What's Coming

August 4, 2013
Rosie Lovejoy

had just begun a fast where the LORD asked me to spend time with HIM, rather than zoning out watching evening TV after I had completed the milking.  I was instructed to forgo the TV, and instead get into HIS WORD. And so I began with the question,

“LORD, what would you have me read? What do you want me to know?”

And so I opened my Bible to Amos Chapter 5. I began reading and chills went throughout my body.  I was reading about today. All I had to do was substitute current names for ancient names, and the message was prescient and alarming.

When I had read all I could stomach, I knew that the LORD wanted to talk with me.  And so I began with a very simple prayer, “LORD, I feel you want to speak with me.  What are you wishing to say to me?”

The answer was immediate:  “First my Daughter bind any demonic voices or spirits that may want to interfere with our time together.”

I did so.

“Now, my Daughter, a great adventure for you is about to begin.

(When I heard the words “great adventure” I began to freak out. HE has taken me on other “great adventures” where I have been stretched, disciplined, scrubbed and turned inside out. I did not want another “great adventure!”)

I hear your groans. I feel your fear at My words.  DO NOT BE AFRAID! Am I not your Creator who loves you with an unfathomable love? Am I not the One who warned you to “move away from the coast to higher ground?”  Am I not the One who healed you and gave you back your life?

I had you read AMOS because there are great and powerful changes on the horizon. Just as I warned Israel and Judah countless times of impending judgment, so too, I have warned your nation. The corruption and injustice are more than you can fathom.

Just as I destroyed Jerusalem, so too will I destroy the seat of the Serpent, Washington DC. The ones in power laugh at the warnings. They participate in demonic rituals to keep them safe. They have built underground bunkers and underground railways that criss-cross your nation. They have stored the best of food for themselves. They have deprived the nation’s people of the ability to protect themselves during the coming war. *

They believe they will triumph. And they will for a time. Then I will stand up and roar. They will scatter like fleas, but I will catch them.  Each and every one of them will be caught.

You doubt that Colville is A Place of Refuge [Pics: www.city-data.com/city/Colville-Washington.html]. You see so much thievery and un-holiness here. Yet I assure you that MY HAND is on this place, and MY ANGELS are assigned the task of keeping it, and you, safe.

I have told you before and am telling you again:

·        War is coming to your land.  It will be fought on your soil.

·        Famine is coming to your nation.  It is caused by your nation’s refusal to repent.

·        The bankers of your nation have looted your wealth and sinned against the poor. They shall not go unpunished.

·        The skies shall burn and your nation shall burn.  Yet My Places of Refuge, My Green Pastures, shall not be touched.

Through it all I shall have a remnant who “shines like the sun.” She shall administer justice to the poor, feed the hungry, bind up the wounds of the sick and injured.  Miracles shall follow her wherever she goes. She shall be armed with my love, not worldly weapons, and she shall prevail.

I have use of you My Daughter, just as I have use of all those who seek MY WILL and who seek to walk in OBEDIENCE to My voice.”

Now stand back and watch what I am able to do in your life and all the lives of those who walk humbly before their GOD.

It is well for you My Daughter. It is well. You have nothing to fear.

But the gang of thieves who have taken over your nation, they have much to fear from Me.

No rest and know that I truly am in control, and My plans for you are good and only good.”

I sat with this message for about an hour, and then could not stand the mystery one more second. So I asked:

“LORD, what is this “great adventure?” Can you tell me now?”

His reply:

“It is an adventure into the depths of My LOVE for you.  It is well with your soul. Be at peace.

You shall know joy again, My Daughter.”

* Rosie understood “deprived the people” to mean the purchase of a billion + rounds of ammunition by DHS, thus making it unavailable to the American public for their personal protection.