An All Natural Medicine Chest

By Dr. Lon Schultz D.N.M.

Natural medicine has a different approach to maintaining and regaining health.

Allopathic medicine waits until there is a clinical disease process and then treats the symptoms, only occasionally curing the disease if it is an infection.

Natural medicine seeks to prevent the clinical manifestation of disease. If it occurs we try to see to the underlying cause all the while supporting the bodies natural curative process.

First: See to basic nutrition and stress reduction if possible.
Basic nutrition will involve eating as many unprocessed foods as possible and excluding grains as much as possible (too many reasons to list).

Follow the recommendations in the book, Eat Drink and Be Healthy by Dr. Walter Willett M.D. Dr.Willett is with Harvard University.

To simplify his recommendations:
Avoid white foods ( refined grains), unnatural fats (hydrogenated oils, margarine etc) and processed foods.

Eat primarily green foods with adequate protein at 2-3 oz per serving. Approximately one serving of protein and 3-5 servings of vegetables, per meal And one to two tablespoons of good fats or oils per meal, this is optimum.

Eat only good oils such as olive, sunflower, safflower, limited amounts of animal fats and butter.

SUPPLEMENTS: ( natural versions only)
Vitamin- A B- Complex, C- Complex, Vitamin D-3, Omega 3 fats, Calcium Magnesium, Iodine and trace minerals in therapeutic doses, or
2-8 times the RDA.


We seek to support the bodies own immune system and healing process. This is a three prong approach.

First, Immune support:

*Echinacea, preferably a tincture that has a tingling effect on the tongue.
Mushroom complexes, more expensive but stronger.
Colostrum and thymus are often helpful.

Second, Probiotic support (good germs):

Acidophilus and bifidus several times per day or a *Spectra biotic, which is a combination of many different beneficial germs, again several times per day.
Third, natural antibiotics at therapeutic doses: bacterial (B), viral (V), fungal (F) and parasitic (P) products:

PRODUCTS: *d-Lenolate, (B,V,F) Grape seed extract, (B,V,F) *colloidal silver (B,V), Pau D' Arco (F), *Black walnut hulls tincture (P) and Oregano oil (V).
Most of these products can be found in any good health foods store.* Preferred products