Predictions for 2014

December 18, 2013
Clint Young

Here are some predictions for 2014.  I (Clint) have put a percentage of likelihood in parenthesis.

1.  Violence will increase yet again in 2014 (100%).  This is almost a given.  There are a lot of reasons for this increase.  But that would be a long essay in itself.  It is becoming more and more important to be aware of what is going on around you and to take some minimal defensive measures.  I carry a 3.5 inch blade on me at all times.  It is not much but someone without a gun is going to think twice about tangling with me when I have that blade in hand.  The knife I carry is a SOG Aegis which only weighs around 3 oz.  Wonderful, light weight knife given to me by two of my sons.  I use it mainly for opening boxes and cutting string, etc. when needed.  Hope I never need it for defensive purposes.  I do plan to start carrying a small profile, very light weight pocket gun in 2014.  But the pocket gun I am looking at costs around $600 and that is way out of my purchasing ability at present.  The pocket gun I will look at first is the Kahr PM9.

2.  The value of the United States Dollar (USD) will continue to go down  (100%).  I live in a rather nice neighborhood.  Most of those around me are in the upper middle class.  These neighbors have been spending a lot lately fixing up their homes and buying new vehicles.  Basically, they have been spending their money on major purchases that are looking out for the next 10 years.  These neighbors did not get what they have by being stupid.  They can see a further devaluation of the USD coming in the near future and are spending what money or credit they can now to procure what they think they will need in the next 5 to 10 years.  I have noticed that many food items have gone up in price in the last few months.  I just listened to a Lindsey Williams video last night where he is saying there will be a global reset within the next 3 months.  If this happens it will cause a 30% devaluation of the USD relative to other global currencies.  If this event does happen, look to pay 30% more on most imported items.

3.  Lindsey Williams is saying there is a coming currency global reset (25%).  I don't know if he is right or not.  So I only give this a 25% chance of happening between now and March 31st, 2014.  If this happens, it will change all of our lives significantly.  Mainly it will cause the value of the USD to go down 30% world wide.  Add 30% cost to imports Americans now buy and that will cause some major impacts on most Americans.  Those that live on retirement based on the USD will be very affected regardless of where they live.  If this event occurs then the value of the Viet Nam Dong and the value of the Iraq dinar will go up significantly in value.  If you want to have some ideal of how this may affect you, then just think of adding 30% to the cost of gasoline.  We will be looking at $4 plus gasoline costs.

4.  The quality of food will continue to go down (100%).  I food shop for my family.  It is getting more difficult and costly to purchase high quality foods for the family.  But I do think it is most important to do so to insure your family's health.  Buy quality foods even if they cost more.  This will save you doctor bills in the long run and will increase life if your food selections are wise.

5.  Major natural disasters will continue to increase (100%).  I do believe that Planet X or Object X in our solar system is causing major effects on the sun and the earth.  This object will come much closer to the inner solar system in 2014 causing many more weather disruptions in the world, including the USA.  In addition there will be more earthquakes and volcanoes.  Perhaps I am wrong about the cause of increased natural disasters.  But I find Planet X or Object X to better define what is happening than any other theory.

6.  Gold and Silver will bottom out in price (70%).  I don't know if the price of gold and silver has bottomed yet.  But I do believe that sometime in 2014 that the price of these 2 will bottom.  If there is a global currency reset, it looks like the price of gold could go up 30% in 2014.  But I am not saying that either gold or silver has reached its bottom yet.

7.  Obtaining quality health care for most will become more difficult in 2014 (100%).  Recently I spent a lot of time improving the family's dental health care.  Fortunately, I was able to find one good general dentist that will significantly help the family improve dental health in 2014.  This was not a small effort.  I spent days researching the best way to achieve good dental care for our family at the lowest cost.  I do not trust most general dentist and you should not either.  There are way too many of them that do not offer good services regardless of what you are paying.  This is also true about the doctors.  So patient beware now and even more so in the future especially since there is an impending federal health care system that is designed to eventually control all health care in the USA.

Well these are 7 predictions I have for 2014.  I am ready for the changes and the challenges.  By the grace of God and with His help we can face what the future brings.  It is just going to require a closer walk with Him and listening a whole lot better to His instruction and guidance.