Dream of Missiles Raining Down on America, Chipping Follows

May 30, 2013
written by Rachelle

The dream started out with me standing in an office building off the I-60 in the East Valley in Mesa, AZ. It was a normal, sunny day and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary taking place. As I was looking out the window, I noticed something that looked like an airplane fall out of the sky and hit the ground. Upon further inspection, I realized it was not a plane but rather a missile! The missile was all white in color with red block letters on the side of it saying “U.S.A”.  

I was then outside of the office building on the freeway looking up, seeing more missiles falling from the sky around me, although none hit me directly. Many people were on the freeway as well, all walking east and no cars were present. I remember wondering to myself how anyone could think this was an act of terrorism originating from another country (apparently this is the official story that was/would be told), since the word “U.S.A” was actually written on the missiles themselves! I just got a sick feeling in my stomach as I realized that the day finally arrived that would change America forever. I knew the day was coming, but now it was finally here and I could not believe this was actually taking place. I knew from this point forward, America would never be the same. I remember that I kept wishing so bad that this was only a dream and that I’d wake up from this horror, but it wasn’t a dream, this was really happening. I also was so surprised at how this event came out of nowhere and with absolutely no warning. One minute everything was fine, the next minute missiles are falling from the sky. I was sick as I realized that this was the event that would take away our freedoms. I continued to walk east, as I knew my house was in that direction and hoping to get there soon and off the freeway. 

Intermixed with the “regular” people walking on the freeway that were unaware that this event was about to take place were individuals that that were in on the event, knew of its happening and were possibly part of the NOW.   At one point, I was sitting with a little boy, who had a Bible in his hand. He was showing one of the people (a woman) that was behind this evil event the Bible, and showing her that this had all been prophesied many years ago in the Bible. She laughed at him saying how naive he was for actually believing that the Bible was true. I realized how tricky and manipulative these people were to get the rest of us (Christians) to discount the Bible and the truth. At one point I was kneeling down on the freeway continuously pleading the Blood of Jesus over me for safety and protection.

As I continued to walk east, a woman (one of the NWO people), pulled me aside and said she had to place a chip of some sort of device in my arm (between my elbow and shoulder). I wasn’t told its purpose but I suspected it was some type of tracking device. I told her I didn’t want it in my arm. She said, “But you don’t understand, it’s not optional, it’s mandatory!”. I asked her if I could think about it, to give myself an “out” and more time to dodge having it inserted in my arm. 

At that point, I woke up immediately. I was so thankful it was only a dream because in the dream it all appeared so real that I was even wishing in the dream that it was only a dream. From this dream, I took away the following. The events unfolding (at least some of them) are “inside” jobs, although it will be blamed on other countries. These events will take place with absolutely no advance warning at a time that all seems “well”. Manipulation and deception will be used so you better know what you believe as truth!