Alien Disclosure: Don't be Fooled

April 23, 2010
By Stan Deyo

In early October of 2000 when Holly and I still lived on our farm in Australia we flew to Colorado to check out a place where we planned to move in the coming year. During that trip I was asked by Dr. Steven Greer to give my testimony on video for his disclosure project, which was ostensibly formed to force the U.S. Government and other major nations of the world to officially announce the presence of aliens on our planet.

Dr. Steven Greer had a friend of his interview me in a two-hour, videotaped session at a private home near NORAD. Holly videotaped Dr. Greer's friend and me as he took my testimony regarding my knowledge of the 'alien' presences and agenda here on Earth.

Holly and I returned home to Australia and eventually moved to Colorado in early 2001. To my surprise Dr. Greer never used the interview nor referenced the content of it in his drive to force disclosure. In fact, we never heard from him again. We wondered why he had ignored my testimony when it was he who called for it.

Then, today (23 April 2010), I received an email from the Disclosure Project announcing that Dr. Greer is holding a special training course here in Colorado in the San Luis Valley at Crestone in June this year. As his email states, the course will train people to become "ambassadors to the Universe." The email (which is shown below) also states, "This nearly weeklong intensive prepares you to make open, peaceful contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations as a citizen-diplomat from Earth."

Stan Note: Coincidentally, there is a zuggurat in Crestone. The original ziggaruat was called The Towel of Babel in the time of Nimrod when mankind attempted to reach the heavens to ascend to the ranks of gods. (Photo by Madjag)

At first glance one might assign such an endeavor to the 'woo-woo' activities of a bunch of UFO groupies. However, if one realizes this is part of a huge deception to fool the people of Earth into a global dictatorship backed by the 'alien' presence on Earth the situation becomes more serious and the disclosure more imminent.

In my book, The Cosmic Conspiracy - Final Edition 2010, (which is fresh off the presses today) I warn in great detail about this great deception and what will happen when the alleged 'full disclosure' is finally made. Dr. Greer's 'aliens' will not be what they claim to be. They will claim to be our creators and will be led by a being posing as the God of the Torah and more, as I found in re-translating just eight verses from the book of Daniel in the Bible.

I have warned of this moment in time for over 33 years in my books, public lectures, radio interviews, television documentaries and personal testimony. It is urgent that all who seek the truth of these times read my book while they are still allowed to do so and before the deceptive disclosure is made.

May you be wise and may you...

Stand Holy

Stan and Holly

CSETI Ambassador to the Universe Training

Crestone, Colorado - June 13-19, 2010

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DON'T MISS THIS FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY to join Dr. Steven Greer in the mysterious San Luis Valley of Colorado, USA.

This nearly weeklong intensive prepares you to make open, peaceful contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations as a citizen-diplomat from Earth.

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Thoughts from a Millennium-Ark reader:

Feel sick reading the goals of Dr. Greer in his conference. So similar with what people I knew (and I) were trying to do 30 years ago through Meditation. I became more ill doing it, and I felt ill this morning remembering the "goals". Many people who are as I was, trying to either "get well" or 'become whole" will follow these guidelines.

Praise God for your work. Praise God for anyone He ejects from such thoughts, as He did me. The difference between me and my fellow meditators was that I refused to cancel thoughts of God. I knew He existed no matter what they said, even while I was trying to reach their goals. He saved me from near death which came through advanced meditative practices.

This is a VERY important article and I hope you feature it near the top on a more or less permanent basis. The "goals" of Greer are a perfect enunciation of what they believe.