Coming Russian Nuclear Sneak Attack on America

December 14, 1985
Henry Gruver

I saw a massive military movement coming out of an area up by the Arctic. And I couldn't figure out what this was, what was going on. WHY a military, Navy, and Air Force WHY it would be going out between the United States and Europe up above Finland going out through the Icelandic Gap and heading down between the United States and Europe.

And making a curl all the way around the Horn of Africa towards the Persian Gulf. Now that's significant.

But all of a sudden I was alarmed because of that, you would have been too.

I looked over towards the United States and I saw something I have never seen in my life, I have never even preconceived the thought of it.

I had always thought that the United States was WISER and MORE POWERFUL than to allow Russian subs to be parked right almost on our beaches per say. What I mean by that is you could see the submarines down under the water but there were areas that the sand still had drifted on down from the beaches into the depths.

And the submarine was sitting there aimed at America.

I saw them sprinkled all the way across the East coast. When I saw that, my family at that time lived in Portland, Oregon.

I was alarmed of course and I wanted to look over towards Portland to see what was going on.

And as I looked across the continent of the United States of this globe I saw the submarines from way up by Washington the top of Washington all the way down around towards San Diego poised in the same way all the way along our coast on the North from the Pacific side.

Than something else caught my Attention.

I began to see Radio Towers going up all across the Nation and these Radio towers as they went up (dut dut-dut dut) the dotted lines begin going out as though they were transmitting and than there an alarm went off in me.

They're sounding the alarm. We're going to be under attack. The siege has been waged.

When all of a sudden I was watching these Radio Dots going out like the transmitting of a warning and instead of the people being warned they sprinkled to the ground like dust.

And an alarm went off in me and I cried out in the Heavens and I said "Oh God THEY WON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIT THEM !!!"

And at that time all of a sudden I looked down on the eastern seaboard at the submarine was drawn to that one right off from New York City and I saw the missile come right out of that submarine and go right up and come right over the City of New York and the entire City disappears.

Image: Video grab map of the cities seen annihilated by nuclear strikes.

Than I looked down, on down towards Florida, down there I could see another explosion take place.

I looked across because of my family being in the Pacific Northwest. I looked across another explosion took place up by Seattle/Bellevue.

And than another one down by San Francisco. and another one down towards Los Angeles, and another down towards San Diego.

There I stood in shock as I watching these explosions take place and these cities literally disappearing from off the face of the earth.

The next instant I was standing back down on the Eagle Tower and I found myself looking down in the Village there was no alarm going off, the cars were going the normal speed, people were walking.

I looked out over the Bay where there were some British ships; warships. And I watched them and studied them for a few seconds, there was no alarm there.

And I found myself saying this, "Oh God, if this has not happened. What will be the sign of it and of it's Time?"

God spoke to my spirit and these were the words He says
December the 14th, 1986 before Glasnost, Perestroika the Berlin Wall was still up the Cold War was still in full around

We supposedly were still on alert.

The words were spoken to me, "When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go. The free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing, and caring for the masses.
We'll begin letting their weapons down crying peace and safety. And that's when it will happen"

Now the question I submit to you is this:

Where are we on that scenario? Where are we in that Prophetic Timetable?

Is that Vision being fulfilled before our eyes? Are we seeing it literally take place?

The Bear Has Become Enormous and the Bear is in cahoots with the Arab countries 12 to 14 of them and there is high activity in and out of sight.

It's January of this year it looked like we were going to build up again and have another Desert Storm didn't it? And I cried out to the LORD because I was getting ready to go to Europe and the LORD said "Tell the people that this is not the real thing this is only a Policing Action. There will be Policing actions but WATCH. Because that it will happen what you said".

And I said we will be drawn again to the Middle East in mass.

We will be drawn to conflicts like Bosnia and like Taiwan and like North Korea.

Conflicts are going to come up to draw us away from Home Base to deplete our Home Defense mechanism. That's the Strategy.

Than Revolution breaks loose inside of our Nation.

Why? To throw us into CHAOS AND CONFUSION

Because out of CONFUSION AND CHAOS THE COMMUNIST SYSTEM says they gain Strength and Power.

And I've shown you that in the mentality of these people.

They don't mind Revolution. They don't mind it at all.

This is some of the things that we are facing.

We're facing very Serious Times.