December 31
Winter Storms Continue to Pound Northern USA
Records Fall in North Dakota Snowstorm
Spokane Snow Fall Sets Record for December
December 30
Thousands Still Powerless in Midwest as Flood Fears Rise
Spokane Digs Out From Record-Breaking Snow
Foul Weather Shuts Alaska Oil Pipeline – Report
Swarm of Small Quakes Hits Yellowstone Area
Yellowstone Earthquakes Under Supervolcano Caldera
Town East of Mount Hood is Rattled by Swarms of Earthquakes
Earthquake hits PA near Three Mile Island
4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Felt in San Diego County
Massive California Earthquake Drill Reveals Problems
Fears of Explosive Volcano Eruption Closes Kamchatka Airport
Montserrat Volcano Hazard Level Moved Up to Level Four
Eruption of Koryak Volcano Might be Dangerous – Russian Scientist Warns
Chile Says Chaiten Volcano Still Poses Danger
Mud Volcano Still Causing Havoc in East Java
Huge Year for Natural Disasters
Top 10 Extreme Weather Events of 2008
Will Wild Vancouver Weather Disrupt 2010 Winter Olympics?
CAT Scanning Volcanoes
Meteorite Strikes, Setting Off a Tsunami: Did It Happen Here?
December 27
Waking up to Tornado Watches and Warnings
Floods Could Follow Ice in Midwest
7 Feet of Snow, 110 MPH Winds Out West
Earthquake Tremors in Penn.
December 26
Storm Blankets West With Snow, Heads East; Blizzard Warning for SW Colorado
Holiday Storms Wreak Travel Havoc Across Northern USA
Statewide Emergency Declared in Washington
Illinois Police Say Icy Roads are Worst Ever Seen
Urban Flooding Feared in US Northwest
Weather Outside Frightful for US, Canada Travelers
Avalanche Centers Warn of High Risk; At Least 5 Have Died in Avalanches This Month
Canada: Prepare for Longer Emergencies Due to Climate Change: EMO
Year of Extremes Sparks Climate Woes
Whopper Tornado Count as of Dec. 22
Tornadoes Confirmed in Two Alabama Counties
4.5 Quake Rattles Northern California
Earthquake Swarm Shakes Maupin, Ore.
Series of Winter Quakes Recorded Near The Geysers, Calif.
6.2 Quake Jolts Southern Philippines
19 Injured in SW China Earthquakes
Asia at Risk of Era of Mega-Disasters: Report
Giant Wave Impact in the Marshall Islands
Tsunami: Four Years On
Indonesia Marks 4 Years Since Indian Ocean Tsunami
Hope and Disappointment 4 Years on from Asian Tsunami
December 24
Christmas Eve Storms Predicted for Midwest, West
Great Indian Ocean Earthquake of 2004 Set off Tremors in San Andreas Fault
Coast-to-Coast Travel Woes
Amtrak Nightmare: Passengers Stranded for 23 Hours
Israel Sees Stormy Weather; Closes Ski Resort
Children's Books Use Christmas to Push Global Warming
Whatever Happens, Blame Global War
Freak Waves Flow Up-River Against Tide and Wind – video
December 23
Bad Weather Delays Christmas Travelers in West
As Christmas Nears, Winter Storms Continue to Make Going Rough
Winter Arrives with a Vengeance
Winter Storms Slam USA From Coast to Coast
Holiday Travellers Stranded as Winter Storms Grip Northwest
Seattle's Refusal to Use Salt Leaves Roads 'Snow-Packed'
Nor'easter Hits New England, a Weekend of Snow for Boston
The OTHER Missing Weather Story
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - Map 1Map 2
Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)
Bitter Cold, High Winds Chill Midwest
2 Wisconsin Men Heading Home From Work Die in Bitter Cold After Vehicles Get Stuck
Much of U.S. Facing Freezing Temps - map
Disasters Killed More Than 238,000 People in 2008: Swiss Re
Mass. Earthquake Could be Precursor to Larger Event
Big Isle Well Strikes Deep Lava Chamber
Inside an Active Volcano on Montserrat
A Dangerous Treasure in Africa's Lake Kivu
December 20
More Snowstorms Loom Across Much of U.S.
Winter Storm Pounds Midwest, Northeast; More Coming
New Storms, Arctic Air on the Way
Life-Threatening 'Mega-storm' Brewing for Washington
Blizzard Conditions Hit Seattle Coast, Strait of Juan de Fuca
"Very Dangerous Winter Storm" is Headed Toward Western Washington This Weekend
Chicago Snowstorm Lives Up to Promise of Miserable Commute
Boston to See a Foot of Snow, Possible Power Outages
Boston State Workers Kept Home
NYC Expects a Repeat Winter Blast
Winter Weather Blasts Nation From End to End
Freak: Snow in Malibu
Vegas: Biggest Snow in 30 years
U.S. Death Map: Where and How Nature Kills Most
Carolinas Remain Stuck in "Extreme" Drought
CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory 'Arrogant'
Sneaker-Wave Deaths at Highest Level Since 2000
6.5-Mag. Quake Off Japanese Coast
Tremors Rock Chile's CoastMap
Earthquake Warning for Sumatra
Drillers Break into Magma Chamber by Accident
Did Noah's Flood Start in the Carmel?
December 7
Magnitude 5.1 Quake Shakes Southern California
Powerful Earthquake Rocks East Timor, Triggering Panic
Native Hunters Say Climate Affecting Herds
Decline of Roman, Byzantine Empires 1,400 Years Ago May Have Been Driven by Climate Change
2008 will be Coolest Year of the Decade
Sydney Houses Unable to Withstand Onslaught of Summer Storms
December 3
Seismologists Study Desert Earthquake ‘Swarm’
Volcanic Eruption Signals Simulated In Lab for First Time
December 2
Was Early Earth a Firey Hell or Packed with Life?
Wave of Earthquakes Shakes Up California. Is Arkansas Next?
Scientists Discuss Replicating Volcano’s Effect to Cool Climate
December 1
More Shakers Sunday Across Quake-Riddled California
Tornadoes: Not Just a Concern During Springtime
Georgia Lake Expected to Reach Historic Low Point This Week
Wintry Weather Cancels More Than 50 O'Hare Flights
Venice Under Water – Worst Flooding in 20 Years
Sri Lanka Floods Kill 7, Displace 98,000
Brazil Flood Death Toll Set at 109
Clue to Break-Up of Ice Shelves
Four Die in South Africa ‘Mini Tornado’
Climate Change Gathers Steam, Say Scientists
November 29
Earthquakes Rattle Residents of Magnet Cove, Ark.
What You May Not Know May Shake You Up
Two Earthquakes Strike in Same Calif. Area as Earlier 3.0 Quakes
Two Earthquakes Rattle Remote Alaska
November 28
Expert: Small Ark. Earthquakes Could be Warning
Mag 6.2 Quake Strikes Off Coast of Northern California
Japan Holds Drills to Prepare for Big Earthquake
Hurricane Season Blows Away Records
Rogue Wave Drowns 3 Along California Coast
Apocalypse How? Four Catastrophic Threats to our World
November 26
Water Spout Tornado Birth ... in Colorado – video
Brazil Flood, Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 79
November 25
No Tsunami Threat from Russia Earthquake
Siberian Quake Triggers False US Seismic Reports
Underwater Volcano Found Off Wash. Coast
Snow Falls a Week Before Summer Starts in Australia
Freak Weather Sent Us Reeling Back to Winter
Climate Protests Escalate Worldwide
November 23
Earthquake Fault Discovered Near Calif Nuke Plant
5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Puerto Rico – LOTS of Aftershocks
Powerful Earthquake Off Sumatra; Minutes Later Strong Aftershock
Colombia Volcano Claims 10 Lives
Heavy Snow Causes Chaos on Roads – More Coming
Wild Weather Strikes Victoria
Another 'Great Flood': Time to Build an Ark?
November 21
Government Warns of "Catastrophic" New Madrid Quake
5.0-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes California-Mexico Border
Nearly 90,00 Lives Claimed by China Quake
I Heard and Survived the Terrible Tornado
Rare Tornado Hits Sri Lanka
Homes, Crops Damaged by Colombian Volcano Eruption
Underwater Volcano Off California's Central Coast Given National Protection
Did Asteroid Cause Ancient NY Tsunami?
Calif. Facing Drought, Water Rationing in 2009
U.S. Winter Weather Outlook
Forecaster Says La Nina Will Bring Good Snowfall to Colo.
Drought Tightens Its Grip on North Georgia
US Seasonal Drought Outlook
Australia Hit by Flash Floods as Second Storm Sweeps Queensland
Two Killed as Violent Storms Hit Queensland
Third Queensland Storm Adds to Residents' Pain
Western Australian Cyclone Anika Weakens to Tropical Low
November 19
Brisbane Hit by Worst Storm in 20 Years Declared a Disaster Area
Tornado-like Damage: Storm as Strong as Cyclone
Gum-tree Missiles: Nightmare on Weemala St, The Gap
Australia's Storm-Hit City Like a 'War Zone', Says PM
Emergency Services Feel Strain After Savage Brisbane Storm
Hurricane Forecast Team Were Right on Target
6.2 Earthquake Shakes Panama, Costa Rica
November 18
More Like Christmas than Thanksgiving
Brrrrr! Cold Front Blasts the Southeast
Storm Dumps Snow Near Great Lakes
Violent Storms Pound Eastern Australia, Killing 1
Weather Eye: Great Ball of Light Strikes Wales
November 17
Bigger Earthquakes Increasing
Earthquake Swarm!
Indonesian Earthquake Kills at Least 4, Damages More Than 800 Homes
Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island Hit by Second Earthquake
November 16
Los Angeles Ringed by Wildfires, Fires Whipped Up by Hot Hurricane Force Gusts
Calmer Winds Offer Some Relief to Firefighters Struggling to Combat California Wildfires
Mag. 7.5 Rocks Indonesia – Tsunami Alert Issued
Just Blowing Off Some Steam? Scientists Keep an Eye on Mt. Redoubt
Tornado Kills 9, Demolishes S. African Town
Honduran Floods: The Disaster No One Is Reporting
Drought Can Have Unsettling Effects on Homes
Narrow Escape as Huge Boulder Destroys House
The World Has Never Seen Such Freezing Heat
Floods Kill 11 in Central and Southern Vietnam
November 15
Fierce Winds Whip Two Major Calif. Wildfires
Tornadoes Kill Two, Turn Town into 'War Zone'
Deadly Tornado Strikes Eastern North Carolina
November 14
Thousands Evacuated, About 200 Homes Burned in Uncontained Montecito Wildfire
Drought Saps Lakes, Tightens Grip on North Georgia
Science Proves Warming of Antarctica
California Climate Disruption Costs: Billions and Trillions?
November 13
Floods Swamp Washington State
Water Levels Rise in Snoqualmie - video
Weather Eye: An Expected Tornado Hits UK
5 Million Participate in Calif.'s Earthquake Drill
SC Urges Quake Preparations
Tips to Prevent Freezing Pipes
Farms Hit Hardest, But Drought Hurts Us All
November 12
Huge Earthquake Drill Planned for Tomorrow
Expect Heat, Intense Storms and More Drought, Say KU Scientists
Ice, Snow Make Travel Treacherous on Plains
Forecasters Predict Harsh Winter for New York City
Flooding, Landslides Threaten Northwest
Flood Watch Continues in Washington as Heavy Rain Expected
Mini Tornado Rips Through Australian Home
November 11
Freak Tornado Leaves Trail of Destruction as Rain and Winds Batter UK
Winter Storm Batters Plains
Rain Renews Flood Threat in W. Washington
Cubans Pick Up the Pieces After Hurricane Paloma
Clouds Can Predict Climate Changes
Reventador Volcano Spews Lava Near Ecuador's Capital; 2 Volcanos Active in Colombia
Indonesia Launches Tsunami Early Warning System
November 10
Strong Earthquake Hits China's Qinghai Province
November 9
Powerful Paloma Slams Storm-Weary Cuba
Paloma Pushes 2008 Hurricane Season into the Record Books
Dakotas Struggle After Storm
Australia's Epic Drought: The Situation is Grim - flashback
A Global Warning From the Dust Bowl of Australia: "Food Bowl" at Risk - flashback
November 8
Hurricane Paloma Strengthens to 'Extremely Dangerous' Storm
Severe Weather Warning as Tornado Threatens to Batter UK
US Seasonal Drought - map
November 7
4 Feet of Snow, 80mph Wind Blast Dakotas
Paloma Strengthens into Hurricane in Caribbean
Wash. Flood Warnings Upgraded to "Severe"; Rain Keeps Falling
Significant River Flood Outlook - map
Affect of Freak Floods Greater Than Expected
Calif. Drought Forces Cattle Ranchers to Downsize
Ancient China: Lack of Rainfall Could Have Contributed to Social Upheaval and Fall of Dynasties
Current Warming Sharpest Climate Change in 5000 Years: Study
'Unprecedented' Warming Drives Dramatic Ecosystem Shifts in North Atlantic, Study Finds
Canada Seeks Climate Pact with USA
November 6
Tropical Storm Paloma Forms; May Become Hurricane
Paloma's Expected Path
Drought in Victoria Fuels Exodus
Scientists Say Nighttime Tornadoes are Worst Nightmare
Extreme Weather Postpones Flowering Time of Plants
November 5
Massive Freak Waves a Mystery at Maine Harbor
Rogue Giants at Sea
Huge Ocean Wave Towered Nearly 100 Feet - flashback
Freak Wind Overturns Commuter Ferry, Leaving 39 Dead and 14 Missing
Freak Hailstorm Swamps Town in 6ft Drifts - in October
Floods Strand More Than 100 Barges on Mississippi River
Flood Chaos in China and Vietnam
Storm Drops More Than Foot of Snow on Sierra Peaks
Hurricane Ike Caused Underwater Damage to Galveston
Study: California Earthquake Could Cause $200 Billion Losses
Ethiopia Rocked by Volcano
November 3
New Maps Show 'Relatively High Risk' in Illinois
Earthquakes Hit Texas - updated
Aftershocks Test Survivors’ Nerves
Drought More Menacing, But It Gets Less Mention
Drought May Put Strain on Utilities
Drought Land 'Will Be Abandoned'
Is Water the New Oil?
Vietnam Floods Kill 30, Hanoi Still Under Water
Forecasters: A Record Year for Tornadoes in Alabama
Tropical Storm Polo Forms Far Off Mexico's Coast
November 1
Earthquakes Hit Texas
Mud Volcano Blamed on Oil Firm
Large Earthquake "Bounces" are Stronger Than Gravity
October 31
Warmer Antarctica Shows Climate Changing on Every Continent
Drought in '09 May Be Worst in California History, Officials Say
Montserrats Volcano Breaks 18-Month Pause and Raises Concerns
Pakistan's Earthquake Death Toll Exceeds 300
Two Minor Earthquakes Shake Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Vietnam Floods Kill 12, Capital Hanoi Under Water
October 30
California Gets Ready for Largest Earthquake Drill in Nation's History
Search for Survivors of Pakistan Earthquake Continues, Death Toll at 215
Scientists Find Evidence of Massive Indian Ocean Tsunami Hundreds of Years Ago
About 8,000 Still Without Power in N.J.
Snow in Western N.C. Was Weeks Early
Natural Spring Erupts Under House
October 29
160 Killed in Pakistan Earthquake
Second Quake Jolts Southwestern Pakistan
California Gets Ready for Largest Earthquake Drill
Early Snowstorm Brews Trouble for Northeast
Arctic Blast Turns UK White as London Sees First October Snowfall in 74 YEARS
October 28
Blast: Nor`easter Dumps Snow, Rain
Near-Record Cold, and Mountain Snow in Carolinas
Cool Weather Twisters Strike in the Dark
Mystery Over LA Earthquake-Style Cracks in Wales
Residents Advised to Avoid Volcano Zone
Tsunami Zone Markers Stolen at Alarming Rate
Officials: Bangladesh Storm Kills 15, Injures 200
Arctic Sea Ice is Getting Thinner as Well as Receding
Prince Charles Says Climate Change Trumps Economic Crisis
October 26
Quakes, Tremors Unnerve Pennsylvania Residents
Two Earthquakes Hit California
Earthquake Hits Western England in Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Earthquake Injures 9 in Southern Iranian Port Town
Indonesia's Sulawesi Hit By 6.4 Quake, No Tsunami
Heavy Rains in Honduras Kill 61, More Deaths Feared
Rain, Floods Strand Marathoners in UK
John Laughlin: 'It was Possibly the Worst Sustained Weather I've Been Out In'
Flood Warnings Issued for Wales
Calif. Could Be Facing Major Drought
Yemen Grants Aid to Flooded Areas As Death Toll Rises
Worst Drought in 40 Years Strangles Syria's Grain
UN Report: Few Coastal Cities to be Spared by Climate Change
October 24
Dutch See Famous Ice Skating Race Melt Away
Neb. Snowstorm Causes Power Outages, School Closures
5 Months Later, Iowa Tornado Debris Still a Headache
Storm Leaves 250,000 Homeless in Central America
Heavy Rains in Honduras Kill 29, Leave 14 Missing
Crews Battle Two Fires Near Los Angeles
Melbourne's Spring Drought Set to Send Rainfall Records to a New Low
Australia Bans Word 'Drought' as Too Upsetting for Farmers
Earthquake Kills at Least 72 in Kyrgyzstan
Experts Clash Over Mud Disaster - Theories on Trigger of Indonesian Mud Volcano
Climate Change Seeps into the Sea
UN Climate Chief Says Media Not Getting It
October 22
Rare October Blizzard Expected to Blast Plains
Wild Plains Storm to Head East
Data Show U.S. Riding Out Worst Storms on Record
Wildfire Breaks Out in S. Calif., East of L.A.
October 20
Lava Flow Destroys Royal Gardens House
Loma Prieta, 1868 Earthquake Anniversaries Only Days Apart
Minor Earthquake Shakes Pennsylvania, Again
The Methane Time Bomb
Climate Change is 'Faster and More Extreme' Than Feared
Climate Change a New Horseman of the Apocalypse
Environment Will Wither Whoever Win US Election
Supercells Spark Tornado Fears in Queensland
Omar Floods Homes, Damages Crops in Antigua
October 17
Tornado Wreaks Havoc in NZ Town
Report Cites 'Dramatic Evidence' of Arctic Warming
Obama to Declare CO2 a Dangerous Pollutant
US Seasonal Drought Outlook
October 16
6.5 Sparks Panic in Southern Mexico
Hurricane Omar Blasts Northern Caribbean
Many Calif. Residents Return to Devastation as Winds Ease
Russia's Tallest Volcano Erupts
October 15
T.S. Omar Batters Aruba, Heads Toward Puerto Rico
Easing Winds Aid Firefighters' Effort in San Fernando Valley Blazes
Weekend Cold Set New Record Lows
Hayward Fault Update: Risk Expert Says Large Quake Could Cause Huge Losses
USGS Releases Video of Latest Kilauea Eruption
What Caused the Indonesian Mud Volcano Eruption?
More Than 1,000 Buildings Damaged in Russia's Oct. 11 Quake
October 14
State of Emergency in Los Angeles and Ventura as Deadly Wildfires Rage
S.F., Marin Firefighters Battling Angel Island Fire
Fire Danger - map
October 13
Wildfires Burn Homes, Kill 1; 2nd Fire Erupts
Wildfire Rages Across California - At Least 1,200 Evacuated
Idaho Gets Earliest Snow Since Records Began in 1898
Snowstorm Hits the West
2008 Tornado Season Could Blow Away Records
State Girds for Drought If Temps Soar When Climate Changes
Tropical Storm Nana Expected to Weaken
Three Dead in Mexico From Effects of Norbert
Future Risk of Hurricanes: The Role of Climate Change
Britain's Nuclear Weapons Factory 'Nearly Overwhelmed' by Flood
Dad's Grief as Wife and Daughter Die in Spanish Floods
Explosive Eruptions Rock Kilauea Volcano - videos
Lankan Scientist Predicts Another Tsunami
Climate Study Sees Refugees in Antarctic
October 11
Major Snow, Strong Storms Coming
Hurricane Norbert Slams Mexico as Category 2
Waterspouts-Turned-Tornadoes Hit Fla. City
Unprecedented Number of Reported Tornadoes
Eruption of 3 Volcanoes Has Scientists Asking Questions
Volcanic Eruption Leaves Nothing But Ash Behind
Volcanoes 'Reload' With Magma, Making Them More Difficult to Predict
6.1 Earthquake Shakes Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
Earthquake Wakes Up Scottish Families, "Drove Dogs Mad"
Russian Earthquake Kills at Least 12 Dead, Injures More Than 100
Southern Australia Drought Longest, Hottest on Record
Climate Concerns Still 'Top of the Agenda' for Most Canadian Voters
Flood Warnings for Western Norway
Flood-Hit, Homeless Biharis Cry for Help
October 9
Yosemite Rock Fall: 'People were Stampeding Everywhere'
October 8
United States Facing a Cold Winter
Early Winter an Early Omen
Cat. 4 Norbert Roars Toward Baja in Mexico
Norbert's Impact - map
Arctic Ocean Earthquake Rattles Nevada Seismograph
Sonic Boom Sets Off Vesuvius Scare
October 7
Soputan Volcano Erupts in Spectacular Style
10 Dead as Strong Quake Hits Tibet, Almost All Buildings Have Collapsed
First Significant Snow in North Cascades
Tropical Storm Marco Closing in on Mexico's Coast
Alaskan Glaciers Are Retreating, Thinning
New Information Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Water
October 6
6.6-Magnitude Earthquake Kills at Least 72 in Kyrgyzstan
Indonesian Volcano Erupts, Spews Flame and Smoke
Storm Knocks Out Power in Puget Sound Area
Tropical Storm Norbert Forms Off Southern Mexico
UK's Met Office Issues Warning of More Rain and Floods
NZ: Expect More Extreme Winds, Rain
Weather Eye: Noisy Oceans Threaten Life Under Water
October 4
Pacific Storm Packs Wallop
Calif. Farmers Race to Beat the Weather
The First Snow of the Year...and It's Only October
Haiti Raises Storm Death Toll to Nearly 800
33 Dead in Algerian Desert Flood
Tsunami Threat 'is Growing in UK'
October 3
Water Table Depth Tied to Droughts
UN Seeks Aid for Syria's Worst Drought in 40 Years
October 2
4.1 Quake Shakes East of Los Angeles
October: High Storm Activity Predicted, At Least One Major Hurricane
T.S. Marie Forms in Pacific as Laura Weakens in Atlantic
Oregon Prepares for When the Big Wave Hits
Global Warming Will Have Significant Economic Impacts on Florida Coasts, Reports
Southern Californians Get a Cool Summer, But a Warm Future
October 1
Tropical Storm Laura Expected to Weaken Over North Atlantic
U.S. Forecaster Sees 3 Tropical Storms in October
Predicting When Tornadoes Will Strike
Ancient Tsunami Carried Giant Boulders to Tonga
Weather Disasters Explained
September 29
Massive Earthquake Strikes Near New Zealand
Rare Hurricane Spins Past Maine and Hits Canada
Canada's Maritime Harbours Brace for Kyle's Blow
Typhoon Jangmi Lashes Taiwan
Japan Searches for Missing Americans in Typhoon
Where There's Smoke – There is Something Brewing
Stalagmites May Predict Next Big One Along the New Madrid Seismic Zone
UK Tsunami Risk is Far Greater Than Previously Thought
NASA Data Show Arctic Saw Fastest August Sea Ice Retreat on Record
September 28
Hurricane Kyle Races Toward Maine, Nova Scotia
September 27
Maine Issues First Hurricane Watch in 17 Years
September 26
Coastal Storm Takes Aim on Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic
Tropical Storm Kyle Forms; Could Hit New England Sunday
Kyle's Track - map
‘Ofel’ Strengthens, Heads to Extreme Northern Luzon
Storms Batter China, 18 Killed Including Briton
'Donut' Forms on Mount St. Helens
Ocean Floor Geysers Warm Flowing Sea Water
New Approach to Earthquake Prediction Suggested
Surprise Rise in Warming Gases Worries Experts
Is Climate Change Dulling Fall Foliage?
September 25
Coastal Storm Set to Batter Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic
September 24
Southeast Coastal Storm Could Become Tropical
Desert Storm "Landicane" Slams Australia
China Evacuates 17,000 From Coast Before Typhoon
India Army Called in as Floods Overwhelm Defences
Greenland: Roar of Melting Glacier Sounds Climate Change Alarm
Western States, Canadian Provinces Outline Climate Change Plan
September 22
New System Could Become Tropical Storm Kyle
Swiss Man's Prediction of 9.0 NW Earthquake Now Echoed by US
September 21
More to Come in Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season
September 19
Why So Many Disasters?
September 18
Were Ike's Missing Just Washed Away?
Northeast Killing Frost Tonight
September 17
Flood Fears Rise in Midwest
Taiwan Typhoon Death Toll Rises to 11
Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Coverage for 2008
Ozone Hole Larger in 2008 Than Previous Year
September 16
Hurricane Remnants Blamed for 15 Deaths in Midwest
Flood Clean Up Faces Thousands of Hoosiers
Violent Remnants of Ike Bring Deaths, Blackouts in Midwest
Ike Knocks Out Power to More Than 1M in Ohio Valley
Ike Topples Trees, Knocks Out Power in NY
September 15
Nearly 2,000 Brought to Safety After Ike
Ike's Remnants Kill One in Ark., Cut Off Power to 200K
Dust Storm Devours Downtown Phoenix - video
Shortage of Fish, A Sign of Under Sea Earthquake: NBRO Scientist
Grasshoppers Are Recruited as Climate Change Scouts
September 13
Powerless: More Than 99 Percent of Region in the Dark
La. Homes Flood as Ike Stirs Water 30 Miles Inland
Sprawling Ike Breaches Levees, Floods Coastal La.
Ike Heads for Arkansas
Early Morning Light Reveals Galveston
As Big as Texas, Ike Makes Landfall
Survivors Beg for Help as Ike Ravages Texas
Houston Goes Dark as Hurricane Cuts Power to Millions
Storm Surge Swallows Surfside Beach
Ike Could Be Worse Than Katrina
Flood Threat Rising as Rash of Tornadoes Passes Through KC Area
Earthquake Shakes Sea Floor Off B.C. Coast
Typhoon Hits Taiwan, Causing Landslides
Bihar Urges Thousands to Evacuate as Flood Waters Rise
Heat and Drought Killing Cyprus’ Forests
Japan's Mt. Nantai May Still Be Active Volcano
September 12
Ike Larger Than Katrina, People Told to Flee or Face "Certain Death"
Worries Rise in Texas as Ike Looms in the Gulf
Last Year, 13 Flood Alerts. This Year, 75
Indonesian Govt "Gives Up" on Stopping Mud Volcano
‘Water’ a Flood of Outrage Over Katrina
Ocean Mud Potential Cause of 'Megaquakes'
Fault Shift Leaves China Vulnerable to More Quakes
September 11
Houston-Galveston Could Face Major Damage From Ike
Those in Ike's Path Watch, Wait
Forecasters: Ike Could Hit Texas as a Category 4
Evacuations Begin in Texas Ahead of Hurricane Ike
Hurricane Ike Keeps Gulf Production Shuttered
Historic Film of Deadly Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Revisited - video
Baton Rouge Still Digging Out 10 Days After Gustav
Cuba Reels From Battering By Two Storms
Storm-Struck Haiti: From Misery to the Abyss
Major Quakes Hit Japan and Indonesia
Tsunami Warning in Two Countries After 7.6 Quake Rocks Indonesia
5.8 Quake Rocks Chilean Copper Mining Area
'200 Villages Destroyed', 6 Dead as Quake Hits Iran
China's Big Earthquake Doubles Chances of More
Australia Hit By More "Extreme Waves"
56 Dead After Mudslide Sweeps Through Chinese Town
September 9
Ike Puts Storm-Fatigued Gulf Coast in Crosshairs Again
Jindal, Local Officials Declare Emergency for Ike
Flood-Hit Areas of Britain Lashed With Rain As Forecasters Warn of High Winds
Tornado Count – update
Supercontinent Pangaea Pushed, Not Sucked, into Place
September 8
Ike Batters Cuba; Is U.S. Gulf Coast Next?
Ike to Bypass Keys, But Gulf Coast Worries
Deadly Ike Rakes Cuba, Could Hit Havana Head-On
Toll in Haiti From Ike Climbs to 600; Cuba Evacuates Half-Million
Where Will Deadly Ike Strike U.S.?
Category 4 Killer Ike Blasts Bahamas, Damages 80% of the Homes
Keys Residents Weigh Evacuation, Gulf Coast Next?
Toll in Haiti From Ike Climbs to 600; Cuba Evacuates Half-Million
Could Florida Survive the Big One?
Tropical Storm Lowell Forms Off Southwest Mexico
Getting Ahead of the Next Big Storm
8 Years of Drought Leaves Oklahoma Panhandle Dry
Summer Has Been One of Alaska's Coldest
8 Dead and Hundreds Homeless As Storms Rage Across Britain
Thousands Evacuated and Weather Is Set to Get WORSE
Damage to Cost 'Tens of Millions'
Egypt Rock Slide Toll Rises to 32
China Needs $245 Bln to Rebuild After Quake: Official Media
September 6
Hurricane Ike Churns West, Triggers Fears
Ike Drawing Comparisons to Andrew
Tropical Storm Hanna Makes Landfall in Carolinas
Quake Rattles San Francisco Bay
4.6 Quake Shakes Calif.-Mexico Border Region
U.S. Government Scientists Bombard Skies to Fight Global Warming
September 5
Southeast States Prepare for Hanna's Arrival, Ike and Josephine Close Behind
T.S. Hanna – 5-day track
Hurricane Ike – 5-day track
T.S. Josephine – 5-day track
Strongest Hurricanes Getting Stronger
Corpses Revealed in Haiti as Floods Recede
Hanna Death Toll Rises to 137 in Haiti
Hungry, Hurricane-Battered Haiti Desperately Awaits Aid
Two Dead As Gale-Force Winds and Torrential Downpours Hit UK.
Ice Shelf in Size of Manhattan Breaks Off Canadian Island
Environment Minister Calls Global Warming Fears 'Hysterical Psuedo-Religion'
Something is Changing Earth's Protective Magnetic Field
September 2
Louisiana Faces 'Serious Challenges' in Hurricane Aftermath
As Gustav Passes, Georgia Prepares for Hanna
Hurricanes, Floods Show Risks of Climate Change-UN
Wildfire Forces Evacuations Near Lake Tahoe
Hanna Forces Fla. into Another State of Emergency
U.S. Forecasters Predict Four Hurricanes in Sept.
Record-Setting Rains Isolate Thousands in Chile
Australia's Murray Darling in 'Serious Drought,' Manager Says
September 1
Rogue Wave Sweeps 4 Canadians into the Ocean
Hurricane Hanna Forms; Warnings Issued for Bahamas
Gustav Pushing Sheets of Water Over Levees
It's Here! Hurricane Gustav Hits New Orleans as Floods Batter Crucial City Defences
Gustav's Eye Closes in on Louisiana Coastline
Cuba: Gustav is Worst Storm to Hit the Island in 50 Years
Waterford Nuclear Reactor to Close Ahead of Gustav
Global Warming's Toasty Water Connection to Gustav
Death Toll Rises to 40 in SW China Earthquake; 392,000 Houses Collapsed
8,000 Soldiers Deployed for China Quake Rescue
China May Quake Death Toll Remains Unchanged at 69,226
Next US President 'Should Take Climate Lead'
Summer Drought Crisis Feared With Usage Up As Dams Stay Low
We're the Coalmine Canary of Climate Change
August 31
'Get Out of Town,' New Orleans' Mayor Tells City
Warns of 'Storm of the Century'
New Orleans Clears Out
Gulf Coast Residents Flee
A Million People Flee New Orleans as 'Mother of all Storms' Prepares to Strike
Pets (and People) Prepare to Flee Hurricane
A Growing Monster
Evacuation Window is Closing
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Additional Storm Info – advisories and maps
Gustav and Hanna's Wind Threats - next 5 days
Storm Hanna, Off Florida, Keeps Experts Guessing
Follwing T.S. Hanna, Two More Storms Form - map
Rain Does Little to Quench NC Drought
India Flood Survivors Plead for Those Left Behind
Millions Cry for Rescue
20000 Marooned in Floods in Northern Bangladesh
Heavy Rains Hamper India's Flood Rescue Effort
Weird Weather Pummels Cape Town
China’s Southwest Rocks Again, 28 Die
August 30
No Shelter for Those That Stay in New Orleans as Gustav Approaches
U.S. Braces As Gustav Turns into Category 3
Hurricane Gustav Will Intensify to Category 4 Strength Day Before Landfall
22 Killed As 6.1 Magnitude Quake Hits China
Bihar Flood: ‘Goats and Dogs Sharing Meals With Men’
August 29
Louisiana Plans Evacuations as Gustav Stalks Gulf
Eyes of World on Quakes Rumbling Near 2010 Site
Gulf Coast Readies for Gustav's Worst
Gustav Kills Nearly 70 in Caribbean
Over 2 Million Trapped After Indian River Changes Course
India's Floods: a Manmade Disaster?
A Biblical Tragedy in the Sea of Galilee
Magmatically Triggered Slow Earthquake Discovered at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
August 28
New Quakes Today Off Vancouver Island
5.8 Quake Off Vancouver Island , No Tsunami
New Orleans Faces Evacuation As Gustav Looms
Oil Companies Evacuate Gulf Workers As Gustav Looms
Tropical Storm Hanna Born Over Jamaica
Miss. Coast's Post-Katrina Recovery Not Yet Complete
New Katrina Death Tally: Half of Victims 75 and Up
Bodies Floating Off Florida Keys Baffle Authorities
Arctic Ice 'Is At Tipping Point'
Scientists Close in on Mass Killer of Life on Earth
August 26
Gustav Upgraded to Hurricane, Targets Haiti
Hurricane Gustav Nears Haiti, Drives Up Oil Prices
Gustav a Threat to Gulf Interests?
Earthquake Jolts New Zealand, No Injuries Reported
10,000-Plus Insurance Claims Filed in Fay's Wake
Wildfire Destroys 10 Boise Homes, Damages 9 More
August Brings Hot Days and Big Catastrophes
Advancing Atlantic Swallows African Village
Thousands Displaced by Floods in Ethiopia
August 25
Tropical Depression Forms in Caribbean, Heads for D.R., Haiti
'Like Draining Ocean With Straw,' Flood Waters to Remain for Weeks
Fay is One for the Record Books
Almanac: This Winter 'Numb's the Word!'
Denver Twisters Drop Trees, Jaws
Tropical Storm Julio Hits Mexico's Baja California
Global Warming Time Bomb Trapped in Arctic Soil: Study
The Legacy of Krakatoa
Strong Earthquake Rocks Tibet
August 24
Months Early: Northern Minn., Wis. Could See Frost
Bush Declares Disaster in Fay-Struck Florida
Fla. River's Worst Yet to Come
Rare Mountain Tornado Hurts 5
Two Million Hit By Indian Monsoon, Toll Reaches 800
Tropical Storm Julio Approaches Mexican Coast
Forecasters: Large Tropical Wave Likely to Develop
Earthquake Wednesday in Eastern Arkansas Started Along Mystery Fault Line
Better Get Ready for Big One Earthquake
Disaster Teams on Full Alert After Mini-Tsunami
August 23
Fay Landfall Vaults System into Record Books
Tropical Storm Fay Leaves Flood of Misery
Seven Florida Deaths Blamed on Tropical Storm Fay
Second China Quake In Same Area Kills 3, Injures Hundreds
August 22
Fay Bedevils Florida for 5th Weary Day
Yuck: 'Rivers of Raw Sewage' in Streets
Earthquakes May Endanger New York More Than Thought; Nuclear Power Plant Seen As Particular Risk
Study: Large Earthquake Could Strike New York City
Heavy Rain Triggers Destructive Tornadoes
Melting Arctic Ocean Opens Shipping Frontier
Typhoon Nuri Shuts Down Hong Kong
August 21
Go Away Fay: Storm Continues to Drench Florida
ALLIGATORS Prowl Streets As Fay Heads Back to Fla.
Fay Parks Over Florida Slamming the State Flooding Rain
Heat Deaths Rise on California Farms
Brrr! Farmers' Almanac Says Cold Winter Ahead
2008 So Far Coolest For at Least 5 Years
New Sea Change Forecasts Present a Slimy Picture
August 20
Fay Floods Hundreds of Florida Homes
'Boomerang' Fay Clings to Florida's Atlantic Coast
Man Caught in Tornado: 'You Name It and It Was Flying'
Landslides Caused By Typhoon kill 4 in Philippines
August 19
10.8 Million in Fla. Brace As Fay Makes Landfall
Infrared View
More Evacuated After Flooding Hits Grand Canyon
Tornadoes Hit Highest-Ever Count – More Coming With Fay
Wildfires Risks Increase in Western United States
Mud Volcano Erupts in Arakan
August 18
Fay Pounds Cuba, Heads for Fla.
August 17
Florida Emergency: Officials Fear Fay Could Be 'Major Disaster'
Hundreds Flee Ariz. Flood
Fire at California Air Force Base Destroys 80 Vacant Homes
Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ Growing
Visitors Banned From Hiking on Anak Krakatau
Sahara Desert Was Once Green And Populated
Is There a Cold Future Just Lying in Wait for Us?
August 15
Fla. Could Feel Tropical Storm Fay Monday
Tropical Storm Fay's Expected Path
Weeks after Ol' Miss Flooding, Low Water Concerns
Oceans on the Precipice of Mass Extinctions and Rise of Slime
August 14
Rare Combo of Severe Weather Slams State
Quirky Weather Patterns Behind Region's Lightning
Lightning Strikes Injure 9 Tourists on Great Wall in Beijing
British Medallist's Family Hit By Lightning on Great Wall of China
Over 1500 Lightning Strikes Overnight
Lightning Probable Cause of DN Man's Death
Global Warming Blamed for Increased Wildfire Risk
Bigger, Tougher Fires Bring Calif. to the Brink
Tropical Storm 'Iselle' Forms in Pacific Off Mexico
Oregonians Bracing for a Heat Wave
Spike in Chile's Chaiten Volcano
Volcanoes Triggering Volcanoes?
Tiny Aleutian Island Has Big Impact
Tornado Touches Down in Saskatchewan
Two Die As Torrential Rain Brings Widespread Floods
Dearth of Sunspot Activity to Herald New Ice Age?
The World Will End in 2012, Say Experts
August 13
Chicago Chill: Decade Has Had Fewest 90-Degree Days Since 1930
Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)
Yellowstone National Park Recovers From 1988 Fires
August 12
For 9th Day in a Row Much of N.H. on Flood Watch
Drought Conditions in Western North Carolina Even Worse Than Last Year
Quake Hits Venezuela Oil's Region
Mayon Spews Ash After Two-Year Silence
Anak Krakatau Erupts 120 Times on Monday
Ash Plume Wreaks Havoc With Alaska Flights, 44 Flights Canceled
Tropical Activity Ramping Up
September Weather in August
UK on Flood Alert Amid Torrential Rain
Warming Warning: 'All We Can Prepare for is Extinction'
Plants Move Up Mountain As Temps Rise, Study Shows
Climate Change May Be Pushing Birds Move Farther North
August 10
Hernan Reaches Category 3 Strength in Pacific
Rare Storm Rips Roof Off Building
Tornado Smashes New Iberia Friday Afternoon
Strong Quake Hits Indian Ocean, No Tsunami Alert
Mayon Volcano Under Tight Watch After Mild Explosion
UK Scientists to Explore World's Deepest Undersea Volcanoes
Thousands Rally to Mark 'Death' of Australian River
137 Dead, Missing After Storms Hit Northern Vietnam
August 8
U.S. Experts Raise Atlantic Hurricane Outlook
Wildfire Threatens Homes in Washington State
Climate Change Equals Stronger Rains, But Drier Deserts
Biologists Escape Island Before Volcano Erupts
Volcano Status Map
Cloud Seeding: Changing Weather
August 6
Weather Sparks New Calif. Wildfire Worries
Lawmakers: Major Colo. Wildfire Only a Question of Time
Water Level on Lake Powell Rises
China Fires Anti-Smog Pellets into the Sky Over Beijing ... as Earthquake Hits Province
Practicing 'Thrival' Not Survival: A Radical Response to Climate Change
August 5
Edouard Makes Landfall
Calif. Hot Spot Puzzles Experts
Quakes Keep Rattling Battered Chinese Area
Found: The Hottest Water on Earth
August 4
Hurricane Watch Posted on Gulf Coast as Edouard Picks Up Speed
Edouard Forms in Oil Area of Gulf of Mexico
Edouard's Projected Path – map
Texas Plagued By Heat, Drought, Water Parasite, Wildfires
Freak Tornado Kills Three in France
'Like a Bomb' Went Off
9 Dead, 91,000 Flee Homes in East China Floods: State Media
Rain, Thunder, Typhoons Forecast for Beijing Games
August 2
July Was Hotter Than Usual
What a Scorcher! Heat Breaks 2nd Record in 2 Days
Killer Heat Waves Spur Cities to Stop Heat Deaths
SoCal Fire Officials Monitor Underground Heat Anomaly
August 1
Dire N.C. Drought Spurs Action
Drought Delusion Down Under
High Waves, Strong Winds Damage Cruise Ship
Reykjavik Sees Record Summer Temperature
100 Months to Save the World
What the World Looks Like Naked: Amazing Image of Earth's Geology Laid Bare
July 31
Yosemite Wildfires Destroy 21 Homes
Residents Evacuated as Montserrat Belches Ash and Rocks
San Andreas Fault Longer Than Thought
Western Canada Highway Buried By Boulders
Canada Confirms Coboconk Funnel Cloud was a Tornado
NZ Mini-Tornado Causes Major Damage
Tornadoes Kill Five, Injures Dozens in East China
Tornado Count in This Very Active Season - updated
Canadian Ice Shelf in Pieces
July 29
Major Earthquake Shakes Downtown Los Angeles
Wildfire Threatens 4,000 Homes and Vacations in Yosemite
Cooler Weather? It May Only Hit 102 Degrees
July 28
One Killed, Hundreds Stranded by New Mexico Flood
Los Angeles County Will Dry Up Without A Drought Solution, Says SCLC
Wild N.Y. Riptide Claims 4, 3 More Vanish
Two Alaskan Volcanoes Erupt, One in Chile Being Watched
Scientists Break Record By Finding Northernmost Hydrothermal Vent Field
Growing Wildfire Threatens National Treasure
Typhoon Slams Taiwan, Triggering Floods, Slides
New Research Sheds Light on Links to Weather, Health, Warming
July 26
Fire Ants, Snakes, Tarantulas Lurk in Dolly Floodwaters as Texas Cleanup Continues
Weather Bomb Hammers Auckland
July 25
Hurricane Season: Big Start
NH Tornado Caused Severe Damage in 9 Towns
Tornado Touched Down in N.H. Storm; 200 Houses Damaged
Freak Storm Wallops Grimsby, Ontario
ONEMI: Chile’s Chaiten Volcano Could “Explode”
Boiling Hot Water Found in Frigid Arctic Sea
Study Warns of Water Problems in the Southwest
Drought Forces Ranchers to Cull Herds
July 24
Strong Quake Jolts North Japan, 107 Hurt
Levees Hold But Waters Rise in Dolly's Rains
Cleveland Volcano Joins Okmok in Aleutian Ash Fest
Australian Tsunami 'Only a Matter of Time'
We'd Know About Tsunami 90 Minutes Out
California Could Face Major Drought
Fossil Suggests Antarctica Much Warmer in Past
Unknown Disease Killing Off Florida's State Tree
July 23
Hurricane Dolly Bears Down on Texas-Mexico Coast
Mag. 6.8 Quake Hits Japan: No Tsunami Watch Issued
July 21
Hurricane Watch Issued in South Texas as Dolly Nears
Dolly's Projected Path – map
T.S. Cristobal Projected Path – map
Hurricane Fausto Projected Path – map
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast – map
Storm Hits Iowa With 100 Mph Wind, Causes Blackout
Burma Cyclone Damage Set at $4 Billion
Huge Tidal Waves Hit Kanyakumari, Trigger Tsunami Fears
Tornado Reported in Southern Saskatchewan
Freak Tornado Sucks Up Village Pond’s Water into Air
Explosive Eruption of Okmok Volcano in Alaska
Drought Threatens Water Supply of More Than a Million Australians
It's Town Against Farmer
Copper Theives Target Tornado Sirens
July 18
Tsunami As Earthquake Measuring 6.6 Rattles Japan
Moderate Earthquake Hits Southwest Ecuador
Tornado Count in This Very Active Season
T.S. Fausto and Bertha Become Hurricanes
Storm Off So. Carolina Gains Muscle
July 17
Oregon's Juan de Fuca Plate Getting Busy
Death in the Deep: Volcanoes Blamed for Mass Extinction
July 16
Hurricane Season Getting Longer
T.S. Bertha is Longest-Lived July Storm on Record
One Dead From 6.3-Magnitude Quake on Rhodes
Tornado Touches Down During Wild Alberta Storm
Diary: Colorado River Drought
Drought Creates Tension Along Both Banks of the Jordan
Alaska Volcano Spews Huge Ash Plume for 3rd Day
Russian Ice Camp in Rapid Shrink
July 14
Heavy Rains Complicate California Wildfires
Waves From Tropical Storm Bertha Lash Bermuda
Tropical Storm Elida Forms Off Coast of Mexico
Tornado Rips Through Minnesota Town, Injuring 2
South Saskatchewan Ravaged By Tornado
Volcano Erupts With Little Warning
Boat Picks Up 10 Trapped By Alaskan Volcano's Eruption
Tsunami ‘Strikes WA Every Decade’
Forests to Fall for Food and Fuel
July 12
Bermuda Issues Warning as Hurricane Bertha Approaches
Australia Drought Withers Small Towns
July 11
Lightning Claims 5 Young Lives in a Week
Fires Advance in Calif., Destroy Homes in Wash.
Disaster Deaths Worse So Far in 2008 Than Tsunami Year: Munich Re
Guard Deployed to Fire Front Lines in Calif: Troops Called in for First Time in 30 Years; Exhausted Fire Crews to Get Relief
Vog's Effect on Plants Prompts Call for Natural Disaster
Water Woes Plague Poultry Farmer
Chile Llaima Volcano Revs Up, Evacuations Considered
Tornado Count Jumps Again
Hurricane Bertha to Affect Bermuda by the Weekend
Antarctic Ice Shelf 'Hanging By Thread': European Scientists
Decade-Long Australian Drought Worsens
Flood Warnings: UK Residents Told to Remain Vigilant After Rain
Dire Outlook for Sick Murray As Inflows Drop
Pre-Quake Changes Seen in Rocks
Early Warning System for Earthquakes: Seismic 'Stress Meter' Warned of Earthquake 10 Hours in Advance
July 9
The Heat Is On: Calif. Wildfire Destroys Homes, Threatens Thousands
Weather Experts Predict Extreme Heat Danger in Western States
"Explosion-like" Earthquakes, Lava Fountains Stir Kilauea Volcano
July 8
6.0 Mag. Earthquake Shakes Peru's Southern City of Arequipa
Earthquake Jolts Southern Japan
Lancashire Hit By Freak Weather
Dangerously Hot Weather Grips Bay Area
Dry, Hot Weather Threatens California Fire Gains
Greeks Expect Fires, Power Cuts As Heatwave Looms
Tornado Count to Date
ND Tornado Destroys 6 Homes, Warning Sounded
Bertha Weakens to Category 2 Hurricane
Huge Fountain of Lava Gushes From Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
Lava Chemistry Creating Volcano Mystery
Russia Faces Disease, Drought From Global Warming: WWF
Life in the Balance: Coral Reefs Are Declining
July 7
California Firefighters Brace for Heat Wave
28,000 Lighting Flashes, Heat Wave and Record Rain Pound on B.C.
Severe Weather Warnings for Britain as Summer Disappears
Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says
A Tempered View of Greenland’s Gushing Drainpipes
July 6
Tired Firefighters Battle 330 Calif. Wildfires: 521,000 Acres Scorched; Keeps on Burning
New Surge of Lava Fueling Flows from Kilauea
Chile Volcano Lava Worries Residents
Bertha Becomes 1st Hurricane of Atlantic Season - rare to have event this early in the season
Australia Sets Up 24/7 Disaster Watch Center
July 2
National Guard Troops Set to Relieve Fire Crews
Evacuation as Chile's Llaima Volcano Spews Lava
Drought-Stricken Cyprus Gets Water From Greece
July 1
Experts: Term ‘100-Year’ Flood Misleads Public
Scientists Fear More Eruptions on Mt. Ruapehu
Ruapehu Crater Lake Temps 'Stubbornly High'
Chile's Active Llaima Volcano Spews Lava
Quakes in Andamans, Tremors in Chennai
China Earthquake Was Rare Type
Ranchers Forced to Sell Herds Because of Drought
Season's First Hurricane Forms in Pacific Off Mexico
Olympic Nightmare: A Red Tide in the Yellow Sea
Warming World Sends Plants Uphill