Important Request from Stan

June 1, 2013
Stan Deyo

In 1969, I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) as described in The Vindicator Scrolls, my second book. It changed me forever, but not until 3 years later. Guess I was a slow learner. ;-) At the time, I was not a believer.

More and more people are given this gift in these End Times – albeit it at price: you have to die. As my wife, Holly, says we who have experienced this get a unique peek. For the majority who undergo this, it is a physically painful experience. However this journey gifts that person with a life-changing experience – and hopefully, one that changes others as well.

Whether you were shown a vision or Heaven or Hell, all lessons are valuable. For a fair few, they see a life rewarded. By far, most are given a lesson of how to correct their own lives – as did I – and why. These lessons are given without judgment. So don't be embarrassed if you were shown a harsh outcome. God loves you beyond all else, which he why he chose YOU for this experience.

That is the gift to the recipient, and hopefully, to all who read your account. They show us how to change our daily living to be the best we can in God's sight. Whatever your experience, it is invaluable – especially to people who don't believe in an afterlife, don't believe in God and for those who think their lives have no effect on others. If nothing else, NDEs reveal the 'ripple-down' effect of how everything we do and say affect others in a very real way and we are assessed accordingly.

Please send me your experience with as much rich detail as possible. For those who have not been given this gift, they must rely on ours – in as real terms as possible – to make it meaningful. Explain how you came to your NDE. Were you sick and with what? Were you in an accident? Describe how you moved from your place on Earth to wherever you went. Share what you saw, felt, smelled, who you saw, heard, were you happy, dismayed or scared, if someone or 'someones' or animals met you, who, and what was the relation? Once there, what happened? What did you see? Explain this in every sharp detail you can recall. What was the experience? Give as many specifics as you can. Sink back into that experience, smell it, live it, feel it, recall every little thing. These details are that important. What may seem insignificant to one may trip another person's trigger. Peoples' lives may depend on you as these accounts are real life witnesses to God's plan for every person. Please send your experience here.

With thanks and may the Lord bless you for sharing,