"The American Psychiatric Association, using GID (gender identity disorder) criteria, suggested that MTFs (males-to-females) had a 1 in 30,000 (.0077%) prevalence rate, while FTMs (females-to-males) were 1 in 100,000 (.0029%). …A similar ratio of men to women is found in sexual orientation, where gay men are approximately twice as common as gay women."

Jan-June July-Dec
Jan-June July-Dec
Jan-June July-Dec
Jan-June July-Dec

Lee Ann Womack: Never, Ever and Forever – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This song has a heart-capturing melody that makes you believe that a promise can never be broken, but to be kept for a long, long time. The lyrics also portray simplicity yet with a touch of honesty. Moreover, the combination of Lee Ann Womack and Mark Wills’ voice makes the whole composition one of the best love country songs of all time.
Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina: What If – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: My husband and I lived hundreds of miles apart. Never met. Only exchanged pictures. Met under the oddest of conditions. Talk openly and honestly about everything and it quashed every single doubt. Took that giant leap and we’ll be married for life and in the Millennial Age. Lesson is, don’t question everything, take that leap of Faith.
Allie & Noah: What's A Soulmate – video
Caldara: Have We Reached Peak Rainbow Fatigue? ED OF DAY 1
Thomas Sowell -- Still Relevant at 93
Hook + Emma: When You Meet The Love Of Your Life, Time Stops – Song of the Day 1
Rodney Atkins: If You're Going Through Hell – Song of the Day 2
Topless Women Dance and Play with Children at Pride Event Water Party in New York City
Fox Fires Tucker's Staff as Replacement Named
Bud Light Finally Cans Executives Behind Disastrous Trans Campaign
Greg Gutfeld: This Is An Example Of Textbook Indoctrination – video of day 1
Keith Urban: Only You Can Love Me This Way – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: What beautiful sweet lyrics: That you're always in my heart, You're always on my mind / But when it all becomes too much You're never far behind / And there's no one That comes close to you / Could ever take your place 'Cause only you can love me this way.

Co-writer Steve McEwan said of this song, "It came together so quickly -- I'd say 15 to 20 minutes. I remember at the end, we were going through it, and I was like, 'Oh, maybe we should work on this lyric here, especially the second verse.' I was thinking, 'Oh, we need a bit more here... ' And John was like, 'Aww, no... that's great! Come on, let's go and record it!' So we went and laid it down, just a guitar and voice. There was never a full demo. And that's what Keith heard. And he cut the song to that little work tape."
Katrina and the Waves: Walking on Sunshine – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Something to happy up your weekend. "I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it's true / And I don't want to spend my whole life, just waiting for you / Now I don't want you back for the weekend Not back for a day, no no no I said baby I just want you back And I want you to stay (Oh yeah now!) I'm walking on sunshine And don't it feel good!" This is one of those videos that doesn't make sense. First, it looks like a ghetto setting and then with 3 guys following her in raincoats on a cloudy day.

In 1985, the band was officially renamed Katrina and the Waves and released its eponymous debut album. A catchy mix of New Wave, pop, and rock, the album shot to international success thanks to its lead single: “Walking on Sunshine.” Originally meant to be a ballad, the song was later transformed into a sparkling, uptempo anthem.

With all the crummy news out there, we can all use a little sunshine.
Crack a Cold One: We've Got An Epic Summer Ahead. Sock Tans Included – video humor
'The Five' Co-Host, Geraldo Rivera, Reveals He Will No Longer Be on the Show: 'It's Tough Being the Odd Man Out' – HOLLY NOTE: So not sorry. If they want a Democrat on board, I’d watch Harold Ford Jr. all day, but not that self-aggrandized jerk Geraldo. Will miss him like a tumor.
Bud Light No Longer Top-Selling U.S. Beer Amid Dylan Mulvaney Backlash
Influencing Us From Their Graves ED OF THE DAY 1
As a reminder, it's always song #2 that's the most important to my heart.
Blake Shelton: Honey Bee – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is about as corny is it gets, but if you're in love, it makes total sense. Could easily see Blake singing this to his now-wife Gwen Stefani.
Luke Combs: Take You With Me – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Such a perfect verse that fits many scenarios – the hallmark of great lyrics: If it was up to me, we'd do everything together / And when you're young like that, you think those days last forever / Didn't know back then how much those words would mean / "I’ll take you with me".

Luke didn't write these lyrics and frankly, he writes much better. He is prolific. Check of some of his chart-breakers with his name on all them. He wrote and sings a number of my absolute favs: The Kind of Love We Make, Cold As You (see Comic of the Day), Better Together, One Number Away and 2nd best song only to The Kind of Love We Make is Forever After All... As he's only 33, will enjoy his music for years to come.
Sen. John Kennedy: Unless You Think There's An Award For Being Stupid, You Know There Are Two Biological Sexes
It's a good news / bad news thing. Summer is here! Yay! But days also start getting shorter. Can't believe the year is already half over!
Seals and Crofts: Summer Breeze
Alan Jackson: Summertime Blues
How Often Should Jeans Get Washed? Levi’s And Denim Experts Reveal – HOLLY NOTE: Really? This is even a topic for discussion? How 'bout when they get dirty? When they walk themselves to the washing machine, can take a hint.

I wash mine inside out in Cheer Dark, tap water cold. Dry them outside on the deck Cap Rail, still inside out or Colorado's UV will bite in the jeans.

Lord help us when we have to be told when to do laundry. Duh. That's the way it is these days.

When Stan and I see certain commercials, tell him I can feel brain cells being sucked out. They cater to the lowest common denominator and most people are bored blind. That's seriously bad for advertisers as when we get bored me, people tune out.
Keith Urban: God Whispered Your Name – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: God Whispered Your Name is an ode to the kind of true love that leads to redemption. Urban knew straight away he wanted to record the song as it hit close to home. He explained: God Whispered Your Name absolutely spoke to me and tells my journey in such a profound way going through a season in life of being very lost and lonely and confused and not knowing a how to get out of that, and then the chorus hits - God Whispered Your Name and everything starts to open up and become clear. And that second verse when it said, 'I can feel the sunshine for the first time in a while', again, was just, it just went right to the core of me." (source)
Dan + Shay: You – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: A beautiful love song from 2 happily married men to their ladies and both wed in 2017. To their wives they sing: "I got you For the rest of my days / In the sun on Sunday morning / Or the pouring rain / I got you For the rest of my life / And if all else goes wrong, baby / I'll be alright, 'cause I got you." Could listen to Shay Mooney all day. Cody Wolfe, nationally recognized singer-songwriter-guitarist, says of Shay, he "has a great high tenor voice with vibrato, soulfulness, and feeling. One of the very few vocalists… that combines all three of those characteristics."

Brantley Gilbert: You Don't Know Her Like I Do – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: It is among Brantley Gilbert’s songs that embodies his life. There are happy moments, and you have your favorite songs, but you also have your heartbreaking songs.

According to the singer, he has a compilation of written songs about his now-wife – a kind of relationship and memories that aren’t easy to forget. So, the song was actually about being upfront about that circumstance. And the singer knew for certain what he liked and needed to tell regarding what he truly feels inside. Feel the pain while being mesmerized by his voice.
Brett Young: In Case You Didn't Know – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: When you've got the right one, you just know. "I would be lying to if said I could live this life without you. You have all of me. I belong to you. You're my everything."
It's a Shame What Pride Has Become ED OF DAY 1
New Jersey Department of Education Reports 4,200% Increase in Students Claiming to be ‘Nonbinary’ in 4 Years
Support For BLM Drops To Lowest Levels Since 2020
‘We Want A Real Man, Not A Metrosexual’ – HOLLY NOTE: How many times have I written this? Changing society claims women no longer want a ripped man, but notice how they depict the woman here… someone with very large breasts. So men can ‘slide’, but not the women.

I could understand this trend for 'bodice ripper' book covers because they're fiction except when they claim that a sexy trans 'man' would be fine too. Nope. Not even. Not into the whole gender fluid thing or girly men.

Don’t want a man who cries all the time or takes longer to get ready than I do. Could we please have some chest hair again? He has to be the stronger of the 2 of us, look and act like it.
Transgenderism: The New Religion – Believe it or Else!
Opposing Critical Race Theory Doesn't Make You A "White Supremacist"
Bon Jovi: It's My Life – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Bon J Bon Jovi is one of the most enduring bands of their era and one of the best-selling American rock bands of all-time. It’s not terribly hard to see why, with those massive choruses they slam into your head, even on quieter numbers. Their gift for the hook has won them the attention of Max Martin, who co-wrote their comeback hit It’s My Life and gave it a club-shaking riff akin to Britney Spears’ You Drive Me Crazy.

It’s My Life is based on the vocalist affirming his intent to live life to the fullest. More specifically, he derives courage from the likes of Frank Sinatra who insisted on doing things his way. So there is a strong subtheme of self-assertion.

And this is also mixed with the vocalist acknowledging that taking such a stance, partially in light of overall issues which plague the society, is going to be a struggle. However, he is resolute on ‘standing tall’ in the face of all opposition and encourages the audience to conduct themselves likewise. The intent of this song is as pertinent today as it was over 2 decades ago – taking a stand against woke-ism, socialism, faux climate agendas, forced vaccination, open borders – basically Biden's entire country-killing goals.
Bryan Adams: Run To You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: While Bryan Adams may be the master of the quintessential late-20th century hit love songs, on this particular track he takes a different approach. Bryan wrote this track alongside one of his early-regular collaborators, Jim Vallance. They had actually penned it for American rock band Blue Oyster Cult but they turned the it down. Additionally Bryan himself wasn’t overly fond of the tune and not inclined to record it himself. However it was the track’s other co-producer, Bob Clearmountain, who ultimately convinced him to do so and it paid off – literally.
Middle Schoolers Staged A Revolt on the Day They Were Told to Wear Rainbow Colors to Celebrate Pride. They Wore Red, White, and Blue, and Said Their Pronouns Were "U.S.A." Woke Faculty Is Freaking Out.
Shark Tank Investor Kevin O'Leary Hits Back After Mark Cuban Claims Going Woke Is 'Good Business': 'Makes Absolutely No Sense'
Country Singer, Carly Tefft, CANCELLED from Cape Cod Event for Performing National Anthem for Donald Trump
Crenshaw Grills Dem Witness Over Failure To Name 1 Study Citing Benefits Of Surgeries For Trans Kids
Modern Civil Defense – Part 1 & 2
The Cyrkle: Red Rubber Ball – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This was The Cyrkle's first hit. It was recorded when the band was in danger of disbanding over creative differences. Tom Dawes (the band's bassist) was touring with Simon & Garfunkel, when Simon offered his band this song. When Simon & Garfunkel finished their tour, The Cyrkle recorded it, and their manager, Brian Epstein (who also managed the Beatles), hired them to open for the Beatles' 1966 summer tour, which had audiences of up to 70,000 people.
Carpenters: We've Only Just Begun – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This song was originally written for a bank ad showing footage of a young couple getting married and just starting out together. After watching the commercial, Richard Carpenter guessed that songwriter Paul Williams was the singer, as they both were under contract to A&M Records). He ran into Williams at the record company's office and asked if a full-length version was available.

The song went on to reach #2 in the US chart, and sold over a million copies. Surprisingly, it only reached #28 in the UK, but it became one of their signature songs. It also helped The Carpenters win 2 Grammys, and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for recordings "of lasting quality or historical significance" in 1998. Boomers will remember that Karen Carpenter died at age 32 after along bout with an eating disorder. Karen is listed as “one of the greatest vocalists of all time.” This is a great little article about her.
Olympian Weighed Only 96 Pounds When She Died During Childbirth, Autopsy Reveals
California Fleein' (Parody)
Dane County Wisconsin Considers Sanctuary Status For Transgender Kids
It's Not Too Late For MLB to Recover Baseball's Reputation
Treat Williams Dead At 71 Following Vehicular Collision In Vermont
Mark Cuban Claims 'Woke' Companies Like Target, Bud Light Are Doing 'Good Business' – HOLLY NOTE: Even though Cuban is business-savvy, it's amazing he made this statement. Since going woke Target has lost $13B and Bud Light has lost nearly $16B.
Luke Bryan: Do I – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: If you're asking, the answer is, Yes!
Chris Young: Who I Am with You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Cody Wolfe, nationally recognized singer-songwriter-guitarist, says Chris Young is second to none except only the great Johnny Cash. Wolfe says, "Now in my opinion Chris is the best male vocalist in country music of all time. He goes from Baritone to Tenor in one song with vibrato and deep throaty baritone voice that drives all the girls crazy.

"But he can also hit tenor high notes that even I, a tenor struggle to sing. He has more range than Johnny Cash, Randy Travis and Josh Turner with vocal scoops and a well-perfected quality. For a perfect country voice, CY is about as good as it gets." (source)

Ladies, if you like a man with a deep baritone voice, you'd better sit down for this one. Beautiful music full of bass, tremendous voice, great video. Love where he comes from behind and gives her a hug in the kitchen.
Woman Becomes A “Trans Man” Then Realizes Being A Man Is Too Hard – HOLLY NOTE: You don't even have to ask how hard I laughed at this!
Report: Tucker Carlson Served with Cease-and-Desist Letter by Fox News – His Twitter Show Surpassed The Number Of Viewers Watching Fox At The Same Time
California Bill Seeks to Cover Surrogacy Costs for Gay and Lesbian Couples – HOLLY NOTE: Do straight couples get theirs financed?
'Liberal Woman' Goes Viral on TikTok For Saying It's Hard To Find 'Masculine' Man Who's Not Conservative – HOLLY NOTE: Have written on numerous occasions that most women truly want a real man. This includes not wearing make-up, shaving pits, plucking eyebrows, wearing too much hair product, etc. I like body hair on men, not to the point of cave man qualification, but definitely some indication of it. It bespeaks 'real man' whether it's the case or not.

Not all men, but at least some, want to shave their groin – everything – and Gillette has just the right tool for that. Had my bedside radio on bed pillow speaker last night so Stan didn't hear the commercial. Told him about it after we'd turned out the lights. Pretty sure I could hear his giant eye roll as he muttered, "Good grief!"
Lanie Gardner: Dreams – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: She sounds a lot like Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), but with better diction.
Genesis: Follow You Follow Me – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This love song was written and recorded by English soft rock band Genesis. It was released in March 1978 as the first single from their ninth studio album, ...And Then There Were Three...

The music was composed by the band, and the lyrics written by bassist and guitarist Mike Rutherford. The single became Genesis' first top 10 hit in the UK and first top 40 hit in the US, reaching No. 7 and No. 23 respectively.

Incidentally, Rutherford was a part of one of my all-time favorite groups, Mike + the Mechanics or M6. Have every one of their albums.

Genesis noticed they were attracting a male audience only at concerts so Rutherford specifically wrote this song for the ladies and the lyrics came together quickly.

Rutherford said, “It was the first time I’d written such simple words. They were inspired by my wife, Angie. We were away a lot on tour, and I wasn’t seeing her an awful lot, as happens with bands in the early days. So I thought of her. It was such a simple sentiment, unlike, you know, all our other words at the time. And so you write it from the heart, quickly.

"I thought, ‘God, this can’t be any good,’” he adds, laughing. “Normally lyrics take agonizing over and developing. But then you look at [FYFM] and realize that’s the charm.” (source)
Off-Grid Self-Sufficient Cabin Tour in Northern Florida – video of week 2
Bryan Adams: Heaven – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: The lyrics of the song say that being in love is like being in heaven. (Yes it is!) Brian Adams sings that he has found a person he loves deeply and that nothing can take her away from him. He says that even if there are hard times, they will always be there for each other. At the end of the song, Adams repeats that all he needs is love, and that he has found it in the heart of the other person.
Lucy Thomas: Wind Beneath My Wings – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Larry Henley came up with the song title and Jeff Silbar was a big fan, particularly as he was learning to fly planes at the time. The title came from a poem Henley had written.

Instead of writing the chorus first (like the pair usually did), they wrote it from start to finish and completed it by the end of the day. It was initially conceived as a love song from a lover to another, but the lyrics ended up being something more universal, and could apply to various types of relationships, such as friends or family, helping the song's lasting popularity.
Human Rights Campaign's LGBTQ 'Emergency' Is All About Money And Politics
CIA Mocked For Bizarre Pride-Themed Post On The 'Rich History' of LGBTQ Officers
'Anti-Brides' Ditch Wedding Gowns At The Altar For Pantsuits And Nudity
New Report Says Companies Are Starting To Avoid The Culture War – HOLLY NOTE: Let's just call it what it is... The Fruitcake War that's shoved down our throats. Will try to keep this PG. As near as I can surmise there were 2 reason God commanded people to not participate in homosexual activities:

1) There was a population imperative to have children. That requires an ovum and a sperm. That can't occur with same gender sexual partners.

2) Sex, especially between men, breeds egregious diseases. If you saw our Ponder of the Day Tuesday, it spelled out some of the health issues. If you missed it, click here. What's hard to believe is that after Bud Light was completely castigated after their enormous woke miscalculation, Kohls, Target, Walmart, North Face, Starbucks, Addidas, others like the L.A. Dodgers all followed Budweiser off the cliff.
Morgan Wallen 'Cleared' By Doctors To Sing Again: 'We Back'
Morgan Wallen: Wasted On You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: He's back! After a doctor-required 6 weeks of rest his voice, Morgan is back on his concert schedule. By his own admission last year, he went through an extended rough patch and consumed a boatload of booze as many of his songs detail in Dangerous: The Double Album.

After competing on the 6th season of The Voice, Wallen moved to Nashville in 2015 and began dating Katie Smith on and off beginning in 2017. Smith gave birth to their son Indie in 2020, and the lyrics are believed to be about his relationship with her. The couple didn't last and from the lyrics he wrote, he's really p.o.ed that he wasted time on her.
Lucy Thomas: Can't Help Falling in Love – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Such a gorgeous cover! Can't Help Falling In Love was featured in the 1961 Elvis movie Blue Hawaii. Written by songwriter George Weiss, he claimed that neither the movie producers nor Elvis' associates liked the song demo, but Elvis insisted on recording it for the movie.

This was Elvis' most popular and famous love song, but it was not sung to his love interest in Blue Hawaii. It was sung to the grandmother of his love interest on the occasion of her birthday. In the scene, Elvis presents her with a music box. When she opens it, the song plays and Elvis sings along.

The soundtrack to Blue Hawaii hit #1 on the US charts in the fall of 1961 and remained there for 20 weeks in a row, a record that wasn't broken until 1977 by Fleetwood Mac's landmark album Rumours.
15 Items That Became Impossible To Find At Retail Stores – video
Why HF Radio is an Critical Asset
Bonnie: Total Eclipse of the Heart – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Since the original release in 1983, Tyler has re-recorded this song several times for albums and subsequent single releases. Her first and most successful re-recording of the song was released in 2003.
Dolly Parton: Jolene – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This song was borne out of Dolly's real life experience. She was on the road so much that while the cat's away, the mice will play. A woman in their town thought Carl Dean, Dolly's husband of now 57 years, was fair game and tried to take him. Dolly made it clear that was really wrong thinking. Somebody comes after my husband, would not be above kicking some serious girl-ass, metaphorically speaking.
The Left's Problem With Men, And The Bible – Americans Need To Learn From The Bible How To Raise Good, Strong Men ED OF DAY 1
Miami Jews, Christians Protest Target’s Pride Merchandise For Children
Morgan Wallen 'Cleared' By Doctors To Sing Again: 'We Back'
Disturbed: The Sound of Silence – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Not a fan of heavy metal, but Disturbed’s cover of this song makes Simon and Garfunkel’s version look like a non-event. Lead singer David Draiman’s rasp and vocal abilities are shockingly good.
Chris Young: Looking for You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Featured this back in April, but it's such an unusual Country song. Not only does Chris have a phenomenal voice, but goes into a minor key, which really sets this track apart. Looking For You is a vocal showcase that depicts a couple's love story. Chris Young recounts the moment a girl walked into the bar. As soon as he saw her, he knew she was the one - the girl he'd been looking for all his life.

The track wasn't inspired by a specific person but reflects the common experiences of Young and many others. "This actually just came from a place of, you know, sometimes you're looking for love and can't find it – and then it finds you!
15 Frustrating Examples of "Toxic Masculinity" Women Have Encountered in the Wild – HOLLY NOTE: This article is an amazingly sad waste of space. I never ran into glass ceilings or office nonsense being self-employed since my late-20s and had the nicest boss ever. Ha! Ha! Today everybody is offended by everything and some women are too busy slicing off a man’s privates instead of working hard to excel and being secure in their femininity.

Still like a masculine man and don’t mind an occasional admiring look, wolf whistle or compliment from same. There is something really wrong when women are occupied with beating men into the ground and turning them into girly-boys.

Treat them with love and respect. Real men, masculine men are becoming more scarce as the trans, bi- and gay movement gains footing.
Outrageous! Children’s Choir Stopped Mid-Performance While Singing National Anthem at US Capitol, Capitol Police Claims it is a Form of “Demonstration”
Megyn Kelly Tears Up – Vows to No Longer Use Preferred Pronouns
Christian Actor Mark Wahlberg to Create 'Hollywood 2.0', Announces Location of New Studio In Vegas
Foreigner: I Want To Know What Love Is – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: I Want to Know What Love Is is a power ballad by the British-American rock band Foreigner. Released in November 198, the song hit #1 in both the UK and the U.S. and is the group's biggest hit to date. Like the lyrics suggest, the song was born out of lead singers Mick Jones' frustration with not finding a perfect relationship.

He stated, "I'd been through a lot of relationships that eventually failed, and still searching for something that could really endure." Eventually he did find his person though it took 2 tries. He married socialite and writer Ann Dexter from 1985 - 2007. They divorced for a decade and then remarried in 2017. Their life together is reflective of song #2.
Music Travel Love ft. Dave Moffatt: You're Still The One – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Co-written by Shania Twain and her then-husband – producer and songwriter Robert John “Mutt” Lange – You’re Still the One was inspired by their marriage, which most sensed wouldn't last. Their union was met with criticism from both the public and the media. Some insist the singer was only using Lange to advance her own career; others also cite their 17 year age difference.

Still, the couple’s love for each other remained strong. They never let detractors get into their heads; instead, they collaborated to write this song that would describe the intensity of their love. Despite their declarations, they split after 14 years in 2010.
Pride Month 2023 Launches To A First-Ever Major Pushback As Glamour Magazine Features ‘Pregnant Man’ Logan Brown On Their Digital Edition Cover
‘Pride’ is Nothing to Celebrate ED OF DAY
Morgan Wallen: Last Night – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is the fastest-ever Country song running to #1. Not a fan of the lyrics, but definitely a Morgan fan. It's so sad that a song about drinking and people arguing to the point of splitting resonates with so many people. That they split a fifth, says a lot. Ending this week with one of the best songs ever – #2.
Scotty McCreery: It Matters To Her – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Yeah, this one: "When you say I love you before you hang up the phone / When you buy her favorite wine on your way home / When you kiss her in the kitchen, when you kiss her on the street / When you kiss her when she's still asleep, It matters to her / It stays on her mind." (Love PDA, but not to where someone says, 'get a room!')

Scotty wrote this song with Rhett Akins and Lee Thomas Miller and dedicated to his wife Gabi. Who wouldn't liked to be kissed in the kitchen? Maybe from one who is steadfast... That guy.
Magazine Cover Featuring Pregnant Transgender Man Sparks Outrage
Harris Announces New Actions To Tackle Racial Bias In Home Appraisals – HOLLY NOTE: Dems are always poking the bear, looking for a bogeyman where it doesn't exist. Creating racial divide is their agenda. Yeah that party who was in bed with slavery.

Nearly 2 years ago a new couple moved into the home next door. He's black, she's white. Wil and Teri are the nicest people ever and we frequently gab over this and that. So happy to have them as neighbors.

They aren't wealthy. Both are postal workers and they qualified for this extremely nice, spendy home. So we're not buying what Harris is selling. It's just another way for her to look like she's doing something – anything other than her prime directive of Border Czar.
Taxpayer-Funded Libraries Celebrate Pride Month With Drag Queen Events For Kids
Alberta Parents’ Union Says New ‘2SLGBTQIA+’ Course Confirms Fears That Education Is ‘Overly Politicized’
New Hampshire School District Using $4,000 in COVID Relief Funds to Pay For High School Drag Show
Dylan Mulvaney Is A ‘Gender-Botherer’: Transgender Influencer Comes Out As A Lesbian – HOLLY NOTE: Let’s do a Jen Psaki and circle back: A guy, who wants to be a girl who says ‘she’ is a lesbian. That means ‘she’ is really a guy who is into women. So it’s really a guy who likes women. Game over. – video
Alleged Reports Prince Harry Has Contacted Divorce Lawyers – video
Noivas: I Put a Spell On You – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: He absolutely killed it, could sing the cumbersome tome Moby Dick and make it sound great. What a talent! Unfortunately he didn't win. A Hawaiian did and while he was good, he wasn't the best.

Everybody tells their story on American Idol and often gets sympathy votes. This man lost his dad a little while ago and Iam is very likeable, which went a long way to garner votes. I can name at least 4 vocalists who were considerably better including this guy, Noivas.
Michael Bolton: I'll Love You Forever I Promise You – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Everybody wants this. There is nothing sadder than a couple who has been married for 20, 30 years and then throw in the towel. My parents married later in life, like I did, and were wed 42 years. They would be married today if not for Dad's passing. I. Want. That. Forever. Thing.
Matt Walsh Commemorates ‘Pride Month’ – HOLLY NOTE: This video takes a humorous look at gays and their associated ‘special days’. Try saying with a straight face (pun intended) that I enjoy Pride Month. NOT! Seem to remember in scripture that ‘pride goes before a fall”. See Proverbs 16:18 ED OF DAY
Victor Davis Hanson: This Is A Full-Fledged Cultural Revolution Against Traditional America – video of day 1
Little Mermaid' Negative Reviews Compel IMDb to Change Rating System
Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy: White People Should Shine Black People's Shoes With 'Humility and Shame' – HOLLY NOTE: Seriously? – video
The CIA’s Bud Light Moment – Or Something Far Worse ED OF DAY 3
'About Fairness' Why 'Fastest Girl In Connecticut' Is Suing Over Trans Athletes
Remembering an Underrated Clint Eastwood Classic On His 93rd Birthday
Police Investigating Burning Of A Pride Flag At An Elementary School As A Hate Crime
LA Dodgers Pitcher Releases Statement Slamming Team’s Decision To Honor Anti-Christian ‘Drag Nuns’ Organization
Blue Jays (Baseball) Player Cancelled For Being Christian
Public Medical School Renounces Its Own DEI Framework, Set To Disband Equity Task Force
California Lawmakers To Honor Anti-Catholic Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Member
MAY 31
MAY 30
Luke Combs: Even Though I'm Leaving – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is dedicated to all service people who have had to leave children, spouses and other loved ones behind. Those absent are always right there in our hearts – and now often on zoom even though we'd much rather reach out and hold them. The mandolin picking in this song is absolutely beautiful.
Luke Combs: Forever After All – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is by far my fav Luke Combs song, much more uplifting than #1. In fact, this was the first track I ever heard of his, and have been hooked ever since. When everyone is divorcing in a disposable society, it's comforting to know some relationships are forever after all. Steadfast.
The Next Target: Kohl’s, Which Is Selling LGBTQIA+ Propaganda Gear for Infants
Disneyland’s Latest: ‘My Name’s Nick, I’ll Be Your Fairy Godmother For The Day’
MAY 26
Neil Diamond: America – Song of the Day 1: HOLLY NOTE: Dedicated to legal immigrants. You guys are welcome! The rest – do it right or don't come. And to you Biden, close the door! Close the borders!
Eagles: Lyin' Eyes – Song of the Day 2: HOLLY NOTE: Lyin' Eyes was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, co-founders of the Eagles, and recorded in 1975 with Frey singing lead vocals. It was the 2
nd single from their album One of These Nights, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and No. 8 on the Billboard Country chart. It remained their only top 40 country hit until How Long in 2007–2008.

We lost Glenn in 2016 – what a talent! Understandably, Don was heartbroken as they'd known each other for 45 years and were like brothers. Glenn was just 67. Saw them in concert twice, both in Kansas City and in Iowa and they were terrific!
Disgraced 'Non-Binary' Former Biden Official Is Finding Out the Hard Way That Jails Are Very Binary
Most Major Retailers Are Carrying LGBT, Pride Merchandise for Children
Montana Becomes First State To Ban Drag Reading Sessions For Kids In Public Schools And Libraries
MAY 25
Tina Turner Dies At Age 83
Tina Turner: We Don't Need Another Hero – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Theme song for Mel Gibson's film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, in which she appeared. A classic 80s power ballad, the lyrics echoed the desolation of the film's post-apocalyptic world. Turner identified with her character Aunty Entity, because she was "strong and resilient".

"She lost so much, and then she went through so much to get the men in her world to respect her," Tina said. "I related to her struggles because I lived them."
Tina Turner: The Best  – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is my fav Tina song. The odds were against her. Child of sharecroppers in Boonesville, Tennessee. Abandoned by both parents after their divorce. Victim of domestic violence by her co-star and husband. Yet, Anna Mae Bullock would find her true self as Tina Turner and one day emerge as “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

The Best became one of her signature songs and one of the 80s defining anthems. The song is often mistakenly called 'Simply The Best', a line from its famous chorus. It's been featured in numerous commercials over the years, including a Pepsi ad featuring Turner herself and was used to promote rugby league in Australia.

Though this is the best video, this site clearly has the wrong lyrics acconpanying it. You find the lyrics here, which shows it's clearly a love ballad dedicated to her better half that she loves more than life.
Gone But Not Forgotten: Musicians We Lost in 2022 and 2023
MAY 24
Jordan Davis: Singles You Up – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Everybody wants to be wanted. Look and see what's right in front of your eyes. Songwriter Jordan Davis writes of his song: "This song is about the guy having to wait his turn, seeing the girl with somebody else. He has feelings for her and hopes the other guy screws it up somehow."
Bon Jovi: I'll Be There For You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: The title and sentiment are pretty generic, but Bon Jovi makes it drip with passion. Compare to the other famous song with that title, the Friends theme by The Rembrandts. In that one, you get the sense that they'd hand you an umbrella if it's raining or pet your dog, but that's about it. Bon Jovi will live and die for you; steal the sun from the sky for you; be the air for you. It's unconditional and that's how love is.
We're Fighting For The 'Importance Of Women's Spaces’: KKG Sorority Member – video of day 2
Fox Needs To Get The Full Bud Light Treatment – Matt Walsh Calls For A Fox News Boycott After The Network Embraces Trans Ideology
Ford’s ‘Redefining Tough’ Commercial Features LGBT Colored Truck
Next Chairman of Joint Chiefs Wants White Male Officers to be a Minority
Target Makes 'Emergency' Calls To Stores, Orders Fast Action To Avoid Next 'Bud Light Situation'
MAY 19
Music Travel Love: You Are My Sunshine – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is such a lovely stripped down version of a classic.
Faith Hill: Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are one of country music's great couples. The tenderness in this video is something beautiful to see. Who wouldn't want this?
Quit Shaking Us Down For 'Optional' Tips — It's An Insult To Consumers – HOLLY NOTE: TIPS is an acronym for To Insure Proper Service. It was never meant to be a mandatory thing, but an incentive to waitstaff to give customers good service. We're good tippers, but if a restaurant tacks on an automatic tip and at their designated amount, there are other establishments we'll patronize. ED OF DAY
Heartbroken Family Calling For Action After 13-Year-Old’S Death From ‘Chroming’
Gen Z Is Going Out In Their Underwear: ‘Free The Nipple!’
PetSmart Pushes the LGBT Agenda: ‘Celebrate Pride with Your Pet’ – HOLLY NOTE: Pretty sure our dog doesn't care 2 rips about this. We'll be shopping Petco and Chewy, not PetSmart.
MAY 18
Chris Janson: Done – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: That thing of her sleeping on his chest, it's what I always imagined as the perfect sleeping position. Her husband is always taking her pic, that's what Stan does, always photographing me. In this song Chris sings "I won't quit you you till the Good Lord says we are done." Who doesn't want that? Every woman.
Vince Gill: I Still Believe In You – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: As a clue, Song of the Day 2 is always more important. Want to leave that in your mind. Vince sang this song for his then wife, Janis Oliver, Sweethearts of the Rodeo at the 1993 ACMs. Debuted it there maybe as a mea culpa. Think it was his last ditch effort to repair their marriage. It didn't last. He married the love of his life, Amy Grant, in 2000. They are still blissful. The bass in this music, I Still Believe In You, has no equal. Turn it up. Turn it UP. Turn it up, UP, UP!
Next Chairman of Joint Chiefs Wants White Male Officers to be a Minority
Rep. Boebert Spotted For The First Time Since Divorce Filing
Adidas 'Pride 2023' Women's Swimsuits Appear To Be Modeled By A Man, Sparking Backlash – HOLLY NOTE: Sorry, not sorry, this is disgusting. This effeminate man clearly still has his God-given male parts– on full display. He's just scrawny. Once again just saying, queers (their self-ordained term) only make up less than 4% of the population. It's not about religion or God. It just goes against the natural order of things and yet we have to 'honor' these deviants. Un-uh. Not happening. But this nonsense is repeatedly shoved down our throats.
New Break-Up Trend Is 'Cruel' As Expert Advises, 'Never Settle For Scraps'
MAY 16
Tolerance Is Overrated: It’s Time To Start Gatekeeping American Society Again – HOLLY NOTE: Not the first time we’ve seen the top photo, but the one further down is really disgusting. ED OF DAY
Chris Young: Lonely Eyes – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Multi-platinum global entertainer Chris Young has accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments, including membership in the iconic Grand Ole Opry over 5 Billion on-demand streams, 13 career No. 1 singles, 24 R.I.A.A. certified projects and numerous ACM, AMA, CMA and Grammy nominations, as well as wins for Performance of the Year and Collaborative Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards.

These accomplishments and more landed the RCA Records Nashville artist among Billboard’s top country artists of the decade. Named “one of his era’s finest traditionalists” by the AP, Chris is an international ambassador for country music, performing to capacity crowds around the world. With a hit-packed set that highlights his 13 chart-toppers — including back-to-back No. 1s Famous Friends and At The End Of A Bar — the Grammy and ACM nominated vocalist’s most recent headlining tour played to over 400,000 fans in 3 countries.
Garth Brooks: If Tomorrow Never Comes – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Released in 1989, this ballad was Garth's first country number #1, and has been labelled as his signature song. It tells the story of a person who wants to make sure their partner is aware of how much they love them, in case the worst should happen. This is such an important thing to do – for people you care about to tell them every day how much you love them.
MAY 15
The Mamas & The Papas: Monday, Monday – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: With the Mamas & the Papas extraordinary success as a folk rock group, it's hard to believe they only performed for 4 years. The group was a defining force in the music scene of the counterculture of the 1960s. The group consisted of Americans John Phillips, Cass Elliot, and Michelle Phillips, and Canadian Denny Doherty. Its sound was based on vocal harmonies arranged by John Phillips, the songwriter, musician, and leader of the group, who adapted folk to the new beat style of the early 1960s. They are all deceased now except Michelle Phillips.

During their 4 years they released 5 studio albums and 17 singles, 6 of which made the Billboard top 10, and has sold close to 40 million records worldwide. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 for its contributions to the music industry. The band reunited briefly to record the album People Like Us in 1971 but had ceased touring and performing by that time.
Luke Combs: One Number Away – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is when you never give up on each other – ever. If you're meant to be, you persevere through everything.
MAY 12
Carrie Underwood: Hate My Heart – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This could apply to any loss. When my mom in particular, passed, the brain wanted to move on, but the heart wouldn't. For my dad, we had 4 years to prepare.

Same thing happened when my first husband and I split after 20 years. In both instances, was tired of being sad and depressed, but you can't force yourself out of it. It took a year and a half to get over him. As we age, it takes even longer to get over someone because you know how precious love is.

Some things you just don't get over. Reference: Somewhere in Time. The character Christopher Reeve play died within 10 days of losing the love of his life. Liken it to being stuck in mud that you can't extricate yourself from. It sucks you down and you just have to slog through it.

In this video, Carrie is p.o.ed at herself. Wants to move on. Can't. Hence she hates her heart. Catchy tune. I definitely have leg envy. ;-)
Chris Young: Looking for You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: "Looking for a sunrise leading to a sunset / Looking for a someone I can spend it with / Then it came around right out of the blue / And it turns out Oh, I was looking for you."
Disney Subscriptions Plummet by 4 Million as Studio Keeps Pushing Transgender, Drag Queen Content
Target Promotes Transgenderism With New Clothing Line
Oklahoma Bans More than a Dozen Woke Banks from Doing Business with the State
MAY 11
Darius Rucker: If I Told You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Everybody has doubts... will it last... can they love me enough... will they love me 'anyway'?
Jordan Davis: Next Thing You Know – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Life as it should be.
Bud Light's Sales Drop Is Accelerating Amid Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco — And Is Now Spilling Into Other Bud Brands
Hollywood Elites Hold ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’ Telethon To Hit Back Against New Wave Of Anti-Grooming Laws Designed To Protect Young Children
Morgan Wallen Cancels 6 Weeks Of Shows After 'Bad News' From Doctors
James Lindsay at European Parliament - Woke Conference – HOLLY NOTE: This is exceptional. It's so important that you may want to listen to it a couple of times. BEST ever explanation. H/T Linda Babb. – video of week 1
Shunned Chicago Gay Bars Boycott Anheuser-Busch As Brewer Distances Itself From Dylan Mulvaney
Ben E. King: Stand By Me – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't this what everyone wants – someone to stand by them through thick and thin? Be that steadfast person.
Easton Corbin: Lovin' You Is Fun – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: "And we're having such a good time together, and it's only just begun / My heart's never smiled so hard, baby, loving you is fun." This is when you know you're really in love – when you're grinning so hard with happiness, it feels like your face will break.
Bud Light, THIS is an Apology Video! Leaked Bud Light Commercial and New Bud Light Cans. – video of day 1
Country Stars 'The Voice' And 'American Idol' Rejected
Tucker Carlson Ready To Torch Fox News – HOLLY NOTE: In days subsequent to Tucker’s firing, we’ve heard really ugly info about Fox News. Very disappointing.

It’s a lot of work to be self-employed, but if you get pissed at your employer, look in the mirror. We work excruciatingly hours and our last vaca was at least a dozen years ago. But we’ve not danced to someone else’s tune for over 4 decades. Can’t imagine doing that again. If some employer wanted to make me wear a gay pride shirt or honor trannies, we’d have a parting of ways then and there.

Work environments have changed greatly since I first worked corporate at 23. Afraid my mouth would get me in trouble now.

As for Tucker, he can voice his opinion now without restraint. He doesn’t have to sign an NDA as he has numerous multi-million dollar offers. He can tell Fox to shove their severance package. Heard enough dirty purples since he left Fox and don’t care about that, but do care about people getting screwed over. Fox bowed to pressure and gave Tucker the bend over and smile treatment.
Defiant Ed Sheeran Speaks Out After Jury Clears Him In Marvin Gaye Copyright Suit – HOLLY NOTE: Am glad Sheeran prevailed in the lawsuit for a whopping $100 million. Marvin Gaye's estate had previously sued Robin Thicke and Pharrell and won over $5. Sounds like this was a case of greed vs. justice.
Ed Sheeran: Perfect | Dancing In The Dark – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: The song is a romantic ballad focusing on traditional marriage, written about his wife-to-be Cherry Seaborn, whom he knew from school and then reconnected with when she was working in New York. Sheeran revealed that the inspiration for the lyrics came after visiting James Blunt's house in Ibiza, where the 2 singers had listened to the rapper Future's music at 6 in the morning. He said: "Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song, which happened to be Future's "March Madness"... I booked the studio for the day, and I had that and I was like, right, let me just flesh that out. And the song happened and was sort of finished that day. I knew it was special."
Richard Marx: Right Here Waiting – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: When the odds seem impossible. This song won the hearts of millions all over the globe. Richard Marx uses his dreamy voice, coupled with one of the best piano rifts ever, and created the ultimate drug for romantics. Marx actually dedicated “Right Here Waiting” for his wife, Cynthia Rhodes, when she was acting in South Africa. For us people, it’s about a loving couple who, unfortunately, break up; and the man tells her, “No matter whom you love in the future, remember this – I’ll always be there for you.”
Zachariah Smith Sings "Lucille" And Dances All Over The Stage – HOLLY NOTE: You guys (BIG oop!s – you can't say 'you guys' any more and completely agree with jenntasticxx's comment on canceling 'you guys') know I love music. Zachariah Smith who is only 19 absolutely kills it!

Too bad this video clip didn't include the judges' assessments. They fell all over themselves and gave him a standing O. Such stage presence. Judges told him he won't be flippin' burgers anymore.

This young man is going to be like Morgan Wallen who performed on The Voice in 2014. He didn't win and in fact was sent home early and look where he is now. Superstardom. The definer I think about Zachariah Smith is 'solid' – solid performances, solid future and solidly built.
Bud Light Is Facing An ‘Unmitigated Disaster’ That Is Only Getting Worse, Says Clay Travis
California Democrats Push Bill To Mandate ‘Gender Diversity’ Books In Schools
Beloved ‘Frog and Toad’ Series Becomes Latest Kids’ Show To Push LGBT Agenda
ACLU Tells School Board It Has A ‘Legal Obligation’ To Conceal Students’ Gender Transitions
Zach Bryan: Something In The Orange – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: The song is a ballad about the end of a relationship. He is still emotionally connected to the girl, but t's over, and he knows she won’t miss him as much as he will. “The Orange” in the title refers to the sunset, a metaphor for the end of the story. The author still sees hope in the sunset. Something inside him tells him that it can't be over yet, but he's really deluding himself. Still not a fan of sad love songs, but the video showcases excellent scenery and beautiful sunsets.
ZZ Top: Sharp Dressed Man – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Saw ZZ twice in concert. The first was at the KC Chiefs stadium where they hauled onto the field a longhorn steer preceding the band. How to make an entrance! Group formed in Houston so why wouldn't they bring a longhorn steer, a buffalo, 2 vultures, and a couple of rattlesnakes? Yeah, we actually danced like this with lotsa big hair.
Kansas Becomes 1st State To Pass Law Defining Gender As A Person’s Sex At Birth
Rep. JimJordan Issues More Subpoenas In Big Tech-Government Censorship Probe
Free State California: Reparations Panel Says State Owes $1.2M to Black Residents
“We've Never Seen Such A Dramatic Shift": Bud Light Hopes New Ad Blitz Can Overcome Corporate Suicide
Beatles: All I've Got to Do – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: The Beatles completed All I’ve Got To Do in a single recording session, on September 11, 1963. In Many Years From Now, his biography of Paul McCartney, Barry Miles claims that Lennon played the song to McCartney just before they began recording it. It took the group 14 takes to get the song right, though 8 of those were false starts. They also recorded an overdub, which became take 15, the version used on the LP.
Dustin Lynch: Thinking 'Bout You (feat. MacKenzie Porter) – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Thinking 'Bout You was written by Lynch, Andy Albert, Hunter Phelps and Will Weatherly and is a nostalgic memory of time with an ex, a storyline that's reflected in the music video. "I realized how terrible I am on camera being around this girl from photoshoot to video shoot," Lynch joked of filming with Porter, who has also worked as an actress.

"I made the mistake of not demanding I get to go first when it came to the video... I'm sitting back and I'm watching the monitor and I'm like, 'Oh, damn.' She's such a great actress and got into character so naturally, and I'm just trying to not look like an idiot on camera."
Gordon Lightfoot Dead: 'Edmund Fitzgerald' Folk Singer Was 84
Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: A beautiful ballad from this incomparable Canadian storyteller. Just Gordon and his acoustic guitar pay tribute to the breakup of his first marriage. Yesterday the world lost a treasure.
Gordon Lightfoot: Sundown – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: The inspiration for this song came from Lightfoot worrying about his girlfriend, who was out at bars all day while he was at home writing songs. He recalled: "I had this girlfriend one time, and I was at home working, at my desk, working at my songwriting which I had been doing all week since I was on a roll, and my girlfriend was somewhere drinking, drinking somewhere.

"So I was hoping that no one else would get their hands on her, because she was pretty good lookin'! As a matter of fact, it was written just around Sundown," he added, "just as the sun was setting, behind the farm I had rented to use as a place to write the album."

"Lightfoot most likely wrote this about the stormy relationship with his one time girlfriend Cathy Smith, who was later sentenced for delivering a lethal dose of heroin to John Belushi." <source>
Your Garden Can Save Your Life – audio of the day
Fox News Ratings Slump Below MSNBC's in Timeslot Tucker Carlson Dominated - As Former Host's Video Breaking His Silence Is Viewed By Almost 70 MILLION People
Aerosmith: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: When forever and all day isn't enough. This was Aerosmith’s biggest it hit debuting at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed for 4 weeks, and reaching #1 around the world, including Australia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Diane Warren penned the lyrics after watching Barbara Walters' interview James Brolin and Barbra Streisand. Brolin said he missed Streisand when they were asleep, and Warren wrote down the words "I don't want to miss a thing”.

Lead singer Steven Tyler added his belting voice, which catapulted this song into the stratosphere and was featured in the movie Armageddon, which starred Tyler’s very tall daughter, Liv.
Luke Combs: Love You Anyway – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Yes, another one from my man Luke. The 'chubby' and going bald thing doesn't bother me, nor do wrinkles as we all age, but it's the man, his voice, his obvious kindness and he adores his wife.

Luke shares this about Love You Anyway: "Valentine’s Day 2020. I was playing a show and had dedicated ‘Beautiful Crazy’ to Nicole (his now wife) and said, ‘If you’re in here (the arena), I love you. If not, you know I do anyway.’

"Unknown to me, my buddy Dan wrote down Love You Anyway as a title in his phone after hearing that, then he told me the story later that month when he and I were writing with my good friend Ray Fulcher.

"We loved the idea as a title and decided to write about loving someone so much that even if you knew from the beginning they were going to break your heart, you’d love them anyway.

"It came off very poetic and we wanted to find the words that could really give meaning to what we were trying to say, but as we say in the song, we didn’t know if there were deep enough words made for that.

"But it all came together and essentially it’s a heartbreak and love song all in one. And long story short, me dedicating a song I wrote about Nicole ended up turning into another song about Nicole, and how three years later the song is finally out at the same time of year. It’s a special one to me and I hope y’all love it as much as I do.”

Wasn't familiar with this track, but the song and lyrics are beautiful. He's a terrific songwriter.
Be This Person, Not a Lemming – video
'Appetizers Plus Entrée!' Looks Like Tucker Carlson Doesn't Give 2 Fox About His Ouster From Network
Old Dominion: I Should Have Married You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Sometimes people hesitate contemplating their wedding, don't want to forfeit independence and lose out. Could say on getting married I dragged my feet, but patience from my husband won out.
Luke Combs: Hurricane – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: So when people split who could have enjoyed the best thing that ever happened to them and go their separate ways, then they might get hit with a 'hurricane'.
Washington State Drop Music Classes Over ‘White Supremacy’
This Is What ChatGPT Really Thinks of YOU: DailyMail.com Asked the AI Bot to Come Up With a Stereotype For Residents in All 50 US States — Prepare to Be Offended – HOLLY NOTE: As IF people care what AI 'thinks', but it's mildly amusing.
People are Canceling Fox Nation Subscriptions After Tucker Carlson and the Network Split
Tucker Carlson Given Job Offer with Salary Up to 3 Times More than He Was Making at Fox News
Former Fox News Host, Glenn Beck, Offers Tucker Carlson a Job: 'The Two of Us Will Tear It Up'
Cody Johnson: Human – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Human is a heart-on-your-sleeve song where a vulnerable Cody Johnson reflects on the temptations in the musician's life. Johnson says, "The biggest job is keeping under control, making sure that you're not gonna turn into 'that person'. The more fame and the more money – you watch people and you watch their careers, where they change and they turn into different people. And then you see their lives fall apart, their careers fall apart, and it's like they were a detriment under themselves. Keeping that at bay is really the job, and realizing that there are other things that are more important, I think, is the big takeaway." Though Cody didn't write the lyric, he says it certainly is autobiographical.
Luke Combs: Going, Going, Gone – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is when you've really messed up, the person leaves and there's no fixing it. Luke co-wrote this song with 2 of his friends James McNair and Ray Fulcher while in a Montana retreat. It was released as a single in winter of 2022 and is the stand-out track from his Growin’ Up album which dropped just last summer. He stated that this song is different from most of his love ballads, which I prefer the happier outcome, but this goes to show that different isn't necessarily bad.
Parental Rights Bills Sweeping the United States
The ‘Last Truth Teller’ Tucker Carlson Is Unceremoniously Fired From Fox News As Word Got Out He Was Planning To Expose Truth About Network – HOLLY NOTE: Just when you think things can't go any more wrong, they do. Was so shocked with news of Tucker Carlson's firing that I could barely speak. We've watched Fox since shortly after 9/11. The only channel we'd paid for was Fox Nation, which aired excellent programming. One in particular was a 3-parter with Pete Hegseth touring Israel. Watched it a couple of times.

Anyway between fits of spitting nails told Stan to cancel Fox Nation immediately. Ripped all of Fox recordings off the DVR and substituted them with everything Newsmax. It is our hope that Newsmax will find a home for Tucker there. So far several other former Fox hosts have moved to Newsmax including Eric Bolling, Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren, Greg Kelly and Rob Schmitt. ED OF DAY 1
Outraged Patriots Cancel Fox Nation Subscriptions In Droves In Wake Of Tucker News… Here’s How To Cancel Yours… – HOLLY NOTE: Bet we beat them to it. Dumped them like a steaming pile of excrement.
Trump: I'm 'Shocked' by Carlson Exit: Maybe He Needs 'Free Rein'
New Study Suggests Carbon Dioxide Buildup from Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration
National Health Organization Pushes Critical Race Theory into Medical Field
Morgan Wallen Cancels Ole Miss Show After Losing His Voice
UN Report Says Minors Can Consent to Sex with Adults
To Catch a Thief – HOLLY NOTE: Fair warning, you umight just laugh yourself silly. Enjoy!
Journey: Send Her My Love – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is about a guy who had a girlfriend, but had to let her go. He thought she deserved better, and they both knew that the love wasn't real. When he dreams, he calls out her name; he's still in love with her and he sees her face everywhere. Keyboardist Jonathan Cain talked about what inspired this song.

"I had a girlfriend when I was a teenager and somebody had called backstage to one of the shows and said, 'Virginia still talks about you and your relationship.' It was just one of those offhanded comments. I looked at her and just said, 'Send her my love.'

I walked out, and it hit me: 'Wait a minute, that's a song!'
Bruno Mars: Marry You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Bruno Mars is a superstar by every measure. He sells out the biggest concert venues around the world, he’s made multiple appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and he’s even been invited to the White House. But it wasn’t always this way for the award-winning millionaire musician, who turns 32 on Oct. 8.

His staggering success was built on the back of difficult childhood circumstances, poverty and a whole lot of talent and determination. Born Peter Hernandez in 1985, Bruno Mars grew up in poverty in Manoa Valley, Hawaii. As a teenager he struggled with homelessness and family instability as recently as the late 1990s, when he lived and slept in a rundown building in the ironically named Paradise Park section of the island.

That, however, was a step up from his earlier childhood, which he spent sleeping on rooftops in Honolulu and even in the back of limousines. All of the difficulties he endured, however, inspired the future superstar to work toward what would become his groundbreaking career. His net worth is reported at $175 million.
Porn ‘Completely Ruined’ Lives Of Young Men Experiencing Erectile Disfunction
Rocket Mortgage Puts Tampons In Men's Bathroom To Promote 'Menstrual Equity': StopWoke Founder – HOLLY NOTE: Every day I am dumb-founded at the the sheer ridiculousness of wokeness. There are 2 genders. Period. If you doubt it, look in your pants.
Dan Bongino Leaves Fox News: 'It's a Sad Day'
Bailey Zimmerman: Rock and A Hard Place – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Not a fan of sad songs, but someone the other day reminded me it might be comforting to someone going through break up. However, I do love Zimmerman’s gritty voice and he will be featured at I Hearts Music Fest in Austin, TX next month.

The title of this song is a well-known metaphor about a person being faced with a troubling situation – where all solutions available are less than ideal. In this case leaving would be painful and staying equally so.

By the looks of things, he already left at least once when ‘walked out the door’. This was an action which, in the grand scheme of things, definitely didn’t help matters.

In times prior, this love felt as if it were heaven-sent. However, now it’s more like they are forced to rationalize staying. But all of that noted, in the second verse – even if only briefly – Zimmerman admits he’d “rather ride it out for better weather”
Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson: Don't You Wanna Stay – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Now for a happier song. Written by Andy Gibson, Paul Jenkins, and Jason Seller, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” narrates the challenges of finding and keeping love. The 3 songwriters said they penned the song by focusing on what two people in love would actually say to each other in day-to-day circumstances rather than writing poetic, dreamy lyrics. And the result was super romantic.
Washington Bill To ‘Hide’ Children Seeking Gender Transition, Abortions From Parents Stokes Alarm – HOLLY NOTE: If we had school-age children, would seriously consider moving. This is beyond unacceptable. Homeschooling or private schools look better and better. ALERT
Washington State To Allow Children to Be Legally Taken From Parents If They Don’t Consent to Gender Transition – HOLLY NOTE: How about children stay in the home until they are of legal age.This is a life-altering decision and most children have no idea which way is up, let alone know how they'll feel about something this important in 3 or 4 years.
CA Bill Would Outlaw Criticism Of Teachers Teaching Gender Orientation
Chris Young: Looking for You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Looking For You is a vocal showcase that depicts a couple's love story. Chris Young recounts the moment a girl walked into the bar. As soon as he saw her, he knew she was the one - the girl he'd been looking for all his life.

The track wasn't inspired by a specific person but reflects the common experiences of Young and many others. "This actually just came from a place of, you know, sometimes you're looking for love and can't find it –and then it find you.

Then sometimes you're like, I give up and it just smacks you in the face like a freight train outta nowhere. "I think a lot of people have been through that before where they just see somebody walk in, even if they're not looking for it, they just find someone and it's like, this is perfect. So that was kind of the genesis of the idea of this song." <source>
Luke Combs: Forever After All – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: When Luke Combs sat down to write this track with Drew Parker and Rob Williford, he had been recently engaged to his now-wife, Nicole Hocking. At this point, Combs and Hocking had been together for several years. The track developed into a testament to how durable their relationship is even when “the new wears off.”

To illustrate that point, he uses the first verse to compare their bond to things that are fleeting: a cold beer, Duracell batteries, and a truck. Continuing in that vein, he references blue jeans after years of shift work and an FM station on the outskirts in the second verse. In contrast, one thing that will outlast all of those things is his love for his wife.

"Forever After All doesn’t happen without my wife, Nicole,” Combs said around the time of the song’s release. “This song is the next chapter in our story, but it’s awesome to see so many people are able to connect in the same way I feel about her in their own lives.”
Put Some Clothes On Your Daughter! ED OF DAY 1
Glen Campbell: Wichita Lineman – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Honoring linemen on Lineman Appreciation Day as they keep the lights on. Campbell nails Jimmy Webb's iconic line in Wichita Lineman "I need you more than want you and I want you for all time." Wore the grooves off that record back in the day. Sadly he left us in 2017 due to Alzheimer's.
Carly Simon: Anticipation – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Carly Simon’s very first gig was as support to Cat Stevens at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. Carly says she learned to harmonize to the songs.

Simon said “I invited him to come to my apartment when we were going to play Carnegie Hall together. It was about 7 o’clock when he supposed to arrive and he hadn’t arrived yet.

I was so nervous that the chicken wasn’t cooked and the cherries would have melted. I picked up the guitar. I had to fill my brain with something. I pretended I was Cat Stevens. I started out with very Cat Stevensy chords, very abrupt.

I was so stuck in the moment of being fearful so as a lesson to myself I said: “but we can never know about the days to come”. I didn’t know when the door-bell was going to ring. I liked that. It was all of a sudden a quarter to eight and I had written the whole song.
Build-a-Bear Selling Drag Queen Teddy in Adults-Only 'Bear Cave'
Disney Doubles Down! California Park Launches Its First Ever 'Pride Nite' Where Mickey And Minnie Mouse Will Be Dressed In Rainbow Costumes - Amid Bob Iger's Ongoing War With Ron DeSantis in Florida
Budweiser Ad Parody – HOLLY NOTE: This is what scrambling to save your backside looks like. Bud brought out their iconic Clydesdales to save the day in the hastily done ad.– video of day 2
Eagles: Witchy Woman – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Witchy Woman' is one of the Eagles' greatest hits of all time. The band's original members (Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon) released their self-titled album Eagles, produced by Glyn Johns, in 1971. The record showcased Henley's songwriting skills with the second single, "Witchy Woman."

The track became one of the most important songs to come off their debut album. It passed "Take It Easy" on the charts and became the band's first top 10 single.

The song has been used in film and television since its debut. The Eagles released 5 #1 singles, won 5 American Music Awards, received six Grammies, and produced 6 #1 albums. The band is part of the top 5 highest-selling music acts and is the highest-selling American bands, selling over 200-million copies. No American band sold more records than the Eagles during the 1970s and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. <source>
Billy Dean: I Will Be Here – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Singer / songwriter Billy Dean first gained national attention after appearing on the television talent competition Star Search. Active since 1990, he's recorded a total of 8 studio albums (of which the first 3 have been certified gold by the RIAA) and a greatest hits package which is also certified gold. His studio albums have accounted for more than 20 hit singles on the Billboard country charts, including 11 Top Ten hits.
Back to the Classics Budweiser Releases Pro-America Ad After Dylan Mulvaney Uproar
Washington State House Approves Bill Authorizing Hiding of Children Seeking Transgender Medical Intervention From Parents
Jay & the Americans: Cara Mia (My Beloved) – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This classic dates back to 1954 but revitalized by this group in 1965.
Brooks & Dunn: My Maria – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: The song was written by Stevenson and Daniel Moore. This single tells the story of a man who felt lucky being with someone who makes him happy. If you have found someone like Maria, you are one lucky man. Love like this is hard to find.
Trans Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Partners With Nike To Sell Sports Bras
Boycotting Bud Light? Here Are All the Brands Owned by Beer's Parent Company
Where You Don’t Want To Be When Things Finally Start Hitting The Fan ED OF DAY
Collapse Scenarios To Prep For – video of day 2
Zach Bryan: Something In The Orange – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Had to listen to this a few times to decide if I like it or not. Like his voice and the simple singing with just his acoustic guitar. So I bounced it off a friend yesterday and they said sometimes when someone is sad over a relationship they want to hear a song of commiseration. Apparently that was the right call as judged by the comments under the video. It touched many hearts.
The Band Perry: Better Dig Two – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is crazyville. Nobody is worth this.
Bud Light Suffers Bloodbath As Longtime And Loyal Consumers Revolt Against Transgender Campaign
Bar Owners Say Customers Have Stopped Ordering Bud Light After Joining the Transvestite Cult
Bud Light Consumers Revolt Against Woke Ad Campaign
Corey Kent: Wild as Her – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: I like being committed and married. Since fewer Americans are marrying – 60% less than in 1970, this song is a sign of the times.
Parmalee: Girl In Mine – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This song is Parmalee's latest who wrote and sang the smash hit and wedding anthem, Take My Name. It was the #1 Country song for 2022 and the 4
th longest run in the list’s upper tier in the nearly 23-year history of Billboard’s Country Airplay. In Girl In Mine they aren't married yet, but headed there.

There is something about wearing your husband's t-shirt that is very romantic and he sings: "In my T-shirt, in my ride / Runnin' circles in my mind / Couple billion in the world / Baby, you're the only girl / In that picture, in my pocket / On my cell phone when I lock it / It's all you, no lie / Baby, you're the only girl."
Granger Smith Reveals Why 2023 Will Be His Farewell Tour In Emotional Video – HOLLY NOTE: He also hosts a 5-hour radio program called After Midnight. He doesn’t address whether or not he’ll be leaving that as well. This would be personally sad as he is a great radio host. He got me hooked on Country a year ago. He feels the tug of the ministry stronger than anything and wants to glorify, exult God, not himself, which is why he’s done touring.
Good Parenting – video
Jake Owen: Made For You – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is a beautiful love confession ballad.
Dan + Shay: You – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: A beautiful love song from 2 happily married men to their ladies and both wed in 2017. To their wives they sing: "And I know, and I know, and I know that it don't better than this, 'Cause I got you, ooh, ooh, For the rest of my days."
Forget China. This is America’s Greatest Challenge – Liberals Undermining Our Culture
Hollywood Now Is Romanticizing Far-Left Terrorism
Thompson Square: Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: When the possibility of love is first explored.
Berlin: Take My Breath Away – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: And then when you're all in.
Country Music's Super Star Travis Tritt drops all Anheuser-Busch Products After Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney's Trans Activist Campaign
Exile: Kiss You All Over – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: When you have that special marriage and want no other, it follows you have an active personal life.
Carrie Underwood: See You Again – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Whether it's a relationship break up, military service, family member in a nursing home or death that brings separation, we will be reunited in some way again – in God it will be forever. Carrie's song not only has the right message, but a wonderful video. Don't know how they gathered all of these clips, but these are beautiful excerpts of life. Note the couple being baptized together.
Costco Cake Decorator’s Epic Fail Leaves Customers In Stitches
Fleetwood Mac Singer Christine McVie Cause Of Death Revealed: Ischemic Stroke
Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman: Time To Say Goodbye – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: From some who is paid not to sing, there no words to express how much I admire their gifts. Simply splendid.
Beach Boys: God Only Knows – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Keeping the pace mellow today as so many of us MAGAs are beyond outraged at the President Trump arrest debacle. One question I've posed to friends is how is it possible that charges can be filed when the statue of limitations have run out. Clearly Democrats now ignore the law and run roughshod over the Constitution. Denigrate our Country at every turn.

We're glad our parents aren't alive to see the Country they fought for is going down in flames. Are we past the Rubicon?

Biblical prophecy shows Israel takes a beating and her best ally, America, isn't there to help. That infers we are taken out.

Trump promised to remove Deep State, the Swamp or as some refer – Permanent D.C. He began to reverse many of their Socialist goals. They are terrified President Trump will prevail.

He is now not so starry-eyed, though not jaded, but he won't be taken in by DS. That is Deep State, not Dip Sh*ts though both could apply. He will a formidable enemy and Conservatives' best advocate. They are frightened out of their goat shorts and have to annihilate him.
The 2023 Country Music Television Awards Show Featured Drag Queens While Calling For ‘Gun Control’ One Week After A Transgender Shot And Killed 6 Souls
Pennsylvania Schools to Exclude Parents from Child’s ‘Gender Transition Plan’
Monet’s Water Lilies Masterpiece is Recreated Using 650,000 Lego Pieces – HOLLY NOTE: Monet's Water Lilies still hangs in Kansas City's Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery. My mom used to take me there regularly to appreciate art, which was her major from the Univ. of Nebraska.

Monet is by far my most fav painter. He utilized really large canvasses, some 20 feet long. Don't remember it looking like this. It was more subtle shades of purple, blues and greens but brighter. Monet's water lilies in the gallery is like this: Still the same rhythm.
Glen Campbell: Gentle On My Mind – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: In this 60s song the whole concept of traditional love is questioned. The dried-up ink stains could refer to love letters or marriage contracts. The singer wants to emphasize that their love is strong only because it's not shackled by concepts like marriage. Yet, it is also evident that he longs to be with his darling. Seems like this song was a premonition of where we’re at today: U.S. Marriage Rate Has Declined 60% Since 1970, Study Shows. Regardless that some folks are moving away from marriage, a lot of us still want commitment and tradition.
Heart: Crazy On You – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Nice combo of pickin' and strumming in this classic's intro – before she cuts loose.
5 Invasive, Aggressive And Overpowering Plants To Avoid In Your Garden This Spring
We Need To Teach Americans To Hope Again, Not Be Victims ED OF DAY
Greta Thunberg's Book Shows Just How Empty The Climate Celebrity Is
Pickin’ Up Chicks - Part 2 – video of day 1
Top 3 Food Priorities BEFORE Your Start Truly Prepping
Jo Dee Messina: Heads Carolina, Tails California – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Country artist Jo Dee Messina has had nine #1 songs on the United States Billboard Country Music Charts. She's been honored by the Country Music Association and nominated for 2 Grammy Awards. She was the first female country artist to score 3 multiple-week #1 singles. With all of these accolades, don't know how she escaped my notice.
Alphaille: Forever Young – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Alphaville, a German synthpop group, gained popularity in the 1980s. The band was first named Forever Young before changing to Alphaville and best known for their 2 biggest hits, Big in Japan and Forever Young.
Bugger - BANNED Toyota TV Commercial – HOLLY NOTE: Saw this commercial when we lived in Perth, Australia. When this first came on TV, we saw the whole first half of this 2-part ad. Nothing of part 2.

Some folks must have gotten all up in arms about the ‘splitting of the cow’ vignette and it was removed. You'll see it here. Loved Bugger the dog so much, it was my desktop wallpaper for a long time.

As an FYI, ‘bugger’ in AU doesn’t mean what it does up here. There it just means ‘oh, crap”. – video of the day 2
Selena Gomez's 'Throuple' With Beckhams: Gwyneth Paltrow And Dolly Parton Embrace Atypical Hollywood Marriages
60 Minutes Australia: New Parenting Trend Letting Young Children Choose Their Own Gender – video
Bruce Springsteen: Born In The U.S.A. – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: My husband and I are both fiercely patriotic. Family has been in the military fighting for America and American values for many decades. The American flag stands proudly in front of our home and at least 5 other houses down the street display The Colors. So, so sad to see that patriotism has fallen from 70% to just 38%. in the past 25 years. The reason is two-fold. First, the Communist infiltration into our schools that teach kids to hate America. Second, invasion of illegal aliens that no longer come here to work, but to take advantage of all the gimmes.
Brantly Gilbert: Bottoms Up – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: No love songs today as we watch our country in trouble. Mentioned to my husband yesterday that our Country is under judgment. Look at all the disasters that have converged in the last several weeks.

California has absolutely gotten belted with snow, rain and flooding – killing people and cattle – after a decade-long drought. The southeast hammered with tornadoes. Worst inflation in 4 decades. Avian flu decimating the chicken and egg industries – food prices rocketing up and expected to be worse this year. Biden killing us with his Progressive agenda. A soul-destroying shooting in Nashville.

Just wait. We've barely dipped our toes into 2023. Celebrate while America is still free. Bottoms up.
Pentagon Urges More Access To Sex-Change Hormones For Military Kids As Young as SEVEN!
Jordan Davis: Singles You Up – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Everybody wants to be wanted. Look and see what's right in front of your eyes. Songwriter Jordan Davis writes of his song: "This song is about the guy having to wait his turn, seeing the girl with somebody else. He has feelings for her and hopes the other guy screws it up somehow."
Megan Moroney: Tennessee Orange – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Tennessee Orange is a love song – a really interesting one. Why? Because it takes a fresh approach to the well-worn topic of being completely besotted.

Moroney is in fact from Georgia and down south, communities take football very seriously. For instance, “the Dawgs” mentioned in the final chorus is a reference to the University of Georgia Bulldogs’ football team. Moroney is actually a graduate of that school.

Megan calls to tell her mom she's fallen in love with a man from Tennessee, which is a rival state for sports. Instead of wearing the Georgia Dawgs signature red, she wears Tennessee orange.

Euphorically in love she sings: "I met somebody and he's got blue eyes. He opens the door and he don't make me cry. He ain't from where we're from, but he feels like home.… In Georgia, they'd call it a sin [because] I'm wearin' Tennessee orange for him."

The 'sin' is falling for a Tennessee Volunteer, not a Georgia Bulldog. This song is rumored to be about Morgan Wallen who happens to have blue eyes and is from Tennessee.
Bay Area Crowns First Biologically Male Miss San Francisco
Elon To Woke CNN: STFU
POLL: Americans Pull Back from Values that Once Defined USA…Patriotism, Religion, Hard Work Less Important
Swimmer Riley Gaines Slams Woke ESPN’s Honoring Of ‘Arrogant Cheat’ Lia Thomas
Bob Seger & Jason Aldean: Against the Wind – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Love Jason Aldean, but this song worked better with just Seger's raspy voice. However, the music is exceptional with both playing guitars, a real piano and great drums. Lots of good bass in this song.
Yanni: For All Seasons – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Yanni’s music is difficult to pigeonhole. It’s like porn in that it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Yanni’s unique sound is a blend of jazz, classical, soft rock, and world music to create mostly instrumental pieces.
When Satire Becomes Reality: Nearly 100 Babylon Bee Joke Stories Have Come True
Mike + The Mechanics: House of Many Rooms – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This is a very strong song delving into one man's complexity. M + the Mechanics music isn't lightweight. It about causes, personal growth and physicality.
Tina Turner: The Best  – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: The odds were against her. Child of sharecroppers in Boonesville, Tennessee. Abandoned by both parents after their divorce. Victim of domestic violence by her co-star and husband. Yet, Anna Mae Bullock would find her true self as Tina Turner and one day emerge as “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Dig writes: "When she finally defied her abusive ex-husband and struck out on her own, she became an inspiration the world over for women seeking their own escape routes. When she bounced back, in 1983, with a cover of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, she staged a reinvention which went on to reap countless rewards. And yet one song tops them all: The Best."
USA Today Again Picks Biological Man As ‘Woman Of The Year
Odds and Ends: Things You May Want To Follow-Up On ED OF DAY 1
THIS Is How You TAKE DOWN Drag Queen Story Hour! – video of day 1
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Released in 1966 was an immediate critical and commercial hit, topping record charts in several countries including the U.S. and the UK. Characterized by its complex soundscapes, it was the most expensive single ever recorded.

Good Vibrations later became widely acclaimed as one of the finest and most important works of the rock era. Good Vibrations received a Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Group performance in 1966 and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1994.

The song was voted #1 in Mojo's "Top 100 Records of All Time" and #6 on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", and it was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's list of the "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll".
The Troggs: Wild Thing – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Wild Thing was written by New York City-born songwriter Chip Taylor. Originally recorded by The Wild Ones in 1965, It's best known for its 1966 cover by the English band The Troggs, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 1966. The song peaked at No. 2 in Britain.
Statistics on Fatherless Children in America – HOLLY NOTE: Ladies, us girls and guys need a strong man in our life growing up. I was blessed by him, my dad. Parents married really late in life. I was born when Popsy was 42. We don't marry our dad, but is who we choose to marry. That example. Someone strong and righteous. So much news is about women today. Not about strong men. Dad would have been 118 yesterday. I honor you. Best dad ever. I love you. Dad served in 2 wars: WW2 and Korean. He didn't need tats to know/show he was a real man. If you are in that tight spot, see Apogee
Old Dominion: No Hard Feelings – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Sometimes life just sucks. Push through. Love seeing these guys commiserating and seeing that rainbow.
Miranda Lambert: Over You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Lambert and Blake Shelton co-wrote this song while they enjoyed their 4 short years of marriage. It was supposed to be in honor of Blake's brother's death.
Deranged Drag Queens in “Demonic” Outfits Crash Arkansas Children’s Book Reading Event Hosted By Kirk Cameron
Detrans Teen Sues Kaiser Permanente over Double Mastectomy
Wyoming Becomes 19th State To Ban Biological Males In Girls’ Sports
Foreigner: Waiting for a Girl Like You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: After nearly 50 years, Foreigner is still going strong selling more than 80 million records. Lead singer Kelly Hansen joined the group in 2005, replacing Lou Gramm. Hansen’s a wonderful vocalist giving the group its unique, enduring sound.
Keith Urban: Brown Eyes Baby – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: When you're ready to start over, everybody could use a friend like this. Keith was the perfect antidote to Tom Cruise for Nicole Kidman. Since they've been married 17 years and still wild about each other, they must be the perfect match.
How Trans Activism Became The New Religion Of The Left ED OF DAY
Biden Expected To Designate Largest National Monument – Avi Kwa Ame in Nevada – Of His Presidency Next Week
Luke Combs: Better Together – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Not the biggest beer fan, but love the sentiment of this beautifully played song accompanied only by a keyboard. Can't go wrong with Luke Combs. Classic hook "If I'm being honest, your first and my last name, would just sound better and probably always, will like a cup of coffee in the sunrise, Sunday drives and time to kill. ...It's match made up in Heaven, like good ole boys and beer, and me, as long as you're right here."
Cole Swindell: She Had Me At Heads Carolina – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Since this is a party-down weekend for some folks, here is a happy-up tune to get you started.
13 Signs She’s Falling in Love with You
9 Signs of True Love From a Man
Here Are Some More: 15 Signs a Man Is Falling in Love
Dr. Rachel Levine Says Changing Kids' Genders Will Soon Be Fully Embraced: 'Wheels Will Turn On This'
ESG Will Bankrupt You — Financially and Morally
Luke Combs: The Kind of Love We Make – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Heat it up with these 2 great songs. This one was the 5
th highest charting Country song of 2022.
Parmalee: Take My Name – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This song came in as #1 for 2022 and quickly became the top wedding anthem.
San Francisco NAACP Slams $5M Per Person Reparation Plan
Elementary School Teacher Says Confusing Kids About Gender Is ‘the Goal’
Country Music Superstr Morgan Wallen Accomplishes Something No One’s Ever Done Before
Pathetic: Drew Barrymore Kneels Before Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney
Biden Budget Wants Taxpayers To Cover Gender Changes For Veterans
More 'Woke' Companies Are Going To Fail, Former CEO Warns: SVB Collapse Was 'Perfect Storm'
Old Dominion: Memory Lane – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: If there is such a thing as a good bust up, an upbeat song, this is it. Count on Old Dominion to deliver.
Pink Floyd: Money – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Banks are such a hot mess... Maybe your bed mattress or gun safe is a better place to stash your cash. This song was written at the time of 1973 the U.S. fuel shortage.

The Atlantic erroneously wrote: "Udall, a former Secretary of the Interior for the Kennedy Administration, believed the auto industry was in an unsustainable growth pattern based on the folly that cheap gas prices would persist indefinitely.

"He saw American oil production reaching a plateau and worried about the stability of the Middle Eastern market: The impact of these tremors can already be anticipated: to the consumer they signal the end of a long love affair with the car, and to Detroit they offer an early warning that its 1985 growth aims are dangerously unrealistic."

America's love affair with the car has only grown. Now short-sighted government prats want us to go electrical and put a further strain on the grid. Global warming, which has morphed into climate change, will be known in history as one of the 2 most successful transfers of wealth to elites.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Signs Law Restricting LGBT Ideology, CRT, Sexual Materials In Schools
San Francisco Considers Reparations Proposal To Give $5 Million Per Black Person
Outrage Over NY Attorney General Letitia James Hosting 'Drag Story Hour' For Children: 'This Is Not The Way'
DeSantis Stripping Florida Hotel's Liquor License After Hosting 'Lewd' Drag Show With Children Present
Trisha Yearwood: How Do I Live Without You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Huge Trisha fan for decades. This is dedicated to the man of man life. And thankfully living without each other isn't an issue.
Morgan Wallen: Thought You Should Know – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: You probably know by now am a huge Morgan fan. He just dropped a new album just dropped 10 days ago with 36, yes count 'em, 36 new tracks. This one is dedicated to his mom. It's held the #2 slot on Country Music charts. What I love is when naysayers are wrong. From the L.A. Times article: "Dangerous,” Wallen’s 2021 double LP, (have it and it's outstanding!) withstood a brief moment of backlash to become that year’s biggest album of any genre."
EXCLUSIVE: High School’s Policy Tells Girls To Leave Their Locker Room If Uncomfortable With Trans Students
If We're Doing Reparations, Here's Who Should Pay Them ED OF DAY
Dems, Don't Tell Us We Need to 'Shhh!' Our Kids' School Libraries Are Full Of Guides On Sex Acts And Gender Confusion
Calum Scott: Come Back Home – Sing of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Never heard this song or of the artist before. Just happenchanced on it running errands. Really nice.
Carrie Underwood: Blown Away – Sing of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: They say songs that are the rawest and most meaningful come from personal experience. One of the song's writers, Chris Tomkins, says he went to AA meetings regarding his dad. Blown Away is a total ear worm or as a friend says regarding a really good meal, "it just keeps getting in your mouff!"
Twitter Laughs, Groans As Jill Biden Gives Biological Male Women Of Courage Award: 'Up Your Game, Ladies'
'Why Can't I Identify As A Black Lesbian?' Piers Morgan Highlights The Absurdity Of Radical Gender Ideology
'Goosebumps' Author Sets The Record Straight After Woke Language Changes Made To His Best-Selling Books
Alison Krauss & John Waite: Missing You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Somebody's lyin' here.
Jake Owen: Made for You – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: When you know you've been blessed to have the right one.
'Non-Woke' Chocolate Bars A Hit After Hershey's Goes Woke – video
Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind – HOLLY NOTE: A beautiful ballad from this incomparable Canadian storyteller. Just Gordon and his acoustic guitar pay tribute to the breakup of his first marriage.
Isabelle Abance: God Knew That I Needed You – HOLLY NOTE: When you find the right one: "We're like a hand in glove, one heart made from two."
Obscene Drag Shows For Babies Are Yet Another Attempt To ‘Queer’ Your Children
Lynyrd Skynyrd Founding Member Dead
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: In honor of Gary Rossington.
Sgt Barry Sadler: Ballad of the Green Berets 1966 – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Remember this well. Used to give me goosebumps.
Professor Urges Bereavement Leave For Black Educators To Process Racism Trauma
Spielberg Warns 'Overt' Antisemitism in US As Bad As 1930s Germany
Ret. Gen. Spalding: ‘Woke Regime’ Teaming Up With ‘Enemies’ of US
Toby Keith W/ Willie Nelson: Beer For My Horses – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Though this was recorded in 2002, it could have been written yesterday.

"We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds. Too much corruption and crime in the streets. It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground. Send 'em all to their maker and he'll settle 'em down… And we'll raise up our glasses against Evil forces singing Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses."
The Carpenters: A Song For You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Truly a classic for lovers.
Student Suspended And Then Arrested For Saying There Are Only 2 Genders
What’s Next for Wokeism? ED OF DAY 2
LA’s Diversity Quota For Police Is Coming For All Of Us Soon – HOLLY NOTE: Less qualified cops in order to satisfy the left's ridiculous quest for diversity… What an ignorant, ill-advised idea.This is much like the heart surgeon. Do you want the best or do you want the one who checks the boxes for gender/ race/ sexual orientation?

For police I want the fastest, biggest, strongest and most skilled. Nothing less. Plus they need better pay across the board. Who goes to work every and gets treated as target practice?
Albert Hammond: It Never Rains in Southern California – For all you Californians that are in need of severe clear, how about a little Rocky Mountain High? Since Colorado enjoys 300 days of sunshine, we have some to share.
John Denver: Sunshine On My Shoulders
Washington Teacher Claims Schools Need To Keep Students Safe 'From Their Christo-Fascist Parents'
Living As Normal In The Shadow Of Impending Catastrophe – HOLLY NOTE: Haven't you ever wondered why you were born right now? Why you weren't born when times were simpler. Easier?
Glen Campbell: By The Time I Get To Phoenix – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Not really into break up songs, but have to make room for the incredible Glen Campbell.
Eagles: Take It To The Limit – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: The Eagles formed in Los Angeles in 1971 and still going strong. With 5 number-one singles and 6 number-one albums, 6 Grammy Awards and 5 American Music Awards, the Eagles were one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s in North America. Founding members Glenn Frey (guitars, vocals), Don Henley (drums, vocals), Bernie Leadon (guitars, vocals), and Randy Meisner (bass guitar, vocals) of these 4, only Henley remains.

This remarkable band gave us exceptional solo artists in Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Glen Frey, Vince Gill and Don Felder. "Take It to the Limit", was written by Meisner, Henley, and Frey, and is the only Eagles single to feature Meisner on lead vocals. Saw them in concert twice and they were absolutely fantastic!
U.S. Marriage Rate Has Declined 60% Since 1970, Study Shows
Recent College Grads Unprepared For 9-5 Jobs, Experts Warn
Pennsylvania District Considers Bringing 'Feelings' Into Math
Living As Normal In The Shadow Of Impending Catastrophe – HOLLY NOTE: Have you ever wondered why you were born right now? Why you weren't born when times were simpler. Easier?
Little River Band: Take It Easy On Me – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: When relationships change. They bust up. You can bend me, but never break me. Hell on that person who tries to break their heart. We always rise up and stronger. Yes?
John Denver: Annie's Song – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Saw John perform at Red Rocks (Morrison, Colorado) in 1982. It was my first husband and my – our wedding song. Brings back good memories even though he is now deceased. Still one of the best concerts ever. Red Rocks is a naturally occurring formation with magnificent sandstone rocks on both sides and behind the stage These make the acoustics absolutely fantastic in a magical setting. You can read more about Red Rocks here.
Lionel Richie: Still – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: As only Lionel Richie can sing a love song except he's lost her...
October Project: Return to Me – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: …while she wonders how to keep him. Lead singer Mary Fahl’s voice is hauntingly beautiful. The Boston Globe once described it as“a voice for the gods that can transport listeners to other realms”, Mary Fahl is an expressive, emotional singer/songwriter who first achieved fame as lead singer and co-founder of the mid-1990s NYC-based chamber-pop group, a band known for their lush harmonies and sweeping melodies…
Brave Boy, 11, Reads Pornographic Book Out Loud To School Board Members That He Checked Out Of His Middle School Library – video
Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Drag Performances in Public or in Front of Children
HARDY & Lainey Wilson: Wait In The Truck – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: When someone gives all for a stranger. A man would get exactly 1 chance to hit, then redeem himself. Time 2 it happens, am done. For women in similar situations to this song, here is your help line number: 800-799-7233.

This is nothing you ladies brought on yourself. There is NO excuse for hitting. Don't be ashamed. Just get out while you're still alive. Not many women would have a stranger come to her defense. This is just a song and it's up to you to extricate yourself.
The Turtles: Elenore – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Get a kick out of the group's co-founder Mark Volman, who does harmonizing and backup vocals, and plays percussion and guitar. He's the one with the ever-evolving wild hair. Volman turned 75 last year and still has crazy hair. They say men who dance well are good at extra-curricular activities.
Willie Nelson Turns 90 This Year. He's Still On Tour.
New Details Emerge In Shocking Suicide Of Billionaire Thomas H. Lee
'Wokeism Gone Mad': UK Fire Chief Bans Use Of 'Fireman' And 'Firemen' As 'Sexist'
The Jeff Healey Band: Angel Eyes – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Another giant loss... Healey died at 41 of cancer in 2008. This Canadian was a noted blues, rock and jazz singer, guitarist, trombonist, trumpeter, clarinetist, and songwriter. Best known for the hit single “Angel Eyes,” and for his unconventional style of playing the guitar flat on his lap. He was blind by the age of 1 from a rare form of eye cancer and began playing guitar at age 3, initially self-taught.
Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson: Don't You Wanna Stay – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: They hope that 'a little while' turns into forever. Don't we all?
UK Anti-Terror Programme Lists Reading Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World as Signs of Extremism
Alan Jackson: Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Bet you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing.
Dusty Springfield: I Only Want to Be with You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Falling in love is the best thing on the planet and she recognizes the moment when it's happening.
US Teachers Peddling Same ‘Woke Ideologies’ Taught In North Korea, Defector Says
Prepper Spouses – video of the week 1
105 Easy DIY Car Repairs You Don’t Need to Go To The Shop For
Kenny Chesney: Don't Blink – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: What a lesson!
Nate Smith: Whiskey On You – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Best break up song ever. The hook: "Here's to us happily never after all." Not crazy about the end-of-relationship songs, but so love Nate's voice and his music.

Pretty perfect. Even in this heartbreak issue, encourage you to get out of bed, get off that chair and DANCE. Cry a river, a BIG lot, eat a lot of garbage. Then move on as best you can. It takes a while. Mourn. Do it again and eventually you'll be happy again and open for a new relationship. The one waiting in the wings will be so much better.

How do you get over that person? Not an easy thing. Not a snap-back. For me, it was 18 months of mourning before I could even think about a new relationship. We eventually heal. Do random acts of kindness. You will feel better.
Richard Belzer, Comedian And 'Law & Order' Star, Dead At 78 – HOLLY NOTE: It’s weird that it seems people die in groups. At 78, Belzer lived 5 years past the expected time for men. For women it's a tad over 79. If your husband is in this age group, time to get down on your knees.
Country Stars Mourn Sudden Loss Of Kellie Pickler's Husband Kyle Jacobs – HOLLY NOTE: He was just 49 and so desperately sad that he left his wife, just 36, a widow. No indication why he committed suicide.
Jimmy Carter, 39th US President, Enters Hospice Care At Home at 98
'We're Hoping For The Best': Saving Private Ryan Star Tom Sizemore's Manager Gives Grim Update After Actor, 61, With Drug Abuse History Remains In Critical Condition After Suffering Brain Aneurysm at 2am
7 Shows Like ‘The Blacklist’ If You Love The Series
14 GOP Led States Pushing Laws Against Drag Shows For Minors
Is Your Baby 'Nonbinary'? Social Workers in Pennsylvania Are Now Required To Say
Rick Springfield: Jessie's Girl – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Wants what he can't have.
Dirty Dancing: Time Of My Life – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is a 2-fer. Terrific song paired with great dancing by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

One classic line from Dirty Dancing is "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." (Baby was Jennifer Grey's character's nickname.) Said another way, no one puts loved ones at the back of the line. Often people who give the most are taken advantage of – a valuable lesson from this movie.
Emma Lembke Testifies Before Senate Committee On Online Safety – HOLLY NOTE: You may have noticed I don't do social media. Too busy, + can't be bothered with individuals who just want to tear others down. I actually have a robust life that doesn't need to be validated by strangers.
Scotty McCreery: It Matters To Her – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This song has a great message to husbands about their wives. I'd go a step further and say women should do the same thing for their men. Scotty says: “This was a song that I loved writing and I love the message. When I first got the demo back… I just listened to this one on repeat for like 20 times before I was done. I played it for Gabi [his wife] and she loved it as well. She particularly liked one line and that was the ‘shut up and listen to what she has to say’ line. She was like, ‘Now that’s a winner right there,’ so she did love the song, for sure.”
Emma Lembke Testifies Before Senate Committee On Online Safety – HOLLY NOTE: You may have noticed I don't do social media. Too busy, + can't be bothered with individuals who just want to tear others down. I actually have a robust life that doesn't need to be validated by strangers.
Tina Turner: Simply The Best  – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: These is how you feel when you're so completely in love and have met your perfect match, you're besotted. One can only hope your other half feels the same way and a steadfast relationship blossoms.
Journey: Open Arms – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: "There are great rock ballads and then there’s Journey’s Open Arms – a song that goes beyond the realms of any ordinary power ballad." <source>: Open Arms became the band’s highest charting single, occupying the #2 spot for 6 weeks. Journey's lead singer Steve Perry co-wrote this romantic song marrying a beautiful melody with a love song that stands the test of time. What else would one play on Valentine's Day?
Exclusive — Paul Fitzpatrick: 1792 Project Creates 'Corporate Bias Ratings' to Rate Companies' Wokeness
Catholic School Pupil Who Voiced Catholic Beliefs on Gender Arrested
CURL: Woke Language Police Tackle ‘Violent’ Language: ‘Jump The Gun,’ ‘Deadline’
Single Women Are Shopping For ‘Husband Material’ at Home Depot
'Romance Scams' Cost Victims $1 Billion Last Year, a New Record
Kansas City Chiefs Wins Super Bowl LVII, Beating Favored Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 In Thrilling NFL Finale
Chris Stapleton Sings National Anthem at Super Bowl XVII – HOLLY NOTE: 8-time Grammy winner Chris Stapleton sings moving, uncomplicated rendition of our National Anthem at Super Bowl XVII. Brings Eagle coach Nick Sirianni to tears. – video
'America Has ONE National Anthem!' Social Media Users Slam the NFL For Black Anthem
Randall Staley: Melancholy Solitude – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: – Written in the 70s and performed from site reader, Randall Staley. His acoustic 12-string guitar is the perfect accompaniment.
Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't it the truth and right now China is angling to overtake the U.S. in every aspect aided by their spy balloons, multi-pronged theft and constant lying.

On a micro level, Everybody Wants To Rule The World is about the lust for control and power, which ultimately ends in corruption. Though this song was released nearly 40 years ago, it could be about what's going on in our government right now.

Also check the Exxon gas price sign in this video at $1.45. It's been a long while they were that low, but President Trump did a great job make America energy independent and bringing fuel prices down to $1.87.
Maine Teen Gets Chest Binder At School Without Consent
Pro-Trans Demonstrators Occupy Oklahoma Capitol to Protest Bill Defending Children
Idaho Schools Told to Hide Student’s Gender Identity from Parents – HOLLY NOTE: Are you seeing a trend here? It's war on our children, placing a wedge between kids and their parents.
Lia Thomas Reportedly Exposed Their ‘Male Genitalia’ In Female Locker Room After Swim Meet
Disney World Was Our Destination. What I Found Could Be The End For A Beloved American Company
Brantley Gilbert: Bottoms Up – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Hadn't planned on watching Lyin' Biden's SOTU message last night and then thought better of it. It was worse than anticipated. Lies, exaggerations, lack of credibility, ignoring the obvious and baiting statements, not unifying.

Case in point, Biden did slightly mentioned the fentanyl crisis, saying we need more drug detection equipment, not secure the border – the obvious place to start.

A friend, also of like mind, mentioned that to get through an hour of his tripe would need a stiff drink. Gave the drink a pass, but in honor of that thought, here is Bottoms Up.

Commodores: Three Times A Lady – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Classic Lionel Richie. Beautiful ballad. Not only does he perform it, he wrote it. His inspiration: Richie explained in a 1979 interview, "I wrote it back in 1978 and it was a very personal meaning to me.

I attended the wedding anniversary of my parents and my father made a speech about how much he loved my mother and appreciated the way she had stood beside him for 37 years. It was beautiful and I started to think about my own life and how my wife stands by me, how she does so many things without being asked or thanked. So, I wrote Three Times A Lady as a dedication to my wife and my mother.
Another Brutal Chick Fight Breaks Out At Morgan Wallen Concert
More Than 100 Conservative Groups Back Democrat Joe Manchin's Plan To Block Biden From His 'woke' Plan To Let Retirement Planners Factor ESG Into 401(K)s Investments
Church of England to Ponder ‘Gender-Neutral’ Terms For God And Jesus, Bishop Says
DirecTV Says It Would Welcome Back Newsmax Under The Right Terms
Billy Dean: I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This one's leaving.
Bob Seger: Why Don't You Stay – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This one's staying.
Disney Slammed Over New ‘Anti-White’ Cartoon For Kids
Disney Releases Woke “Proud Family” Kids Show – Radical Children’s Show Pushes BLM Marxism, Anti-White Racism and Reparations
Idaho Satanists Plan ‘Gender Affirmation Ritual’ To Protest Ban On Surgeries For Children: ‘I Praise Myself’
Trans Lives Matter Protesters Occupy Oklahoma Capitol Building To Fight GOP Bill That Bans Gender-Confirming Surgery For Under 21s
Mother Admits She Regrets Letting Her Son, 4, Transition To A Girl And Describes Realizing Her Mistake Was Like 'Leaving A Cult' After She Had Previously Spent Years Being A 'True Believer' In Trans Ideology
Dusty Springfield: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: You don't have to, but it's really nice that you do.
Beatles: All My Loving – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Back in the day when their music was still sweet and innocent… Release date of 1963 before the Beatles got into the really hard drugs toward the end of that decade.
'Those Were My Children' NY Crossing Guard, 91, Retires After Not Missing A Day In 41 Years
Arizona State University Puts Urinals In Women’s Restrooms
Study Shows You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You
MIKE GONZALEZ: '1619 Project' Is Back and as Slanderous as Ever! Hulu's New Series Is Yet Another Vehicle For Huckster Nikole Hannah-Jones to Turn White Guilt Into Green Bucks - The Truth Be Damned
DeSantis Admin Revoking Liquor License From Orlando Venue For Allowing Children At 'Drag Queen Christmas'
Shania Twain: You’re Still The One – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: If you want a relationship bad enough, you find a way to make it work so it stands the test of time and distance.
Ritchie Valens: La Bamba – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Richard Steven Valenzuela (Ritchie Valens) was born to a poor family in Pacoima, California on May 13, 1941. Though he was Mexican-American Ritchie didn't speak Spanish. From Pacoima in LA he traveled with a brother to Veracruz, Mexico. While there, they heard La Bamba, a traditional Mexican folk song. Ritchie's wheels started turning...

Valens learned enough Spanish to sing the song. Released in 1958, it hit the US Top 40 charts. Deemed one of early rock and roll's best-known songs, Rolling Stone magazine and VHI declared the tune one of the greatest songs of all time.
David Hidalgo: La Bamba – Song of the Day 3 – HOLLY NOTE: Lou Diamond Phillips played Ritchie Valens in 1987's biographical drama La Bamba. Instead of Diamond singing, bass guitar player David Hidalgo provided the voice. That said, Diamond did a great job lip syncing in the biopic.
La Bamba, The Movie Pt 1, Pt. 2 – video
Short Clip of the Buddy Holly Plane Crash News And Footage – video
Tell Me Exactly What Is The Meaning White Supremacy, Again? ED OF DAY
Is the Die Cast for DEI? and Are We to Die Because of It?
Brett Young: Mercy – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: How many musicians and songwriters started out as athletes, sustained a career-ending injury and turned to music. Brett is yet another one.
Carpenters: Close To You & We've Only Just Begun – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Sure miss her sweet clear voice. Died way too soon of a heart attack induced from years of anorexia and bulimia.
I Don't Give a F*** If You're an Adult or Not': 9th-Grade Female Student Physically Beats Teacher
Lauren Boebert Issues Direct Warning To AT&T/DirecTV After Newsmax Dropped – video
Tom Brady Retires At 45, Insisting This Time It’s ‘For Good' – HOLLY NOTE: Too sad he hung on for another season, a losing one at that. Now he's lost his top-of-the-world super status, his wife and family. For pride? When I screw up, can do a mea culpa. Nothing is worth what he's lost. People need to understand when to throw in the towel and call it all good. Wasn't particularly a TB fan, but a big fan of being in love. No pile of $$ is ever worth this loss. So sad for this 'golden' couple.
Billy Dean: You Don't Count the Cost – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Don't you know someone who always puts themself at the end of the line and gives everything? Sometimes you have to insist they be first.
Billy Currington: Must Be Doin' Somethin' – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This works for most women.
Budd Goodyear and Andrea Sandefur: Faith to Work – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Budd, a good friend, wrote the words to this beautiful song of faith enhanced by Andrea's angelic voice and the other musicians.
Little River Band: Take It Easy On Me – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This song stands the test of time.
Adam Levine Wears A Dress To Match Wife Behati Prinsloo And Their 2 Young Daughters – HOLLY NOTE: Glad my husband isn’t inclined to wear dresses. 'Fraid that wouldn't work for me seeing him as a masculine man, never mind how many tats he's sporting, which thankfully, are none. Besides, the fact they wouldn't fit, they would clash with a beard and moustache. ;-)
Cindy Williams Dead: ‘Happy Days’ & ‘Laverne & Shirley’ Star Dies At 75
Liberal Media Personalities Blame ‘White Supremacy’ For 5 Black Officers Killing Tyree Nichols
Have You Heard of the “Tradwife Movement”? – HOLLY NOTE: That would be those of us who put family first, aren't feminists, honor traditional values and want a real, masculine man.
Cusco: Montezuma – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: In case you aren't awake.
Dave Loggins: Please Come to Boston – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Clearly a mismatch.
Bills Hamlin In Video Speaks Publicly For First Time, ‘Thank You’
DirecTV Dumps Newsmax Instead Of Paying New Fee, Drawing Republican Outrage – HOLLY NOTE: If you want to protest this action or cancel your subscription, go here.
A Prepper’s Guide to SHTF Dental Care – HOLLY NOTE: This article’s author reports that some entities say it’s no longer necessary to floss. My dentist had a poster in front of one of the dental chairs that read: “You don’t have to floss all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep.” Simply can’t imagine not doing daily flossing. – ED OF WEEK
CNN Had Worst Rating Week In 9 Years
Colorado Appeals Court Rules Against Jack Phillips, Masterpiece Cakeshop In Trans Cake Case; Baker To Appeal
Chris Stapleton: Parachute – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Chris will sing the National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl LVII February 12.
Chris Young: I'm Comin' Over – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: – When you're never over that person…
AP Mercilessly Trolled For Discouraging Use Of Word 'the'
Charging Black Officers in Black Man’s Death Is Racist
Transgender Woke Balderdash: I Am A Cat ED OF DAY 2
Homesteading Tips from Backwoods Home Magazine
World Athletics Considering Stricter Rules For Biological Men Competing As Women
U.S. Is 'Most Permissive Country' When It Comes to Transgender Treatments, Study Shows
In honor of National Spouses Day:
Luke Combs: The Kind of Love We Make – Song of Day 1
Righteous Brothers: Unchained Melody – Song of Day 2
Dan + Shay: Glad You Exist – Song of Day 3
Split Rulings On Transgender Bathroom Rules Tee Up Supreme Court Review
What Percentage Of Americans Have Tattoos?
Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover - Saturday Night Live – language warning – video humor
Mike + the Mechanics: Silent Running – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: This was the first Mike + The Mechanics single. (Mike) Rutherford formed this group when Genesis (Phil Collins) took a break in 1984. He had released 2 solo albums that were well received in the UK, but decided he was better off as part of a band with someone else singing lead.

When "Silent Running" took off, it proved the group's worth, especially in America. Believe it or not, this song is about time travel.

Mike + The Mechanics, while making terrific music, ultimately proved unstable. Since the band’s formation in 1985 to 2004, three members (vocalist Paul Carrack, keyboardist Adrian Lee and drummer Peter Van Hooke) left the group to pursue other projects.

Then the group’s lead vocalist Paul Young died from a sudden heart attack on July 15, 2000 at the age of 53. I have all of their CDs (yes, archaic now) but their music will live for decades.
Mike & The Mechanics: Word Of Mouth – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: For the rebel in all of us who no longer believe the party line. There is a time soon coming when we will need to find our inner rebel to save our Country.
Newsmax Could Be ‘De-Platformed’ by DirecTV: REPORT
CANCEL CULTURE: Memphis to Consider Renaming ‘Audubon Park’
Randy Houser: Note To Self – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Shouldn't we all make notes to self?
Dr. Willie Jolley: We’ll Get Through This – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This man has great lungs in addition to a tremendous message.
California Educator Slams ‘Privileged White Voices’ Speaking Out On Ethnic Studies Curriculum
'Angry and Bitter' Michigan School Board Member Claims 'Whiteness Is Evil,' Faces Backlash For Divisive Tweets
Jim Crow on Steroids: Fox News Contributor Kicked out of Miami Restaurant for the Crime of Being Black and Conservative
The Carver Technique – video of week 2
Crosby Stills Nash: Teach Your Children – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Remember David Crosby who died Wednesday evening. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, for his work in The Byrds and in Crosby, Stills & Nash. Crosby was a seminal, pioneering figure in the folk-rock scene for more than 6 decades as a member of both groups. He also had a prolific solo career, especially in recent years, releasing new music at an almost frenetic pace.
Joe Cocker: Unchain My Heart – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: He's a rather ungainly, unnatural performer on stage. His fingers and arms move, but not his body. Cocker still rocked it right up to the end of his life. Watch the pianist, Mick Milo, tickle those ivories and that that fantastic saxophonist. Derik Dyer just tears it up. Drummer, Jack Bruno, isn't too shabby either. Something else about Cocker... He wasn't tatted up nor did he wear busted clothes. He's nicely dressed with a silk shirt, dress pants AND leather belt.
LEGEND LOST: Music Icon David Crosby Dead at 81
Girl, 17, Weeps As She Recalls Seeing Naked Trans Woman With Penis In Women's Changing Room at California YMCA - and Says Woke Staff Scolded Her For Complaining
When Will ‘Woke’ Come Crashing Down? ED OF DAY
Alan Jackson: Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Honoring 911. I remember exactly where we were. We were at a gas station on Raton Pass coming back from visiting Stan's parents in Dallas. I was sitting in the car while Stan had gone in to pay for fuel. Stan is the most even-tempered human. When I glanced up and saw him running, knew something was terribly wrong. He said, "Come in, right now!" He grabbed my hand and nearly dragged me. "You have to see this!" Other customers were crowded around a small TV, shocked in horror. No one said a thing. While we watched black smoke funneling from a building, a second plane crash into the Twin Towers.

Sick to our stomachs. We were still 2 hours from home. All I wanted to do was get our dogs from the kennel and be home. Watching the news, cried for 2 solid weeks. Couldn't stop. Sick to my gut. I wasn't alone. Everyone knew our world had changed irrevocably. America had changed. We were no longer invincible. We all fell back to Christ. People attended church like never before – until we fell away again.
Joe Cocker: When A Man Loves A Woman – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Will always love this gritty-voiced man. Another one we lost too early in 2014 – a Brit who chose to live in my beloved Colorado. May have to do some more Cocker tomorrow.
Just Announced: IHeeart Country Music Festival – OMGosh Look At These Headliners
Cambridge Dictionary Un-Defines 'Man' and 'Woman'
Greenwald Warns Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee's New Bill Will 'Criminalize Speech:' Prosecute Those Who Disagree
Stunning Cable News Ratings Reveal Crisis-Level Decline of CNN and Jaw-Dropping Dominance Of Fox News Over Combined MSNBC+CNN Audience
Glen Campbell: Gentle On My Mind – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: See how many famous faces you see here sitting in the half-round. Glen was such a wonderful singer. Miss him still today.
Brad Paisley ft. Carrie Underwood: Remind Me – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Sometimes we all need to be reminded what's important. not who's right or wrong.
Man Walking Through The Mall of America Wearing A ‘Jesus Is The Only Way’ Shirt Was Stopped By Security Guard And Ordered To Remove It
Robert Young Pelton on All the Ways You Can Actually Use a Pocket Knife – The Legendary Adventurer Breaks Down Blade Skills
Carly Pearce: What He Didn't Do – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Kick him to the curb if he's not doing this. "Treat me right, put me first, Be a man of his word. Stay home 'cause he wanted to. Always fight for my love, Hold on tight like it's somethin' That he couldn't stand to lose." This goes for women too. Even if we have 'words', fight for me. Any relationship worth a fight is worth fighting for and if each doesn't, time to call it a day.
Dylan Scott: Can't Have Mine – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: A man who recognizes what he has and fights to protect that relationship. That door should swing both ways.
Once The Hotbed Of American Christianity, The YMCA In 2023 Has Become The Protector Of The Transgender And A Destroyer Of Biblical Womanhood
Democrat New Jersey Governor Says New Law Will Train Kids To Spot ‘Disinformation’
Brett Young: In Case You Didn't Know – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: When you've got the right one, you just know. "I would be lying to if said I could live this life without you. You have all of me. I belong to you. You're my everything."
Alan Jackson: The Older I Get – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: And you might think: "The older I get, the fewer friends I have, but you don't need a lot when the one that you got have always got your back.”
Why Gen Z Quitters Aren’t Bothering To Give 2 Weeks’ Notice
Santee YMCA Allows Naked Man To Use Women's Locker Room With Underage Girls – video
Only Daughter Of Elvis, 54, Dead After Going Into Cardiac Arrest: ‘My Beautiful Daughter’
Billy Dean: We Just Disagree – HOLLY NOTE: Billy Dean was the first Country man I fell in love with in 2008. Perfect height at 6'4". At 5' 6-1/2" – my height, 6'1" - 6'4" is ideal. Holding back on the best Billy song ever. Wait for it.... I lied girls. It's coming up next.
Billy Dean: Billy The Kid – HOLLY NOTE: No tats, no earrings, just pure masculinity. My husbands had dimples. So does Billy. Probably doomed by height and dimples. An Irish lass's weakness.

Waited a whole year to play this song. Betcha I'll run this a few more times. Men and women in their early 20's through their 80s write saying they love the music choices. Bet they love Billy Dean too.
Trans Teacher With Enormous Prosthetic Breasts Forces School Board's Hand – HOLLY NOTE: Surely this person must know they are the butt (or boob) of every joke. This absolutely redefines ridiculous.
PETE HEGSETH: Elites At This Ivy League Institution Are Trying To Erase History With Woke Ideology
'Brownies' Changes Its Name Because It Was Racist – HOLLY NOTE: Holy moley! Does the nonsense never end? Who sits around thinking up what is considered racist. First I was a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, a Junior Cadette, then a Senior Cadettte. Is someone going to say that a Senior Cadette is offensive? Guess they'll take away our badges next since we actually had to work to earn them. Stan was just 1 badge short of Eagle – the highest honor. Next thing you know, they'll shoot down that bird too.
They Want Us To Have Fewer Babies As They Thin The Global Herd
Nate Smith: Whiskey On You – Song of the Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Who hasn't gotten their heart ripped? Great song and music, clever lyrics as this man gets his act together and says "ain't wastin' another drop of whisky on you" and "here's to us never happily after all." Fun listening. Double dog dare you to not squirm in your chair trying not to dance.
Alison Krauss & John Waite: Lay Down Beside Me – Song of the Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Don't you love the REAL drums and piano, nothing synthesized.
"Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out"
Privilege Bingo and 'Pregnancy Transition': 10 Examples Of Woke Dogma Permeating US Government
USC Bans “Field Work” Because It’s Racist
Trump Announces Diamond of ‘Diamond and Silk’ Has Died: ‘Her Big and Precious HEART Just Plain Gave Out’
Johnny Mathis: The Twelfth of Never – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: The incomparable Johnny M.
Mamas & the Papas: Twelve Thirty – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: The equally impressive Mamas & Papas.
Jordan Says Cuts To Military Spending Should Be 'On The Table,' As Money Should Not Go To 'Woke' Policies
3 Years In Prison For Saying Men Cannot Get Pregnant? – HOLLY NOTE: Pretty sure real men don't get pregnant.
Ex-Virginia Tech Soccer Player Allegedly Benched For Refusing To Kneel Gets $100K Settlement: Attorney
Bailey Zimmerman: Rock and A Hard Place – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Today it's all about Bailey. Most relationships have been here at least once. You work through it. Talk. Understand each other. Hopefully both aren't stubborn and get their 'Irish' up. Husband has seen this a time or 2 and weathered the storm. At least 1 of the 2 has to be patient (and you know who you are ;-) ) until they get their stuff together. That is a relationship worth keeping.
Bailey Zimmerman: Never Leave – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: When you find that perfect person you'll do anything to protect them, take care of them – even do the impossible – so they never leave. 'Never leave' is not what you might think. But it's something we have to learn to deal with. As said in One Tree Hill by character Peyton Sawyer: "people always leave". Hate that. BUT, she continues: "sometimes they come back." :-)

Bailey is rapidly becoming one of my favorite artists. He was first noticed on TikTok just 2 short years ago. He's multi-talented with his raspy voice and strong song writing. Fall In Love was his first radio success and still my fav Bailey song and video. Like Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, and other artists today, they feed a lot into their music videos, some costing as much as $1M to produce.

Before his music career broke, Bailey worked in the meat-packing industry and for a union gas pipeline. At just 22, Bailey has a long, exciting career ahead. He could also be one of those versatile people who easily moves between acting and music.
3 Damar Hamlin Words – Did We Win? – Gives A United Nation The Gift Of Hope
Bessie Hendricks, America’s Oldest Person, Dead At 115 After Sharing Secret To Long, Happy Life
With Affirmative Action Program Under Scrutiny, UNC Backs Racially Exclusionary Scholarships – HOLLY NOTE: This program has way outlived its usefulness and is an albatross around the necks of those who have earned their place, not because they are a certain race.
Meet the California Assemblyman Who Wants Teachers to Help Students Get Sex Change Operations
The Best New Skin-Care And Beauty Tools You Can Use At Home
Carrie Underwood: Jesus, Take The Wheel – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: As you travel may you never need to ask this.
Dan + Shay: From The Ground Up – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Some couples marry later in life and don't have all the opportunities younger marriages enjoy. Doesn't mean they don't love just as intensely, maybe more so because they fully appreciate what a precious gift they've been given.
Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: For fans of The Vice.
The Grass Roots: Midnight Confessions – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Really retro.
Bills' Hamlin In Critical Condition After Collapsing During Game Against Bengals
Dan Fogelberg: Auld Lang Syne – Song of Day 1 – HOLLY NOTE: A little of the old…
Dierks Bentley: Living – Song of Day 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Something to start 2023 on a positive note. When you know what you have and how blessed your are. This is when it hits you: "She walked in the kitchen like she always does In my t-shirt and it killed me. And I kissed her like it was the first time. She laughed and looked at me like I'd lost my mind, I said 'Baby, I love you, can't live without you, I know I don't say it enough...'" We don't make that mistake.
George Soros Has An Enormous, Dangerous Reach In The American Media ED OF DAY 1
The WI Spa ‘Transgender’ Is a Registered Sex Offender
Social Media Is Destroying a Generation of Girls
Drag Queen Story Hours For Children Grow Across the U.S. So Does The Backlash