Vitamin Supplements for a Food Storage Program

By Dr. Lon Schultz D.N.M.

Most food storage programs will lack fresh vegetables and subsequently, vitamins and minerals. This is a list of inexpensive vitamins, Super-foods and supplements to help with any illness. Additionally I will list some super-foods to help with complete Phytonutrients and vitamin supplements. These are listed in order of importance.

*Omega 3 fats preferably fish oils @ 2-12 grams daily
Vitamin C complex is preferable to ascorbic acid.
*V- C complex @ 2-8 tablets
*V-C (ascorbic acid) @ 500 mg - 2000mg
*B-complex @ several times the RDA (brewers yeast)
B-12 @ > 2 mcg sublingual or Standard Process oral
*V-D @ 1000-3000 IU
Calcium @ 1000 mg
Magnesium @ 500 mg
*Iodine @ 200 mcg- 100 mg Having high doses (130mg) on hand is helpful for nuclear accidents.

SUPERFOODS: Any and all are good.
Wheat grasses
Juices: Noni, Acai, etc.
Super-food shakes like Fruitein from Natures Plus.

* High quality meal replacement shakes like Spiru-tein, Ultra Energy shake and Natures Plus have vitamins and other super-foods, which are always good.

EMERGENCY SUPPLEMENTS: The doses on bottles are usually maintenance doses, a therapeutic dose is usually two to four times a normal one.