Vendyl Jones – a Legend Passes

A note from Anita: Memorial service will be held:

2:00 pm Thursday 12/30/2010
Beth-El Congregation
4900 Briarhaven Road Fort Worth, TX 76109
Website:  for a map and directions

The location is just north of I-20 off of Hulen St., west of I-35W. There are numerous hotels on I-35W and on west of the  I-20 & Hulen St. intersection.

As a matter of note, it is NOT the custom of sending flowers to a Jewish synagogue. Those wishing to may send donations to help defray the costs of Vendyl's last wishes.

December 28, 2010
By Holly Deyo

It is with deep sadness that we share Vendyl Jones passed away Monday morning of throat cancer. Vendyl was best known as the archetypal Indiana Jones. (To read the article below, click here.)

Stan and Vendyl's friendship goes back to the 1980's when he became personal friends with Stan's parents and him. As Texans, Christians and explorers, they shared many common interests.

While serving as a Baptist preacher, Vendyl felt a strong pull to search out the Jewish roots so often referred to in scripture. This search led him on 50-year journey in the land that became his second home.

During one trip back to Texas, Vendyl gave Stan his personal map to special digs in Israel, which led Stan on a remarkable trip to Israel. This map took Stan to a secret chamber inside Vendyl's excavation of a cave near the Qumran area of the Dead Sea. Stan followed the map descending deep into the hidden tunnel. There he saw a beautiful room lined with large rounded stones from the Jordan River, which were mortared together with gypsum crystals and looked like diamonds in the torch light. Vendyl neglected to remind Stan that the cave was inhabited by bats, which Stan quickly found out when one landed on his head.

Vendyl also gave Stan a copy of the copper scroll that he and Stan worked on together to translate and decode. Many people thought this scroll dealt with the treasures of Israel's second Temple, but in truth, it held a coded message about the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Funeral arrangements are pending and you can send condolences to his wife, Anita:

Baruch attah Indy Jones!