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Teacher, Family Of Squatters Finally Removed From Texas Home – HOLLY NOTE: As Kennedy pointed out yesterday, these people aren't squatters, they are criminals. Pretty sure I could figure out a way to move these people on that didn't land me in jail. That lowlifes get preference over homeowners is beyond the pale.

Sure there would be a way to compare signatures for authentication. As a rule the property owner's signature is standard as is the renter's. Why aren'tthey using common sense?

There are measures to take to prevent this before it's a problem:
Notify your utility companies that for whatever time you will be absent, there should be little or no activity.
Ditto trash pick-up or else have neighbors bring some of their trash to your dumpster.
Notify police of same and ask them to do drive-bys.
Let neighbors know your plans for absence and hopefully you've exchanged contact numbers.
Use timers on lamps, stereos, TVs so it always looks like someone is occupying the property.
Make sure your mail is held and newspapers aren't delivered.
Have someone mow your yard in season.
If you have 'good neighbors', ask them to occasionally park their car in your driveway and move it every so often.
Install a motion-activated viscous dog audio. – As a joke, friends in Florida were having an issue. We sent them an enormous bone – something like this – and heavy chain with flag clip attached to drape over the dog's food bowl. Surprise, surprise the annoyance didn't continue. They got a really good laugh when they opened the package.
Install ADT, SimpliSafe or some other security device because squatters will have to break into your house takeover your property.
There's No Crying In Baseball Young Red Sox Fan Loses It After Brother Throws Ball Away — But It Didn't End There
Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: Son Donates Kidney To Save His Dad’s Life
He Met The Love Of His Life But Lost Her. Then He Had A Genius Idea To Find Her Again
Little Boy Lost for 6 Days in Harsh Kenyan Wilderness is Rescued: ‘An Amazing Moment’
She’s 102 and Her Secret to a Long Happy Life is ‘Good Sex’ ‘Good Sherry’ and ‘All That Chocolate’
Groundbreaking Myeloma Cancer Treatment Has 90% Success Rate: ‘Dramatic Results’
A Nurse and Her Boyfriend Saved a Man’s Life on Flight Home from Bahamas Vacation
Colombian Hero Risks Life to Save 25 Puppies Trapped In Burning Building
NY Firefighter Drowns At Jersey Shore While Trying To Save Daughter
Emotional Moment 4 Children Clutch On To Their Heroes As They Are Airlifted Out Of Colombian Jungle After Surviving For 40 Days Fending For Themselves When Plane Crashed And Killed All The Adults On Board
Paw-fect Ending: Queens Family Finds Their Missing Dog at NYC Adoption Event
Girl, 10, Reveals How She Survived 24 Hours In Woods After Getting Lost From Family
Cowboy Lassoes Would-Be Bike Thief In Walmart Parking Lot – video
Heroic Rescue – Saved From Everest's 'Death Zone' – video
13-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Could Become Youngest U.S. Open Qualifier Ever
Trick Shot Cop Shows Off Skills in Long Beach – video
MAY 24
ICSO Deputies Use Life-Saving Efforts To Save Infant
Homeless Man Hailed as Hero for Rescuing Family from Apartment Fire: ‘He Was An Angel’
Dog Rescued After Tree Falls on Her Doghouse – video
MAY 18
4 Kids — Including A Baby — Found Alive 2 Weeks After Horrific Plane Crash
Hero Mom Stung 75 Times After Bees Swarm Family During A Photo Shoot
Boy, 13, Took Control Of School Bus And Brought It To Safe Stop After Driver Suffered Medical Episode And Passed Out Behind The Wheel – video
Singapore Sleuth Spends 8 Months Tracking Down a Man to Return Family Heirlooms–And Finally Succeeds
Might Have A Sore Backside – Sorry, Not Sorry – video
Tucker’s Never-Before-Revealed Random Acts Of Kindness That People Are Now Sharing Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye
Missing Texan Trapped for 3 Hours in Her Submerged Car Saved by Passing Fisherman–Learn How to Save Yourself Too
Mother Wins $2M Jackpot After Using Life Savings To Pay For Daughter's Cancer Treatment
'Sammy Is Our Miracle': Teen Dies Rock Climbing And Revives 2 Hours Later
Country Music Stars Align In Performance To Benefit Police Officers
Woman Starts Bawling In Trader Joe's After Act Of Kindness – video
Couple Beaten, Robbed During Chicago Downtown Chaos Over Weekend, Helped By Good Samaritan
Fishermen Rescued From Remote Island After 6 Days Without Food, Water
Over 32,000 Babies Given the Chance to Live Since Roe v Wade Overturned
Fox News Stars Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earnhardt Go Public With Relationship
Indiana Officers To Be Honored For Saving Family From Burning Home
17-Year-old Wins $150,000 in Science Talent Search for Remarkable Way to Diagnose Pediatric Heart Disease
Uber Driver Donates Kidney To Passenger: ‘God Must Have Put You In My Car’
Ice Climber In Utah Dies After Saving Another From Falling Ice
Twin Paramedics Whose Dad Died of Cardiac Arrest Saved Stricken Man With Same Condition the First Time Working Together
Hero Pilot Guides Novice Aviator in Emergency Landing After He Sees Her Tire Fall Off
'This Angel Came Out Of Nowhere': Passerby Saves Grandma From Burning Home
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Amazon Delivery Driver Straightens, Salutes American Flag – video of day 2
Teacher, Driving Home From Work, Pulls Over To Save Choking 100-Year-Old Woman With Heimlich Maneuver
High School Students Make Mathematical Discovery Unproven For 2,000 Years – HOLLY NOTE: That would be my smart husband. At Air Force Academy , Stan challenged his professor. That man was so pissed, he threw an eraser at him. Turns out Stan was right. Smart is sexy.
One Stem Cell Injection to Target Inflammation Slashed Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke By 58%
Amateur Gold Digger Finds Huge Nugget Worth $160,000 in Australia
Hero Cops Who Took Down Nashville Shooter Are Marine Veteran And 'Precision Policeman'
Police Identify Two Officers Who Took Out Heavily Armed Shooter In Christian School Rampage – HOLLY NOTE: How many more people would have died if Nashville had defunded their police?
'He Is A Hero': Stranger Saves Mother And Daughter After Car Crash
NYPD Cop Saves Alleged Conman Off Ledge of 31st Story Window – video
Wild Footage Shows Brave Good Samaritan Purportedly Tackling, Thwarting Gun-Wielding Man Fleeing Police in Busy NYC Neighborhood
The Moment This Mother Seal Realizes Her Baby Is Alive – video
Praying HS Football Coach Awarded Almost $2 Million, Job Back In Settlement
Heartbreaking Video Of Dog Sitting Outside In The Rain Has Happy Ending
Pizza Delivery Driver Rescues Toddler Wandering City Alone At 3 A.M.
3-Year-Old Rescued From Vehicle Partially Submerged in Florida Canal
Body Cam Pistol Mag Dump Into Knife Attacker. Damn!
Firefighter Lures Trapped Dog Off the Ice Using Treats–Then Lifts it Up a 10-Foot Wall
Hero Passerby Scales Building in China to Save Boy Who Fell Out Window Onto a Ledge
Man Saves Donkey From Raging Flood Waters – video
Refugee is Reunited With Beloved Dog After a Year Apart Since Being Fleeing Afghanistan
James O’Keefe Launches New Media Group Following Ouster From Project Veritas After Exposing Pfizer For Gain-Of-Function Mad Science
Man, 81, Survives Nearly A Week Stuck In Snowbank On Croissants, Candy – HOLLY NOTE: Yes heard Stan chortling about this when he bought his last load of Snickers and Oreos.
Teen Hikers Stranded In Calif. Snowstorm For Days Huddled Together To Survive: Authorities
A Month After Quake, Family That Survived Under The Rubble Looks To The Future
National Guard Helping California Residents Dig Out From Several Feet Of Snow As More Winter Weather Looms
A Marathon was Blocking Delivery Route for Organ Donation So a Surgeon Ran Through the Race to Get it
Dave Grohl Showed Up With No Publicity To Cook And Serve For 500 Homeless People
29 Species Have Recovered Enough in Australia to be Taken Off Endangered List–a Milestone for Celebration
Canadian Woman Chats With Homeless Man, Offers Him A Job On Her Farm
Hiker In Switzerland Buried Up To Neck In Snow, Spotted By Keen Eye From Above – video
‘Miracle’ Husky Rescued After 23 Days Spent Under Rubble Following Turkey Earthquake
Students Raise More Than $270K So 80-Year-Old janitor Can Retire from Texas High School
Nebraska Cheerleader Competes Alone At State Competition After Squad Backs Out: 'Proud Of Myself'
Anonymous Man In US Walked Into Turkish Embassy And Donated $30 Million To Earthquake Victims
Michael Jordan Donates $10 Million To Make-A-Wish For His 60th Birthday
Couple Married 72 Years Renews Wedding Vows This Valentine's Day

Florida Deputies Save Bleeding Man From Burning Car – video
New Zealand Divers Pluck Boater From Cyclone-Churned Seas – video
Man Climbs Out Of 8th Floor Apartment Window To Catch Toddler Hanging From Window
Good Samaritans Jump Into Icy Lake To Rescue 83-Year-Old And Dog
Teen Steps in to Prevent Rape of 13 Year Old Girl: Alleged Attacker is Migrant with 11 Prior Convictions
Woman Surprised With Huge Reward After Finding And Returning $15,000 In Cash
Preemie Given 10% Chance of Survival Defies the Odds and is Now ‘a Genius’ Who Outsmarts His Teachers – video
Newborn With Umbilical Cord Still Attached Pulled Alive From Syria Earthquake Rubble – HOLLY NOTE: Unfortunately the mother didn't survive.
‘I Would’Ve Died’: Woman Says UPS Driver Saved Her Life After She Fell Into A Creek
Man's Only Request From A Macomb County Sheriff's Deputy? A Hug
Arizona Border Patrol Agent Carries Injured Migrant Down Mountainside
California Delivery Driver’s Heroic Efforts Help Save Dog From Burning Car
Woman Returns Bag Of $15,000 In Cash She Found While Walking To Work
Retired Marine Dog Bass Awarded Animal Version of Victoria Cross – video of day 1
Police Dog Tracks Down 76-Year-Old Woman Who Got Lost for 20 Hours in the Woods
'Her Doctor Did Not Expect Her To Survive Until She Was 1': Woman's 50th Birthday Filled With Acts Of Kindness
Man Who Broke Into School To Save Lives During Blizzard Is Gifted Super Bowl Tickets By Buffalo Bills
Father Donates Own Kidney To Stranger After Teenage Daughter Saved By Transplant
Railroad Worker Rescues Raccoon After the Hair on its Butt Got Frozen to the Tracks
Firefighters in Michigan Raced To Pull A Man To Safety After A Car Accident Left His Vehicle Flipped On Its Side In The Path Of An Oncoming Train, Officials Said – video
HERO: Utah Doctor Charged with Felonies for Destroying Experimental COVID Vax Shots, Refusing to Jab Children
Good Samaritan Saves Nevada Officer After Being Shot In The Leg During A Gunfight
Pulse-Pounding Video Shows Hero Grabs Monterey Mass Shooter's Gun
This Crew of Street Veterinarians Treat the Pets of L.A.’s Homeless Residents of Skid Row
For 10 Years, An Alabama Farmer Secretly Paid People's Pharmacy Bills
Former Marine Rescues Two Women From Car Trapped In Water
Off-Duty EMT Saves Life of Pastor Who Went into Cardiac Arrest while Officiating a Wedding
Man Who Spent his Life Helping Disabled People Find a Home Has Won a £2.5Million Country House in a Raffle
Buffalo Man Saved By Stranger During Blizzard Loses All His Fingers To Frostbite
Damar Hamlin Posts Photo From Hospital Bed And Live-Tweets Buffalo Bills Game A Week After His Collapse
Damar Hamlin's 'Did We Win?' Shirts Raising Money For First Responders, Hospital
Off-Duty Firefighter Extinguishes Fire While Attending Church Service
82-Year-Old Walmart Employee Retires After Viral TikTok Video Raises Over $100,000 on GoFundMe
Former Running Back in ICU After Saving His Kids From Drowning
Good Samaritans, Watsonville Police Hoist Stolen Car Off 65-Year-Old Cyclist
'Absolute Miracle': 4 Survive After Tesla Plunges Off Calif. Cliff
Buffalo Blizzard Traps Birds In Ice, Neighbors Come To Rescue – video
Courageous Heroes Helped Define 2022's Wild Weather
NFL Quarterback Reportedly Rescues Family Involved In Helicopter Crash On His Jet Ski
'Never Lose Hope': How An Ex-CIA Officer Is Helping Wounded Afghan Combat Veterans Heal
Police Replace Christmas Presents Stolen in Home Burglary