Sudden Destruction Dream

June 29, 2013
Written by AngelWings7
Inspired by The Holy Spirit

This morning (06-29-13) the Lord gave me a dream/vision which was so powerful and indicative of "Sudden Destruction" on America that I wanted to share it with you.

In my dream/ vision I could see many missiles flying in the sky and also in the ocean depths.  There were people scrambling, screaming, running for their lives, hiding in the mountains trying to get cover.
There was chaos all around, destruction -- everything destroyed by these missiles. I saw the missiles flying in the sky and in the ocean.

I saw them pass right by me, but NOT ONE hit me.  I was being protected by the Lord.

The oceans were roaring and violent like a tsunami and the waves were swallowing people up that were on the shore. The violent waves were swallowing everything in its sight. There was no way of escaping this devastating event. 
There were also fires breaking out due to the missiles and the fiery explosions. Furthermore, buildings, homes, everything in sight was crumbling to the ground. While all this was happening I was able to witness the catastrophic events.

Then suddenly I felt this wind.  My body began to lift off from the ground. I was beginning to head to the sky at a rapid rate of speed. 

As this was happening, the people on the ground were in awe and in shock when the Bride of Christ was ascending into the clouds.

The Lord gave me the understanding that soon things will never be the same again. Sudden destruction and the wrath/judgment of God is coming upon America due to her sinful ways, disobedience and not following the laws of God. 
Time is running out. The Lord is at the door to take the Bride of Christ home very soon. Keep looking up!!!!!!!!