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Over 65 Million At Risk Of Severe Weather Outbreak
Blustery Snowstorm To Threaten Dangerous Travel In North-Central US
High Winds To Affect Parts of Ohio Valley, Northeast
Huge Landslide Buries City – video
Storm Will Spread Strong Winds And More Than A Foot Of Snow
Great Salt Lake In Peril – What Will It Take To Save It? – video
Cliff Collapse Creates Small Tsunami In California River – video
Portion of 5 Freeway Near Castaic Collapses Due To Growing Landslide; Partially Closes Freeway – video HOLLY NOTE: Talk about perfect timing? That chopper just happened to be there at the right time. – video
AccuWeather's 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast
Next Outburst Of Severe Weather To Threaten Dallas To Chicago
Burst Of Cold Air To Trigger Snow Squalls, Rapid Freeze-Up
Hurricane Ian: Difficult Lessons Learned Over Past 6 Months
Blustery Snowstorm To Threaten Dangerous Travel In North-Central US
At Least 11 Dead After Massive Landslide Overtakes Village In Ecuador
Next Outburst Of Severe Weather To Threaten Dallas To Chicago
Threats Of Severe Weather, Flash Flooding Persist For The Southeast
Jaw-Dropping Before-And-After Satellite Images Of Mississippi Tornado
New Storm To Bring Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, Snow To California
Survivors Left Reeling After Deadly Mississippi Tornadoes
April Begins What's Typically The Busiest 3 Months For Tornadoes In US
How Powerful Is An EF4 Tornado? Take A Look – video
Fierce Spring Freeze Grips Siberia; Record March Cold Tears Across Scandinavia; -34F In Utah; + Latest Snowfall Ever For Yushan, Taiwan
Polar Plunge To Grip Europe; Tahoe’s Emerald Bay Freezes Over For First Time In Decades; + Ski Seasons Extended Across U.S. Thanks To Historic Snowpack
3/4 Mile-Wide Path Of Tornado Destruction
Georgia Under State Of Emergency Following Storm System, Tornadoes That Killed Nearly 30
Survivors Left Reeling After Deadly Mississippi Tornadoes
No Rest For The Weary: Tornado Risk Continues For Southeast
New Storm To Bring Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, Snow To California This Week
Flooding, Damaging Winds, Hail Possible Today
Shallow 5.6 Earthquake In Northwestern Iran Leaves 239 Injured
First Major Wildfire Of The Year Forces 1,500 People To Evacuate, Spain
Dramatic Satellite Photos Reveal Sharp Turnaround In Calif. Reservoirs
Dangerous Severe Weather, Flooding Looms For Parts of US Friday
EArly Spring Storm To Impact Midwest, Northeast
Storm Train To Keep Rolling Through California Next Week
How 700-Inch Snow Totals In West Stack Up Against US Seasonal Record
This Is Why Those That Live In California Need To Brace Themselves For “The Big One”
'Appalling': Southern Africa Counts Toll of Cyclone Freddy Leaving Over 600 Dead
Cars Entombed In Ice; Spring Blizzards Sweep Southern California; Crop-Wrecking Mid-March Snow Hits J&K, India; + Prof. David Dilley: “Winters Will Become Colder, Longer Lasting And More Severe … It’s Going To Be Very Cold.”
New Study Links Supernovae, Cosmic Rays, Climate Change, And Evolutionary Leaps
Bomb Cyclone Barrels Into California With Tree-Toppling Winds, Record Rain
Severe Weather, Flooding Dangers To Span Nearly 20 States
Early Spring Storm To Impact Midwest, Northeast
5 Deaths Reported In California Storms; Rare Tornado Near Los Angeles Tears Off Roofs
Rare California Tornadoes Rip Off Roofs, Damage Buildings – video
More Than 700,000 People Lost Power As Heavy Rainfall And Strong Winds Hit California
Tornadoes, Damaging Winds And Large Hail Threaten South As Flooding Rain Takes Aim At Ohio Valley
What Is El Niño And How Does It Affect The Weather?
Storm Train To Keep Rolling Through California Next Week
6.5 Earthquake Kills At Least 13 People in Afghanistan and Pakistan
U.N. Warns “Climate Time Bomb Is Ticking” as Cyclone Freddy Death Toll Tops 560 in Malawi & Mozambique
Parts of California Drenched With Over 4 Inches Of Rain
Powerful California 'Bomb Cyclone' Leaves 2 Dead, Topples Trees, Knocks Out Power
Intense Pacific Storm To Hammer Southern, Central California
Severe Weather, Flooding Dangers To Span Nearly 20 States
Warmth To 'Spring' Into Action Across Eastern Us
2 Teens Killed In Sledding Accident During Colorado Vacation
Video Shows Why You Shouldn’T Park Near Lake Erie Shoreline
Snow to Bury Parts Of North-Central US
New Aerial Footage of CA Landslide – video
Severe Thunderstorms Will Pack Tornadoes, Large Hail, Damaging Winds And Flooding Rain
Another Series Of Storms To Slam West, Including Waterlogged California, With More Heavy Rain, Snow This Week
Start Of Spring To Usher In Milder Pattern For Central, Eastern US
Dual Storms To Swipe California With Flooding Rain, Mountain Snow
Freeze Warnings For First Day Of Spring
Massive 100-Vehicle Pileup In Whiteout Conditions – video
First Week Of Spring To Feature Flooding, Severe Thunderstorm Risks
Deadly Avalanche Strikes Colorado – video
Ice Encases Cars Along Lake Erie
Earthquake Kills At Least 15 In Ecuador And Peru, 100 Injured, And Causes Widespread Damage To Homes And Buildings
Spring Outlook Update
Widespread Cold Forecast For Central, Eastern US
Wild Photo Captures Massive Amount Of Snow At California Ski Resort
Brief Tornado Reported As Severe Weather Sweeps Through Fort Worth
Tracking The Next Winter Storm: How Much Snow To Expect
So Much Snow Is Causing Roofs To Collapse in the Sierra
100,000 Californians Have No Power As Storms Whip Hurricane-Force Winds, Flood Homes
Cyclone Yaku Brings Rare Flooding Rains To Peruvian Capital Lima
Survivors in Shock As Cyclone Freddy Toll Passes 400 in Malawi, Mozambique
New WUWT Global Temperature Feature: Anomaly vs. Real-World Temperature
Powerful Late-Winter Nor'easter Blankets Northeast In 3 Feet Of Snow
AccuWeather’s 2023 US Spring Allergy Forecast
Storm To Unload Heavy Snow, Then Trigger Cold Blast, Lake-Effect
Cold Snap To Follow Southern US Severe Weather Threat
California To Get Break From Storms, But Not For Long
High Winds Overturn Truck On Bridge Over San Francisco Bay
Strong Winds Blow Glass Pane From 43rd Floor Of SF Skyscraper – video
Images Of California Flooding From The Air
'Endless, Brutal Heat': Argentina's Late-Season Heatwave Has 'No Similarities In History'
LIVE: 1st Significant Nor’easter Of Season Unleashes Heavy Snow, Causes Travel Issues
Up To 40" Of Snow: Flights Canceled, Thousands Without Power, Dangerous Roads
South Dakota Homes Explode Due To Excessive Snow Build-Up
New Atmospheric River Drenching California
2-Sided Storm To Unleash Heavy Snow, Severe Weather
Minnesota Mall Roof Collapses Under Weight Of Heavy Snow
Unbelievable Photos Of Snow-Buried California
Photos Of The East Coast After Winter Storm Sage's Hit
Photos Of Flooded California As New Atmospheric River Strikes
Cyclone Freddy Death Toll Surpasses 200
Cyclone Yaku Hits Peru, Leaving 6 People Dead, 5 Missing, And Over 2,000 Homes Severely Damaged
'I Lost Everything': Cyclone Yaku Unleashes Destruction in Peru
Tornado Rips Through Village In Central France, Causing Significant Damage
Thunderstorms, Big Cooldown On Tap For The Southeast
At Least 2 Dead Following Latest California Storm
New England On Alert For Robust Nor'easter
Another Atmospheric River Forecast To Drench California
Evacuations After Levee Break Caught Residents Off Guard – video
Flood Waters Force Residents To Evacuate In Australia
Giant Blob Of Seaweed Twice The Width Of Us Taking Aim At Florida, Scientists Say
Indonesia’s Merapi Volcano Erupts, Blankets Villages In Ash
"They Told Us We Need To Leave, So We Did": Kern River Valley Community Reacts To Flooding
'You Can't Go To The Beach': Florida's Gulf Coast Lined With Thousands Of Dead Fish From Red Tide
City of Liaoning in China Pummeled By 'Rain Of Worms' As Residents Asked To Carry Umbrellas – HOLLY NOTE: Gardeners and fishermen alike love worms. We just don't want to wear them.
Airdropping Hay To Starving, Snowbound California Cows – video
Atmospheric River-Fed Storm Pummels California
Alaska Volcano Dormant For A Century Delivering Ominous Warning Signs: 'Significant Unrest'
Multiple Winter Storms Set Sights On Northeast
State Of Emergencies Declared, Mudslides Close Roads in California
Accuweather’s 2023 Us Tornado, Severe Weather Forecast
Situation Grows Dire For Californians Trapped – video
Weekend Could Produce Damaging Winds, Hail And Tornadoes – video
California at Risk Of Life-Threatening Flooding
12 Found Dead As Snowed-In San Bernardino Residents Seek Answers
Sprawling Storm To Deliver Snow To Central US, Great Lakes
Unbelievable Photos Of Snow-Buried California
Rare Snow Devil Filmed in Shetland Islands, Scotland – video
World's Longest-Lasting Cyclone To Hit Africa For Second Time
La Niña Is Officially Over, NOAA Announces: What Does That Mean? – HOLLY NOTE: Best weather news in 3 years! Now ENSO is weather-neutral. To benefit the South, need El Niño. That's when this part of the Country sees rain.

Where Stan and I live, this part of Colorado is still in Severe Drought, but thankfully, America's breadbasket in California, is out of drought. If you're not sure where that is, picture an elongated oval that takes up 1/3 of the state widthwise, stretching from where Calif. dents in on the east (a bit north of San Francisco), to where it pooches out on the west – a little north of L.A.

However a skunk stripe in the middle of America is still plagued by drought. This where we get a lot of our wheat and beef. Not inviting blue-state people here, but Colorado provides a lot of everything food-wise. If you're from a blue state and think about moving here, as a comic memes; come, but leave the politics you fled back there.
This Massive Cold Blast Is About To Cause Problems – video
Flood Watches Issued In California Ahead Of Next Atmospheric River
2 Snowstorms May Be On Deck For Northeastern US
2 Snowstorms May Be On Deck For Northeastern US
Storms Continue To Erase The Drought In California
New Atmospheric River To Bring Serious Flood Risk To Calif.
Massive Storm To Deliver Heavy Snow, Strong Storms To Central US
38 Inches Of Snow In 24 Hours Wallops Soda Springs, California
California, Buried By Snow, Now Faces A Flood Threat From A Different Kind Of Storm
Zombie Storm Could Be A Record-Setter
New Atmospheric to Bring Serious Flood Risk to Calif.
Central US on Alert For Far-Reaching Storm
Cyclone Freddy Turns Deadly Once Again in Madagascar
Crews Continue To Dig Out Southern California Residents Left Stranded
2023 Blizzard Update "Be Prepared" – video of day 2
Storms Continue To Erase The Drought in California
Heavy Rain In East Palestine, Ohio Causes Temporary Dam With Contaminated Water To Overflow
Snow And Severe: Accuweather Meteorologists Put Central US On Alert For Far-Reaching Storm
Storm To Lay Swath Of Snow From North Dakota To New York
5 Things To Know About The Spring Weather Forecast in the US
Passenger Dies After Severe Turbulence On Private Jet, Officials Say
HELP US: Officials Warn Some May Be Trapped In This Snow For Days – HOLLY NOTE: Always feel bad for animals that have their bathroom facilities outdoors.
Cross-Country Snow & Rain Ahead This Week – video
March Sadness: Colder Air To Engulf Much Of The East And South By This Weekend – video
4 Dead, 40,000 Flee Homes As Floods Hit Malaysia
As Drought Eases In West, This Area Remains In The Worst On Record
Whiskey Fungus Fueled By Jack Daniel’s Blankets Tennessee Community
Spectacular Footage Of The Ebeko Volcano In Eastern Russia – video
Texas Tornadoes Cause Multiple Buildings to Collapse, Photos and Videos Show
More Than 330,000 Without Power After Storm Hits Texas With Heavy Rain, Tornadoes
Rainfall Totals Top Half A Foot In Arkansas, Mississippi
Calif. Declares State Of Emergency After Winter Storm Traps Residents – HOLLY NOTE: Our hearts go to out to these folks that aren't used to dealing with unprecedented amounts of snow.

This is why we've always advised folks to keep several weeks of food – at a minimum – on hand, no matter where you live in America. Plus, alternate forms of heating, lighting, stored water and alternate ways of cooking even it's as simple as a camp stove.

While rescuers are frantically trying to dig out these people where there is only 1 grocery store, you'd think at the very least they could perform some food and water drops.

Hurricane season will be upon us 3 in months and meteorologists say that these storms are pushing further into the country with more serious consequence.
Tornado Watch Issued For Parts Of Arkansas, Louisiana
Massive Winter Storm To Unload Snow From Missouri To Maine
Chicago Bracing For Travel-Disrupting Snow
Multistate Severe Weather Outbreak To Continue Into Friday
Yosemite National Park Closed Indefinitely After Buried In Decades-Old Snowfall Record – Up to 15 FEET Deep Of Snow After Recent Storms
Softball-Size Hail Damages Homes And Cars in Dilley, TX – video
Watches Issued: Severe Outbreak Likely, 85 MPH Winds Hit Fort Worth
Dozens Of Drivers Stranded On Interstate For At Least 5 hours; 2 Pileups
Watch: Rainbow Forms Amid Funnel Cloud In Rural Illinois – video
Australia - Hundreds Evacuate Floods In Northern Territory - 5 Inches Of Rain In 24 Hours
The UN Discusses Darkening The Skies to Combat Climate Change
2 Feet Of Rain in Under 48 Hours Triggers Floods in Johor, Malaysia
Large Winter Storm To Spread Across Midwest, Northeast
Chicago Bracing For Travel-Disrupting Snow
Severe Weather To Strike More Than A Dozen US States
California Totally Paralyzed — Historic Blizzard Hits Donner Pass, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Mountain – video
Alabama Father Charged After Toddler Dies In Hot Car
5 Things To Know About The Spring Weather Forecast in the US
Winter Weather May Ramp Up in Midwest, Northeast
Millions in California Under Freeze Warnings As Cleanup Begins After Deadly Winter Storm
Spring in NYC Could Bring More Snow Than Winter
2 People Rescued, 1 Hurt When Roof Collapses At Idaho Bar
80-Year-Old Woman Dies After Porch Roof Collapses Under Heavy California Snow
California Power Outages Map
Lightning Strikes Plane, Seven Passengers Hospitalized
Sinkhole Swallows Car in Ventura County – video
Earth's Innermost Layer Is a 400-Mile-Wide Ball Of Iron, Study Finds
Large Winter Storm To Spread Across Midwest, Northeast
Winter Storm Brings Biggest Snowfall Of The Season To New York City
Spring in NYC Could Bring More Snow Than Winter
Severe Weather To Strike More Than A Dozen US States
Series Of Storms And Persistent Cold To Grip The West
Hurricane Damage Will Increase In Surprising New Places In The Coming Decades. See Where It's Trending Higher
Over 9' Of Snow In CA's Sierra Nevada – video
March Begins Spring's Tornado Ramp-Up In the U.S.
Tornadic Storms Wreak Havoc Across Plains
Forecasters Tracking A Potential Late-Week Snowstorm
California Battles Record-Breaking Snow And Rain
Series Of Storms And Persistent Cold To Grip The West Through Midweek
Tornadic Storms Wreck Havoc Across Plains
California Battles Record-Breaking Snow And Rain
Severe Weather Risk To Span 11 Central U.S. States Sunday Into Monday
Series Of Storms And Persistent Cold To Grip The West Through Midweek
1 Killed In New Turkey Quake, 69 Injured As Buildings Collapse
Deadly Winter Storm Creates Travel Headaches, Power Outages
Winter To Put Up A Fight In Northeast During Final Days of February
Severe Threat With Possible Derecho To Erupt Sunday Into Overnight
Historic Winter Storm Closes Interstates In CA; Tens Of Thousands Without Power
Your Temperature Outlook For March – video
RV Smashes Into Swollen River – video
Winter Storm To Go Cross-Country
…Prompts Rare Blizzard Warnings in S. California; Serious Flash Flood Danger in L.A. Basin
Parking Garage Deck Collapses; Millions Without Power
Power Lines In Michigan Flash During Ice Storm
Winter Storm Piper: Heavy Snow, Flood Threat In West – video
Already A Historic Winter Storm And Just Getting Started – video
Snow Turns Interstate Into Parking Lot – video
Winter Storm Creates Travel Headaches, Power Outages
Transformer Explosion Lights Up Sky During Illinois Ice Storm – video
Powerhouse Storm To Produce Severe Weather In Southern US
Travel Chaos Ensues After Portland Picks Up Heaviest Snow Since 1943
NTSB: Operators Tried To Stop Ohio Train After Bearing Overheated
3 Climbers Killed In An Avalanche In Washington State
Thousands of U.S. Flights Delayed, Canceled Amid Massive Winter Storm
Weather Forces Road Closures in Colorado
Biggest Storm Of Winter Brewing For Southern California
Rare EF2 Tornado Confirmed After Heavy Damage in New Jersey
Disruptive Storm To Bring Significant Ice, Heavy Snow to Northeast
Freddy Leaves At Least 4 Dead in Madagascar
At Least 6 Dead, Hundreds Hurt In Second Wave Of Aftershocks In Turkey
Before And After: Photos Show Remarkable Recovery at Lake Oroville
Month's Worth Of Rain And 20,000 Lightning Strikes Hit Sydney, Australia – video
Waterspout Forms Off Sydney, Australia Coast As City Gets Drenched In Evening Downpour
Philippines - 30,000 Displaced After Low-Pressure Area Causes Floods And Landslides - 9.5 Inches Of Rain In 24 Hours
Olive's Cross-Country Trek Underway But Worst Is Still To Come
Cross-Country Winter Storm Could Crush Minneapolis Snowfall Record
Biggest Storm Of Winter Brewing For Southern California
Possible Tornado Causes Damage In Rare New Jersey Event
DC Cherry Blossoms Off To Early Start, But Winter Isn’t Over Yet
Spring Temperature Outlook Is Here – video
Frigid Air, Snowstorm In Store For The Western Us This Week
Heavy Rainfall Causes Deadly Flooding, Landslides in Brazil
Cyclone Freddy Makes Landfall in Madagascar
Superbloom Transforms Desert Dunes Saudi Arabia, Draws Tourists
Great Lakes Ice Coverage Remains Well Below Average
Record-Breaking Warmth Forecast For the Southeast
Surface Ruptures Along A Fault Line Two Days After Deadly Earthquakes – video
North Queensland Communities Bracing For Weeks Of Isolation After Widespread Floods, Australia
From Heatwave To Frost In Less Than A Week: Historic Cold Engulfs Parts Of South America
Gondola Service Halted In Venice As Famous Canals Run Dry
Turkey’s Hatay Hit by 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake
Busy Week Ahead For The West Will Feature Snow, Wind And Brisk Condition
Madagascar On Alert For Direct Strike From Long-Lived Cyclone Freddy
Winter Storm To Bring Snow, Ice To Midwest, Northeast
Kona Lows To Slam Hawaii With Rain, Snow
Dog Rescued 60 Hours After Earthquake
Huge Contrast In Temperatures This Week – video
Wreaks Havoc in Heart of the Nation As Severe Storms Break Out in Oklahoma – Roughly 900-Mile-Long Severe Risk Weather Risk Zone on Thursday
LIVE: Snowstorm Causes Travel Issues As South Braces For Storms
More Than 40 Million At Risk For Severe Weather From Texas to Ohio
Snowstorm To Threaten Travel Impacts From Colorado To Michigan
Sudden Dust Storm Leads To Deadly 10-Vehicle Pileup in Oklahoma
Snowflakes Prompt Surprise in Las Vegas – video
Springlike Warmth Threatens Records This Week
Quake Updates: Toll in Turkey and Syria Surpasses 40,000 Dead
More Than 40 Million At Risk For Severe Weather From Texas To Ohio
Snowstorm To Threaten Travel Impacts From Colorado To Michigan
Taste Of Spring To Tease Eastern US as Temperatures Soar
Snowflakes Prompt Surprise In Las Vegas
Deadly Flooding Continues In South Africa
Houses Submerged, Residents Trapped On Roofs in Hawke's Bay New Zealand
…State of National Emergency Declared As Cyclone Gabrielle Smashes New Zealand
'Crack and Bang' Heard During Landslide In Auckland's Muriwai, Firefighter Missing
6.1 Quake Hits Kermadec Islands, New Zealand: USGS
Heavy Snow From Slovakia To Greece, Pakistan’s Historically Cold January; + Solar Activity Ultimately Controls The Climate
Severe Turbulence: United Flight From Hawaii Came Within 775 Feet Of Plunging Into Pacific
Turkey, Syria Earthquake Live Updates: Rescuers Find More Alive in Turkey on 8th day of Earthquake
Death Toll From The Earthquakes That Hit Turkey And Syria Passed 35,000
Severe Weather, Tornado Threat To Build In Southern US This Week
2 Storms To Unload Swaths Of Snow, Snarl Travel In North-Central US
Death Toll Surpasses 33,000 In Turkey, Syria Earthquakes; 5.3 Million Need Shelter, Tens Of Thousands Injured As Anger Builds Over Response Time: Live Updates
At Least 24,921 Buildings Destroyed or Heavily Damaged, Turkey Orders 113 Arrested
Turkey Starts Legal Action Against Builders
…Over 33,000 Aftershocks, More Expected
Potent Storm Set To Deliver Colder Air, Heavy Snow To Western US
Cyclone Gabrielle Slams New Zealand: Power Out For 58,000 Homes - Could Last A Week Or More, Trains and Planes Cancelled, States of Emergency Declared
…Some Homes Poised to Fall Over the Cliff
2 Tropical Cyclones Spinning Near Australia
The Jaw-Dropping 'Firefall' At Yosemite Has Returned – video
Not Over Yet: Turkish Seismologist Warns Of Next Massive Earthquake
Turkey, Syria Earthquake Toll Climbs To Over 7,000
Miracle Children Of The Killer Quake: Amazing Images Shows Hope Amid The Ruins As Young Lives Are Saved... But The Death Toll In Turkey And Syria May Hit 20,000
"Shocking Aerial Footage" of Turkey-Syria Quake, 1,000s Of Buildings Collapsed
Buffalo, New York, Area Is Hit With The Strongest Earthquake In 40 Years
Arctic Blast Led To Rare Weather Phenomenon Over A Vermont Lake
Severe Storms In The South Could Produce Damaging Winds And A Few Tornadoes
System To Bring Rain And Snow To Eastern Half Of The Country
Watch: Moment Building Collapses In Turkey Quake – video
Earthquake Victims Dealing With Harsh Cold In Turkey, Syria
Death Toll Surpasses 5,000 After Earthquake Rocks Turkey, Syria
Severe Weather, Flooding Threats Loom For Texas To Ohio This Week
Springlike Warmth To Steadily Unfold Across East
Ancient Castle Used By Romans Destroyed In Turkey Earthquake
Dust Devil Terrorizes the Canary Islands – video
Why Earthquake Rescue Workers Are In A 'Race Against Time' In Turkey And Syria
Cracks In The Ataturk Dam After Turkey Earthquakes
Mount Washington’s Astonishing RealFeel Temp in Record Territory -108º
Severe Weather, Flooding Threats Loom For Texas To Ohio This Week
New Weather Pattern On Deck in California
Spring to Bring More Snow Chances, AccuWeather Experts Say
Deadly Wildfires Continue To Rage in Chile
…State of Emergency Widens as Wildfires Leave At Least 13 Dead
Boat Capsizes In Dangerous Waves Near Astoria,Oregon As Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Arrives
Why Sudden Loud Booms Sometimes Occur When It’s Very Cold Outside
Brutal 'Epic, Generational Arctic Outbreak' Cold Front Set To Blast Northeast
Coldest Wind Chills In Decades Will Thrash New England As 8 Deaths Are Now Linked To An Ice Storm in the South
Deadly Ice Storm Snarls Travel Across Southern US
Thousands of Homes Flooded in Java and Borneo, Indonesia
Ice Storm Blamed In At Least 7 Deaths In Texas, 1 Killed in Arkansas, Power Outages Top 400,000
Photos: Dangerous Ice Storm Strikes The Southern Plains
Spring To Bring More Snow Chances, AccuWeather Experts Say
Polar Vortex To Bring Record-Challenging Cold To Northeast
Ice Storm Snaps Power Poles Like Twigs
Deadly Ice Storm Snarls Travel Across Southern US – video
New York City Measures 1st Snowfall Of The Season
Showdown Over Colorado River Water Is Setting Stage For Legal Battle
Tropical Cyclone Causes Deadly Flooding In Madagascar
Camera Captures The Moment World-Famous Cliffs Collapse – video
Concordia Station Records Antarctica’S Lowest January Temperature On Record
Europe Had 782 Tornados In 2022, Causing 6 Fatalities And 84 Injuries
Climate Scientists Baffled As To Why Antarctica Has Not Warmed In 70 Years Despite Rising CO2 Levels – HOLLY NOTE: Could it be because Antarctica faces away from the Sun in winter, the most likely cause of global warming?
Rounds of Icy Weather To Continue Across Southern US
New York City Measures 1st Snowfall Of The Season
Polar Vortex To Unleash Dangerous Cold Blast In Northeastern US
Dangerous Ice Storm To Persist Across Several States
Slick Roads Cause Truck To Crash Through Barrier
Icy Travel, Power Outages Possible From Dallas To Nashville
Burst Of Arctic Air Headed Toward Northeast
New York City Snowfall Has Never Been This Late In 154 Years
Gold Medal-Winning US Skier Kyle Smaine, 31, Killed In Avalanche In Japan
The Temperature Outlook For February – video
Snowless NYC Breaks 50-Year Record Of Longest Season Without Flurries
Massive, Deadly Highway Pileup In Wyoming Snowy Conditions – video
AccuWeather Meteorologists Warn Of Icy Travel, Power Outages From Dallas to Nashville
Downpours, Localized Flooding To Swing Through Southeast
Coldest Air Of 2023 To Freeze Northern Rockies, Upper Midwest
7 Killed, Over 400 Injured As Shallow 5.9 Earthquake Rocks Northwest Iran
Cold Storm To Produce Travel-Disrupting Snow in Southern California
This January Could Go Down as 2nd Most Active For Tornadoes
Deadly Flooding Leaves Thousands Stranded in New Zealand
…State of Emergency Declared – 10 Inches Of Rain In 18 Hours - 4 Killed
Snow Closes Roads On Mediterranean Island of Mallorca, Spain - 19.6 Inches Of Snow in 24 Hours
3 Feet Of Snowfall Dumped In 72 Hours On Ski Resorts in Japan
Over 100 Firefighters Battle Massive Blaze in Los Angeles
Alberta Clipper To Drop Snow In Chicago, Detroit
New York City Snow Drought Continues
Vigorous Storm May Produce Snow, Trigger Severe Weather in Calif.
Iceberg Roughly The Size Of London Breaks Off In Antarctica
Wide-Ranging Snowfall Creates Travel Troubles, Power Outages
Snow Squalls Could Produce Whiteout Conditions
Survivors Shaken By Destructive EF3 Tornado Near Houston
110,000 Still Without Power In Wake Of Snowstorm
Houston-Area Tornado Victims Shaken By Destructive Tornado
Ready For Spring? Accuweather Has A Sneak Peek Of The Weeks Ahead
Alberta Clipper To Drop Snow in Chicago, Detroit
Record Lows And Deadly Snows Sweep Japan; Iceland’s Coldest December For 50 Years; + Cold Arctic Skies Produce Rare ‘Polar Stratospheric Clouds’
China Suffers -50C (-58F) For First Time In 54 Years; The Russian Towns And Cities Enduring All-Time Record Cold; Kyrgyzstan’s Lake “That Never Freezes Over” Just Froze Over; + Arctic Blasts For Europe And North America
Algeria Witnesses Rare Snowfall
China’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Double U.S., India Close To Surpassing US
Is the Yellowstone Supervolcano Really 'Due' For An Eruption?
Cyclone Cheneso Hits Madagascar - 4 Dead, 14 Missing With Over 15,000 Affected - Roads To Capital Destroyed
Earth’s Inner Core May Have Stopped Turning And Could Go Into Reverse, Study Suggests
4.2 Earthquake, Flurry Of Aftershocks Off Malibu Coast Rock Los Angeles
Deer Park Reeling After Tornado Touchdown
Snowstorm Causes Treacherous Travel, Power Outages
Severe Storm, Nocturnal Tornado Risk To Threaten Southern US
2nd Snowstorm To Pack A Bigger Punch In Midwest, Northeast
New York City's Snow Drought Nears All-Time Record
A California Man Got Out Of His Car. Then A Giant Boulder Crushed It
Santa Catarina Floods And Landslides Leave 4 Dead, 1 Missing, Brazil
Storm Cheneso Brings Flooding Risk To Madagascar
Major Snowstorm Expected To Hit Ontario, Canada
Japan Braces For Dangerous Chill And Heavy Snowfall
Widespread Floods Across Europe
Potent Storm Racing Out Of The Rockies Could Produce Snow From New Mexico
Ample Rainfall And Severe Storm Risk Aiming For Southern States
Storms To Bring One-Two Punch Of Wintry Weather To The Northeast
Car-Size Laser Deflects Lightning Atop A Mountain In Switzerland
Snow Drought Continues For Parts of Northeast
Storm To Drench New York As City Experiences Longest Stretch Without Snow
Light Pollution Worsening, New Study Reveals – HOLLY NOTE: This is why my husband and I will live in only star-unobstructed areas. We can sit out on the deck or on the driveway – as long as the auto-lighting isn't triggered – and see a massive amounts of stars.
Heavy Snowfall Returns To Poland Causing Chaos On Roads
Heavy Rains Cause Major Flooding On Rivers In Northern Hungary
Tibet Avalanche: Death Toll Hits 28 After Drivers Buried Alive In Deep Snow
Barrage of Storms In 2022 Leads To Europe Smashing All-Time Hail Records (Set Just A Year Prior in 2021)
Cross-Country Storm Leaves Motorists Stranded For More Than 16 Hours
Back-To-Back Storms To Send Rain, Snow Into Northeast
Snow Drought Continues For Parts Of Northeast
Footage Shows Improvement In Calif. Reservoir Levels
Record-Breaking Snowfall Blankets Northern Arizona
Flights Cancelled, Interstates Closed: Winter Storm Iggy's Impacts So Far – video
Angry Al’s Unhinged Oratorio
7.3 Earthquake Hits Philippines
Large Section Of Interstate 70 Closed For More Than 16 Hours Following Major Pileup
California To Get Needed Break From Storms
Report: Temperatures On Greenland Are Warmest In At Least 1,000 Years
January Tornadoes Are ‘Uncommon’ But Not Unheard Of
Snow, Ice And Thunderstorms To Return To Interior Northeast
It's Now 80 Below Zero F In The World's Coldest City
Scientists Redirect Lightning Using Lasers
Severe Storms To Target Ohio Valley On Thursday
Winter Storm To Clobber Colorado To Michigan With Snow
Denver Could Measure Month's Worth Of Snow From Impending Storm
Severe Weather, Tornado Risk To Return To Southern US
Satellite Images Reveal Extent Of Tornado Devastation In Alabama
Iowa hIt By First January Tornadoes In 56 Years, U.S.
Snow, Ice And Thunderstorms To Return To Interior Northeast
Global Cooling: Delhi Records 8th Cold Wave Day - Dense Fog Hampers Air, Rail Movement
7.0 Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Sparking Tsunami Fears
Magnitude 6 Earthquake Strikes Sulawesi, Indonesia Region
California Mudslides Force Evacuations In Berkeley Hills Neighborhood, Prompts Warnings at UC Campus
Massive Flooding Continues In The Philippines — 29 People Dead And 1.4 Million Affected
Hidden Magma Chamber Reaching Critical Point 'Poses Serious Threat'
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Potent Winter Storm Could Disrupt Travel Across Denver, Chicago
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More Than 30 Tornadoes Reportedly Hit Several States As Severe Weather Swept Across The South, Leaving At Least 7 Dead
Alabama, Georgia Declare State Of Emergency As Storms Turn Deadly
24 Trillion Gallons Of Water Have Doused Calif. Amid Stormy Streak
Monterey Peninsula Could Become An Island As Epic Flooding Engulfs Much Of California
Strongest Atmospheric River Yet Slams California With Deadly Impacts
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No Rest For The Weary: More Flooding Rain To Eye California
Extreme Cold Grips Siberia
Death Toll In California Storms Hits 17 and ‘Likely To Grow’, Says State’S Governor
Dangers Remain High In California As Storm Onslaught Continues
Death Toll Climbs, Flooding Persists In Dangerous California Storm
'High Ground, High Ground!': Golfers Escape Massive Waves – video
Over 20 Trillion Gallons of Water are Expected to Fall on California Over the Next 2 Weeks – HOLLY NOTE: It's an absolute shame California can't catch a good deal of this to sustain them through droughts.
Los Angeles Sinkhole Swallows 2 Cars – video
Snow, Ice And Rain To Create Travel Headaches In Midwest And Northeast
Stargazers May Soon Catch A Rare Glimpse Of A Green Comet
Great Salt Lake Will Disappear In 5 Years Without Massive Intervention
Massive 7.6 Earthquake Damages Buildings In Indonesia, Felt In Australia
‘Everything Was Banging And Shaking’, Rocks Darwin
California’s Central Coast Taking Brunt Of Storms, Salinas River Rising
Northeastern New Zealand Braces For Cyclone Hale, Emergency Declared
Cyclone Hale Batters North Island, Residents Urged to 'Hunker Down'
Weather: Cyclone Hale - State of Local Emergency Declared As Hikuwai River Expected To Peak At 43 FEET Tonight
Deadly Mix Of Bomb Cyclone, Atmospheric River Drenches West Coast
Dangers Remain High In California As Storm Onslaught Continues
Multiple Chances For Snow Forecast For Midwest, Northeast
California Races To Recover Before Next Round Of Storms
Catastrophic Flooding Possible, Damage Expected as Atmospheric Parade Resumes
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1 Snowmobiler Killed, 1 Missing In Colorado Avalanche
Texas Replaces Florida as Lightning Capital
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts Again, Summit Crater Glows
Deadly Mix Of Bomb Cyclone, Atmospheric River Drenches West Coast
Hyperactive Pacific Storm Train To Keep Slamming California
Big Weather Changes Are On The Way For the Midwest, Northeast
Over 3 Dozen Tornadoes Reported Amid 3-Day Severe Weather Outbreak
California Snowpack Is Highest In 40 Years: Officials
Purgatory Ski Resort In Colorado Records 23 Inches Of Snow In 24 Hours
The UK Recorded Its Warmest Year On Record in 2022
Severe Weather Plagues South With Flooding Rainfall, Tornadoes
Bomb Cyclone To Unleash Life-Threatening Flooding In California
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Taste Of Spring Unfolding In Midwest, Northeast
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Storm Wallops Tahoe Region With Over 4 Feet Of Snow In Spots
High School And Homes Damaged, Trees Downed
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Taste Of Spring Unfolding in Midwest, Northeast
Winter Storm Warnings Issued Across Central US
More Torrential Rainfall In Store For California
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Evacuations, Rescues In California
Severe Storms To Sweep Through Southeast As 2023 Begins
2023 To Kick Off With More Snow For The Northern Plains, Upper Midwest
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More Torrential Rainfall In Store For California
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