Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Florida Businesses Brace For DeSantis Illegal Immigration Crackdown on July 1
Biden Admin Regulations Have Cost Each American Household $10,000
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Halts Health Care for Illegal Aliens After Realizing Cost Burden to Taxpayers
Feds: National Debt Will Be Nearly Twice As Large As US Economy In 30 Years
Gas Stations Will Run Out Of Fuel And Prices Will Explode This Summer As Supplies Collapse – video of day 1
White House and GOP Agree: This Is The Biden Economy – and He's Totally Screwed the Pooch – HOLLY NOTE: Lest you don't know the origin of this saying, see this: "Cowardice or losing control due to fear was nicknamed screwing the pooch."
Biden Will Announce $600 Million In Climate Investments During California Trip
Inflation Fell To 1.1% In May In Producer Price Index – HOLLY NOTE: If this is the case, why is everything still so expensive?
UPS Workers Vote To Authorize Strike While Cheering Unexpected Progress On Heat Safety
Biden Sends $200 Million In Tax Funds To Sanctuary Cities Helping Illegal Immigrants
$400 Billion or Roughly 10% in Pandemic Aid Was Stolen, Wasted or Misspent: Analysis
West Coast Warning – Supply Chain Has Stopped – video of day 1
Social Security Update: Direct Payment Worth Up To $4,555 Goes Out To Millions In Two Days
Truckers Warn About Disastrous Freight Market Collapse As Rates Face Massive Drop – video of day 5
Weiss: 1,200 Banks Have "Imminent Risk Of Failure" [99% Accurate]
California State Senate Passes Bill to Give Illegal Aliens Unemployment Checks
California Is Killing Another Industry – Insurance – That Families Need
McCarthy Ally Says Speakership ‘Absolutely Safe’ Despite Conservative Fury Over Debt Limit
Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output By 1 Million Barrels Per Day To Boost Sagging Prices – HOLLY NOTE: Hard to believe this line of thought when President Trump had gas prices down to $1.87. Looking at Gas Buddy's map it shows some areas over $4.45 so prices are hardly 'sagging'.
Supreme Court Issues Ruling Allowing Companies to Sue Unions for Damages Caused by Strikes
Asset Manager Anson Frericks Explains Why Companies Go Woke Knowing It Will Hurt Their Business
Debt Limit Deal Headed To Biden's Desk After 11 Amendments Fail
Meet a Single Dad With $550,000 In Student Loans For His 5 Children: 'I'm Just Not Going To Take The Chance On Not Sending My Kids To School' – HOLLY NOTE: If this dad had a college ed., it didn't do him any good as he lost all common sense and went A over T in debt. Seriously? And Biden want us taxpayers to pay for his andothers' bad decisioins? Un-uh. Not having it, kinda like not having reparations. Nope. Zero. Nada. Not doin' it.

I started at a small out-of-state Christian college before graduating from UMKC. Neither cost a fraction of $110K per kid. Graduated in 1977 and even today their tuition is under $8,400/year.

That many decades ago, don't remember what the cost was as my dad paid it, but consider this: "UMKC has been Kansas City’s university for more than 80 years. Its affordability has been lauded as a Best Value College ranking by the Princeton Review." Proves you don't have to hock your childrens' future to get a good education.
US Govt Sent $1.3 Billion To China, Russia For Gender Equality, Cat Experiments And Wuhan Lab Research – video of day 2
Irate Dem Sen. Joe Manchin Calls 'Bulls---' On Republicans Over Key Debt Ceiling Provision
US Supreme Court Hands Defeat To Organized Labor In Truckers Strike Case
MAY 30
One of China’s Biggest Cities, Wuhan, Is So Cash-Strapped It’s Calling In Debts
China’s $23 Trillion Local Debt Mess Is About to Get Worse
China Shadow Banking Defaults Surge – HOLLY NOTE: You might be thinking no big deal. It’s ‘over there.’ It is a big deal as China owns about 12% of our debt or $859 billion as of Jan. 2023. With China is so cash-strapped, what happens if they choose to call in U.S. debt? That wouldn’t be pretty, yet our government keeps spending, printing money and borrowing from our enemy.
Bad News for Americans: 98% of 87,000 IRS Agents are Here to Stay After McCarthy Caves in to Democrats
More Than 50,000 US Stores Will Close By 2027 According To UBS
MAY 26
Biden’s Labor Market: Foreigners Taking U.S. Jobs Hits Highest Level as Employment of Americans Declines
New Amnesty Bill Seeks to Flood Americans’ White-Collar Labor Market
MAY 25
Fed Officials Less Confident On The Need For More Rate Hikes, Minutes Show
Debt Ceiling Talks Make Progress, But House Will Leave Town With No Deal
White House Believes Massive Dem Bailout May Be Needed To Pass Debt Ceiling Compromise
Here Are Some Possible Debt Ceiling Escape Hatches For McCarthy, Biden
House Passes Measure Overturning Biden’s Student Debt Forgiveness Program
MAY 24
McCarthy Not Optimistic About Debt Limit Negotiations As Talks Drag On Another Day
Here Are The Debt Limit Demands The White House Is 'Dug In' On, McCarthy Says
MAY 15
Tech Companies Announce Mass Layoffs Amid Economic Woes
Republicans Demand Answers From Regulators On Possible Chinese Exposure Of Americans’ Financial Data
California’s Newsom Sees Budget Deficit Deepening to $32 Billion
IN-DEPTH: Is Your Money Spying On You?
Is California's $800 Billion Reparations Plan Doomed?
California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt, Saddling Employers With The Expense – HOLLY NOTE: Yet Calif., a non-slave owning state, wants to give qualifying blacks between $1.2 and $5 million in reparations. Right.
US SlaveFree1858 - Slave States And Free States
Debt Debacle Laid Bare: U.S. Owes Whopping $7 Trillion To Foreigners
"They're After Your Kids" - The Real Agenda Behind The Great Reset | A Conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts – video of the week 2
Massive Retail Money Market Inflows Suggest Bank Deposit Run Accelerating
Ominous Omen From ‘Oracle of Omaha’? Buffett Unloads Billions in US Stocks, Warns of AI 'Atom Bomb'
Take Care Of America First! We Are Sending Mountains Of Money Overseas But Our Own Communities Are Dying ALERT
Is The Federal Reserve Trying To Cause An Economic Depression?
Nordstrom to Close Both of Its Stores in Downtown San Francisco Due to ‘Lack of Enforcement Against Rampant Criminal Activity’
94 Companies Have Filed For Bankruptcy Jan. 2022 - April 18, 2023
White House Says It's Up to McCarthy to Raise Debt Ceiling Ahead Of Meeting
A Torrent Of Layoffs! Here Are 16 Large Companies That Have Just Announced Mass Terminations

This Year's 3 Bank Failures Held $532B In Assets — More Than All Lenders That Collapsed In 2008 Crisis
State Officials Slam Biden’s Good-Credit Mortgage Fees For Imposing A ‘Middle-Class Tax Hike’
Here's How Biden's Controversial Mortgage Rule Will Affect You
Bernie Sanders: Confiscate Wealth, Eliminate ALL Billionaires
American Airlines Pilots Vote To Authorize Strike Amid Contract Negotiations

Could Biden and Democrats Kill the Gross Domestic Product Any More? – HOLLY NOTE: Don’t ask. He might feel prevailed upon to demonstrate.
You Should Have Sold Last Spring! As House Sale Profits Plunge By as Much as $254,000 in a Year, Where Sellers Have Been Hit Hardest – HOLLY NOTE: However, if you're not selling and your house is ridiculously over-priced for the area, you pay via high property taxes.

In case you missed it, the real kicker is now on the backs of new home owners. Biden aims to saddle those with excellent credit to literally pay, in part, for the mortgages of those with poor credit. Have you ever heard of anything so bizarre and socialist? Yesterday the House GOP blocked this bill, but the seed has been planted. You watch. Democrats will re-introduce this onerous legislation at a later date.

If people can't afford a house, live in an apartment or a trailer park, or rent, because I'm not paying for someone else's house. Hardworkers already pay for their food, healthcare, housing, childcare and more.

Our natural gas bills have a tax on them to help the poor. This isn't voluntary; it just is. Last I checked people got to decide what charities to donate to. Not any more. Think about restaurants that automatically add a required gratuity whether service warranted it or not.

This is not the time to be moving to a new home: interest rates are going up. There will be penalties for people that want a wood-burning fireplace and gas stoves, if Democrats have their way. You know it as 'climate equity'.

Housing market is still over-priced and finding a good builder, let alone materials and appliances, may be tricky. We miss President Trump. Under him, life was good. Even people who didn't like his tweets or sense of humor, sure liked life 2-1/2 years ago. Biden is the very definition of a non compos mentis wrecking ball.
House GOP Bill Blocks Biden Fee Hike For Good-Credit Mortgage Borrowers
GOP-Led House Passes Bill To Extend Debt Limit By 1 Year And Reduce Domestic Spending
Dystopian Consequences of the Social Credit Score System, Digital ID, & Cashless Society that Schwab’s WEF Are Lobbying to Put in Place As Part of the Plan for the Great Reset
Banking Crisis Is Not Over Yet: Moody’s Downgrades Ratings of 11 Banks
‘The Cartels Control Our Entire Border’: Border Invasion Ignites Push for Texas to Take Major Action
US Consumer Confidence Hits 9-Month Low; Housing Market Bottoming Out
Bud Light Sales Fall off a Cliff, Rivals Gain
Shocking Truths about Your Money
Biden Says Anyone ‘Earning Less Than $400,000’ Won’t See A Tax Increase ‘By One Penny’ — He Lied
Reparations Proposal Would Cost Taxpayers $14 Trillion
AOC, and Other Far-Left Dems Reintroduce $92T Green New Deal – video
Both American Political Parties Have Adopted Lenin’s Strategy for the Destruction of Capitalism
'Economic Whirlwind': Manchin Slams Biden, Praises McCarthy Proposal In Debt Limit Standoff – HOLLYNOTE: Manchin is up for reelection so of course he's going to soften his tone. Regardless of the good game he talks, he still breaks from his message and stands with Democrats
4 House GOP Members Who May Not Back McCarthy Debt Proposal
Pete Buttigieg Wants $20M For Female Crash Dummies – HOLLY NOTE: Since he may be the 'non-male' in his 'marriage', we could let him stand in as the female crash dummy and save the bucks.
Celente – We’re On The Eve Of The Death Of The US Dollar
McCarthy Unveils Bill To Hike Debt Ceiling By $1.5 Trillion, Slash $4.5 Trillion From Spending
Americans Struggle With 24 Straight Months Of Effective Pay Cuts Under Biden
2/3 Of Americans Say Inflation Is Gutting Their Paychecks: Poll
Biden To Hike Payments For Good-Credit Homebuyers To Subsidize High-Risk Mortgages – HOLLY NOTE: Have you heard of anything more outrageous or egregious? ALERT
McCarthy Lays Down Marker In Debt-Limit Showdown
Biden Country Backs McCarthy Spending Cuts, Debt Plan
Green Energy And Equity Efforts: Where Are Infrastructure Dollars Going?
Disney's Financial Fairy Tale In Florida Is Coming To An End Thanks to Ron DeSantis
China Selling Off US Treasuries As It Prepares For Possible Blockade Of Taiwan
U.S. Banks Saw Worst Withdrawal Panic Ever In March – Another $65 Billion Pulled By Commercial Depositors
Congress to Miss Budget Deadline As Debt Ceiling Showdown Looms
The World Is Changing Before Our Eyes… ED OF DAY
Walmart Closing 4 Chicago Stores, Blaming Millions In Annual Losses
Role Reversal: The Collapse Of The Dollar-Enforced Empire
These Are The US Banks With The Most Uninsured Deposits
Stephen Moore: Hey, Uncle Sam, Stop Paying People For Not Working ED OF DAY 3
US Employers Added 236,000 Jobs In March, Unemployment at 3.5%
BRICS Alliance Working To Create Its Own Currency, Says Russian Official
Mexico Plans to Join BRICS Amid Growing Tensions with US – HOLLY NOTE: Should they do this, it will effectively kill their chance to become part of a possible NAU – North American Union. That's good because a NAU wouldn't benefit either Canada or the U.S.and only Mexico.
Full List of US Restaurant Chain Closures Revealed
Small Businesses File For Bankruptcy At Record Pace, Surpassing COVID Crash
Cassidy: One More Report Moves Social Security Insolvency Up a Year
This Banking Crisis Is The Cusp Of A Much Worse Financial Crisis – video
The Retirement Crisis Financially Destroys The Entire Baby Boomer Generation – video
Seize Property For Biden Agenda Says Major USA Bank, JPMorgan Chase ALERT
The Dollar Is In Trouble! Here Are 7 Signs That Global De-Dollarization Has Just Shifted Into Overdrive – HOLLY NOTE: Listened to someone last week on the coming cryptocurrency supremacy. This is what he shared: As a result, the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is the only solution available because there is too much debt worldwide. Here are reasons why governments favor cryptocurrency or digital currency:
It's programmable based on your social credit score and all other algorithms.
Private purchases will no longer be possible.
There will be negative interest rates.
They can say how much currency is injected into your bank acct. before it 'burns up'.
They want to create a deflationary situation and can inject that currency as much as they want into the system.
They can dictate what you can spend your digital currency on.
There is traceability.
Where does this lead? It's likely prelude to Mark of the Beast. ALERT
Oil Surges In Early Trading After OPEC+ Surprise 'Unipolar World'-Challenging Production Cut
9 Nations Turn their Back on Babylon.. Gas Prices Moving Fast. ALERT – video
Opinion: ‘Most U.S. Banks Are Technically Near Insolvency, And Hundreds Are Already Fully Insolvent,’ Roubini Says
Meanwhile, The Petrodollar Just Got Smaller Today as The First LNG Shipment Between UAE and France Is Traded in Yuan
Former White House Economist Calls Biden Out For Spewing ‘Utter Economic Lies’ On National Tour
Planned Financial Collapse Seeks To Put All Banks Under One Controlled “Umbrella”
Yellen Confirms $4.7 TRILLION In New Taxes Under Biden Budget
Up to 80% of Workers Could See Jobs Impacted By AI
President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars – Soon (Operation Sandman?)
Strengthening Social Security and Medicare Starts With Cutting Taxes And Regulations ED OF DAY
Ford Reveals EV Losses As It Rolls Out New Financial Reporting
Walmart Laying Off Hundreds In Ominous Sign For Economy
Amid Banking Collapse, White House Says “We See A Strong Economy”
Newsom Gets Big Win: California Senate Approves First-Of-Its-Kind ‘Price Gouging' Bill
JPMorgan Chase Thought It Had $1.3 Million Worth Of Nickel Stored In A Warehouse. A Closer Examination Revealed Bags Of Stones.
Biden DOJ Tries To Covertly Organize Taxpayer-Funded Bailout For Moderna
Largest Jobs Website Lays Off Thousands Of Employees
Federal Reserve Announces July Launch Of Central Bank Digital Currency Infrastructure
“Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics”: President Biden Makes Bogus Billionaire Tax Claim
Lawmakers Call To Lift $250,000 Cap on FDIC Deposit Insurance
Economists Warn That Nearly 200 Banks Are At Risk Of Runs, Failure
4th US Bank Is On The Brink Of Collapse: We Are In Far More Trouble Than Most People Realize – video
Action Alert – List of States Where “Money” Is Being Redefined and Non Govt Issued Cryptocurrency Is Being Banned
Big Banks Agree To Historic $30 Billion Unsecured Deposit Injection In First Republic Bank
Republicans Say Biden’s Rules For Firms Competing With China On Chips Make U.S. Less Competitive
Fed's New BTFP Facility Is Stealth QE Injecting Up To $2 Trillion In Liquidity, JPMorgan Concludes
As Bank Crisis Looms, Biden's Aggressive Focus On Firearms Is Suspicious
How They’ll Use the Banking Crisis to Control YOU | Glenn TV – video of day 3
Biden’s Budget Czar Draws A Blank On How To Rescue Social Security From Insolvency
Banning Gas And Diesel-Powered Cars And Trucks A Really Bad Idea ED OF DAY 1
Regulators Approve Largest Rail Merger In 2 Decades
Biden Killing Middle Class: ‘Net Worth Of Median Household Is Nothing, Basically’
Dow Falls 500 Points As Credit Suisse Adds Pressure To Already Troubled Banking Sector: Live Updates
Financial Shares Fall As Credit Suisse Becomes Latest Crisis For The Sector
Wholesale Prices Post Unexpected Decline Of 0.1% In February; Retail Sales Fall
'Rewarding Bad Behavior': Vivek Ramaswamy Rips Bailout Of Imprudent SVB Tech Clientele
Biden’s ‘Bailout’ A Step Toward Government Control Of Banking System, Economists Say
Pentagon Requests $26 Billion Budget Increase Despite 5 Failed Audits
The Real Inflation Figure in the UK Is Now Over 35%
First Republic Drops 60%, Leads Decline In Bank Stocks Despite Government's Backstop of SVB
Contagion Spreads: Desperate Customers Line Up Outside First Republic Bank To Take Their Money Out - After SVB Bank Collapsed And Sent Shockwaves Through Market
‘Get Woke, Go Broke’: Silicon Valley Bank's Top Woman Executive, LGBTQ+ Activist Gets Targeted For Lender's Failure
Biden-Harris Regime Moves to Protect Their Woke Big Tech Donors by Making FDIC Insurance Limitless
Save The Dollar Or The Financial System - Not Both
Tucker Carlson on the Silicon Valley Bank Failure: 'It Could Be Time to Buy Gold and Stockpile Food' – video of day 2
Signature Bank Closed by Regulators as Pain From SVB Seizure Spreads
Silicon Valley Bank Crisis Explained
Officials Mull Protecting All Deposits at Silicon Valley Bank
Can the Federal Reserve Stop the Avalanche of Bank Runs That Has Already Begun?
Wells Fargo Missing Deposit Glitch Alarms Customers. Bank Says It Was A 'Technical Issue'
Biden’s $6.8 Trillion Budget Proposes New Social Programs and Higher Taxes
Silicon Valley Bank Shares Halted After Plunge Deepens
Whitney Webb | What is the World Economic Forum? – video
What Biden Might Try Next If His Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Struck Down
Dems: Give U.S. Green Energy Jobs to Foreign Workers, Not Americans
ESG – A Potent Force for Evil
Biden’s $400 BILLION Student Loan Relief Plan Set For Supreme Court Showdown
Which Countries Have The Lowest Inflation?
The Scary Fed Idea To Turn Your Dollars Into A Digital Power Grab ALERT
Teachers Union Chief Melts Down Over Student Debt During SCOTUS Protest
House Votes To Kill Biden’s ‘Woke’ ESG Investment Rule That Props Up ‘Phony Climate Movement’
Feds: Georgia Farm Discriminated Against Qualified Americans in Favor of Foreign H-2A Visa Workers
Dark Money Group Pushing Gas Stove Crackdown Has Stake In Green Energy
Fox News Poll: More Voters Feel Sting Of Inflation
When It Comes To Debt, Joe Biden is the Six Trillion Dollar Man
Social Security is Broke, but American Taxpayers Just Gave Ukrainian Pensioners a Double-Digit Raise
Saudi Arabia's Oil Revenues Hit $326 Billion In 2022
EPA Orders Norfolk Southern To Handle All Ohio Train Derailment Cleanup, Pay Triple If They Cut Corners
Thousands Of Amazon Employees Revolt As CEO Makes Them Show Up In Office At Least 3 Days Per Week – HOLLY NOTE: This is what happens when the Americans work ethic goes out the window.
SEC Charges Mormon Church For Concealing $32 Billion Portfolio
Biden’s Labor Market: 1.9M Fewer Americans Working, 2M Foreign Workers Funneled into U.S. Jobs
You Won't Believe What Our Government Spent Over $560 Billion On – Gangs Outside the U.S. – video
15 Things That Became Priceless For The Average American Families – video
Rubio: Stop Federal Funds to Michigan's Ford EV Battery Plant With Chinese Ties
Over a Two Year Span, The Population Of California Dropped By Hundreds Of Thousands
US to Sell 26 Million More Barrels of Strategic Oil Reserves
It’s ‘IMPERATIVE’ You Understand This About ESG & the WEF – video of week 1
Oil Jumps After Russia Says It Will Cut 500,000 Barrels Of Oil Output
Liberal California Lawmakers Slammed For Proposing Students In Mexico Receive In-State College Tuition
Biden's IRS Plans To Crack Down On Waiters' Tips
J.D. Vance: Illegal Immigration Robs Americans of Dream of Owning a Home
Coloradans Your Natural Gas Bill Explained
Feds Probing Possible Labor Trafficking Pipeline of Migrant Kids into U.S. Jobs
Fed Chair Powell Says ‘Long Way to Go’ in Inflation Fight, Calls US Debt ‘Unsustainable’
State of the Union 2023: Separating Fact From Fiction On Biden Economic Claims
VP Harris Helping Funnel Money To Central America To Slow Illegal Immigration
10 Disruptions That Threaten To Spark Chaos On Supply Chains In 2023 – video of day 3
Chinese Money Is Flooding Into American Higher Education — With Little Transparency
Demand For Gold Surges To Highest Rate In Over A Decade As World’S Central Banks Continue Buying Spree
“It’s The Perfect Storm”: More Americans Can’t Afford Their Car Payments Than During The Peak Of Financial Crisis
Consumer Spending Plummets As Americans Lose Access To Cheap Credit
As the Financial System Has Become More Digital, We See More And More Controls: Catherine Austin Fitts – video
Democrat Border Policy: Let Business Hire Foreign Workers
Experts Warn New IRS Tax Rules Are A 'Double Whammy' For Families
Biden To Spend Nearly A Trillion On 'Reckless Student Loan Bailout': Tom Cotton
Biden, Mayorkas Import Poverty, ‘Enslavement’ via Migration
Americans Could Be In A 'World Of Hurt' If Biden Doesn't Act, Ex Walmart CEO Warns ALERT
Dr. Jordan B Peterson Tells Joe Rogan Of Plan For Alternative To World Economic Forum
Rise of the Machines: Expert Warns AI Will Take Over 20% Of All Jobs Within 5 Years – HOLLY NOTE: A big Pink Floyd fan, but this song always creeped me out. Keep in mind, this song was released nearly 50 years ago.

This has always been a private worry – that humans depend too much on technology and less on their own mind and skills.

Not a fan of Garmin, don't want it yakking at me at every turn and sometimes it leads you the wrong way. One time Stan and I were instructed to turn into a ditch. People can't even read maps any more.

Look at Tovala. They want your food delivered and cook it for you by scanning a card, not putting ingredients in, stir and bake. What will you do if it fails or electricity goes out? When we lived in Australia nearly 30 years ago and I advised people to lay in food they could cook. This New Yorker asked, "What am I supposed to do? I only cook by microwave? Guess you're SOL.

Kids can't even do simple math without a calculator. 35 years ago electricity went out. Was in a store, paying by cash and this clerk couldn't figure out the change.

Now there is an AI that writes English papers for kids. "It" often doesn't get information correct though the paper sounds great. What happened to critical thinking?

Everything is remote control. People can't get off their backsides and change the channel.

My husband knows I hate being dependent, yet this is what government wants you to be. Dependent. Be self-sufficient; don't be a pawn.
California Proposes Another Wealth Tax...on Non-Californians!
Revealed: Paul Pelosi Dumped 30,000 Shares of Google Stock One Month Before DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Filed This Week
Collapse of the Petro Dollar
Biden’s Deputies Use ICE Agents to Raise Pay for Illegal Workers
These 4 Cities Will Suffer A 2008-Like Crash In Home Values: Goldman Sachs
Behind Debt-Ceiling Fight: Spendaholic Democrats On Course To Destroy Our Economic Future
Google Accused Of Monopolizing $250B U.S. Digital Ad Market
Biden Admin Prepares New Plan To ‘Empower’ Tenants Through ‘Grace Periods’ For Late Rent
Pandemic Jobless Benefits Fraud Likely Tops $60 Billion. House GOP to Start Investigating Next Week
‘A Lot Of Upward Pressure’: Here’s Why Gas Prices Are Soaring Again
The Fed’s Quantitative Easing Gamble Costs Taxpayers Billions
Quietly Released Energy Dept. Report Admits Mistake in Canceling Keystone XL Pipeline, Shows Economic Benefits
Enormous Wave Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs During The Early Stages Of 2023
Walmart To Raise Company Minimum Wage To $14 Per Hour
Border Chief Welcomes One Migrant Job-Seeker for Every 18-Year-Old American
South Bend, Indiana to Subsidize Importing Foreign H-1B Visa Workers for White-Collar Jobs
Leftist Colombian Vice President Wants ‘Climate Reparations’ From US
Majority Leader Scalise Rips Biden's Spending Spree: 'The Likes Our Country Has Never Seen Before' – video
Expect A Mass Die-Off Of Public Companies Later This Year
Zulauf: Bust/Boom Cycle Ahead As “Decade Of The Rollercoasters” Kicks Off
Why Are They Hiding This About Klaus Schwab and the WEF? | Redacted with Clayton Morris – video
BRACKEN: Alas, Brave New Babylon: The Audioessay – HOLLY NOTE: This essay was recorded a decade ago. The essay posits the effects on middle America of a near-future civilizational collapse, triggered by an economic collapse, which in turn, is triggered by a sovereign debt crisis, caused by intemperate US spending and Federal Reserve bond purchase programs. How prescient! – audio of week
Defense Contractors Rake in Millions as U.S. Seeks to Supply More Weapons to Ukraine
Soros and Bezos Back Initiative to Raise $3 Trillion Annually to Fight Climate Change
Biden’s IRS Plans To Squeeze Everyone, Even Those Making Less Than $400,000 A Year
Biden’s Army of IRS Auditors Falls Victim To Hiring Woes, Ambiguous Marching Orders
Energy Workers Haven't Forgotten And Won't Forgive Biden For Killing Keystone XL Jobs: 'It's un-American' – HOLLY NOTE: And neither will the rest of America.
‘This Is The Last Thing We Need:’ Millions Of Businesses Hammered By The Pandemic Need To Start Paying Back COVID Loans
WEF's Last 'Climate Crisis' Caused Its New 'Cost-of-Living Crisis'
Inflation Drops To 6.5% In December As Price Pressures Ease
RED FLAGS: IRS Rules Put $1.1M Of Trump's Tax Deductions At Risk
Biden Administration Unveils Defense Of Student Loan Forgiveness Plan At Supreme Court
Biden Promised To Refill Oil Reserves at a Profit. Now Prices Are Too High – HOLLY NOTE: Biden sold off 220 million barrels of precious oil, mostly to our enemy China. That massive sell-off is the largest in 39 years. What a dolt.
The Disturbing Details Behind the Bird Flu and Egg Prices – Nearly 58 Million Birds In 47 States Have Died Since January 2022
Biden Administration Touts Drained Emergency Oil Reserves as Top 2022 Accomplishment
The Government Thinks You’re Too Stupid To Notice This Tax Increase ED OF DAY 2
9,000 NYC Nurses Preparing To Strike Mondy If No Tentative Agreements Reached With Hospitals Tonight
Harbinger: China Buying Up MASSIVE Gold Reserves, Reducing US Treasury Bond Holdings ALERT
‘Everything Tripled’: Rapper Cardi B Slams Biden Economy
Gold Could Reach Bruce Willis Level Soon
US Job Openings Totaled 10.5 Million In November, More Than Expected
COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation?
Mike Rowe: America Needs To Be Reminded What 'Real Work' Looks Like – video of day 2
Is 2023 Finally Gold’s Year?
The Only Way to Survive 2023
War at All Costs: The Big Picture From the Petrodollar to Escalations and Corporations
The Coming Economic War with Bob Griswold – video of day 2