The Next Prophetic Event That Will Happen in the Middle East
What Are the End-Time Prophecies of Islam?

Setting the Record Straight on Rapture
Grant Jeffrey on The Rapture

Dec 31
Well, That’s a Wrap. What’s for Next Year?

At Israel School, Anyone Can Learn to Be a Prophet
Dec 28
Fire By Night: An Hour of Confrontation
Gerald Celente: Top Trends 2013 – War & Peace, An Awakening: Renaissance or Ruin?
Dec 27
Update: Wormwood Appears with 2 Other Objects

10 Predictions for 2013
Prophetic Word for 2013 – repost

A Field of Dreams or Nightmares?

Dec 26
New Obama Antichrist Prophecy – Another Visitation from the Lord – Pastor T.D. Hale Nov. 24th 2012
Glynda Lomax (Wings of Prophecy) Update: From a Millennium-Ark site reader in touch with her. On Dec. 19, he writes: "Glynda was in the hospital for 2 weeks, then spent a week in rehab (through a miracle they took her on charitably). She is now home and recovering slowly but steadily. She still has trouble with her left side and with typing, but I talked to her yesterday and she said she is improving a little bit each day. I know she appreciates your prayers."
Dec 20
Focus on the United States of America

Dec 14
Survey: 1 in 3 Americans See Extreme Weather as a Sign of Biblical End Times

2112 Decoded

10 Days More Before the End of the World
Dec 10
John Paul Jackson: 5 Areas of the Perfect Storm Brewing

Dec 7-8
What the Bible Says About a Palestinian State

Sinkholes, Explosions and Earthquakes

Dec 3
Prophecy, Programming & the Overthrow of the Luciferian Elite

Silver Clippings

Biblical Prophecies and Where We Are on the End Times Timeline (starts 38:20 – HOLLY NOTE: If you are confused about infallible Biblical prophecy and want a clear understanding on End Times, this is likely the most important audio you will ever hear. Caveat: While we don't agree with his timeline for Rapture of the Church, most Christians lose sight that Rapture is not a break-all deal. It matters not to salvation. It is simply a discussion on the promise of The Blessed Hope. Whether people are believers in Christ is the most important issue. Everything lower and beyond that will sort itself out in time. Still, this audio is extremely important for those not well-versed in scripture to understand this important message. Please see our Tribulation timeline.

Nov 30
Palestinian State, Prophecy in Motion?

Nov 28
Your First Priority

Nov 26
So, What Now?

The Cosmic Codes

Nov 23
Martial Law on the Horizon

Beware the King of the South, Precursor to Prophecy?

Vision of Cataclysmic, World Changing Terrorist Attack

Tares Separated; Harvest Begins

Nov 21
The Lord’s Words: “The World is Crumbling. It is Coming Apart. I Am Pulling My Hand Away.”

The Lord’s Words: “Those Who Will be Left Behind Will Become Sober Quickly”

Interesting Rapture Updates

Maya Calendar Truth Revealed

Nov 18-19
A Special Anointing

A Ruinous Heap: …Damascus Will Cease from Being a City

Dream/Vision of the Election

Nov 16
New Euro Currency Shows Woman Riding the Beast

Jesus Came – What's Next?

12th-century Rabbi Predicted Israel's Future: Now His Prophecies About Return of Messiah Are Being Studied

An Encouraging Revelation

Nov 14
The Exponential Curve – Is It a Sign That Jesus Is Returning Soon?
Texas Leads the Rush to Divorce Washington, D.C.

Nov 12
Hal Lindsey on America in Prophecy and Our Greatest Threat
2012 - End Signs Happening?
Prophetic Force Energizing World Agenda

The Australian Prophesy from "Land of Legends"

Nov 9
I Have Chosen Your Leaders in the White House to Do My Biddings. Get Ready.

My Fiery Coals Are at Work on This Day

The Washtub Vision

Nov 8
Enough Is Enough, The Die Has Been Cast

Is California Feeling the Squeeze?

Words to the Wise

Nov 7
Obama, Sandy and the anti-Christ

Come Out of Her

A Harvest in the Midst of Turmoil

Debunking the Mayan Calendar "Prophecy"

A Strange Bird

Nov 5
Prophetic Alert: A Word to America
Bill Salus: The Future of America in Bible Prophecy - Ezekiel 38-39

Nov 2
Major Disaster Events on Both Coasts

Nov 1
A Word for All of Us

Oct 29
2012: The Next 3 Months – HOLLY NOTE: Pay particular attention to the second "Q"

Could 'Frankenstorm' Be a Sign from God?

Oct 26-27
The Visitation

A Perfect Storm

It’s Closer Than You Think

Oct 23
My Time Has Come

Oct 22
I Will Divide the Light from the Darkness

The Kingdom Is Moved from Obama

The Shaking

Oct 17
Eagles are Gathering

Oct 16
Revolution Will Usher in NWO

Oct 15
When Planet's Collide and Armageddon Begins

Oct 12
Romney Candidacy Resurrects Last Days (White Horse) Prophecy of Mormon Saving the Constitution – HOLLY NOTE: Numerous people have sent in this prophecy over the past month, but we've refrained from posting it for 2 reasons. If you don't read to the bottom of this article, you'll miss those 2 reasons: 'Fact: LDS Church leaders have declared it is false. Reaction: Mitt Romney doesn't believe the legend.' Many sites that have posted this 'prophecy' leave out this disclaimer.

Related: When the Constitution “Hangs by a Thread” – The White Horse Prophecy in Modern Mormonism

Forewarning of West Coast 9+ Megaquake / Tsunami?

I Am Coming Soon!

Oct 11
Romney Candidacy Resurrects Last Days Prophecy of Mormon Saving the Constitution

Oct 10
The Late Dumitru Duduman's Vision of America's Red Dawn

Oct 8
Biblical Prophecies & Middle East (starts 38:50 min. in)

Headlines Backing Up Millennia-Old Prophecies

Oct 5
Hold On to Your Dreams

Apocalyptic Predictions of Israel, Iran and Hope for the Future of Mankind

God Warns Many Countries Now!

China and "Kings of the East" Feel Pangs of G-d’s Judgments; Earthquakes, Plate Subductions and Seismic Change
Rapture Alert – The Signs of His Coming

Oct 3
What Are Islam's Prophetic End-Times Signs?

Why Prophetically Does Iran Seek Nukes?

Oct 2
Now Is the Time of My Great Plan

Now Is the Time of My Great Plan – Follow Up

Oct 1
Mayan Experts Race to Convince People That Tribe Did Not Predict an Apocalypse for December

Sept 28
Ahmadinejad Uses UN Address to Call for Arrival of the False Christ and False Prophet

Sept 27
October 16 Release: James Chankin’s Action Thriller “The Mark”

Strategic Couplings

Sept 26
World War 3 Dream – Possible Fulfillment
Why Most People Don't Understand Bible Prophecy
Sept 21
The Darkness Comes

The Lawless One Will Soon Appear

Manifest Destiny

The Coming Leader

Sept 20
Two Visitations from Jesus!

The Lawless One Will Soon Appear

Manifest Destiny

The Coming Leader

Sept 18
Little Warning

Sept 17
Missiles of October
Nephilim, Giants, & Prophecy (starts 39 min. in)
Sept 13
September 12, 2012 Prophetic Revelation!
Sept 10
Zombie Apocalypse
The Dreams I been Having from God (Jesus) Soon Return
Prophetic Signs That We Are in End Times – MINI PIC
10 Reasons Why America May Be the Daughter of Babylon
Prophetic Vision: America’s Destruction Is at Hand!
The War of Gog and Magog: The Greatest Mass of Firepower in Human History
Sept 7
The Die is Cast
Your Final Final Final Warning: Get Ready for the Rapture
Warning: New York and Los Angeles Will Be Hit By a Tsunami

Warning: Riots, Looting, Lawlessness, Martial Law Coming to America

Sept 6
My People Are Not Ready
Sept 4
Prophecies: US Nuked After Obama Re-Election in November

Aug 31
Close the Doors
Aug 30
Here Comes the Bear Again
Hermetic Prophecy
Aug 28
Isaac: Harbinger of Change
Aug 27
Hurricane Isaac and God’s Final Warning to America
Aug 23
Is Revelation History or Prophecy?

Aug 21
Prepare Now to Reap
Bohler Has an Encounter with the LORD (scroll down to August 2)
Aug 20
Maurice Sklar: The Red Horse of War
His Small Still Voice – The Shakings Have Begun
Aug 17
Vision of What's Coming to America – repost, as noted before, this is pretty grim and it you're not steeped in Christ, ignore this.
Meteorites and Dream of Chemical Attack on America
Stakelbeck: The Coming Middle East Wars, Pt 2
The Time of My Chastisement
Aug 14
Coming Russian Nuclear Sneak Attack on America
Aug 13
Yoke of Bondage: A Prophetic Warning for America
Evangelism – the Lord’s Way
Aug 10
Dutchman Builds Exact Replica Noah's Ark After Flood Dream
Life-Sized Noah's Ark Comes to Life

No Longer the Time of Favor
Aug 7
Maurice Sklar on Visions Concerning America and Last Days (information starts about 10:30 min. in)
Sklar Dec. 1, 2011 Prophecy on Dollar Devaluation, Middle East War
Visions from Dallas Revival (May-June, 1985)
A Chilling Scenario of the End of America Foretold
Aug 6
My Vision of the Destruction of America – HOLLY NOTE: In light of Russia moving nuclear missiles to Cuba, it's a good time to revisit A.A. Allen's 1954 vision.
You Are Entering a New Time of Testing
An Urgent Message from Gerald Celente – updated
Aug 2
Spiritual Earthquake for the Church
Yield Now, and Be at Peace – Prepare, for Something Big Is Coming and There Is No Stopping It
Gog and Magog – It's Very Close

An Urgent Message from Gerald Celente
July 30
Moon as Bright as the Sun
The Letters J and H, and 3 Visions That Have Come True
July 27
Why Do You Sleep? I Am Cleaving This Nation.
10 Harbingers of the End of the Present World Order
July 26
Day of Destruction" The Beginning of the Perfect Storm & Rise of the NWO Beast Government
July 25
The House That Stood
July 23
John Paul Jackson, Prophecy Overview, with Details
The Coming Coup d'état
July 20
Difficult Times Are Coming
Possible Timing of Midwest Earthquake
Tribulation Covenant Near
July 18
Titanic or Gethsemane
Is the Mayan End of the World Prophecy Accurate?
July 17
Gordon Michael Scallion's Visions of What North America Will Look Like in the Future

July 16
3 Prophetic Wars – AUTHOR'S NOTE: Russia and China are now moving massive amounts of armament and troops into Syria  MINI PIC
God's Angels of Protection

July 13
The Evil One Seeks to Devour You
My Fire, My Fury!
July 11
Pre-, Mid-, or Postribulational View: Which Position Is Correct?
Three Big Changes
Prophetic Signs That Took Place June 2012
July 6
Fortify Yourselves – HOLLY NOTE: most important prophetic word in a long time
Come See the Elephant!
End Time Preparation - Pray
July 5
2012 – Next 6 Months
July 2
Armageddon a Space War Coming to You Soon, Part 4
June 29
Word for United States
Blueprint - 2012 Prophecy in Motion

June 28
Wildfires? Or a Precursor to Prophecy?
June 27
Author: Bible Predicted Date of Israel's Return
90,000 Troops from Russia, Iran and China Are Being Sent to Syria
I Am He Who Delivers
Why the ‘Berlin Ten’ Are Not the Ten!
I Desire Your Love
June 25
Nukes for Oil – VOW
June 22
America Has Become a Festering Wound
June 20
California Mega-Quake Coming?
Damascus Prophecy Countdown Nuke Destruction Soon!
Armageddon A Space War Coming To You Soon, Part 2
June 19
War Games or Precursor to Prophecy?
June 18
Mid-East Prophecy Update - June 17 (starts 9:09 min. in) 4
June 15
Obama 'Fulfills' Isaiah 9:10 Prophecy – Again
Seek Wisdom

June 14
Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Bible Prophecy Update
June 11
Florida's Hurricane Threats Respite Is Over
Two Missiles Strike the Pentagon
Fallen Angels Return:The Hollywood Agenda / Hybrids / Giants / Transhumanism / Apocalypse
June 8
Prophecy from Mark T. Barclay
Regret or Reward?
June 5
Prophecy of the Popes – VOW 2 (starts 39 min. in, Alex Jones on the Bilderbergs during first hr.)
The Syrian Antichrist
Night Is Coming When No Man Can Work
A Reality Game Show
June 1
The New Age Is Beginning

May 31
Two Missiles Strike the Pentagon

May 30
2012 Doomsday Predictions Happening Right Now
Will You Deny Me?

Prophecy of Diamonds Keeps Israeli Firm Digging
Bishop John H. Koyle: The Prophecies
Phyllis Ford: Word of the Lord June 2012
May 29
Biblical Prophecy Descends on State Capitol
It Will Soon Be Over, All But the Shout (8 Signs in Israel)
Behold I Come
May 25
Tom Horn on Vatican Luciferians & Peter the Roman 1
May 23
Grant Jeffrey on The Rapture
The Rapture: What Is It? Who Will It Affect? When Is It Most Likely to Take Place?
May 22
The Blue Celestial Body
"Angelic Visitation 'Jesus Is Coming!' "
An Angel of the Lord Led Us

May 21
The Two Trumpets
May 18
Change of Seasons

May 15
Ezekiel Enigma
On the Testimony of 3 Witnesses. . .
Mark This Date for Potential Disaster – Isaiah 9:10 Code Suggests Watchful Eye on Specific Day
May 12
1973 David Wilkerson Prophecy – The Vision
Insights on Wilkerson's Prophecy

America, America

May 11
Coming Ice Age

May 10
Obama Is an Abomination

May 9
What Biblical Sign Indicates the Final Collapse of Society?
They Were Looking for Food
The Free Gift of Food
Further Down the Line
May 7
Watchman Warning: Is Rome Reviving?
Return to Jekyll Island
America in Prophecy: A Transhuman Replicant Future

May 4

Silliness, Bad Reporting or Skewed Polls?
1 in 7 Thinks End of World Is Coming
1 in 10 Thinks End of World Is Coming
1 in 5 Thinks End of World Is Coming
May 3
Great Earthquake of Epic Proportions Impedes Travel, Drought
President Reagan and an Alien Presence Among Us

May 2
Gods Final Warning! The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch in Your Life!
May 1
Important Word of the Lord for May 2012 by Prophet Phyllis Ford
The End of America
Manifestations of a Rising Antichrist System!

Significant Matrix on Death of Andrew Breitbart & Coroner
April 25
Warning to World About Where We Are in Prophecy

April 19
Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones

April 18
The Ring of Fire Is Awakening
April 16
The Blue Celestial Body
Jihadists Sent Back Causes Uproar
Rick Coombes: America the Babylon Speaker 
April 13
Mega-Quake – Rapture – Thermonuclear War
A Time of Many Transitions

April 11
4 Horses of the Apocalypse Unleashed

April 10
Image of Pres. in Joe Brandt's 1937 Dream of Coming California Earthquake  –  must see, the message of the last 3 minutes confirms a dream/vison Stan had on April 3, 2012 –
The Time of the Gentiles Is Finished  VOW 1
A Child's Warning Dream: Tsunamis Are Coming to the USA! – 
3 HOLLY NOTE: The number of people getting a very similar prophetic message is increasing greatly.
April 9
Warning to Get Spiritual Houses in Order – Again

Prepare for War
Warnings from Your Father God About Mega-Tsunamis
April 6
Tru News: End Time Events and How Christians Must Prepare for the Coming "Perfect Storm" – NOTE: Interesting message, but it doesn't appear that the speaker allows for Christ's millennial reign as outlined in Rev. 20:1-6.

April 5
American Earthquake Brings Revival
Apostate Leaders Fleecing the Sheep
April 4
Psalm 83 – A Prophecy in Process
The Coming Storm
April 3
The Time of the Gentiles Is Finished
April 2
A Serious Warning of Biblical Proportion
Warning to Get Spiritual Houses in Order

March 29
The Day the USA Will Be Nuked

Release What Is No Longer Useful
Escaping Judgment By Abiding in Christ
March 28
An Urgent Warning Dream from Pastor T.D. Hale on America's Future 1
Jerusalem Is Mine!
March 25
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Decodes Ancient Mystery Foretelling America's Future Pt 1, Pt 2 – VOW 1
March 22
Statue of Liberty Falls to Its Knees
Trapped By the Beast
March 21
The Shaking Is Beginning

March 19
More Obama Bright Ideas
March 16
100-Year-Old Prophecy
Strange Sounds in the Atmosphere
Unions Not of Me
March 13
Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth Part 1: Harbinger – the Warning for America Pt 1, Pt 2
Harold Camping Admits He Was Wrong About End of World Prediction
March 12
Hal Lindsey on Mainstream Media Spin/Control, Koran Burnings, Iran Nukes and the Prophesied "Strong Delusion"

March 9
This Year
March 8
Hook in the Jaw
Great Geophysical and Geopolitical Events
Make HASTE to Get All Your Supplies
March 7
The Pattern Is Now Set for the End Time Events
March 5
The Walls Are Coming Down
An Urgent WARNING DREAM from the Lord to America
March 1
And There Shall Be Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars - 2012
February 27
Hal Linsdsey: Prophecy of America's Economic Downfall and Syria's Ultimate Destruction – VOW 1
Prophets of Doom – VOW 2

February 24
Chief Seattle's Prophecy: America 2012, The End of Living and the Beginning of Survival
2012 – Is the World on the Prophetic Brink?

February 22
Pause for Effect

February 21
Preparations for War
February 20
Signs of Jesus' Return
The Meat Grinder Vision

February 16
Jesus is Coming Soon! We Are Living on Borrowed Time
February 13
Mary Clark on The Apocalypse

February 10
I Am Stirring Up Nations

February 6
West Coast Earthquake Dream

February 3
Handwriting on the Wall: Lessons from Daniel Chapter 5 on Future of America and Coming Middle East War

February 2
Provoking God's Judgement

February 1
Re: Dream of Giant EQ

2012 Message – Another New Madrid Fault Warning
January 31
Confirmation of "Dream of a Giant Earthquake on the New Madrid"
January 30
Dream of a Giant Earthquake on the New Madrid

January 26
Bobby Conner: The Keys to Overcome Evil

January 24
Dumitru Duduman's Warning to America

January 23
History Channel's Nostradamus 2012 Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10 VOW 2
The Confrontation of Nuclear Iran by Daniel’s Greco-Roman He-Goat
The Eagle and the Fox
January 20
Accuracy of Bible Prophecy
Can Math Prove the Accuracy of Bible Prophecy?

January 19
Epic World War between East and West Will Be at the Time of the End

January 18
Why Do You Play Still
Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Allies Will Attack and Invade Israel

January 17
Virginia/Maryland Tsunami
Hook in the Jaw?
Watch the Northwest

January 16
China Rising and Its Alignment with Prophecy – VOW

January 14
Just One Roar of the Lion
Be Not Puffed Up

January 9
Predictions and Prognostications for the Coming Age
Vision of the Wounded Lambs

The Coming Shift in 2012 – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 VOW
January 3
David Wilkerson: Earthquakes Coming to the United States
USA Will be Split 3 Ways – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4

January 2
2011 Geopolitical Events Seemingly Prewritten in the Bible Could be Fulfilled in 2012
The City of “New Jerusalem” Coming Down