Internet Access Down in Numerous Areas

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July 27, 2011
By Holly Deyo

Dear Millennium-Ark Family,

This is truly a time to see the BIG picture. (And yes, we deplore that tired phrase, but there is none better.) As you know, since last Friday, July 22, we have experienced unusual Internet outages through Qwest. As of July 27, they generally have their act together again. That said, in addition to this major outage, after everyone else in our area regained service on July 26, 3 households experienced a second drama that again prevented Internet access.

During this major interruption, someone at Qwest then bundled us together at the junction box under the auspices of "Administrative Override". What this means in effect, is that on someone's say-so, they can cut off from service, certain targeted customers. Two of us, and possibly the third whom we didn't know, all are involved in preparedness for our businesses. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Think what this implies. They want to muzzle those of us who help others to be self-sufficient.


Today was the first day in more than 3 MONTHS that Stan and I've taken even a portion of the day off. We drove to Colorado Springs to our favorite restaurant for burgers and peach tea. (Wish you could have joined us!) It was a wonderful, relaxing break!)

While I drove, Stan worked on the wireless modem that would keep us on-line if another Qwest screw-up occurred. Sparing you the details, it's not an easy fix, so we stopped at a mall that had a Verizon outlet. What a surprise! They, too, were experiencing a NATIONWIDE rolling outage of DSL and mobile access. How weird is that!

What are the odds of TWO major carriers simultaneously experiencing Net access difficulties when there have been no CMEs, no unusually horrifically storms, no EMPs, etc.

Couple that information with this news article: DHS Fears a Modified Stuxnet Could Attack U.S. Infrastructure. Remember a few months ago all of the news articles that reported the Internet could subject to a presidential "kill switch"? Many hints of a looming shutdown are surfacing. Should that occur, loss of the Internet will be the least of our concerns. It would be catastrophic and our comfortable lives would take a huge left turn. All of your personal prep skills would shift into high gear.

Like global warming (or not), it really doesn't matter the root cause of climate change – either cyclical or man-made. Weather is slamming earth with HORRIFIC blows and we must be prepared. All of us must deal with the fallout of numerous problems whether it's financial, geophysical or governmental. We can argue that it's due to this or that, but it doesn't change the effects or outcome. We can deal with the consequences: be ready. WE CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS if we are spiritually prepared and physically prepared. Stan's and my books address all aspects of these issues.

I hate to sound conspiratorial, but this smells of cover-up. How easy would it be to extinguish your access to worldwide breaking events under the guise of a virus that kills the Internet? The bottom line is that we must expect and prepare for access to be severed sometime between now and the next 60 days. If there is anything you wish to purchase from our site, please jot down our mailing address and phone number.

Deyo Enterprises LLC
P.O. Box 7711
Pueblo West, CO 81007
719-547-9100 (M - F, 9am - 5pm)
Additionally, if you normally purchase anything off the Internet, we advise that you get those supplies immediately. Regarding the indispensable lists of "must-have" detailed in Dare To Prepare, get busy and get prepared. Get it done. We sense an oppressive feeling of immediacy.

People are being distracted by the prolonged, acrimonious debt ceiling debates in D.C. As long as we are focused on their ridiculous bickering and posturing, it keeps us off balance regarding our own personal preparedness. Truly, in the end, we have only ourselves, our immediate neighbors and community to depend upon. Certainly NOT government for it is now an unwieldy entity with a life-force of its own.

Check with the Video of the Week we linked to on July 27: Monsters of Anarchy - Post Collapse Security Considerations. This is NOT for children. Connect the dots. It warns of what to expect after the Internet shuts down and life is no longer normal – for whatever cooked-up reason – and what lies beyond. It is not pleasant.

We are at the precipice of time when we must take care of our family, our neighbors and friends – without assistance. People will be prepared in varying degrees and none of us wish to consider just how difficult these times will be. Try to ignore the really, really depressing aspects of this video of a world in survival mode. Instead, take away the preparedness nuggets showing where you might fall short. Think of how you can fill these gaps either by better preparing your home or more importantly, how you can Build Community – the name of our newsletter of 15 years ago – as a more forceful, defensible unit.

If ever there were a time to be prepared and plan to be on your own, this is it.

May the Lord bless and protect all believers and lead the others to His light. Time is short. —Stan and Holly