If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935


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Mother Deer Asks Man to Save Her Baby – HOLLY NOTE: This is absolutely beautiful and the ending will melt your heart! – video of the day 1
Crying Bear Mom Leads Man To Her Dying Cub, But The Man Was Shocked When The Bear… – video of day 3
Giraffe and Baby Deer Share A Dear Moment Together – video
Osprey Withstands Hail Storm – video
Abandoned Little Dog Becomes The Happiest Dog After Being Rescued – video
Masai Giraffes Are Nearing Critically Endangered Status
Just One NSAID Can Harm a Pet
Sad Stray Pup Can't Hold Emotions During Reunion with His Lost Mom – HOLLY NOTE: This will absolutely warm your heart. – video
Giant Invasive Snails Prompt Quarantine In Florida – video
'Bobcat Fever' Deadly To House Cats: What You Need To Know – video
Florida County Under Quarantine Due To Invasive Giant Land Snail
Massive Bear Breaks Into Colorado Home, Devours Pork Chops – video
Wildlife Officers Plan To Euthanized That Bear
Baby Seal Climbs Onto Surfboard In Pacific Near San Diego – video
Record 30 Hummingbirds at Impromptu Pool Party – video
Some People Are Mosquito Magnets – It Could Be the Soap They’re Using
Furever Friends! Shelter Dogs Called Brenda And Linda Are Adopted Together After Adorable Video Showed Brenda Jumping Over Kennel Wall To Spend Time With Best Pal
The Dogs of Chernobyl Are Experiencing Rapid Evolution, Study Suggests
Just One NSAID Can Harm a Pet
Incredible Discovery: 5,000 New Underwater Species Found
Bison Lunges At Tourist Breaking The Rules – video
Colorado Dog Missing Over 5 Weeks Found Miles From Home By Mountain Hiker
Incredible Discovery: 5,000 New Underwater Species Found
Bison Lunges At Tourist Breaking The Rules – video
Colorado Dog Missing Over 5 Weeks Found Miles From Home By Mountain Hiker
Orangutan in Kentucky Zoo Asks To See Human Baby – video
4 Great White Sharks Detected In Waters off NY and NJ
Service Dog Receives College Diploma, Walks Graduation Stage With Sheepskin In His Mouth
MAY 26
Bear Burnout: Officials Expand Bear-Resistant Products Program As Grizzlies Tire Of Testing
Why Yellowstone National Park Visitors Should Be Extra Careful Around Elk Right Now
Dad Killed Walking Ducks Across Street Remembered For 'Final Act Of Kindness'
Fox Squeals With Joy When She Gets Some Tender Loving Care – video
Highly Intelligent and Possibly Invincible Super Pigs Are Invading America
Bison Calf Holding Up Traffic in Yellowstone National Park is Watched Over by Herd – video
MAY 19
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Says It Has Already Received 173 Reports Of Bear Activity In 25 Colorado Counties This Year.
New Eradication Zone Established And 600 Hives Destroyed as NSW Bee Industry Battles Varroa Mite
Update: Major Blow For Beekeepers As New Varroa Mite Cases Detected in Hunter, Central Coast
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bear Tries To Break Into Colorado Home – HOLLY NOTE: Read the other day that bears are extremely intelligent and clever with their paws. This video certainly shows their dexterity. No brown or grizzlies here but the occasional black bear shows up. I expect Stan to take care of this.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Says It Has Already Received 173 Reports Of Bear Activity In 25 Colorado Counties This Year.
Related: More Deadly Varroa Mite Infestations Uncovered, NSW Farmers Worry About 'Long-Lasting Impacts'
Woodland Hills Man Comes Face-To-Face With Coyote That Entered Through Doggie Door
'One of World's Oldest Lions' Killed After Preying On Livestock
Golden Retriever Doesn't Want To Leave Playground – video
New Group Of Butterflies Named After 'Lord of the Rings' Villain
Unique Red Wolf Puppies Born At Zoo – video
160-Pound Wolf Dog Is Obsessed With This Woman – video of day 2
New State of Minnesota Warns Pet Owners About Dog Flu Outbreak – It's Also in North Carolina and Oklahoma Recently – video
Reviewing Luna's Performance As A Dog! – video of day
Elephant Gets Artificial Foot To Replace One Lost In A Trap – video
Animals Are Dying in Droves. What Are They Telling Us?
Thoughts on the Death of My Dog – HOLLY NOTE: This editorial isn't maudlin as the title might sound. Well respected talk show host and author Dennis Pager makes some wonderful points and anyone who has been loved by a dog can relate. ED OF DAY 1
Baby Gorilla Meets Little Deer, Offers It A Kiss – Wholesome Interaction Between The Baby Gorilla and Muntjac – starts at around 3 minutes – video
Watch These Dog Best Friends FaceTime Each Other – video
Are Mixed Breeds Really Healthier Than Purebred Dogs?
Thousands of Sheep Herded Along Idaho Highway – video
After Spending Life at Roadside Zoo, Chimps Share Emotional Hug in New Sanctuary Home
Ex-Racehorse Destined for Kill Pen Rescued by Woman Who Helped Raise Her – video
Frisbee Or Ball? A Conundrum For One Dog – video
A Lost Dog Treks 150 Miles Across Alaskan Sea Ice Before He’s Reunited with His Family
A Bald Eagle Named Murphy Went Viral For Adopting A Rock At A Missouri Bird Sanctuary. Now, He's a Foster Father To An Orphaned Eagle Chick.
Tears of A Pregnant, Malnourished Mama Dog Rushed Into My Car to Ask for Help – video
Sugar high Real-life 'Coke Bear' Bashes Car Window, Guzzles 69 Cans Of Soda – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't as uncommon as you might think. Not long after we moved here, in August 2001, a bear got into the local Pepsi warehouse and swilled the raspberry syrup barrel. She was in there 5 days swigging syrup.
Tiny Dog Wants To Catch The Wipers – video
Goldens Gather To Honor Legendary Boston Marathon Dog – video
Bear Interrupts Man’s Relaxing Afternoon On The Patio In North Carolina
First Wild Beaver In Wales In Years
North America's Largest Bird In Trouble? – video
Strange, Blue Jelly Creatures Wash Up On CA Beaches
NCBA Statement Correcting Internet Falsehoods About mRNA Vaccines in Cattle
The Extraordinary Bond Between People and Pets
The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2022
Pet Dog Dies Of Avian Flu In Canada In First Case Of Its Kind
Oklahoma Stray Dog Runs Up To Woman and Leads Her To Incredible Surprise
Intimate Look At First Moments After Eagle Egg Hatches On Live Stream – video
5 Unexpected Dog Vaccine Dangers
Harmful Dog Vaccine Ingredients – What You Need To Know
Mountain Lions Caught Stalking Town of Silverthorne, Colorado In Chilling Ring Camera Footage – HOLLY NOTE: Before we fenced in our backyard a mountain lion came to visit. He left his massive paw prints in mud right by the utility box. Have never seen one, but know they are around. They live over where Bella and I walk and occasionally we'll catch a whiff of their urine, which is unbelievably potent.
Rare Dramatic Footage Shows Orcas Attacking Gray Whales
Prescription Drugs Found In Florida Fish
A Dog and Goat Are So Close The Shelter Decides to Only Place Them as a Team
Which Dog Vaccines Are Necessary?
WATCH: Giant Alligator Roams Florida Subdivision
NYC Woman Carries 52-Pound Dog In Backpack To Beat Subway Rule
At Midnight, This Dog Sobbed, Begging for Mercy From Passersby – This Has a Good Ending – video
Millions Of Fish Turn Up Dead In Australian River, Leaving Homeowners Holding Their Noses
Group Digs Path Through Mounds Of Snow For Buffalo To Cross The Road
Oh Sweet Baby Pickles: A 90-Year-Old Tortoise Named Mr. Pickles Just Became A Father
Couple of Visitors Today! – HOLLY NOTE: You guys know we love animals. We have a small pond in our front yard where animals come to drink year-round. Birds, coyotes, tarantulas, rabbits, squirrels, stray dogs, deer. Everybody is welcome except for potato-eating cows. Last year deer sailed over the back fence like it wasn't even there. The first batch helped themselves to apples and blueberries. The second batch, a few days later, mowed through the yellow squash.
A 4 Month Old Donkey
Australia's Newest 'Giant' And Endangered Spider Found in Queensland
Calf Born With Smiley Face Markings Lands Role As Farm Lawnmower For Life
Heartwarming Moment Louisiana Boy Reassures His Pit Bull Rescue Dog He Is 'So Loved' After He Saved Up For Adoption Fee
Refugee is Reunited With Beloved Dog After a Year Apart Since Being Fleeing Afghanistan
Airdropping Hay To Starving, Snowbound California Cows

City of Liaoning in China Pummeled By 'Rain Of Worms' As Residents Asked To Carry Umbrellas – HOLLY NOTE: Gardeners and fishermen alike love worms. We just don't want to wear them.
Wildlife Officials Determine Likely Cause That Killed Hundreds Of Wyoming Pronghorn In A Matter Of Weeks
7 Sheep Escape NJ Slaughterhouse, Get New Chance At Life At Sanctuary
Blackrock Board Member and Former Pfizer Executive Is Behind Push for Chicken Vaccinations – Chicken Vax Company Is an Offshoot of Pfizer
Cute Puppy Experiences Rain For The First Time – video
An Arizona Resident Came Home To A Bobcat In The Dog's Bed. Here's What You're Supposed To Do If You Come In Contact With The Animal.
Biden Regime Considers Vaccinating Chickens in Response to Bird Flu Outbreak – Could Destroy Poultry Industry and Harm Humans
30 Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness ! – video
I'll Show You Why You Need To Have A Dog - Cute Moments Dog And Owner Are Best Friend – video
'Thousands of Animals Left To Die In Earthquake Regions'
Author of ‘Rainbow Bridge’ Poem About an Animal Heaven was Finally Revealed–She Had No Idea it Went Viral – HOLLY NOTE: We have this poem hanging just off the kitchen. A neighbor gave us a framed copy when we lost our first Kelpie, Taco. It looks just like this:
'Lady Godiva,' a Minnesota Cat Who Survived Outside For A Decade, Seeks New Home
Caught on Camera: Moose Charges Snowmobiler in Idaho – video
'Like We Did As Kids': Horse Makes Snow Angels With Her Owner in New Hampshire – video
X-ray Reveals Bizarre Find In Passenger’s Bag
Florida Man Attacked By Alligator Lurking Outside His Front Door
Louisiana Fishermen Film Chaotic Shark Feeding Frenzy: 'Never Seen Anything Like It' – video
Study Shows Flamingos with Similar Personality Traits ‘Form Cliques’ with Like-Minded Friends
Animals Reunited With Owners After Years ! – video
'Brave' Dogs Reaction When Realize He's Going to the Vet – video
East Palestine Train Derailment Killed More Than 43,000 Fish And Animals, Officials Say
Insect Named For Hitler Draws Criticism From Organizational, Academic Circles
20 Horses That Are Born Only Once In 1000 Years – video
When Your Dog Is Not a Pet - Cute Dog And Human Are Best Friends – video
Super Bowl's Baby Clydesdale: A Budweiser Story – video
Heroic Police Dog Finn Moves The Judges To Tears – HOLLY NOTE: This will warm your heart. – video
Amazon Delivery Man Delivers Surprise For Dog – video
Florida Dem: Make it Illegal for Dogs to Stick Heads Out Car Windows – HOLLY NOTE: While this is one of dogs' favorite things to do, a veterinarian shared 4 decades ago this is actually potentially harmful to their eyes. Too often sand, grit and rocks fly up in traffic and do eye damage, sometimes blinding them. He suggested if you do the doggy hang-the-head-out thing, put goggles on your pet.
Budweiser's Clydesdales Get Tangled Up And Collapse In Horrifying Accident
Watch This Squirrel Launch Itself Through A Family's Front Door As Pizza Delivery Arrives – video
Wild Turkeys Invade Homeowner's Yard: See The Crazy Video – video
Thousands Of Dead Fish Reported Near Ohio Derailment Site
CURL: ‘Systemic Racism’ Is Hurting Wildlife According To Woke Biologists
See 'Dominator' - The Biggest Crocodile in the World, and as Big as a Rhino
Being a Stray Is No Laughing Matter: Experts Say Abandoned Dogs Experience Genuine PTSD
This Chicken Needed Help Laying A HUGE Egg – video
Rescue Dog Who Cut All His Paws To Pieces In The Ruins Still Saving People in Turkey
'You Have Fulfilled Your Mission As A Hero': Brave Mexican Rescue Dog Proteo Dies While Searching Through Rubble For Earthquake Survivors in Turkey
New Mexico Dog Turns up in South Carolina 7 Years After Disappearing
Colorado Avian Flu Spreads To A Black Bear And Mountain Lion, Raising Fears Of Broader Reach
Bailey Walks Back To Her Dog Shelter And Rings The Doorbell For Help – video
183 Dead Stranded Humpback Whales Were Reported Across 13 States Since 2013
3rd Dead Whale Found Miles From Offshore Wind Farm In Less Than A Week
Otters At New Hampshire Aquarium Spread Valentine's Day Love By 'Painting' Their Own Valentines
Photographer Ian Murray Mourns 'Nurturing, Gentle' Fox From Prize-Winning Photo
THIS IS NUTS Exterminator Stunned By Incredible Find In House’s Walls
Abandoned Dog Taken In By Coyote Pack In Nevada Desert
Retired K9 Rescued From 40-Foot Well in Chula Vista
14-Dog Conga Line Breaks Guinness World Record – video
Officers Kill Suspect After He Allegedly Repeatedly Stabbed Police K9 During Standoff
I'm a Dog Behaviorist and These Are the 9 Most Loving Breeds - So, Is Yours on the List?
Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo, Is the Oldest Dog In The World, Breaking the Record at 30 Years Old
Bear Goes Viral After Posing For 400 Selfies On A Colorado Trail Cam
Severely Burned, Tortured 4-Week-Old Puppy Fighting for Life: Rescue Makes Desperate Plea for Help
A Sad Note Accompanies Dog Abandoned In Tennessee; Shelter Hopes To Reunite Her With Family
Can Dogs Tell The Difference Between When We Are Unable To Do Something For Them, Versus Being Simply Unwilling?
Dead, 35-Foot Humpback Whale Washes Ashore At Nassau County’s Lido Beach – HOLLY NOTE: So sorry to hear about this beautiful animal dying. No cause of death is yet known. These pictures give a person a rare opportunity to see just how massive these whales are. Most times we see them happily swimming in the ocean, permitting only a glimpse of part of their bodies.
A Michigan Police Dog Stole An Officer's Lunch & Now He Has A Mugshot
Dog Abandoned At Richardson Shelter Goes Viral, Nursed Back To Health
Toadzilla, A Giant Cane Toad Found In Australia, May Be A Record-Breaker
There’s No Way I’m Putting a Diaper on my Cow: Farmer Stephanie Nash – video of day 3
Rare ‘Blonde’ Moose Was Spotted By Wildlife Scientists – video
Hens Run For Cover When Owner Yells, 'Hawk!' – video
Rare Snowy Owl Enthralls Onlookers in Southern California
A Dog That Found Itself In An Unusual Situation Got Some Much Needed Help From Emergency Crews On Wednesday
Adorable Dog Twins - video
Young Elk Trapped In Muddy Hole – video
Study Shows Polar Bears Are Thriving, Debunking Claims That They Will Soon Become Extinct Due To “Climate Change”
This Is What Happens If You Bring A Raccoon Into A Bar In North Dakota
13 Bison Dead After Truck Hits Herd Near Yellowstone Park
3 Big Cat Night – video of day 3