December 9
Methane Study Boosts Theory of Life on Mars
December 7
Mysterious "Strange" Stars May Rival Black Holes for Weirdness
November 25
3-D Solar Tsunami Video Shows the Extreme Waves Are Real
November 24
New Map Suggests Mars Was Wet and Humid
November 20
Meteor Lights Up Early Morning Sky, Alarms Utahns
November 16
Here Comes the 2009 Leonids
November 13
NASA: Water Found in Moon Crater
November 12
Asteroid Passes Just 8700 Miles from Earth - with Only 15 Hours Warning
Asteroid Streaks over Africa
November 6
Solar Winds Triggered By Magnetic Fields
Stars May Be Cosmic Road Signs to Intelligent Aliens
November 4
Dark Matter and Dark Energy Make Up 95% of Universe
Dark Matter Wrecking Ball May Have Hit Milky Way
October 26
Asteroid Explodes Over Indonesia with Force of 3 Hiroshimas + video
'Meteorite' that Landed in Latvia is a Hoax
October 26
Fiery 'Meteor' Creates 50-Foot Crater in Latvia
October 16
Giant Impact Near India – Not Mexico – May Have Doomed Dinosaurs
October 14
Meteorite Streaks Across NM Sky
'Burning Ball' Spotted in Germany
October 13
NASA Downgrades Threat of Large Asteroid
Hunting Arctic Asteroid Impact with Hovercraft
October 11
Did NASA Really Drop a Bomb on the Moon?
October 9
Ice Confirmed on an Asteroid
Caught on Camera: Meteorite Hundred Times Brighter Than Full Moon
NASA Refines Asteroid Apophis' Path Toward Earth
October 8
Sunspot Cycle 24 Forecastimage
October 7
NASA Discovers 'Supersized' Saturn Ring
October 6
NASA to Bomb the Moon on Friday
Details – flashback
October 4
Solar Cycle 24 Now “Competitive with the Baby Grand Minimum”
September 30
Space Radiation Hits Record High
September 24
Evidence Suggests Water Exists on the Moon
The Moon Could Become 'Service Station in Space', Scientists
September 23
Asteroid Attack: Putting Earth's Defences to the Test
September 21
Rare Meteorite Found in Australian Desert
Magnetism Observed in Gas for the First Time
September 17
Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Using NASA Sounding Rocket
September 16
Astronomers: Earth-Like Extrasolar Planet Found
September 10
UV Radiation to Rise 20%, Scientists Warn
Sun-Caused Global Warming
Death by Superflare?
Are Sunspots Disappearing?
150 Years Ago: The Worst Solar Storm Ever
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is Back in Business
What Global Hotspots are Most at Risk of Getting Hit by an Asteroid?
September 2
Father Snaps Meteor on Camera Phone as it Speeds Across Sky
Space Mirrors, Reactive Rocks May Be Needed in Climate Plan ‘B’
August 31
Astronomers Predict Sunspots Will Completely Disappear by 2015
How the Sun Influences Earth's Climate
British Plan to Tackle Asteroids
August 30
Even Neighborhood Watch No Match for Killer Asteroids
August 27
'Suicidal' Planet to be Swallowed by its Sun
August 18
Tiny Flares Boost Heat of Sun's Atmosphere
Building Blocks of Life Found on Comet
August 16
New Class of Astronomical Object: Super Planetary Nebulae
August 13
Meteors Dazzle Stargazers
August 12
Russia Sees U.S. Space Threat, Builds New Rocket
China Warns of Arms Race in Outer Space
NASA 'Can't Cope' with Killer Asteroids
Asteroid Impact Craters on Earth, Seen From Space
Planetary Smashup Leaves Trail of Frozen Lava
August 11
Freak of Nature Causes Smile Sky Usually Seen Only at Poles
First Black Holes Born Starving
August 9
Perseids Meteors to Light Up Skies Midweek
August 5
Can Life on Earth Escape the Swelling Sun?
August 3
Jupiter's "Bruise" Continues to Grow
Was Spot on Venus a Volcano?
uly 31
NASA Now Saying That a Dalton Minimum Repeat is Possible
Astronomers Look for Clues in the Wake of the Jupiter Collision
When Comets Attack
Asteroid to Hit Earth? Check It Out with NASA Before Panicking
Bright Spot on Venus Leaves Scientists Stumped
uly 29
Jupiter Hit by Cosmic Object -- Is Earth Next?
uly 24
Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield – flashback
uly 23
Sky Spectacular: 3 Meteors Showers to Converge
Could Cosmic Ray Influence Climate By Charging Up More Frequent Lightning Storms?
Ice Volcanoes of Enceladus Created By Liquid Water Beneath the Moon's Surface?
uly 22
'Incredible' New Scar is Spreading on Jupiter
Asia Swathed in Darkness with the Longest Total Eclipse of the Century
uly 21
Amateur Australian Astronomer Spots Asteroid Crash on Jupiter
Jupiter's Asteroid Smash: What Does It Mean for Earth?
California's Channel Islands Hold Evidence of Clovis-age Comet Impacts
Did Great Balls of Fire Form the Planets?
Total Solar Eclipse to Grace India & China
Astrologers: Solar Eclipse Could Spawn Major Disaster
uly 20
Former Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart Focuses on Asteroids Heading Earth's Way
Possible Impact Event on Jupiter
Moon Attracts Renewed International Scientific Interest
uly 18
Solar Cycle Linked to Global Climate
Mystery Source of Solar Wind Heating Identified
Return of the Mars Hoax
uly 9
Sun's Storms Set to Intensify
uly 8
Path of Planet X? – video
Where Tomorrow's Stars Will Be Born
uly 7
Large Boom, Flash of Light Seen in Pa Sky Likely a 'Fireball'
uly 1
Solved: Riddle of Siberia's Flattened Forest
Intense Heat Killed the Universe's Would-Be Galaxies, Researchers
First Direct Evidence of Lightning on Mars
une 23
Does a Triple Eclipse Foretell a Disaster?
une 22
Sun Spot Cycle Impacting Earth's Warming and Cooling
Sunspots Revealed in Striking Detail
New Light Shed on 'Dark' Gamma-ray Bursts
NASA Prepares to Bomb the Moon
une 19
Asteroid Threat Telescope on Way
une 18
Pentagon Blinds Astronomers to ‘Armageddon’
NASA: Mystery of the Missing Sunspots Solved?
Solar Cycle 24 Lack of Sunspots Caused by “Sluggish Solar Jet Stream” – Returning Soon?
First Hard Evidence Found of a Lake on Mars
une 17
Gas Leak Delays Shuttle Launch until July
une 12
14-Year-Old Hit by 30,000 mph Space Meteorite
My Take: What's Wrong With Our Sun?
une 11
Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified
Long Shot: Planet Could Hit Earth in Distant Future
Massive Red Star Shrinks Mysteriously
une 10
Biggest Black Hole Ever Found in Nearby Galaxy
June 8
NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming
'Global Warming is Baloney' Signs Put the Heat on Burger King
Solar Cycle 24: Solar Flares & Social Collapse or ‘Crushing Cold Temperatures and Global Famine'?
Fielding Wants Solar Flare Theory Investigated
May 31
New NASA Solar Cycle Prediction: 'Lowest Since 1928'
May 28
Scientists: U.S. Not Prepared for Strong Solar Storm
Solar Storms Pose Increasing Threat to Modern World
New Solar Cycle Prediction: Fewer Sunspots, But Not Necessarily Less Activity
May 21
Coming Soon: First Pictures of a Black Hole
May 19
NOAA Predicts Solar Cycle 24
May 18
Hubble Analyzer Fixed, But Not Without Headaches
May 14
24 Hour Airline Traffic Seen from Space – video
May 9
Solar Cycle will be Weakest Since 1928, Forecasters
NASA Warns of Super Solar Storm 2012 – video
Possible Explanations for Dark Energy?
May 7
Big Flare Portends Beginning of Solar Cycle 24
May 2
Nearby Asteroid Found Orbiting Sun Backwards
Meteors Visible on Monday
April 30
Scientists Spot Oldest Ever Object in Universe
April 27
Missing Sunspots: Is This the Big Chill?
April 26
Large Meteor Crashes Near Flagstaff
April 23
Giant Mystery Blob Found Near Dawn of Time
April 22
'Quiet Sun' Baffling Astronomers
April 17
Solar Storms: Coronal Mass Ejections Viewed In Detail By NASA Spacecraft
Biggest-Ever CME Launched Oct. 28, 2003 + video
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100 Meter Asteroid Will Pass Earth Monday
February 26
6-Pound Chunk of Metal Debris Crashes Through Southeast Dallas Roof
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Lava Fractures Suggest Martian Floods
February 17
Dallas’ Firey UFO is Officially Identified as a Natural Occurrence + video
Nuclear Blasts Proposed for Warding Off Menacing Asteroids
February 15
Galaxy has 'Billions of Earths'
'Dark' Comets Could Hit Earth Without Warning
February 9
New Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Discovered
Search for Extrasolar Super-Earths Gains Momentum
February 4
Powerful New Technique to Measure Shape and Size of Asteroids
February 2
Asteroid Strike: Preparedness Key for Survival
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Dancing Asteroid Spirals Close to Earth
January 29
Exoplanet Gets Hot Flashes
What's Happening to the Sun?
Italian Spots New Comet
January 27
12,900 Years Ago: North American Comet Impact Theory Disproved
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Ring of Fire: Indian Ocean to See Solar Eclipse
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Severe Space Weather
January 19
Weekend Meteor 'Very Unusual'
Swedes Baffled By Ball of Light
Strike Asteroid Before It Strikes the Earth
Top 10 Night Sky Events for 2009
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Earth's Magnetic Field Impacts Climate: Danish Study
January 9
New Fireball Over Western Canada
Habitable Exoplanets Could Be Common in Our Galaxy
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NASA Warns of 'Space Katrina' Radiation Storm
Power Grids in Peril
Perfect Space Storm Could be Catastrophic on Earth, Study Concludes
Evolution of a Massive Solar Storm – photos
Sun's Massive Explosion Upgraded to X45 – flashback
Sun Shoots Monster Flare at Earth – flashback
Space Storm Hits, Earth Survives – flashback
Blazing Fireball Spotted Shooting Through Calgary Skies
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Solar Geomagnetic Ap Index Now at Lowest Point in It’s History
January 4
Forget the Bungalow, Retire to Mars
January 1
New Evidence of Meteor Bombardment
Stellar Meteor Shower Jan. 3