The Coming Economic Meltdown

April 18, 2013
Deborah Onyschuk
Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Stan and Holly,

I just wanted to give you a heads up on something that may, or may not be of import, but my 'spidey senses' tell me that there's something to this.

I am the furthest thing from being an informed person in economics, but one thing that the Lord graciously gave me was a strong sense of when 'something's coming,' which I call my 'spidey senses.' I know that my claims to the possibilities that O may very well be the one to usher in the beast even before his first election sounds extreme, and I get that. You kind of get used to people thinking you're a little looney sometimes. But please allow me a moment to elaborate on some other events that have happened in my life, which may lend some credence to validity of these spidey senses.

1) It began when I was very young. Between the age of around five to six, I had a brother 18 months younger than me. We were joined at the hip, rarely ever went anywhere without the other. He contracted an extremely rare disease and was hospitalized for more than a year I believe. I wasn't permitted to visit him at the hospital, their rules due to my age. One day upon my mother's return from visiting him, she was holding a wind-up musical donkey he'd received as a gift. The instant I saw it, I knew that he had died. I kept asking if he had and no one would speak to me, not even to confirm that I was right, which I was. I took off on my bicycle crying my head off, I knew he was dead.

2) When I was 10 years old, I had an argument after supper with my sister who was 8 years older than me ... a very heated argument, but it was my fault and she had good reason to be upset with me. Her boyfriend came to pick her up to go out for the night to visit another of our sisters who didn't live at home. I threw myself at her, wrapping my arms around her neck, trying to hold her down by my weight, crying and begging her not to leave. I said if you leave, something VERY terrible is going to happen to you!!! I begged and begged and cried, but everyone got upset with me, forced me to let go of her and she left.

I woke up the next morning around 6am. I had the most horrific feeling that something was wrong. I went to the kitchen and my parents were already up which wasn't normal for them at that hour on the weekend, sitting at the breakfast nook. I asked, where's 'Faye?' They said she was in the hospital, but that she was fine and would be coming home shortly. I said 'She's not coming home, mom!' They 'tisked' me and said she was fine, repeating she'd come home soon. I said again, 'She's NOT fine, she's NOT coming home!' They shipped me outside to play, they were annoyed with me.

I went to a friend's house, and was in their back yard when I saw my parents drive off down the alley. I said to my friend, my sister just died, they're going to the hospital. Indeed, by the time they got there she had died. You see, her boyfriend had been drinking, and drove into a cement road divider while taking a corner onto a bridge. My sister went flying beneath the steering wheel, and that force had snapped her main artery in her neck. My parents had said that all she had was a bruise on her forehead, but she'd complained of a severe headache, and the doctor overlooked possibilities of a broken artery.

3) My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was 13. She suffered greatly for 2 years, and was used like a guinea pig with numerous 'experiments.' This went on for 2 years, with most of her time spent in hospital. She was degrading quickly, and it was quite apparent that she was going to go soon. Someone within our family was always with her day and night due to the neglectfulness of nurses giving her her pain shots. One day I just knew this was the day. I felt when we left the hospital that it was our last time seeing her. Not long after we got home, the pastor from our church came over to give us the news that she was gone.

4) When I was 18 I was sitting on a chair in my apartment, and this horrific feeling of foreboding and fear came over me. For no reason whatsoever, just out of the blue, and I had a difficult time shaking it. It wasn't till later that I was infomed that my father had been in the hospital to run some tests where they'd injected dye into his system, and he had an allergic reaction to it. It almost took his life.

5) I'm not sure how old I was when I had this dream, but I was in my 20's I believe. I dreamt that I had pulled up to the driveway of my father's house, and there was my father lying on the cement driveway with a huge hole in his chest over his heart. I had my hands over the hole trying to stop the bleeding and was screaming for someone to help me. It was one of those dreams that seem so real, that you never forget. Every time I thought of that dream, I'd cry, thinking that it was a sign.

Almost 13 years ago, it happened similar to what I had dreamed. My father was moving into our house to live with us, and he'd gone to his house to get some things. Some friends of my father's came to my house looking for him. They said his car was in his driveway but he wasn't answering the door. So we went to dad's house together. I walked in the back door calling his name, but he wasn't answering. Then I got to the hallway in front of the bathroom and he was lying on the floor face down. For all my might, I couldn't turn him over, so I yelled to my dad's friend to come help me. He'd had a heart at tack. His body was already cold, and his face was all sorts of horrific colors from the blood settling in that position. I'd already called 911 before turning him over, and they were forcing me to give him CPR despite his condition ... the guy was yelling at me to do things, possibly because I was hyperventilating from the shock, but it was hard to take with him yelling at me and my father in the condition he was and trying to give him mouth to mouth at the demands of the guy on the cell phone. Of all the things that have happened in my life, that was the most traumatizing. Anyway, point being, is this dream that I had ... I believe that it was a foreshadow of what would come years down the road.

I could go on with numerous other events, but many would think I'm nothing more than a whack job. Suffice it to say that I've had no doubts that the spiritual realm is real from a very young age.

So, back to the issue at hand ... I didn't tell you any of this for any sympathy, only to attempt to provide some evidence of 'knowing' that something's going to happen, as the Lord puts things into my heart and spirit. Some might call it a gift, but given that it's always been linked to something related to troubles and some scary things, I've learned to bury that. Until I ran across the scripture a while back which says not to quench the Holy Spirit or despise prophecy.

Now, I've been having a sense that something is going to happen, a severe economic meltdown that will affect the U S and Canada at the very least, but we will be directly affected. But anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows something will happen, we just don't know when. I've had this eerie feeling that I can't shake that interest rates are going to soar in our near future ... people will lose their homes and businesses, many jobs will vanish as a result, etc.

Mortgages in Canada are done very differently than they are in the U S ... I know this after many long emails with a dear friend in California, attempting to explain it, which is rather lengthy. But the gist of it works like this ... it's nearly unheard of to find 20, 25 or 30 year mortgages here. When you apply for a mortgage, the banks will base it on the assumption that you're going to pay it off within let's say 25 years. But one of the longest terms that you can find here is for 5 years. So if you choose a 5-year term, at the end of the term, you renew for the next 5 years. Many people will actually get 2 and 3-year terms because the interest rate will be lower ... the longer the term, the higher the rate.

We still had another 1.5 years left on our first 5-year term in this house, but I've had this foreboding feeling that if I didn't renew early, it would be very difficult meeting mortgage payments due to really high interest rates upon renewal. There is always a penalty for renewing your mortgage early, or for refinancing or switching to another bank, which is typically 3 month's worth of interest.

I went to the bank on Monday and made an appointment to speak to a rep about requirements they'd have from me for paperwork (i.e. previous year's tax files, etc), and what the penalty would be for renewing early. That was even before I knew that the precious metals had just taken a 2nd smash in 2 business days. The rep asked me why I wanted to renew early, and I said I had this 'feeling' that interest rates are going to go up soon. She said she felt it too!

The appointment was Wednesday afternoon. Again I was asked why I wanted to renew early, and she also agreed that the rates will go up soon, and she said definitely well before my term was up, even though I could have renewed 120 days early ... so roughly within 1 year, but I feel it's probably sooner than that. I'm not sure who she spoke with during our appointment but I think it was the branch manager, and he also said that he feels it's going up soon. A second and third witness?

Then it came down to calculating the penalty for early renewal. The rep couldn't believe what she was seeing ... it was saying that I would not have a penalty for renewing. She verified it with a couple of people to be certain. There's absolutely no reason that this should have happened. The term that I had was a floating rate, which means prime plus whatever their branch lends above that. But it was only a floating rate for either the first 2, or 3 years, I forget which. After say the 3rd anniversary date, it automatically kicked in to lock in at whatever the rate is at that time, plus the bank's additional rate. It never happened, it never locked in for some unknown reason! And because it was only a floating rate and not locked in, it was the only reason that I wasn't charged a penalty for early renewal!

The house is in my name only, but my husband had to sign consent when we got this mortgage 3.5 years ago since we're married. I was expecting the same requirement, but she said she didn't require his signature since he's not on the mortgage. I went into this appointment only expecting to find what would be required from me and what the losses would be for early renewal.

When I've had a mortgage renewal with the previous house we owned, I was required to present 3 year's worth of the previous tax files, and they ran a credit audit on me to know what my liabilities were, ensuring that I earned enough to meet the required minimum ratio levels of income vs debt. But the rep didn't as much as look into my outstanding credit or history, and neither did she require previous tax files. No paperwork whatsoever, it was all done in a matter of minutes ... bingo bango I had a new mortgage term locked in at 2.89% for the next five years! And it's actually lower than it was at this current floating rate, which I was paying at 3%. The rep couldn't understand why that happened either, but that's the rate her records sputtered forth. It felt like the Lord's hand was in this, it truly did, with everything happening so easily and painlessly!

I'm sorry that this got so long-winded to read. My point that I am attempting to make is a warning that interest rates may soon soar. I don't know for certain, as I can't say that the Lord has shown this to me or not ... it's a very strong feeling that I've had which I can't shake though. I feel comfort in the sense that we'll have a roof over our heads for the next 5 years, providing we're able to maintain mortgage payments if the economy takes a huge dive. I feel if I don't sound a warning that it will be my head for not doing so, and I don't want anyone to suffer who's able to prepare having the forewarning.

Ezekiel 33:6

'But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes [any] person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand.'

God bless!