Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
—John 14:6
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
—Isaiah 41:10

Be encouraged. Maranatha!

Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out," so, live simply, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly and leave the rest to God. — author unknown

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Bible Returned to School Libraries After Being Removed for ‘Vulgarity or Violence’ Due to Leftist Protest
'AI Jesus' Talks Dating, Relationships, Morals — Even Offers Video-Gaming Tips
WEF Calls For AI To Rewrite Bible, Create 'Religions That Are Actually Correct' – HOLLY NOTE: See God’s warning in Revelation 22:18-19.
Uganda: Militants Tied to Islamic State Storm School and Murder At Least 41, Ask Muslim Students to Identify Themselves Because They “Don’t Kill Fellow Believers”
What Makes Christianity Unique?
In Every Book of the Bible, Jesus is Found…
Popular Actor in The Chosen Converts to Christianity: 'I Can't Help but Talk About' It
Israeli Prof Predicts AI Bible: ‘There Might Be Religions That Are Correct’
'Unity Weekend': Churches Nationwide Preach On Racial Unity To Show 'Oneness in Christ'
Liberal Mainline United Methodists See More Than 5,000 Congregations Leave Amid Arguments Over Sex, Gender
‘God Is Still Alive’: Nigerian Christians Remain Hopeful in Face of Religious Persecution
Not Your Granny’s Bible Epic, ‘The Chosen’ Casts A Wide Net In Telling Jesus’ Story
Here’s Why People Abandoned Church And The Right Way To Fix It
Most Christians Believe Churches Should Provide Counseling And Care, But Most Pastors Disagree: Study
'The Chosen' Takes Home Coveted K-LOVE Fan Award; Creator Says Seeks To 'Honor' Bible Through Show
Young Christians To Share The Gospel All Around Europe This Summer
Bible Banned In Several Utah Schools Due To 'Vulgarity And Violence'
MAY 26
Belgian Bishop Again Says Pope Francis Supports Heretical Same-Sex ‘Blessing’ Efforts
Church of Scotland's Membership Dropped by Half Since 2000
‘A Day Of Sadness’: 193 Georgia Churches Vote To Leave United Methodist Church
Religion of Peace: India: Muslim Abducts, Rapes, Forces Minor Hindu Girl To Convert To Islam, Is Arrested After Beating Her On Train
PSALM 91 | The Most Powerful Prayer To Break The Bonds – video
Jonathan Cahn: A Mystery For Joe Biden – video
MAY 24
Franklin Graham at Christian Media Convention: Every 'Demon From Hell' Has Been 'Turned Loose' In Society
Codex Sassoon: 1,100-Year-Old Hebrew Bible Sells For $38M At Auction – A 1,100-Year-Old Biblical Manuscript Becomes The Most Valuable Book Ever To Go Under The Hammer
MAY 16
Religion in America: More Good News
MAY 12
The Runaway Success of 'The Chosen' Is Starting To Make Heads Spin in Hollywood
Report: Unprecedented Rise in Hate Crimes against American Churches
Liberal Mainline Church Updates Stats, Reports Another Year In Declining Membership, Churches: 'Not Surprised'
‘We Are In The Time Of The Messiah Now.’ – The Ancestry of the Messiah in Jewish Sources
Iranians Are Not Muslim
Belgium Will Be The First Muslim State In Europe – HOLLY NOTE: I thought it might possibly be France with its 751 NGZs – No Go Zones, which Muslims have taken over and everyone else is banned.
After Tucker Carlson Exit, Glenn Beck Claims Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch Told Him Not To Talk About God On-Air
Boston SatanCon-Goers Shred Bible, Pro-Cop Flag During Opening Ritual: ‘Hail Satan!’
Federal Judge Rules That Pennsylvania School District Must Host After School Satan Club
Christians Fear For Their Future In Sudan As Conflict Grows
55 Oklahoma Congregations Leave United Methodist Church
Satanic Temple’s ‘SatanCon’ in Boston Set To Be ‘Largest Satanic Gathering In History
Geert Wilders Calls Out ‘Arab Influence’ Over EU Politicians Pushing for the ‘Islamization of Europe’
LGBTQ-Affirming Megachurch Pastor Andy Stanley Is Leading The Church Into Final Phase Of The Falling Away
Afghani Who Brutally Murdered Woman Days Ago in Ireland Demands Bail so he can Observe Ramadan
The Most Realistic Depiction Of Satan Ever On Film
They’ve Named the Latest COVID Variant ‘Arcturus’ Which Is From the KJB Book of Job Speaking About Antichrist But Missing From All the Modern Versions
Jesus’ Resurrection: 2/3 Of Americans Say Biblical Accounts Are Accurate; Highest in Midwest, South
Walter Reed Issues Cease and Desist Order to Priests and Friars Preventing Them From Providing Religious Services During Holy Week
Scientist Discovers ‘Erased’ 1,750-Year-Old New Testament Translation Using Ultraviolet Photography
Thousands Attend Passover Priestly Blessing at Western Wall in Jerusalem
'Deranged' SUNY Albany Protesters March, Dance & Destroy Bible To Shut Down Conservative Speaker
An Investigation Into The Roman Catholic Church In Baltimore Shows Child Sex Abuse And Torture By Priests That Was All Swept Under The Rug
Trans Children Aren’t Under Attack, But Christian Children Are ED OF DAY 1
Christians Point Out Scary Similarities to Trump and Holy Week Leading Up to Easter Resurrection Day
Terror-Tied Group Forces New Jersey to Designate Each January ‘Muslim Heritage Month’
Will The Discovery Of The Ark Of The Covenant Soon Be Publicly Revealed To The Entire World?
Oldest and Most Complete Hebrew Bible Manuscript On Display in Israel for 1st Time
Minneapolis Moves Closer to Becoming First U.S. City to Blast Islamic Call to Prayer 5 Times a Day, Starting at Dawn
Conquered NYC: Call to Prayer Will Be Blasted From Loudspeakers 5 Times a Day, Muslims Spit on 9/11 Victims – video
Touching Moment WTVA Meteorologist Overwhelmed During Tornado Outbreak Says Prayer For Small Town
Every Person You Know Is Looking for God in Some Way
United Methodists in Eastern Europe, Eurasia Planning To Leave UMC
Churches More Prepared For Financial Hardships After Pandemic: Survey
Pope Francis: “Hell is Not a Place”
Outrage As A New Proposed Bill In The Knesset In Israel Would Send Christians To Jail For Witnessing To Jews About Salvation In Jesus Christ
Amazon Offering ‘Holy Spirit’ Ouija-Like Board
Lauren Boebert’s Powerful Prayer In The Capitol Rotunda – video
Louisiana Tent Revival Enters Its 19th Week: 'It's Only Gaining Momentum'
Are You Vexed By Our Lawless And Self-Destructive Society?
‘Get Off Your High Horse!’ Christians Must Not Complain When Muslims Butcher Them
Jesus Revolution Passes $40 Million to Become Lionsgate's Highest-Grossing Film Since 2019: 'Incredible'
Crocodile Threat, Swimming Cows In ‘Unprecedented’ Australia Flood – HOLLY NOTE: That 6-month study on End Times, read a ton of books and synthesized it pictorally for you. You don't have to be a pastor to understand what's happening. Read and study. You can do it too.

Did this 25 years ago. Updated in 2005. You can view it, download or print it. ... It's free.

We are there. Have no doubt, we are there. Every day when Stan and I pray together before our main meal, he always asks the Lord to find us worthy to be raptured. Don't care to be Left Behind. These are UNprecedented times.
J6 Political Prisoners Pray And Sing The National Anthem Every Night. Release Them All. – HOLLY NOTE: Seeing this makes me feel like a really small Christian. – video of day 1
The Beatitudes From The Sermon On The Mount Reveal What Life Will Be Like During The Millennial Reign Of King Jesus On The Throne Of David
Biblical Worldview ‘Much Closer To Extinction’ After COVID-19 Lockdowns
Tucker Carlson: Governments Go After Religious People First – video of day
In Loving Memory of Lindsey Williams (1936-2023)
Christian Teacher Is Fired For Refusing To Hide Kids’ “Gender Transitions” And “Preferred Pronouns” From Parents – “I Couldn’t Be Christian And A Teacher”
2,500-year-old Inscription Bearing Name Of Biblical King Ahasuerus’ Father Found in Israel
'Jesus Is Just Getting Started': Asbury Revival Spreads to Texas A&M, Indiana Wesleyan and LSU – HOLLY NOTE: Just when some of us are broken, things happen in our lives, we HEAR God's message. Maybe you get that heartbreak for a reason because there's no place else to go.

Hold those reins lightly. If that person comes back, you are meant to be. Othewise cut that cord.

Think about Song of day 2 yesterday, Return to Me. Maybe it's about a return to Christ and not the one you loved.

Sure you've noticed by now, life is about letting go. Pretty much sucks till you do and then you find true freedom and release. Hearts heal, eventually.
Christian Filmmaker Jon Erwin Makes History, Becomes 1st Director to Receive Four A+ CinemaScore
Satanic Video Game Allows Players to “Activate Blood Alters” and ‘Sacrifice Friends to Demons’
The Rapture: The Future Tense Of The Gospel And A Message The Church Desperately Needs
Pope Francis: Satan Uses Three ‘Poisons’ to Tempt Us – Attachments, Distrust, And Power
‘The Enemy Is Waging All Out War Right in Our Faces’: Ex-Satanist and Ex-Witch Respond to Huge Satanic Gathering
Anne Graham Lotz: This Could Be the ‘Last Great Awakening’ as Asbury Revival Fires Reach New Campuses
‘Largest Satanic Gathering in History’ Mandates Jabs, Masks, and Includes Drag Show
If You Call Yourself A Christian, Yet You Hate The Jewish People… You May Believe In A Different Bible
Asbury University Ends 24/7 Revival Meeting After 50K Flock To Kentucky Town Over 13 Days
Asbury University Marathon Prayer Meeting Goes Viral, Fueling Talk Of Nationwide Christian Revival
Conquered: Another Historic Catholic Church Will Be Converted into a Mosque in Buffalo, New York
San Diego's Catholic Leadership Must Be Getting An Earful From The Faithful On Its Illegal Migrant-Enabling Operations
Prayer Is Becoming Criminal In The U.K.
U.S. Bishops Silent After FBI Claims Conservative Catholics Are ‘White Supremacists’
ISIS Calls for Muslims to Attack Christians Around the World, Especially in Europe ALERT
Fast-Food Workers Pray with President Trump
Atheist Group Complains after Sheriff's Office Celebrates 300 Baptisms
Only a Minority Of Parents Emphasize Passing On Their Faith To Children: Study
QB Brock Purdy Guides 49ers to NFC Championship: 'My Identity Is in Jesus'
Attacks Against Catholic Churches Approach 300 Incidents Since May 2020: Report
Pastor Given a Mind-Blowing, Detailed Tour of Heaven – HOLLY NOTE: If you want to skip his background, go to the 30 minute mark – video of week 2
Iowa Catholic Diocese Bans Chosen Pronouns, Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms
‘Yourself as Satan’: Satanism Rises in UK, Appealing to Young People as a Religion ‘Of The Self’
Faith-Based Schools Should Be 'Very Concerned' About Biden Accreditation Plans
Faith Emerges in Moment of Crisis Even as America Grows More Secular
Jesus Christ Has Officially Been Declared The King Of Poland
Islamization of UK: British Airways Unveils New Sharia Uniforms For Muslims
Islam's War on Dogs: Muslim Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Raping Flicka – HOLLY NOTE: How sick is this? And we're importing Muslims by the boatloads. If you ever want to know how bad this transition is, look no further than Ihlan Omar who married her brother and now hates America. She is rabidly anti-semeitic. This will fall on all of our shoulders, Christians and Jews alike because we allowed these haters in.
Just Like In A Dan Brown Novel, Vatican Conservatives Have Launched A ‘Secret Plan’ To Remove The New World Order Evangelist Pope Francis, Will It Work?
Newly Elected Congress Is 88% Christian - Will It Make A Difference?
Biblical Site Where Jesus Healed Blind Man Excavated For Public View: 'Affirms Scripture'
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message II to Joe Biden (The White House Apostasy) – video of week 1
Jonathan Cahn: How to Stand Strong in the End Times – video of week 2
Threat Alert: Australia is Allowing Muslim Preacher Wissam 'Abu Ousayd' Haddad to Build an Islamic Army
Christian Persecution Likely To Intensify In Nigeria, India, China In 2023: Release International
Islam Poised To Become The World’s Largest Religion