Strategic Grain Reserves – Sold Out?

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January 12, 2010
By Holly Deyo

I received a disturbing email yesterday regarding massive amounts of grain shipping out of the U.S. to foreign countries. Granaries that long stood idle are going full-bore. Miles and miles of rail cars are filled and ready to transport our wheat, oats and corn reserves for shipment out of country.

This underscores the Video of the Day we had posted over the weekend. If you missed it, at 2:55 minutes into the presentation, it explains how our grain reserve numbers are being manipulated so it looks like there has been no drop in tonnage.

We worry for our country during the next big disaster, whatever the cause. People who rely on their neighborhood grocery to fill needs at a moment's notice will freak when stores are empty. They'll realize they should have prepared long ago.

P Is for Panic

Did you see how a bad snowstorm initiates panic buying? It's the same tired lesson in every disaster; people still are 'last minute Charlies'. This same scenario witnessed in Kansas, Missouri and the UK must have repeated over and over in our countries during the last two weeks.

People in Venezuela picked shelves clean of food and durable goods in the last two days after Chavez sliced their currency in half. Chavez called in the National Guard to monitor grocery stores; they are ready for riots. Wouldn't that look bizarre seeing armed soldiers when you buy a gallon of milk?

Photo: Soldiers check prices at a supermarket, accused of raising prices, in Caracas, Monday, Jan. 11, 2009. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez threatened on Sunday to seize businesses that raise prices as a result of last week's devaluation of Venezuela's currency. (AP)

It was unnerving having armed soldiers meet us on the tarmac in Seoul, S. Korea 25 years ago. Their permanent sandbag bunkers said they were always prepared for trouble. Americans just aren't used to this "armed participation", but the time is coming when we're going to see it as standard procedure.

P Is for Practice

What raised my alarm bells last week was a little covered story about a test of the National Emergency System. It was conducted in Alaska on Jan. 6 for a full 3 minutes. When has there EVER been a test for a nationwide emergency, one that can only be activated by the President? Never. Not ever. This was a first.

Doesn't that tell you something?

After posting that news item I expected a flood of email expressing concern, posing questions, reporting other weird events. There was dead silence on this issue.

What will be the norm when the US dollar dissolves or is massively devalued or Wall Street crashes again or the rumored bank holiday comes to fruition or a disaster shuts your grocery or truckers no longer run? Friends, unpleasant as it is, you've got to consider these possibilities.

You have food at the store for 3 days in good times. Panic cuts down food-on-shelves to hours, not days.

Dr. William Mount videotapes the mass shipment of grain out of the U.S. from Tacoma, WA on Nov. 4, 2009, 12:45 at night. Rarely used grain elevators to ocean liners were seen, along with 4-5 miles of railway cars filled with U.S. grain.

Dr. Mount continues videotaping the mass shipment of grain out of the U.S. from Tacoma, WA. Witness 4 to 5 miles of rail cars filled with U.S. grain. He believes our grain is being purposely off-loaded to trigger a massive food shortage in the near future. He states the U.S. has no strategic food reserves.
It again demonstrates that people wait to the last minute to get their prep act together.

For those relying primarily on precious metal stashes, gold and silver reserves won't solve the problem. Those who have understanding know that cash will not be king much longer – that metals are better than dollars. However, when things really hit the fan, people will hold onto their food reserves and other tangible necessities, and precious metals won't buy anything.

Turning Points

Gold looks great in your Rolex and it fills tooth cavities, but you can't eat metal. As it says in scripture, your gold and silver will be as 'rust' (James 5:3). Bullion is a good hedge against inflation and a cratering market, but it won't keep your stomach full, it won't keep you warm and it's no substitute for medical supplies. The actual goods you have stored is what will help you through tough times.

Even as a kid I always wanted to know how things worked, to learn how to do stuff, to be independent and not put my fate in the hands of others. It was better not to bug someone else to stop whatever task they were doing and lend a hand. These feelings have only multiplied over the years. Ignorance breeds vulnerability.

Watergate was the turning point when I realized you can't trust politicians. Looking back at that whole debacle, it seems tame compared to what we witness on The Hill today. Integrity is gone. Politicians are self-serving, not serving their constituents. When skewered for explanations, adamant denial is the response. No one is ever guilty and if they're caught in the act without recourse, off they go to rehab. They are addicted to dope, booze, sex, porn and most of all, power. Lies are all we hear. If we are told long enough that a purple vase is green, we start to wonder if we need glasses.

For fact, we are running on borrowed time. Government today is not what our founders envisioned. Selling out our grain reserves after a lousy, no, ''worst-on-record harvest' for many farmers is unforgivable. It gambles our future in a rigged game.

P Is for Planting

As we look around and see many Americans so ill-prepared, so oblivious to what's going on in our beautiful Nation, our hearts sink. They won't be ready to fend for themselves. Many will feel defeated from the get-go and won't even try. Find your backbone and get busy! It is not too late, not yet.

Over the last several years, Stan and I have talked casually with neighbors about preparing, planted the seed. We've given them copies of Dare To Prepare so they, too, can be ready. It's a tiny investment for peace of mind. In the long run you'll have helped yourself in addition to your friends, because they won't be banging on your door for food and medicine.

For neighbors haven't prepared, you will have to make a painful decision on who you can afford to help and those you will turn away. You can't feed everybody... It's about to get ugly.

Read Judy's email on the grain shipments and then watch the videos:

I have more to tell you on this now. My friend was driving through Tacoma the other night while we were talking on the phone about this whole grain thing. AS we were talking she drove down 56th Street in Tacoma. She suddenly stopped and let out a holler!

She saw right in front of her at the exact time we were talking, a HUGE building that has been shut down for a long, long time. It was an old granary..... She was shocked because it was up and running on full speed ahead! She said there was grain everywhere! SHE HADN'T SEEN IT LIKE THIS IN YEARS! So something is definitely up!

Then the next day she called me to say on the news she heard the report that Portland, Oregon was out of containers at their main shipping/transportation place. I am not sure of the details on this one but she was surprised at how all of a sudden there are problems with all this. Something is up. I will let you know more as I find out things.....