The Next Prophetic Event That Will Happen in the Middle East
What Are the End-Time Prophecies of Islam?

Dec 30
Biblical Date for the Rapture/Sudden Destruction: 1/28/12 – HOLLY NOTE: Please keep in mind that scripture cautions against date setting. However, read the prophecy and take the information to prayer.
Dec 28
Gold Hoarders Hurt Badly

Dec 23
The Time of Shaking Is Upon You
Henry Falcone: The 3 Blasts of the Trumpet: End of the 2nd Day Church!
The Time Has Come to Promote My People
Dec 21
His Attacks Have Increased
The Coming World War, Apocalypse Now and Nukes Going off in America?
Dec 14
How the Rebirth of Israel Signals the Last Days
God's Supernatural Promise to the Jews to Return to Israel in the Last Days
Dec 12
A Sad Time Is Approaching
Dec 9
20 Signs That a Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming
Dec 6
Releasing the Eternal Realm - It Will Start During the Holiday Season
Economics in Prophecy
Dec 5
Preparing for the Outbound Departure
Warnings in the Spirit  video – or text ** 1 (if you have the time, watch the video as it contains a lot more prophetic detail about upcoming challenges)
Prophetic Forecast for 2012
The Son of Perdition
Dec 2
Response to Inquiry About Attacks
Nov 30
West Coast Disaster: Pray for More Time and Repentance
The Prophetic Whirlwind
Nov 29
Israel, Iran, Armageddon & the Coming War of Gog and Magog
They Shall be Deceived
Nov 21
Jewish Prophecy Suggests Messiah May be Coming Soon **
A Prophetic Call to Pray
Why Is There a Rapture of the Church
Pre-Tribulation Rapture with Fred DeRuvo
** 3
Nov 18
Great Changes **
Nov 12
Change Is Coming **
50 Reasons Why we Are Living in the End Times **
Nov 8
Is This the Time of the End? **
Mid-East Prophecy Update Nov 6
** 3
Nov 7
The Days Grow Darker Still **
Prophecy of the Popes – VOW 1
Nov 4
Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Cannot be Ignored Forever **
Oct 31
End of All Times
L.A.: The War in Heaven – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3
Oct 28
Be Vigilant
Oct 21
Only One and 1968 Prophecy by 90-yr-old Woman in Norway **
Prophecy Being Fulfilled Before Our Eyes? Daniel 11
** 3
Oct 20
The Emerging Priesthood Consecrated and Ready! **
Oct 17
Doomsday Countdown, Day One: The Many Apocalyptic Predictions of Harold Camping **
My Mighty Hand
Oct 13
New Madrid Earthquake Dividing the Land **
A Vision the Morning After Yom Kippur
The Coming Confrontation - Ezekiel 38: Israel and Iran **
Oct 11
The Coming Los Angeles to San San Francisco Earthquakes **
Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan: A Prophetic Perfect Storm **
Burden of Damascus **
Oct 6
It Is Decision Time
East Coast and West Coast
The Dam
Oct 3
This Shall be a Year of Turning **
So Will It be for Every Nation That Forgets Me **
Sept 28
Change Is Coming **
Sept 27
Prophecy and Politics **
The Twin Prophecies of Jacob and Esau
Sept 20
Second Quake Coming to the US
** 1
Sept 16
Idolatry in America - What the Lord Said is Coming
** 2
"America, The Babylon" Pt 15 – The Prophetic Sequence **
Increasing Attacks on the Preincarnate Christ **
The Mark
Sept 12
The Time of My Judgments Has Come **
Sept 7
Series of Quakes to Hit U.S. **
Makings of the 4th Reich, Rise of New European Fiscal Union **
Mystery-Babylon Inc. Pt 2 **
The Urn in the Wilderness **
Sept 6
Vision of the Blanket of Darkness **
Aug 23
Signs of the Times: Ezekiel’s Prophecies Set to Unfold?
** 2
More Signs That the Tribulation Could Start Very Soon!
** 2
Pat Robertson: How Will it All End
A Call to Arms
Aug 22
Prepare Your Hearts for What I Am About to Do **
It Will Be a Time as None Before It **
Bible Prophecy and the Future of Libya **
Distress Coming to the Great Lakes ** 3
Aug 19
Prophecy: The Rock That Cannot Be Moved **
Aug 15
Late Great Planet Earth – My Old Crystal Ball
** 1
Aug 10
All Who Lift It Will Be Cut in Pieces
Aug 9
Augusto Perez on the Economy, Comets, Volcanos and Earthquakes **
Aug 7
Draw Near to Me **
The Knowing of His Coming **
Hal Lindsey: Dramatic Shifts Taking Places in the Middle East - Ousting Attaturk
VOW ** 2
Aug 4
The Outgoing Waters Vision
July 31
The Destroyer Is Coming **
July 29
I Am Coming to Every Household **
July 28
1939 Prophecy, High Temperatures, Star Approaching **
July 24
I Will Shower Them in the Miraculous
July 21
A New Economy? **
July 19
Draw Near to Me Now
July 17
America Shall Bow **
July 11
Rise Up and Fight the Enemy
July 5
L.A Marzulli – Prophecy and Birth Pains Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3
July 1
It Is Time To Choose
June 29
Mass Premonitions for July 2011 and Comet Elenin
Rend Your Hearts to Me
June 27
Let the Dividing Lines be Drawn
June 17
I Am Raising Up Some of You to Lead the Way
June 12
Meditations on Current Events **
June 10
There Shall be Weeping and Mourning in America **
Prophetic End Time Dream
** 2
June 6
When Will You Heed My Words?
June 1
Lisa AJ CookeDoyle: Bin Laden Accuracy
May 31
Date for Mark of the Beast? – What's Coming **
May 29
I Desire That My People Would Prepare
May 27
Dancing Towards Doomsday
May 24
America Has Become the Harlot of the World **
Bob Rylett-These Days They Move Apocalyptically
** 3
Perry Stone - Are Islamic Prophecies Pointing to Obama
** 1
Rapture Minister: Doomsday Now Coming October 21
2 **
May 17
Native American Jews? A Fulfillment of Prophecy?
May 13
Edgar Cayce Says Mt. Etna Is Begining of End
1 **
Word of the Lord May 2011
May 12
Big Change Is Coming
May 8
Destruction Is Coming to America **
May 6
Tornadoes in the Southeast: Peace in Conflict
** 3
May 5
Osama Bin Laden
May 1
The Israel Omen
April 29
David Wilkerson's Dream of the Rapture
April 28
Syria Sends in Tanks – Bible Prophecy Indicates a Big Change for Syria **
April 27
Too Many Disasters — What Are the Prophetic Implications? **
6 Prophetic Messages Delivered by Lance Lambert
April 23
Trouble Coming - Prepare Your Houses, Bodies and Minds **
Situations Are Not as They Appear to Be **
April 21
Is the Rapture Near?
Have You Noticed? The Nations Are Shaking **
The Rose Bowl Arena Vision
April 19
Coming West Coast Earthquakes and Tsunami **
April 18
Your Time Has Come
April 17
You Have Heard the Warning Sound **
Terry Bennett w/ Mike Bickle - Prophetic Word given August 2010
April 15
The Time of My Great Warriors **
Further Confirmation of a Coming Invasion – and Special Protection for Believers
April 13
Japan & the Coming USA Earthquakes **
April 12
Tsunami Warning – Deborah Gliebe + Rosie Lovejoy **
A Year of Much Change **
Pole Shift Planet X, 2012 Edgar Cayce Predictions and the Kolbrin Bible
April 11
Prophecy 101: Islam and Satan - Walid Shoebat:
Pt1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10
April 10
Confirmation of a Chinese/Russian Invasion
April 7
Prophetic Word from Stephen Hanson **
Hal Lindsey on End Time Signs

April 6
The End 2012
April 3
The Middle East Democratic Islamic Revolution Story - Sign of Imam Mahdi Arrival
March 29
Iran Fanning Islam's Messianic Hopes? **
Iran: Islamic Messiah Is 'Near'
March 27
Special Bulletin: Japanese Earthquake, A Prophetic Demarcation in Time, Part 3
God Is Shaking the Nations
March 24
Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy
March 23
Joe Brandt Earthquake Vision
Special Bulletin: Japanese Earthquake, A Prophetic Demarcation in Time, Part 2
March 21
Hal Lindsey: Signs on the End of This Age and Political Chaos

March 20
Japanese Earthquake, A Prophetic Demarcation in Time, Pt 1

Violent Upheavals Coming to Believers
March 18
Are the Uprisings in the Middle East Prophetic?
Prophetic Alert: the Oceans
March 17
Bob Jones' Earthquake Prophesies
March 16
This is the Calm Before the Storm
March 15
Over the Jordan
Both Japan and NZ Quakes, Volcanic Eruptions Were Predicted Last Month by Solar Watchers
Earthquake Warning From Russian Institute of Physics of the Earth
March 6
Dream or Vision
March 1
Ken Ring: 'I Predicted the Christchurch Quake'
, interviewer attempts damage control by over-talking, rudeness
John Campbell Apologizes to Ken Ring on Air
February 27
Rabbi: Arab Unrest Signals Messiah's Coming **
February 24
Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Prophecy
February 17
Submit to Me
February 15
Feast of Purim: Festival with a Prophecy
February 13
Will the Great Tribulation Start in 2011?
China Rising
February 11
Are Nibiru and Revelation’s “Wormwood” One and the Same?
February 9
2015: Blood Red Moon & End Time Events Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6
February 6
Devaluation of the US Dollar **
Forerunners: The Marketplace - 2011
Elder's Waitangi Prophesies Wellington's Destruction **
Maori Elder Predicts Great Earthquake Ravaging Wellington
February 1
Egypt, the Fall of Mubarak and Bible Prophesy
Who is Imam Mahdi?? (Signs of His Return)

January 28
Countdown to Tribulation
January 27
Prophecy Film, Nibiru, Earth Change, Planet X, Poles Shift
January 26
The Final Warning
God, Judgment and the Weather: The Israel Factor
January 25
Ocean Currents Disrupted
January 24
Signs In Nature
A Call to Battle: Let Deborah and Barak Arise!
There Will be an Increase in My Words Released Through My Prophets
January 23
God, Judgment and the Weather: Sovereignty **
January 20
A Time of Many Dangers **
Divine Deliveries
January 19
God, Judgment and the Weather: Six Categories of Signs
Blood Moons, Eclipses and the Return of Christ
January 18
Prophetic Evidence of Cosmic Stellar Catastrophes on Planet Earth
January 16
2011 Global Inflationary Food Crisis Heralds Revelation’s 3rd and 4th Seals **
A Great Saving, Healing, Delivering and Psalms Ministry Is Coming to America
January 14
An Event Is Coming Soon That Will Shock the World
January 12
Powerful Dream and Warning
"And the Moon into Blood"
Beelzebub in a Beaker
January 11
Timeline 2010 to 2019: Events That Could be Very Significant
January 9

Does the Bible Predict a Nuclear Holocaust?

January 5
Rick Joyner's Prophetic Message for America

January 3
Gerald Celente: What’s in Store for 2011

January 2
2011 Predictions for Commodities and More