One Third of US Food Supply at Stake

Disappearing bees threaten ice cream sellers

HOLLY NOTE: Warnings of escalating food prices and scarcity via mainstream news are fairly screaming with intensity. It's coming not only from the U.S. and Canada sources but from Europe, Australia and China as well as many third-world nations. I don't know how to adequately emphasize the importance of setting aside a good, healthy supply for your family now, before the hour gets any later.

Your best bet is to stock up during sales, use coupons and take advantage of bulk purchases. This will keep your diet as normal as possible during the coming unsettling times - something that is vital during stress. For additional savings, consider purchasing foods through a coop and divide costs among friends and family.

TIP: Stan and I have used Bob's Red Mill Bread Mixes for about 7 years. They have a great selection, are healthier for you and are still at a great price. Plus, they are yummy! We stocked up a couple months ago on a year's supply and their prices are still very competitive especially considering the rising costs of grain. You can easily store bread mix as long term if properly prepared.

Knowing how to preserve your food investment for best shelf life, maximum nutrition, and long term storage is invaluable. You'll have foods on hand that you're used to eating and viable when you need them.

People tend to forget that not only are store bought foods the best buy and preferable for taste and texture, but eventually you will run out of freeze dried and dehydrated products or your supplier will, so learn to store your own. It will keep your family safe and well-fed tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

Please do not delay! We don't know what specifically is afoot, but something is definitely wrong and officials are likely privy to it. We have noticed a definite uptick in emergency preparedness warnings, PSAs - Public Service Announcements - on TV and radio over the last two months at odds times of the night.

February 17, 2008
By Parija B. Kavilanz
CNN Money

NEW YORK ( -- Haagen-Dazs is warning that a creature as small as a honeybee could become a big problem for the premium ice cream maker's business.

Photo: Bees are responsible for 40% of Haagen-Dazs' flavors currently sold in the market.

At issue is the disappearing bee colonies in the United States, a situation that continue to mystify scientists and frighten foodmakers.

That's because, according to Haagen-Dazs, one-third of the U.S. food supply - including a variety of fruits, vegetables and even nuts - depends on pollination from bees.

Haagen-Dazs, which is owned by Nestle, said bees are actually responsible for 40% of its 60 flavors - such as strawberry, toasted pecan and banana split.

"These are among consumers' favorite flavors," said Katty Pien, brand director with Haagen-Dazs.

"We use 100% all natural ingredients like strawberries, raspberries and almonds which we get from California. The bee problem could badly hurt supply from the Pacific Northwest," Pien said

Pien said Haagen-Dazs is hoping scientists get a breakthrough in this mystery soon. Otherwise, she said, the company may have to "re-examine the flavors that we currently offers our customers."

"We have to ensure that we have enough supply to maintain our variety," she said.

Additionally, a supply shortage of key ingredients could push up retail prices for its products, she said.

Pien said the company is donating $250,000 to both Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, Davis to fund research into the bee colony collapse disorder (CCD).

She said Haagen-Dazs is also rushing to raise consumer awareness about the problem by launching a new flavor this spring called Vanilla Honey Bee.

"We'll use part of the sales from this flavor help the honeybees," she said.

"This is the first time that Haagen-Dazs has adopted a cause like this," said Pien. "We are taking this very, very seriously because it impacts not just our brand but the entire food industry."