truck Stampede to Hit U.S.!
'Pagan Morality' on Way to Becoming Law in U.S.
Interracial Marriages Surge in USA
What If the Pilgrims Had Been Muslims?
April 11
Selling Off Our Roads
Army's Use of Eminent Domain Under Fire
Texas Senate Opened by Imam Prayer to Allah — video
Bill Ties Climate to National Security
Anatomy of a False-Flag Terror Attack — thought provoking and unsettling
Homosexual Marriage Minces West to California
'Gay'-Rights Bill Lets Court Define Church's 'Purpose'
Iacocca: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
April 9
Mexico to Get "Sovereign Territory" in Kansas City; America's Heartland
Norad Move From Cheyenne Mountain Could Cost $50 Million
Ranchers Oppose Army Eminent Domain Takeover of Colorado Land
10,000 Fort Hood troops to Transfer to Colorado Springs
Unprovoked Beatings of Homeless Soaring

Preparedness Survey Shows Gaps in American Concern

April 6
Pueblo, Colo. Medal of Honor Recipient Dies
CNN's Lou Dobbs: North American Union and Our Laws - video
Don’t Tag Texas! Stop the NAU!
“Truck Out” Boycott Says No to Mexican 18 Wheeler Trucks Full Access to US Highways
Super Surge: 12,000 More Nat'l. Guard Troops May Go to Iraq, Afghanistan

Some Colorado Springs Gas Stations Short on Fuel
Why Gas at Service Stations is Limited in Colorado
Ft. Carson Doing Night Training
Calif. Hamlet Battles County and Paramilitary Group
Blackwater USA
Native-Born Americans Flee Metro Areas
Florida Man Arrested for Feeding Homeless

New Hampshire Moves Toward Rejecting U.S. ID Card
Washington Driver's Licenses to Feature Radio Chips
Some See Scans for Lunch as Taste of Big Brother
Disney to Allow Same-Sex Couples to Have Fairy Tale Weddings
April 3
A Handicapped Analysis of the Cost of N.I.A.S.
Supreme Court Deals Bush Administration an Environmental Blow

April 1-2
Thousands Suspected of Katrina Fraud
March 30
America Unprepared for 'Likely' Nuke Attack
Congressman Moves to Block Mexican Trucks
Google Replaces New Orleans Map With Pre-Katrina Images
To All Kids Who Survived the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's
March 29
Tired of Depressing News? Try What We Call The News — video
An Estimated 200,000 U.S. War Veterans Are Homless
Texas Signs New Self-Defense By Gun Law
Universal National Service Act of 2007: Draft Reinstatement Bill
Bush Paves Way for Martial Law
Roadblocks for Mexican Trucks in U.S
Arizona's Anti-NAU Legislation SCM 1002, Passes Homeland Security and Property Rights Committee Monday 7-3
The Privatization of US Airports: Continuing the Dismantling of US Infrastructure
Trial Begins in Military Secrets Case
March 27
Cities Set Limits on Serving Food to Homeless
North American Union: Evolution By Stealth?
Marines Notifying 1,800 Reservists of Involuntary Call-Up
Deceitful Tactics Used In Effort to Make Puerto Rico a State
March 24
New Chipped Driver's Licenses Used to Promote Easy Border Crossing
New Orleans Residents Arming Themselves
Bush Administration Covers-Up NAU Plot Against Canada
Anti-NAU Resolution Passes Idaho Legislature
Commerce Chief Pushes for 'North American Integration'
An American Union under Bush
March 23
Hurricane-Hit Areas of US See Population Slump
The North American Union is Really a Debate Over Political Ideology
Canada's PM Steven Harper Could Stop the North American Union
The Coming North American Parliament
A Review of John John Ross' Zapatistas
Why We Need The "We The People" Act (H.R. 300)
Colorado Senate Bill 07-109 Seeks to Increase Fee for Firearms Transfers
Assault on Right-to-Carry Permits Heading to Colorado House Floor
Use of Deadly Force Likely to be Expanded in Texas
Law and Order and Guns
It's Back: 'Hate Crimes' Bill Reintroduced
Kiss That Light Bulb Goodbye
March 21
The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners
Study: U.S. Cities Unprepared for Nuclear Attack
FEMA Travel Trailers Not Considered Safe Shelter During Bad Weather
Chaplain Defends Walter Reed Staff
Mexican Gangs Take Over L.A. as Cops Back Down
EU-Style Union Coming to a Continent Near You
Watchdog Concerned About 'One Card' Proposal for North Americans
Katrina Recovery Slowed
March 19
If I Die Before You Wake... Video Tribute to Our Soldiers in Iraq
Lawmaker Battles Trans-Texas Corridor
Free Speech on Trial at San Francisco State University
Is the American Experiment Dead?
The War Against JROTC
Government Wants to Bar-Code Every Domestic Animal
March 16
'Sinister' Speech Plan to Track Americans
Fire Erupts at Tenn. Nuke Arms Plant
Kansas to Make English Official Language
Felony Jury Tampering: Judges Who "Instruct" Jurors
Senate Moves to Declassify CIA Report on 9/11
March 14
U.S. Lets Whistle-Blowers Lose Jobs
Minnesota to Give Non-Citizens the Vote?
Defective Pumps Used to Protect New Orleans
The DC Gun Ban
Guns for Self-Defence
Firearms Facts
House Republicans Don't Want Muslim Group Using Capitol Conference Room
Mummified Body Lay on Bed 18 Months After Hurricane Rita
Why Are Americans Ignorant of 'Agenda 21'? - flashback
The Global Safety Cult and the Abolition of Private Property
March 12
14 States Have Now Introduced Anti-NAU (North American Union) Resolutions — ArizonaGeorgiaIdahoIllinoisMissouri 1Missouri 2MontanaOklahomaOregonSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennessee UtahVirginiaWashington
Don't See Your State? Contact Your Congressional Rep.
Dangers of the North American Union - video interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi
American Truck Drivers Screwed By Bush
The Cloning of America
Poisoning the Roots of Freedom
U.S. Plans Simpler, Safer Nuclear Arms
U.S. Mint Goof: New Dollar Coins Missing 'God'
Caring for Iraqi War Veterans - Straining to Keep a Promise
White House Lists Cuts to Pay for More Troops
Officer Shortage Looming in Army
Rudy Giuliani Announces Lawsuit Against Gun Companies
March 9
FEMA Strikes Again: Response to Tornadoes 'Inexcusable,' Blasts Ark. Politicians
Ark. Gov. 'Frustrated' With Tornado Response
FEMA Is Selling Off Used Katrina and Rita Trailers
When the Earth Moves: ‘Don’t Plan on Calling 911. Plan on Being Self-Sufficient.’
Daylight Saving Time, How It Will Affect Your Electronics
11 States Oppose North American Union
Special Briefing on the North American Union by Dr. Jerome Corsi (1 hour MP3)
Stop the North American Union: What you Can Do
Up to 20 Million Americans Considering Moves Outside U.S.
Add Tennessee to the List of States With Anti-NAU Legislation
FBI Criticized for Patriot Act Use
U.S. Insurers Lagging on Global Warming
Big-City Murders Jump More Than 10 Pct.
March 7
Debut of Fix for 'Hot Fuel' on Hold
Hot Fuel Solution Derailed By Oil Companies
Russia Capable of Hitting US Missile Shield: General
March 5
Americans Ditching the Urban Jungle for Greener Pastures
Preparing for Nature's Fury
White Supremacists on the Rise
National ID Card Rules Unveiled
Walter Reed Patients Told to Keep Quiet
How Much Land Should the Government Own?
March 2
National Identity Card Delayed
More States Introduce Anti-NAU Resolutions — ArizonaGeorgiaIllinoisMissouri 1Missouri 2MontanaOregonSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeUtahVirginiaWashington
February 28
U.S. Largest Nuke Plant Gets Lower Safety Rating
Nuclear Lab Operator Cited for Safety
Just Living Together? In North Dakota, It's Still Illegal
February 25
Dangers of the North American Union
Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union (NAU)
It's Official: Mexican Trucks Coming
Critics Bash Mexican Truck Decision
U.S. Poverty Grows: 'Severely Poor' Up 26% Since 2000
U.S. is Failing Wounded War Vets
Battling Globalization New England Town Prints Own Currency
February 22
U.S. Not Prepared for the Next 'Big One'
Levees Not Enough on Louisiana's Vanishing Coast
La. Levee Plan Leaves Some Helpless
H.R. 1022: To Reauthorize the Assault Weapons Ban, and for Other Purposes
Los Angeles 'Live Fire' Drill Creates Quite a Show
Florida Most Perilous State for Homeless
February 19
Climbers and Dog Rescued on Mount Hood
All the Lack of Truth Fit to Print
Hurricane Andrew Victim Gets Power Back After 15 Years
N.J. Gays Rush to Embrace Civil Unions
Dems to Push Subway Safety
More Dogs Working Air, Rail Security
The Political Symptoms of a National Disease
February 16
Colorado to Strengthen 'Make My Day' Law
Army Expansion May Seize 400,000+ Acres of Colorado National Treasure Land
Pentagon Gives Fort Carson Green Light for Pinon Canyon Expansion
Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition - What's at Stake
Army’s Planned Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS): 2,500,000 Acre Expansion in Southern Colorado - map
Rich Gas Deposits Found in Alabama
February 14
Denial of Blizzard Aid Blasted
Kansas Says OK to Evolution
February 12
Thousands Flee Fumes at Wash. State Mall
The Imperial Congress
Neo American Values
Bush Seeks Teacher Merit-Pay Funds
February 10
Army Left With Millions of Gallons of Nerve Agent Wastewater
Latest U.S. DOJ Prosecutors' Firings Should Have Included Johnnie Sutton
Cops: Homeless Patient 'Dumped' on Skid Row
Report Says Pentagon Manipulated Intel
Bush Admin. Funding Homeland Security "on the Cheap"
Bush Budget Also Slashes Education, Health Programs
Nine Refineries Spew 1/3 of Oil Industry Carcinogens
February 7
Google Earth Mystery... Why's Missouri Mostly Grayed Out?
Unarmed ICBM Blasts Through 105-Ton Door in Test
U.S. Senate Panel Rakes EPA Chief Over the Coals
New Forest Service Chief Has Whistleblower Retaliation History
February 5
Fearing Dam Break Engineers Lower Water on Ky. Lake
For First Time, Poverty Shifts to the Suburbs
White House Releases $2.9 Trillion Budget Plan
Fellow Americans in Colorado Need Your Help Now
National Frustration and Common Sense
The End of America as We Know it is at Hand
February 4
States Challenge Nat'l Driver's License
Feeding Homeless Now Illegal
February 2
Sites of Risky US Levees Listed
Fixing Levees Isn't Easy or Cheap
Locations Revealed
February 1
146 U.S. Levees May Fail in Flood BUT They Won't Tell You Where
Domestic Spying Papers to be Released
Property Rights
Secret Rumsfeld Meeting to Implement North American Union - flashback
Many Katrina Victims Still Living on Hold
Want to Become an American? That'll Be $600
Whose Side Is Bush On?
Why Roe vs. Wade Is Losing Ground
January 30
Fed: USA Nuke Plants Don't Need to Protect Against Terrorist Planes
Turning The Horses: National Vision and Strategic Plan - Part 1
Turning The Horses: National Vision and Strategic Plan - Part 2
North America Activists Plotted 'Stealth' Strategy
Emasculating the National Guard
'Sustainable Development' Imposed on Washingtonian
January 27
North American Union - It's Coming
How Globalism is Destroying America
Key Made From Website Image Could Change Your Vote
Airline Delays Set Record in 2006
Alaska Faces Skilled-Worker Shortage
January 24
U.S. Northern Command to Serve Mexico and Canada under NAU
GIs in Iraq Get Their Mats After Enduring Insult From Web-Based Company
Gassing Up, 'Terror Free' Service Station in Omaha
Treason Abounds - Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union (NAU)
St. Petersburg Police Slash Tents of Homeless
Police Slash Tent City - video
Official: Homeless Raid an 'Embarrassment'
Major Says She Gave Order to Cut Tents Belonging to Homeless
January 22
New Nuclear Power ‘Wave’ — or Just a Ripple?
Racial Attacks By Gangs Rising, L.A. Officials Fear
Denver Gang Heirs Drive Reckless Rise to Power
New Orleans of Future May Stay Half Its Old Size
Gonzales Questions Habeas Corpus
January 19
Congress Preparing to Criminalize Critics?
New Congress Shredding US Constitution
'President Will Deal With Censorship If Needed'
Gonzales: Judges Unfit to Rule on Terror Policy
U.S. Parkway Leased to Aussie Firm
U.S. Infrastructure for Sale to Foreigners
Petition Against Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union)
Buy American
Northeast Nuke Plants Alerted After Minn. Glitch
Governors Lose in Power Struggle Over National Guard
110 Gangs; 12,741 Members
New Travel Rules Set Off Confusion, Rush for Passports
January 17
Overdue and Unprepared for the Big One
The Great Florida Exodus
Amazing Portland "Bumper Cars" - video
Snowbirds Opting for Shorter Winter Stays in Florida
January 15
U.S., Mexico, Canada 'Harmonizing' Policies
Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) 2006 Report to Leaders
Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) 2005 Report to Leaders
Fire Engulfs Calif. Oil Refinery Residents Told to Stay Indoors
January 13
Military Expands Intelligence Role in U.S.
Secret Santa Who Gave Away $1.3M Dies
Ancient Stone Tools Found in N.America
January 11
Dobbs/CNN: North American Union - video
NAFTA Superhighway: No Congressional Approval, National Sovereignty at Stake - video
Railroad Wants to Nix U.S. Inspection
U.S. Homeless: 744,000
Radio Towers in Jersey Brought Down
January 8
Washington Faces Challenge Over Climate
San Francisco is Top City for Drug Use
January 6
Trial Will Debate 2nd Amendment Rights
Gun-Control Activists Resurrect Agenda
Bush Signing May Mean Government Can Read Your Mail
ABC, CBS, CNN Largely Ignored Bush's Claim of Power to Search Mail
Worse than Watergate -- But Invisible in the Media
Residents of Planned Union to be 'North Americanists'
Volunteers 'With Heat' to Support National Guard
US Death Sentences at Lowest Level in 30 Years
Texas Goes Against National Trend on Executions
Military Tells Bush It Has Only 9,000 Troops Available for ‘Surge’
The Military Commissions Act: ''Blocked Justice?''
January 4
Blizzards Brake Truckers
It Could Take Weeks to Restore Electricity
Only 6 U.S. Cities Earn Highest Scores for Emergency Communications
Michael Medved Loses His Cool Over North America Union
Premeditated Merger
A Nation Held Hostage - The Final Phase
2006: The Year America Died
Ports to Use New Employee ID cards in March
January 2
Next Big Test of Power to Seize Property?
Tax Forms Mailed With Soc. Sec. Numbers

The Highwaymen: How Goldman Sachs and GOP Politicians are Selling Off U.S. Highways
Who's Buying Your Commute?
North America Union: Coming Soon to a Country Near You
Residents Press Gov. Ritter to Openly Oppose 'Super Slab'
NAFTA Superhighway — Another Nail in the Coffin for U.S. Border Security
AP Poll: Americans Optimistic for 2007

Poll: Americans See Gloom, Doom in 2007