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The $17,000 Item That Might Be Hiding In Your Kitchen – HOLLY NOTE: Oh yeah, got and still use all that Corningware except the teapot and my every day pressure cooker is way better than an Instapot. It is a Fagor, now bought out by Zavor. Next door neighbor bought an Instapot and it failed in the first week. Actually bought their copper color, not this gold. Our granite kitchen counter top is a mixture of bronze, gold, black and cream. No white anywhere. This home pressure cooker is a miracle appliance. Use it every week. The 8 quart. If you're interested, shop around as price for the exact same thing varies by $40.
Officials Say 'Deceased Body' Found Was Actually A Dismembered Sex Doll
These Women Wanted A Symbolic Expression Of Self-Love. So They Married Themselves – HOLLY NOTE: Just when you thought people couldn't be sillier, they don't disappoint. MSM thinks this is a new thing... It's not. I wrote about that in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. Not only are people marrying themselves, they are marrying objects:

"There is a long list of people who have married objects everything from the Berlin Wall to a roller coaster, the Eiffel Tower to a bridge, a Barbie doll, a pineapple, a laptop, a rock, pets, stray animals, pottery and trees. Yes, trees are popular, and several people married themselves." You think the weird stops there? Un-uh.

Will share another quote: "Technically she's a virgin as far as humans go, but claims she has a full, loving relationship with The (Berlin) Wall. She gushes over her husband, "I find long, slim things with horizontal lines very sexy. The Great Wall of China's attractive, but he's too thick – my husband is sexier." When the wall was mostly torn down in 1989, its "wife" was horrified and she said, "What they did was awful. They mutilated my husband." pp 191 - 192.
MAY 24
Professor Holds Machete To New York Post Reporter's Neck After Destroying Pro-Life Display
WATCH: Nebraska Dem Flips out During Trans Debate, as Activists Throw Tampons, Assault Police at Capitol – HOLLY NOTE: You may want to turn the sound down as she goes full-on nutball. – video
Denver Councilwoman Says White-Owned Businesses Should Pay Higher Taxes And Excess Revenue Should Go To Black-Owned Businesses – HOLLY NOTE: This woman, Candi CdeBaca, known as the 'AOC of Denver' is dangerously close to winning the run-off. She claims if 'we' don't do more, Denver will lose its black and brown. Conversely, she will lose white business owners should she implement this insane policy. This proposed racist taxation is as unpalatable as reparations.

No surprise CdeBaca is a Democrat and member of Democratic Socialists of America. As more states are dipped in 'stupid', should reparations or this racist taxation policy come to fruition, we'd move. Absolutely – not – having – it! Like California, Colorado never participated in slavery as far back as 1858, yet that doesn't prohibit the Golden State from trying to implement reparations.
Transableism Is The Latest End Times Aberration Where Physically Healthy People Surgically Mutilate Their Bodies In Order To ‘Identify’ As Disabled
Psychopath Confronts Man Because He Lets Two-Year-Old Daughter Wear Pink Clothes
Author of ‘The Limits to Growth’ Promotes The Genocide of 86% of the World’s Population
Haribo Fans Shocked To Learn Green Gummy Bear Flavor: ‘Calling The Police’ – HOLLY NOTE: Don't you wonder what nutballs will do where there is something important to worry about?
Man Takes Dog to Vet for 'Gender Transition' in Viral Video, Highlights Insanity of Child Sex Reassignment
Couple Beheaded Themselves With Homemade Guillotine As A Sacrifice
Wienermobile of Love to Host Free Weddings – HOLLY NOTE: The best thing one can say about this is that the flowers are nicely color-coordinated.
California Reparations Committee Told $5 Million Per Person Still Isn't Enough
‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ Set to Proceed, Despite Nashville Transgender School Shooting
High School Dropout And Climate Cult "Expert" Greta Thunberg To Receive Honorary Doctorate From Finnish University
Race Hoaxer Rachel Dolezal Attends Katie Hobbs’ Hair Discrimination Ban Executive Order Signing
Alleged Serial Pooper Defecates in Aisle Near Chelsea & Hillary Clinton at NY Theater – HOLLY NOTE: Where is people's dignity? Talk about a hot mess...
Climate Expert Greta Thunberg Deletes 2018 Tweet Saying World Will End in 2023 Because the World Has Not Ended
Brawl Breaks Out At Las Vegas Taco Truck After An Upset Customer In A Unicorn Hat Takes Things Too Far
Man Spends Days In Jail For Eating $5 Worth Of Chips Dropped By Store Thief
Killing the Mood: Armed Sisters Threaten To Murder Neighbors Over Loud Sex
Homeless Couple Found Living In Walmart Attic With Hot Plate, Meth Lab, And 42" LED TV
Teacher With Size Z Boobs Spectacularly Claims They're Real
Feds Hire ‘Ecogrief’ Trainers To Help Employees Cope With ‘Loss In The Natural World’
‘Most Modified Man In The World’ Splits His Hand In ‘First-Ever’ Procedure
Woman Declared Dead Found Still Alive Inside Funeral Home
Dumb Ways To Di3 TikToks – video
‘Death Diving’ Is The Latest Dangerous Stunt To Make A Splash on TikTok
Man Sues Woman For $2.5 Million After Finding Out She Had Friend-Zoned Him
I Modified My Body To Be A ‘Black Alien’ — Now Restaurants Are Scared To Serve Me
I’m a Granny With 29 Piercings And Face Tattoos — And I’m Not Done Yet
I Tattooed My Eyeballs Purple And Blue — Now I’m Going Blind
Couple Seen Accidentally Locking Themselves In Dog Crates In Viral Video
San Fran's Reparations Committee Proposes $5 Million To Each Black Longtime Resident, Total Debt Forgiveness, Supplementing Lower-Income Recipients’ Income For 250 Years – STAN NOTE: Where is that tar I can slap on my face?!?
Woman Attempts To Board Flight With ‘Emotional Support’ SNAKE – HOLLY NOTE: Going to die laughing at Americans' ridiculousness. What happened to suck it up and deal?
Parents Threaten Legal Action Over Z-Cup Breastplate-Wearing Trans High School Teacher
Legendary Big Wave Surfer Dies At Wave Break In Portugal – video
Shocking Scene At Bronx Station As Naked Man Falls From Elevated Tracks
Fatality At Alabama Airport After Baggage Handler Sucked Into Plane Engine