Hasan – a Guided 'Stealth Weapon' Aimed at America....

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Hasan – a Guided 'Stealth Weapon' Aimed at America...
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November 9, 2009
By Stan Deyo

The Hasan event event will have far-reaching repercussions. I am positive Hasan is being used by those who would create a civil war in our once-great country. The government knew over six months ago that he was hostile about the war with his Muslim brothers overseas. As a psychiatrist he would have been analyzed many times during his training and his flaws would have been noted by his instructors. I am sure he was sent to be deployed as a means of pushing his 'hot' buttons. He was driven into a corner where he had to do something violent. I suspect he probably had one or two handlers who fed his anger and finally drove him over the edge. Remember what Lee Harvey Oswald said before he was shot?... "I'm just a patsy!"

Now, resentment and mistrust of Muslims will grow rapidly in the military services and in the civilian communities of America. Muslims will understandably react to defend themselves. This will weaken our military more than a little bit. It will encourage hatred of American Muslims by other Americans. We will soon see civil war of massive proportions here. Ethnic, religious and financial issues will fuel a firestorm. This will divide America and America will fall.

When Holly and I visited with the Shungopavi tribe of the Hopi nation we were told about an approaching civil war here... one that would weaken America so much that foreign invasions would follow... We hope you are prepared for what is coming... if not, Dare To Prepare.