Prepare for What's Coming – the Worst

December 10, 2013
Doug MacCallum

Word from the Lord returning from Boise, ID.

12/5/13 Thursday

Prepare for the worst.

There will be nuclear devastation as well as weather related devastation.

There will be food riots, raping, murder, and all out barbarism.

There will be great darkness, naturally and spiritually.

YOU are My Lights! Let Me consume all of you, for then your Lights will be greater.

My Hand will be upon each one of you as you yield to Me.

Open your hearts to Me, for there are the issues of Life, My Life.

In your waking and your sleeping, I will be there.

You need not fear the enemy, for I have overcome him.

He knows his time is late and he will do all he can to cause you to stumble and many will because they have not fully trusted Me.

My Word will guide you. My Spirit will speak to you as you need instruction, but also comfort and encouragement.

For at the right time I will unleash My Power in ways not yet seen, and has been stored up in My secret armory for many ages, for just this hour.

But, do not focus on My wonders, but remain focused on Me.

Do not expect with your expectation, but stay focused on Me and My timing for then My Power will be used with pinpoint accuracy and will accomplish what I intend.

All is ready My Beloved. This will be your finest hour in this place of time. For this is also your final preparation for My Plan for you after I return with you, to rule and reign with Me.

Have Faith in all that I said. My Words are Truth and Life, and you will be My Mighty Warrior Bride for Me to display to all creation.

Eye has not seen nor ear heard what I AM about to unleash.

Have I not said that if you will humble yourself under My mighty Hand, I will exalt you in due time.