We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

December 31
FEMA Strikes Again: Katrina Victims Being Forced Out of Cottages
December 30
200,000 Without Power in Michigan After Strong Winds
Partially-Treated Wastewater Released During Blackout
December 26
Islandwide Blackout on Oahu; 800,000 Without Power
Winter Weather Leads to a FedEx First
Tree Falls on Parkway Killing Two People in a Freak Accident
December 24
500 Million Gallons of Sludge Destroys Tennessee Homes
Banned Snowzilla Returns — Bigger Than Ever
December 23
Obama Picks Climate Specialist as Science Adviser
Giant Water Main Breaks; Motorists Trapped
Personal Info That 16000 Katrina Evacuees Gave FEMA Appears Online
3-Plus Years After Katrina, 1,800 FEMA Trailers Left in New Orleans
What is the Real FEMA, Part 1
What is the Real FEMA, Part 2
Sex Slavery: Living the American Nightmare
December 20
Passenger Jet Goes off Denver Runway; 38 Hurt
A Shock to the System
Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Developmentdownload report
State Police Prepare for Civil for Unrest
Up to 30K New U.S. Troops to Afghanistan
Air Force Flunks Another Nuke Inspection?
December 8
S. Calif. Residents Trade Guns for Groceries
December 7
Obama Agenda: Jobs, Roads, Bridges, Schools, Broadband, Electronic Medical Records, Energy
Largest Public Construction Program Since 1950s
Montana Judge Rules Doctor-Assisted Suicide is Legal
Marriage Proposal on U.S. Beach Turns Deadly as Would-Be Bride is Swept Out to Sea
De-Icer Shortage Threatens Flights
December 3
Nerve Agent Leak Found at Kentucky Weapons Depot
St. Louis City Leader Calls on Residents to Get Armed
The Toilet Paper Survivalist
December 2
30-Mile Debris Pile Becomes Symbol of FEMA Delays
Texas Coast Still Waiting on FEMA
Earthquake Retrofitting Urged for Homeowners
Americans Turning to Survivalists for Advice
December 1
20,000 US Troops In-Country for Catastrophe Management
Bush Eyes Bigger Military Role in Disasters - flashback
Bush Urges Shift in Relief Responsibilities - flashback
Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why – Analysis
Tsunami Warning Signs Pop Up Along West Coast
Chasm Dividing Americans Over Birth Certificate Widens
Chicago Defies the Second Amendment
Military Bases Brace for Surge in Stress-Related Disorders
America’s Perfect Storm: What Will You Do When It Hits?
Giving Thanks for Self-Reliant Americans
Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America Without Guns or Bombs
November 29
Sought: Wal-Mart Shoppers Who Trampled Worker
November 28
Wal-Mart Worker Trampled to Death in Stampede
November 26
Russian Analyst Predicts Decline and Breakup of U.S.
Thanksgiving: A Violation of Church and State?
Storm Puts Fire-Scarred Southern Calif. on Edge
Squanto - The Pilgrim's God-send
November 25
Children From FEMA Trailer Park Battle Serious Health Problems
Lawmaker: FEMA Trailer Maker Knew of Formaldehyde
Council Passes Controversial Bill on Stolen Guns
America's Forgotten Freedoms
Holiday Mail for Heroes Under Way
Report Urges Obama to Focus on Nuclear Terrorism
November 23
Family's Home Destroyed for Third Time
Years After Katrina, Permanent Homes Remain Elusive
"Emergency Preparedness" or Martial Law?
November 19
Student Bonfire Blamed for 1 of 3 Calif. Wildfires
We’re Broke, So Let’s Give Our Money to Foreigners!
Missile Defense: Bullying Barack
November 18
L.A. Wildfire Victims Return to Ash and Rubble
Experts Warn of Security Risks in Financial Downturn
Gun Sales Soar; Fear of Limits is Blamed
Fears of Democrat Crackdown Lead to Gun Sales Boom
'Off-Grid' Couple Fight Power Line: They Don't Use Electricity but Were Forced to Sell Land to AEP
50% More US Children Went Hungry in 2007
November 16
Thousands Lose Power as High Winds Lash Mass.
Some Coastal Texas Residents Still Virtually Homeless 2 Months after Hurricane Ike
Coastal Texans Pitch Tents Near Padlocked FEMA Trailers
Cloaked by Night, Fugitive Squad Combs the Streets
Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012...
November 14
1 Dead, 7 Hurt After Explosion Levels Pueblo, CO Restaurant
When Even the Elect are Deceived
States With Voter-Approved Constitutional Bans on Same-Sex Marriage, 1998-2008
November 13
Fox Business: Gerald Celente Predicts Revolution 11/10/08
Calif. Dirty Air Kills More Than Car Crashes, Study
November 12
Gay Couples Start to Marry in Connecticut
Homosexualist Anarchists Storm Michigan Church During Sunday Service
November 11
Ron Paul on Cavuto
Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show "Prepare!!" Part 1 and Part 2
Honor America's Troops
Veterans Day—A Day of Remembrance
Ordinary People. Extraordinary Deeds.
WWII Carrier Ops & video
Communist Party Ecstatic Over '08 Election Results
Exclusive: Agenda Disappears From Obama Web Site
Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda Around the World
November 10
Obama May Use Executive Power on Drilling, Stem-Cell
November 9
Obama Plans Overturning 200 Executive Orders
Obama and Our Coming Constitutional Crisis
Iranian President Advises Obama on Domestic and Foreign Affairs
Obama's Chief of Staff Choice Favors Compulsory Universal Service
November 7
Is Martial Law Imminent?
Obama's Record on Firearms Triggers Run on Sales in State
Buying Guns, for Fear of Losing the Right to Bear Them
Thousands in L.A. Protest Gay-Marriage Ban
Store Hangs Flag Upside-Down in Protest
Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose Admit They Know Little About Obama
Media Bias: MSNBC's Chris Matthews Says His Job is Making Obama Successful
Louisiana: Hurricanes’ Effects Could Last Years
So Much for the New Liberal America: California Voters Put a Stop to Gay Marriage - Leaving 18,000 'Married' Couples in Doubt
The Bankrupting of the Nation for Political Gain
November 6
Massive Cleanup Continues Long After Hurricane Ike
November 5
Obama Makes History; Turns to Sobering Challenges
Text of McCain's Concession Speech
Obama's Speech
The Winds of Prophetic Change Have Been Blowing Longer Than You Might Know
November 4
2 Socialists for Price of 1?
Thoughts on the Election
Voters in 11 States Electing Governors
Government on High Alert for Voter Fraud
Catholics Probe Aid Directed to ACORN
Ohio Police Ordered to Have Riot Gear Ready for Election 'Unrest'
Fatigued Voters Ready for Election's End
Decision is in Voters' Hands
November 3
Calls Slam Obama in Coal Country
Ohio Coal Association: Obama-Biden Ticket Spells Disaster for America's Coal Industry
Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama, In His Own Words
Obama or Mccain: Which One Ignites the Inescapable Backfire?
"Stand Up and Fight" - video
'President Obama' Could Overturn Marriage Amendments
Excitement, Frustration As Early Voters Brave Long Lines
Prepare for Chaos; Electoral System Warned it 'Can't Cope'
1 Day Left and Still Undecided
Obama's Grandmother Dies of Cancer
November 1
Lax Voting Rules Allow a Dog to Register
US Election: If Iraqis Could Vote It Would Be for McCain
Obama Lays Plans to Kill Expectations After Election Victory
Obama's Abortion Extremism
Pro-Life Women's Group's Mailer to Half Million Voters Hits Obama on Abortion
Draw the Line: Barack Obama and Partial Birth Abortion
October 31
Thousands Still Without Power in N.J. and N.Y.
Calif. Utility Halts Plan to Cut Power During Dry Weather
Ike Victims May Be Housed Aboard Cruise Ship
Iraq War Vet's McCain Endorsement Rockets to Top of YouTube
Go to Video
U.S. Deaths in Iraq on Track for Record Low
Report: Al Qaeda Web Video Calls for 'Humiliation' of GOP, Bush
In the Tank: A Statistical Analysis of Media Bias
October 29
Voting Equipment Changes Could Get Messy on Nov. 4
Vote Chaos: Meltdown Awaits NYC Polls
LA Times Refuses to Release Tape of Obama Praising Controversial Activist
Get Us the Tape the L.A. Times Refuses to Release, and We'll Give You Cash!
Media Bias Against Media Bias
Anaheim Officer Mistakenly Kills Man on His Front Lawn
Support Shortage in Afghan Mission: U.S. Commanders Seek 20,000 New Troops to Fight Taliban
October 28
Gun Sales Thriving in Uncertain Times
The Right to Bear Arms - Timeline
Military Prepares for Threats During Presidential Transition
The Election Choice: Taxes
Chicago's Sales Tax Now Stands at 10.25%
Obama Redefines Christianity and Socialism As Election Nears
Like Father, Like Son
15% of Female Veterans Tell of Sexual Trauma
October 27
World Must Hear How Galveston’s Hurting
Shooting at Ark. University Kills 2, Wounds 1
Extended War Tours Likely to Continue
October 26
After Ike, FEMA Aid is Hard to Come By
Prepare for Life’s Challenges
Do You Live in a Fire Zone? Consider Buying Flood Insurance
Joe 'Scared for America' After Talking to Obama
Militarization of the American Homeland: Suppression of "Civil Disturbances"
America at the Tipping Point in 2008
US Chiefs Plan Troop Surge in Afghanistan
October 24
ACLU Highlights 'Constitution-Free Zone' 100 Miles From Border
Mentally Challenged Man Claims Fraud
Flood Victims Could Have Insurance Canceled
Comparing the Platforms
October 22
FEMA Blames Residents For Trailer Toxins
Secret Service Visits Lufkin Woman After 'Death Threat' Allegation from an Obama Campaign Volunteer
With Proposition K, San Francisco Considers Decriminalizing Prostitution
What Same-Sex "Marriage" Has Done to Massachusetts
October 20
Quit Reading...Start Preparing
Fair Highlights Need for Emergency Supplies
Amid Meltdown, Cities Slash Services
Texas, Louisiana Forced to Rebury Dead in Ike's Wake
Most Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Report Says
Glenn Beck Highlights Threat of Martial Law - video
The Big Picture: Loss of a Republic?
October 17
AP/Yahoo Poll: Obama 44, McCain 42
McCain, Obama Bring Down House At Al Smith Dinner
McCain Video and Pt 2
Obama Video and Pt. 2
Computers Stolen From Boston ACORN Office
FBI Launches Probe into ACORN Over Voter Registrations
24,000 Felons Getting Ballots, Despite Eligibility Questions
State Department Warns Against Travel to Mexico
Sex Offenders' Homes to Be Marked With Pumpkin Symbol
Pro-Life Counselor Decked Outside Abortion Mill
October 15
Experts Warn of Nov. 4 Voting Meltdowns
Candidates Differ on Female Draft
Mexican Pot Cartels Sully U.S. Forests, Parks
Theft Deterrence for an Arizona Icon
October 13
Just in Case
A Month After Ike, Some Victims' Fates Remain a Mystery
2,500 Flee Pennsylvania Chemical Leak
Memo to America's Enemies: Be Careful What You Wish For
October 11
4,000 'Dead People' Found on Voter Rolls in Houston
Missouri Officials Suspect Fake Voter Registration
1 Voter, 72 Registrations - ACORN Paid Me in Cash and Cigs
Former Justice Slams ACORN's Role in Electoral Process
Government Money Used to Support ACORN Fraud
Voter Fraud, Voter Suppression
Ailing U.S. Economy Brings Fears of a Crime Wave
Conn. 3rd State to Allow Gay Marriage
Chicago Plans School for Gay Students
October 8
Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"
Hurricane Ike Damages in Ohio Top $657 Million – and Counting
Missouri Constructing Tornado Shelters
October 7
Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment - video
DHS Satellite Spy Program Going Forward Despite Objections
Road Salt Shortage Puts Cities in a Pinch
October 6
Three Weeks After Storm, a Grim Task of Recovery
Ike's Environmental Toll Mounts
Dangerous Move for NORAD?
Our Election Franchise: The Significance of Your Vote
Gay Marriage Opponents "Thank" Obama
October 4
O.J. Simpson Found Guilty on All Charges, May Get Life
Judge: FEMA Not Immune From Toxic Trailer Suits
Looming Security Threats for our Next President
House Roll Call: How They Voted on Bailout Bill
Bill Gives Paulson Unprecedented Power
October 3
Gas Crunch: Charities Running on Empty
October 2
U.S. Army Conducting Training Exercises in Cities, Towns
Use of Military in Quelling Domestic Unrest a Scary Sign
Searchers Dreading What They May Find Under the Debris
Wis. Man Gets Burned While Using Lighter to Siphon Gas
Man Dies After Deputies Taser Him 3 Times
Pilot's License Found in Calif. May Be Fossett's
US Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Execution for Child Rape
As Balloting Nears, Election Officials Are Confused About Who Can Vote
The New Citizenship Test: Can Americans Pass It?
October 1
Web Sites of the House of Representatives are Overwhelmed With E-Mails
Congressman McFadden's Speech on the Federal Reserve Corporation - flashback
September 30
Wildfires Force $400M in Cuts at Forest Service
September 29
Rep. Michael Burgess - “We Are Under Martial Law”
"Martial Law" in House of Representatives
No Quick End to Gas Shortage in Southeast
Two More Weeks of Gas Chaos, Official Says
Two Weeks After Hurricane Ike, Tens of Thousands Still Without Power
More Than 380,000 Still Lack Power
Gun Database Has Yet to Lead to Prosecutions
September 27
Transcript of September 26 Presidential Debate
On the Issues
Actor Paul Newman Dies at 83
September 26
Pre-election Militarization of the North American Homeland. US Combat Troops in Iraq repatriated to "Help with Civil Unrest"
Heroic Act, Medal Denied – and a Debate
U.S. Gasoline Inventories Lowest Since 1967
Gas Shortage In the South Creates Panic, Long Lines
Ga. Officials Investigating 130 Gas Stations
Roughly 75% of Galveston's Homes Are Uninhabitable
Miss. State-Supplied Cottages Condemned After Gustav
Nuclear Waste Piling Up at U.S. Hospitals
Father Drops Off 9 Kids Under Safe Haven Law
Man Falls to Death After Police Stun Gun Shock
Colorado Prison on Lockdown, Months After Deadly Riot
September 25
Residents Stream into Ike-hit Galveston
Aid: FEMA Dumps Thousands of Pallets of Unused Ice, Threatens Truckers
September 24
Devastating Deja Vu For Town Hit by Hurricanes Rita and Ike
Nearly 700,000 Still Without Power
Officials: It Could Be November Before Houston's Traffic Lights Restored
Galveston Warns: Get Tetanus Shots, Rat Bait Before Return
Houston Home Sales Suffer Largest-Ever Decline
The 50 Richest Members of Congress
America Must Never Succumb to Islam’s Sharia Law
Ahmadinejad: U.S. 'Empire' Ending
Biden Gaffes Adding Up Against Obama Campaign
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
September 22
Galveston Area Remains Dangerous in Ike's Wake
Ike May Raise Power Bills for Years to Come
September 21
Difficult Homecoming Looms for Ike Evacuees
Two Million Still Without Power After Hurricane Ike
Ike Evacuees Sneak Back onto Ravaged Galveston
Officials Say Talk of Mass Fatalities Has No Basis in Fact
A Westerly Family's Incredible Tale of Survivial
Under Obama You Will Serve
Hard Times Have Tent Cities Rising Across the Country
Haynesville Shale, the Largest Field Ever Discovered in the Continental US?
September 19
Grim Tableau Nearly a Week After Ike
After Ike, Some Undamaged Beachfront Homes May Be Condemned Anyway; the Storm Redrew the Beach
September 18
Ike's Fury Left Those at Bolivar with a Wait Like No Other
Large Swath of Houston Won't Have Lights Till After Monday
Texas Struggles to Prevent Health Crisis After Ike Cuts Off Water, Power
Property Owners May See Insurance Rates Surge After Ike
When Ike Hit Kentucky. . .
Parts of the Nation Still Having Gasoline Shortages
How Many Rights Will You Give Up?
$182,000 in Nickels Strewn on I-95 in Fatal Tractor-Trailer Crash
September 17
Residents of Flattened Texan Towns Told to Stay Away
Hurricane Ike Holdouts Band Together
On Texas' Coast, a Scramble for Basic Needs Amid 'Chaos'
Miserable Post-Ike Life Won't Change Soon for Many
Fema Getting "Decent", Not Rave Reviews for Ike Response
Lion, Tiger Loose Among Ike Wreckage
September 16
Ike Survivors May Wait Weeks for Hot Meals, Baths
Thousands Wait in Line for Supplies
Ike Victims: Where to Get Ice, Water, Meals
Strains Mounting in Shelters... Galveston Stunned
'Not Much of Anything Left in Crystal Beach'
Workers Tackling Largest Power Disruption in Texas's History
How You Can Help
Ex-Oil Chief Warns of Need for Gas Rationing
September 15
FEMA Struggles to Deliver Much-Needed Supplies
Hot and Mad, Texas Awaits Federal Aid
Texas Calls for Speedier Ike Relief
Oil Facilities, Pipelines Take Hit
In Wake of Ike, Florida Receives 317 Complaints of Gas Price-Gouging
Long Way Back to 'Normal': Gasoline, Water, Food Needed
After Surviving Storm, Fleeing a Fetid, Devastated Galveston
Texas Faces Largest Blackout in Its History in Wake of Ike
Gasoline Prices Soar Across the Country
September 13
Return to Normal Gas Supply Hinges on Ike's Ferocity
24 Confirmed Dead in Los Angeles Train Crash as Inquiry Begins
Gas Prices - Voters' No. 1 Concern
Bush Lifts Import Fuel Limits, Ike Price-Gouging Reported
Terror Plan Would Give FBI More Power
The Stiff Upper Lip Trembles Slightly
Record 259 Corporations Honored for 'Gay' Support
September 12
Coast Guard Says It Can't Remove Crew of Stranded Ship
Gas Stations Run Short Amid Rush to Fill Up
‘Water’ a Flood of Outrage Over Katrina
Survey Finds Holes in US Disaster Preparedness
Sleeping in America
September 11
9/11 Memorial Set to Unveil
A Symbol of Hope Springs From 9/11 Sorrow
For Air Controller, 9/11 Terror Still Vivid
Oil Companies Gave Sex, Drinks, Gifts to Federal Overseers
California Community Outraged by Police Shootings of Unarmed Homeless Man
September 9
Bush Sending More Troops to Afghanistan
After Gustav La. May Not See Power Restored for Another Month
September 8
Ike Slows Petroleum Industry Recovery Efforts in Gulf
Suicide Among US Soldiers to Hit New Record
September 5
Dems Trash 12,000 U.S. Flags at DNC Convention
Original article - Republican Recycling
September 5
Bush Extends 9/11 National Emergency Yet Again
Navy Fears Hezbollah Bringing Drugs, Weapons to U.S.
Angry Readers Dump Us Magazine Over Palin
Change Agents
September 2
GOP Convention Turns to Appeal for Storm Aid
Winter Heat Crisis Looms, Little Relief Seen
September 1
Feds: Hurricane Sparks Shut-In of 96% of US Gulf Oil Output
Fingers Crossed in U.S. Oil Sector As Storm Passes
FEMA Official: City's Levees Likely to be Overtopped
Halliburton Sued for Human Trafficking
August 31
Non Partisan Summaries of Each Presidential Candidate's Position on Major Issues
A Proudly American Shoe Company Ships Jobs to China
August 29
Worries on Harsh Winter Prompt Pellet Hoarding
August 28
New Orleans Wonders If Rebuilt Levees Will Hold
Blast Rocks Bayer Plant in Institute
America in the Middle of the Pack
August 26
FBI Investigates 'Obama Assassination Plot'
Hazmat Situation in Schenectady, At Least 4 Hospitalized
FEMA Spends Almost $3B on Emergency Housing
Computer Expert: Diebold: They Don't Want to Win Elections - They Want to Steal Them - video
Velvet Revolution Interviews Stephen Spoonamore on Electronic Voting Machines - They Can All Be Hacked - video
DNC Embraces Homosexual Agenda
August 25
Seven Years Later, Lone Accountant Beats IRS
August 24
New Orleans Repeating Deadly Levee Mistakes
August 21
White Powder Found At Two McCain Offices
U.S. Still Naked to EMP Threat
August 20
Who Will Protect Us Against Invasion?
Citizens' U.S. Border Crossings Tracked - Data to be Kept for 15 Years
NC Man Dies After Waiting 22 Hours at Hospital
Best-Worst Hospital Death Rates Unveiled
Armed 85-Year-Old Woman Makes Intruder Call Cops
August 18
Protest Groups Picket at 'Gitmo on the Platte'
Grand Canyon Rescue As Dam Bursts
Colorado at Crossroads of Energy and Politics
August 17
Denver Defends 'Secret Jail' Built for DNC
Michigan, Florida Could Get Full Voting Rights
New Domestic Spying Guidelines Proposed
Auditor Crit Luallen Exposes Corruption
August 15
5 Years After Blackout, Power Grid Still in 'Dire Straits'
Des Moines Shuts Down Swingers' "Chunky Dunk"
August 14
5 Years After the Nation's Worst Blackout, Energy Chiefs Fear Worse May Be on the Way
Unarmed Missile Tested in Launch From Calif. Base
Gunmaker to Feds: Give Me My Firearm!
August 13
Crime-ridden Ark. Town Widens 24-Hour Curfew, Martial Law Takes Over
440 Years for Former Ill. Cop Convicted of 4 Rapes
August 12
U.S. Ship Heads for Arctic to Define Territory
2008's First Disenfranchised Voters: Injured and Homeless Veterans
August 8
Ky. Weapons Depot Reports Second Mustard Gas Leak
How Did Anthrax Suspect Ivins Keep Security Clearance?
Legislators Tell School Kids to Celebrate Homosexuality
California Legislature Approves 'Gay Day' in Public Schools
IL Gov. Hopes to Raise Millions By Putting Cameras on Interstates
Islamists Rule American Publishing Industry
Hospital Chief, Shelter Director Used Homeless for Fraud, Says FBI
August 6
Wild Midwest Storm Heading to Northeast
Rural America Outgrows Label
Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris
Goats Slip Past Security Fence Near NYC Bridge
Tyson Plant Drops Labor Day for Muslim Holiday
August 5
State: Just in Case, We'll Take Your Gun
Marines Ordered to Stay Longer in Afghanistan
Pentagon Spends $300M to Study Troops' Stress, Trauma
Jump in House Fires Has Local Red Cross in Financial Trouble
New Poll Shows Obama Losing Support Among Young, Women
August 4
How Vulnerable to Flooding Is New York City
Fishing Restrictions, High Fuel and Food Prices Take Toll on Interior Alaska villages
FBI Investigates New Attacks on Calif. Scientists
August 1
Report: Anthrax Suspect Kills Self as FBI Closes In
5 States Threaten to Sue EPA to Get Carbon Curbs
One Year Later: Are Bridges Any Safer?
Indoctrination in Public Schools Leads to Rise in Home Schooling
Poll: Country's Mood at Historic Low
July 31
San Onofre Nuke Plant Undergoes "Unusual" Third Special Inspection
Boy, 10, Turns Mom in for Making Phony Money
July 28
'Made in USA' Starts to Make a Return
Congress Deadlocked Over Offshore Drilling
2 Dead, 7 Wounded in Tenn. Church Shooting
Take Your Gun To Work? Two States Say Yes
22,000 Veterans Have Called Suicide Hot Line
US Warned of Faulty 747 Oxygen Tanks Months Before Qantas Blast
July 26
Report: Surviving EMP to Depend on Preparation
July 24
Arctic's Oil Could Meet World Demand for 3 Years
Louisiana: Collision Closes Mississippi River
Proposals Would Give Washington Unprecedented Control Over Kids
July 21
25 Things Vanishing From America
Surprise! American Icons That Aren't American
A CIA Lesson From the Field: Never Trust Another Spy
July 18
Homeowners Hoard Heating Oil Via Classifieds
Imprisonment By Executive Order
Census Bureau: Gay Marriages Won't Count in 2010
July 17
Chicago's Mayor Says Town May Need National Guard Help
July 16
Cost for Nuclear Waste Site Jumps to $90 Billion
US Moves to Revoke Citizenship of Suspected Nazi
Wipeout: Toilet Paper Giant Flushes Gun-Freedom Law
Denver's Homeless Offered Museum, Zoo, Movies During Dem Convention
Killers of 2 Homeless Men for Insurance Get Life Without Parole
35 Years Later, Rail Disaster Still Looms
How to Win the Separation of Church and State Debate
Farmers Fight Plans for New Oil Refinery
July 14
Islam Throws Wrinkle Into Iowa Flood Recovery
55-Mph Speed Limit May Have Found Its Washington Patron
FISA Bill's Real Target: What Remains of Our Open Society
L.A.'s Latino Mayor Praises Obama at La Raza Conference
Report: Second Oldest U.S. Wildlife Refuge in Danger of Being Lost
July 11
Rocks for the Goliath Road: Small-Town Leaders in Central Texas Think They’Ve Found Cracks in the Trans-Texas Corridor’s Armor
July 9
Heat Wave Prompts State Power Warnings
U.S. Consulate Attacked; 6 Dead
July 8
iPhone and Big Brother Partner Up
Nearly Half of Americans Unprepared for Disasters, New NAIC Survey
Judge Rejects Bush’s View on Wiretaps
July 7
McCain Promises to Balance Budget in 4 Years
July 6
Employers Use Federal Law to Deny Benefits
July 2
Deadly Chemical Weapons' Transport Plan Draws Fire
Cost of Ammunition Hinders Police Departments, Gun Owners
July 1
Looting on the Rise After Flood
Real Independence Means Secure Borders
Surprising Fact: Half of Gun Deaths Are Suicides
June 30
Will Congress Ratify the Bush Administration's Decision to Launch a War on Iran?
Bill Clinton Says Barack Obama Must 'Kiss My Ass' for His Support
June 27
NEW Levee Breaks, Threatening Eastern Mo. Homes
Flood Recovery Likely to Take Years, Cost Billions
Supreme Court Says Americans Have Right to Guns
U.S. Home Sales Rose Slightly in May
4 Airlines Fined $504 Million to Settle U.S. Price-Fixing Charges
June 25
Waterlogged Levee Under Pressure From Mississippi
A Scary San Francisco Blast Under Streets
June 23
In Iowa, life's Possessions Become Debris Piles on the Curb
What’s Wrong With America and Israel?
Put Oil Firm Chiefs on Trial, Says Leading Climate Change Scientist
Police Stocking Up on 'Non-Lethal' Rifles Before DNC
Futurist: Your Insecurity Card
Gay Couples Across California Trade Weekend Vows
June 20
Some Midwest Flood Victims Feel Misled By Feds
Midwest Floods Expose Outdated Levee Systems
SuperCorridor Defeat? Don't Bet on It
The SPP and Merging Military Command Structures
June 19
US N-Weapons Parts Missing, Pentagon Says
Nuke Detectors Being Tested on Private Jets
Americans Migrate Back to the Cities
Lou Dobbs: Proof of NAFTA Superhighway – Threat to our Sovereignty – video
FEMA Still Shaky With Aid Distribution
Catch-22: Feds Cut Climate Research to Save Fuel
McCain Calls For Lifting Ban on Offshore Drilling
Some States Vow Offshore Oil Fight
June 17
Feds: 26 Levees Could Overflow If Sandbags Fail
New Orleans: The Corps Gets It Wrong Again, and Charting the Bumps in the Road Home
The Real Reason NORAD Moved?
June 16
Officer Kills Man Who Beat Toddler to Death Near Modesto
Man Found With Generator Inside Home Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
June 12
Supreme Court Rules Gitmo Terror Suspects Can Challenge Detention in Civilian Courts
Aspen Opens for Late Spring Skiing
How to Visit a Secret Nuclear Bunker
June 11
The Battle to Drill: Congress Braces for Fight Over Off-Shore Limits
Eight Denver Hospitals Hold Disaster Drill
June 9
Transmission Lines Collapse in High Winds; 18,000 Without Power
Mississippi Watchdog Group Leader Slams FEMA's Decision on Delivering Ice in Emergencies
Family Felt Like 'Lab Rats' in FEMA Trailer
Big Apple to Add Stun Guns to Officers' Belts
Gay Anglican Bishop Enters into Civil Union
June 6
100 Items That Disappear First in a Disaster
California May Offer Gay Marriage Licenses Ahead of Schedule
GOP Blocks Senate's Global Warming Bill
June 4
NASA Downplayed Global Warming to Protect Bush
Moving Ga. Border Would Dry Up Tourism in Two Towns
June 2
Hurricane High-Risk Areas Have Lost Residents
June 1
Buy American Online, and Say Bye-Bye Big Box
U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq at Wartime Low
Large Fire Breaks Out at Universal Studios
May 29
Gay Rights Advocates Score Wins in NY, Calif.
Racism, Security Threats Issues for Obama
May 27
Greensburg, Kansas Fed Firearms Grab
Iraq War Vets Run for Congress in Greater Numbers
The Sorry State of Law Enforcement Data Sharing
May 24
Energy Fears Looming, New Survivalists Prepare
God Bless the USA - video
May 24
Saving the 'Greatest Generation': WWII Vets Dying at Rate of More Than 1,000 a Day, Numbers Dwindling
Unsung Hero: Harold Stanley Deyo, Sr.
USS Deyo Heads for Gulf - flashback
May 23
Buffalo Veteran's Court, Only One In U.S.
May 19
Not-So-Safe-Deposit Boxes: States Seize Citizens' Property to Balance Their Budgets
States Seize Citizens Property to Balance Their Budgets! - video
What's Yours is Ours – Your Government at Work - video
Florida Firefighters Help Catch Fleeing Suspects
May 16
California's Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down
May 14
Tornado Could Push Out Town's Last Residents
US Senate Renews Flood Insurance Program
President Apostate?
Palm Bay Police Have Arson Suspect in Custody
May 13
Company Picks Idaho for Uranium Enrichment Plant
Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Union Warns Public Safety May Be Threatened by Strike
May 12
Army Corps Says Condition of Many Levees a Mystery
Ex-manager says OJ Simpson Confessed to Murders
May 9
Age, Mold Assail Military Barracks
GI Benefits Stymie Funding Bill
May 8
U.S. Deploys More Than 43,000 Troops Unfit for Combat
Aging Pipes Leaking Raw Sewage
250 Yard Sinkhole Opens Near Houston – video
Massive Sinkhole Continues to Grow Near Daisetta — Power Lines Being Sucked into the Hole
May 5
Do You Need to Stock Up the Bunker?
Guns: Concealed Controversy
Outrage Over Plans to Extract Uranium Ore From the Grand Canyon
Plans for New Duke Energy Nuclear Plant in S.C. Spark Controversy Over Water Use
May 2
Former Nuke Plant Worker Gets Probation for Hiding Damage

Outlawing the Pig
May 1
Meet the Watchdog Who Sniffed Out FEMA Trailer Trouble
D.C. Among U.S. Cities Forging Surveillance Network
Native Hawaiians Take Over Palace in Honolulu
America's Most Polluted Cities Revealed
Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A.
April 30
Global Food Crisis Sparks US Survivalist Resurgence
Baldwin: I Would Bring Our Troops Home

April 29
FEMA to Help Run 8-Day Disaster & Terror Drill

Brown's Global Ideals Threaten U.S. Sovereignty
Hurricane Expert: School Silencing Me Over Global-Warming Views
April 25
Maintain National Security on All Fronts
Congress Tells Bush: 'Stop the Closed-Door Diplomacy and Allow Legislative Oversight'
VA Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show
Senator: VA Lying About Number of Veteran Suicides
Murray Says VA's Top Mental Health Official Should Resign
Man Dies After Police Use Taser to Stop Bar Fight
Girls, Lies, and Videotape

Pregnant Teller Shot During Bank Heist Loses Twins
April 23
Earthquake a Possible Cause of Water Main Breaks
U.S. to Insist That Travel Industry Get Fingerprints
In Florida, Snooping Cops Disguise Cameras as Fire Hydrants
Sensitive Military Items for Sale on eBay
Military Waivers for Ex-Convicts Increase
US Military Recruits More Ex-cons
Riot at Supermax Leaves Two Inmates Dead
U.S. Arrests American Suspected of Giving Nuclear Secrets to Israel
U.S. Guns Arming Mexican Drug Gangs; Second Amendment to Blame?
April 20
Travel Warning for Americans Going to Mexico - video
The New Constitution of America's Union
Congress Quietly Repeals Martial Law Provision
The Prodigal Nation
School Safety and Security Incidents – map
Disaster Training Held in San Francisco
April 16
Nuclear Attack on D.C. "Inevitable"
McCain Supports North American Integration, League of Democracies
Six US Cities Tamper With Traffic Cameras for Profit

April 13
National Guard's Defense Role Gets Bigger
Soggy Central U.S. Eyes Rivers, Levees
US Water Pipelines are Breaking
FEMA Under Pressure to Develop Disaster Housing
U.S. Presidential Election Can Be Hacked

April 10
Chaos in the Skies: American Scraps 900 More Flights
While Reservists Serve, Their Jobs Don't Always Wait
67 Bodies Secretly Exhumed From New Mexico Grave

Florida Lawmakers Pass Take-Your-Guns-to-Work Law
April 8
The Emerging Surveillance State

Health Council Warns of Government Plan to Claim Ownership of Every Newborn's DNA
April 6
Duck and Cover: It’s the New Survivalism
The Questions Not Asked That Have Ruined a Nation
On Food Storage
Actor Charlton Heston Dies at 84
Fear, Paranoia and, Yes, Some Loathing in Alabama State House
The Cost of E-Voting
April 3
FEMA Chief Says Don't Expect Free Ice, Generators After Next Hurricane

Nearly 40,000 Katrina Families Still in Mobile Homes
U.S. Storm Experts Prepare for the Worst
Experts to Testify of 'Real and Growing' Nuclear Threat to U.S.
The Next American Civil War
Is Obama a Muslim?
April 1
Nuclear Plant Safety Criticized: Kewaunee Facility Says It's Addressing Agency's Concerns
Navy SEAL Posthumous Awarded Medal of Honor
A Big Win for Judicial Supremacy, a Big Loss for Government Language Lawyers, and Another Example of Real Change
Planned Parenthood 2006 - 289,650 Abortions, $112 Million Profit, $336 Million in Public Funds
March 31
Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money
Riverside County Judge Dismisses Two More Cases for Lack of Space
The Day Obama Sold His Own Grandmother
The Supreme Court Lessens Executive Power
High Court Rejects Bush Assertion on U.S. Treaties
Supreme Court Ruling Rebukes the President
March 28
America's Grasslands Vanishing Amid Agricultural Boom
Update on the Status of Anti-NAU, Repeal NAFTA, and Anti-Illegal Immigration Resolutions in State Legislatures, 2007/2008
Two More States Take a Stand on the North American Union
Consumers' Right to Sue Drug Makers Weakening
NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?
March 27
U.S. Called Unprepared for Nuclear Terrorism - flashback
Diesel Thefts on the Rise; Demand Increases for Locking Caps
AT&T 'Bemoans Lack of US Skills'AT&T 'Bemoans Lack of US Skills'
Going Fishing? Pack Your Passport
America's Future: FEMA Permanently Occupies Real Town for Advanced "Terror Training
Check Your Flight American, Delta Ground Planes for Inspections
Military Warns Bush Over Mounting Iraq Strain
Census: Sun Belt is Population Growth Hotspot
March 26
If the American Trucker Fails, So Will the Nation

March 25
Another Crane Accident: 2 Dead, at Least 4 Injured in Miami Crane Collapse
Seven Dead in New York Crane Accident
- flashback
The Cleanest Cities in America
Clinton 'Misspoke' Over Bosnia Sniper Claims

March 24
Is Just-In-Time Nearly Out of Time?
- flashback
March 22
American Refugees are Flooding into Canada: Tens of Thousand
Surviving in the City
74,000 U.S. Bridges at Risk, Rarely Inspected
March 18
High Court to Hear Second Amendment Case
March 17
Tent City Highlights US Homes Crisis

NAU: Merger in the Making - free special report
New Orleans' Homeless Rate Swells to 1 in 25
Red-Light Cameras Increase Accidents, USF Study Says
Indian DNA Links to 6 'Founding Mothers'
March 15
The Implosion is Accelerating, Prepare While You Can

March 14
G-d Damn America'?
Plan Pushes for Last Step in Eliminating Marriage
Pennsylvania Begins Work on New Biorefinery
Fallout Extensive After Boca Raton Near-Riot
Inside the Hush-Hush North American Union Confab
March 13
EPA Sets Tougher Air-quality Standards
150,000 American Soldier Suicides
Walmart Opens Halal-Mart in Dearbornistan
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results of 2008 Election Early - video
In 52 Seconds Why Barack Obama Cannot Win a General Election
March 11
Coast Guard Delays Cutter Over Radios

US to Retire F-117 Stealth Fighter After 27 Years
March 8
FEMA to Take Over Mass Care Role Formerly Held by Red Cross
Dear Taxpayer: This Letter Cost You $42 Million
Another Milestone on the Road to Serfdom
Obama Lobbies 'Gays' for Edge Over Hillary
Brits Overrun Kansas Town for Training Exercise
Will Homeschooling Become Illegal?
March 5
Nuclear’s On the Road Again, But It’s Uphill

Caught on Tape: Sleeping Guards At Nuclear Power Plant
Independent Truckers See End of the Road
Next on California's School Agenda: Teaching Communism
March 4
In a Massive Disaster, Care Will Be Scarce

March 2
Riverton Homes Evacuated While FBI Searches for Deadly Toxin
Guns, Anarchy Text Found in Room With Ricin
Obama Camp Told Canadians 'It's Just Rhetoric': Network Claims Aide Assured Official That Anti-NAFTA Talk Not Serious
Guess What Police Are Finally Admitting About Guns? Guns Best Crime Deterrent After All

February 28
Loss of Wind Causes Texas Power Grid Emergency

February 27
Massive Power Outage in Florida Affects Millions
Florida Power Blackout Remains a Puzzle

Hunger Persists in the U.S.

U.S. Naturalization Applications Surge: Study
Fact Check: Clinton, Obama and NAFTA
Polygamist Leader Faces Ariz. Charges
In First, N.Y. Judge Allows Gay Divorce
Obama's Women Reveal His Secret
The End of Multiculturalism
Rare Beauties
February 25
North American Army Created – Without OK by Congress
Misreading the Tea Leaves
Who'll Stop the Flood? Experts Say Measure Can Help
The Real Riddle of Changing Weather: How Safe Is My Home?
Only Toughest Ban Reduced Water Use
Indiana Town Under Boil Advisory
Kennedy Introduces A Handgun Ban In Congress…Again
Enzyte Founder Guilty of Fraud
February 21
States Mull Gun-Access Laws
California Exodus Turns to Stampede
Poll: Americans Feel Better About Future

February 17
A Hard Look at NATO is Long Overdue
Error Gave FBI Unauthorized Access to E-Mail
Colorado Town Fears Catastrophic Tidal Wave
Katrina Victims Have No Faith in FEMA's Promises
The Technology That Protects You Will Enslave You: ‘Preparing for Imminent Martial Law’
Feds: Druglords Launder Euros Through Miami
Delayed Delivery of Trucks Led to Marine Deaths, Study
February 13
U.S. Population Grows Due to Immigration as Infrastructure Weakens
California Ripped as 'Too Queer for School'
February 12
'Disaster Belt' Counties Take Repeated Hits

Key West Residents Pay a Price for Paradise
February 11
FBI Deputizes Private Contractors With Extraordinary Powers, Including 'Shoot to Kill'
Cloverfield, the Subtle but Revealing Message: Those Things Which Go Bump in the Night
State Dept. Accused of Wasting Millions, Bringing 'Worst of America' to Iraq
What's Really in the U.S. Military Budget?
Mayor to Marines: Leave Downtown
February 8
Six Missing After Ga. Sugar Refinery Explosion
American Legion Trying to Scam Vets?
Major Gaps Plague Airport Security
Biggs's Tips for Rich: Go Remote, Stock Up

Gunman Opens Fire in City Council Meeting
Sinkhole Shuts Down Major Highway in Denver
President, Congress Hit All-Time Lows
Mexican Kidnappings of U.S. Citizens on Rise
Information for Travelers: Avoid Being a Victim of Crime in Baja California
Travel Alert - Mexico
Doyle Calls Out Guard to Help Stranded Motorists
N.J. Parkway Lease Mirrors NAFTA Superhighway Plan
Feds: Man Planned Super Bowl Attack

February 5
Thirsty? Dirty? Sorry.

Gun Storage Debate Returns to Capitol
We Can’t Afford Congress Anymore
McCain Aide Is Dual Citizen of Mexico
FBI Wants Database of Americans' Physical Traits
American Liberty Teetering on the Edge of the Abyss
February 4
Bush Sends Congress $3 Trillion Budget With Big Increases for Defense
U.S. Nuclear Power Plants to Get More Russia Uranium
Hillary Clinton: UniversaL Health Plan Might Mean Garnishing Pay of Those who Refuse to Buy It
Sex-Ed Course Includes Field Trip to Buy Condoms
Welcome to Communist California
The Strong Arm of the Law: Violent Force By Police Gets a Pass
Wyo. Cops: Food Fight Fries Are Missiles
City Sues Man for Canceling Trash Service
Mass Psychology and Education: The Impact of Science on Society Part 4
February 1
Resolution Fights North American Union
Threats We Face
UN Wants Final Word on Rearing Your Kids
US Army Suicides Set for New High
January 30
Family Lost in Woods Says Ranger Wouldn't Help Them

Probe: FEMA Sugarcoated and Hid Danger of Hurricane Trailers
FDA Way Behind in Inspections of Overseas Food & Medical Manufacturers
Freedom for the Thoughts We Hate
January 29
What Ya Gonna Do When The Well Runs Dry?
National Heritage Areas: Assault on Private Property

January 28
Drivers to See Major Toll Hikes
Tester Slips Fake Bomb Past Airport Security
Nuclear Security: U.S. Finding Jobs for Former Soviet Weapons Scientists
DHS Begins Fingerprint Initiative at Boston Logan International Airport
Americans Distrust the Media
Letting Go of Our Defenses
It’s Time to Think for YOURSELF
January 26
Feds OK Mississippi's Katrina Grant Diversion
Winter Weather, Meaner Streets Plague Homeless
Resegregation of U.S. Schools Deepening
Foundations are in Place for Martial Law in the US - flashback
Unsafe Trucks Stream Out of L.A.'s Ports
January 24
Recipe for Disaster

January 23
US Censors Arctic Scientists' Findings As It Prepares for Oil and Gas Auction
Poll: 2/3 Say Show ID to Vote
Obama Silent on Farrakhan Support
January 21
New Generation of Homeless Vets Emerges
Foreigners Buy Stakes in U.S. at Record Pace
Threat from Violent MS-13 Gang Continues to Escalate
When Students Are Suspects, Lines Blur

January 19
National Firearms Ban 'Reasonable'?
California Backs Off Demand to Run Home Thermostats
Californians Set to Vote on Massive Expansion of Indian Casinos

District Lessons Teach 'Erotic' Sex Techniques
January 18
US Government to Embed RFID Chips into New One Dollar Coins
FEMA Offers Refunds for Katrina Trailers
January 17
Texas Gun Supporters Laud as Hero Neighbor Who Killed Intruders
7-year Plan: U.S. 'to Join Europe'
NAFTA and Mexico's Agrarian Apocalypse
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007
Wounded Vets Trade One Hell for Another
Feds: Guards Caught Sleeping at Nuke Weapons Plant
Bush Exempts Navy From Environmental Law
How the EPA is Rubbing Poison Into Libby's Wounds
Billionaires for Big Government
Universal Child Care Means Ending Parents' Rights
January 15
FBI Seeks Database for Iris, Palm, Fingerprints
US Drafting Plan to Allow Government Access to Any Email or Web Search
Oil Crisis As Barrels Go Missing, According to Audit
Ron Paul's Legislative Forecast for 2008
Wisconsin Measure Would Prevent “Emergency” Gun Confiscation
January 14
FBI: Housing Scams More Than Double
Public 'Threatened' By Private-Firearms Ownership
New ID Rules May Complicate Air Travel
Disinformation and Conspiracies
Deadly Avalanche At Montana Resort Buries 2 Skiers
January 12
Disaster Doesn't Wait. Prepare for 2008
California Could Become Third State to Ban Forced Microchip Tag Implants (RFID)
North American Union & VChip Truth - video
Liaisons: Vets Miss Out on Benefits
Liberal Plans to Subvert the U.S. Constitution: The Plan to Ditch the Electoral College
23 Proposals to Revitalize the US Constitution
Gun Owners Want Rights Protected in a Disaster
Big Brother to Control Thermostats in Homes?
Hawaii Requests 2010 Delay to Implement REAL ID
The US Sets the Standard … in Lack of Privacy!
The Patent Reform Act: Boon to Chinese Pirates
The Outrageous WTO
No Sunlight on the Omnibus
Bush Administration Seeking to Dismantle EPA’s Technical Libraries
January 7
6 Missing Snowmobilers in New Mexico Found Alive
Match-O-Matic - Which Candidate is Your Match?

Bill Moyers Talks With Ron Paul
Mexican Trucks Roll on Despite Congress Ban
Supremes to Revisit Capital Punishment
January 4
Anger and Blame After Deadly Flood in Northwest
Wooldridge: Overpopulation is Becoming a Plague in America
Vote As If Your Freedom Depends on It, Because It Does
Ron Paul: Rage Against the Machine

ABC Now Considering Banning Ron Paul from Debates
January 2
Katrina Disaster Relief Remains a Disgrace
Top 10 Inconvenient Truths of 2007
Still Stuck in August Flood's Wake
NAFTA Cementing a North American Union
'Highway to Hell' Tolls for 'King of the Road'
New Year, New Same-Sex Unions
FBI Releases New Info on Skyjacker D.B. Cooper
TV Cuts Candidates From Debates, Angering Paul Backers