We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom.
—Steve Forbes

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6 People Are Dead And All Jokin' Joe Can Do Is Sow The Rancor, Division That Got Us Here
9 Service Members Dead After 2 Army Helicopters Crash in Kentucky
Fox News Poll: Trump's Lead Over DeSantis in Potential Matchup Takes Drastic Turn to 54%, DeSantis 24%
Taliban Releases Video of Fields of US Military Vehicles, Piles of US High-End Weapons, and Room Filled with Stacks of 100 Dollar Bills Joe Biden Surrendered to Taliban
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says He Has No Regrets on Afghanistan, Admits No One Has Been Held Accountable
The Biden Effect: South African Minister Says Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, and Others Want to Join BRICS Alliance
Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale's Manifesto To Be Released After FBI Review: Official
3 Years on, NY Leaders STILL Not Held To Account For Deadly COVID Nursing-Home Order
John Kerry’s Clueless Call To ‘Work With’ China ED OF DAY
Unlike Russia and China, US is Not Developing New Nuclear Weapons, Top Strategic Officers Confirm
Sen. Kennedy Surprises Mayorkas By Interrupting Testimony For Shoulder Pat, Handshake After Tense Exchange – video
Train Derailment, Fire Causes Evacuation In Western Minnesota Town Of Raymond
‘Your Refusal to Do Your Job Is Revolting,’ Sen. Cruz Tells DHS Secretary Mayorkas
Lawmakers Grill Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Over Border Crisis – video of day 1
Supreme Court Hands Massive Victory To Trump
Donald Trump Drops Clue About Potential 2024 Running Mate – Could Be Noem, Stefanik, Sanders, Lake
Loose Barge Carrying Toxic Alcohol Compound Partially Submerged At Mcalpine Dam in Louisville: Officials
Oregon Democrats Seek to Create Sanctuary State for Kids to Get Abortions and Sex Changes Without Parental Consent
Craigslist Craig Is Financing The Censorship-Industrial Complex
Dominion Voting Systems Wants to Put Tucker, Hannity, Bret Baier, and Other Fox News Executives on the Witness Stand to Testify In Its $1.6B Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox
Trump Rolls Out 2024 Theme: Save America – 'I Think Our Country Is Dead': Trump Explains Why He's Running For President Again
Iran Has Attacked U.S. Troops 83 Times Since Biden Became President, U.S. Responded Just 4 Times
2/3 of Americans Believe FBI Has Become ‘Weaponized,’ Poll Shows
Biden Jokes About Only Being Known For 'Chocolate Chip Ice Cream And Ray-Bans' Before Calling On Congress To Pass Assault Weapon Ban After Nashville Shooting
Listen to Biden's First Words After News of Shooting at Christian School Breaks: 'This Is So Insulting'
Biden Ripped For Tweet On Border Security: He's Full Of 'You Know What' – video
Exclusive — Christopher Hajec: Noncitizen Voting Is ‘Direct Attack’ on U.S. Civil Rights
Watch Now: Dem Attorneys General Press Credit Card Companies To Implement Gun Sale Merchant Code
Greene Calls For Arrest of Manhattan DA After Evidence Surfaces in Trump Case
'Swampy Stuff': AOC Slammed By Watchdogs Over Her Defense of TikTok
China Has Spent Years Currying Favor With Utah Government: Report
Kamala Harris Takes Her Tongue-Twisters, Word Salad to Africa
DeSantis Signs Sweeping School Choice Bill, Opens Student Voucher Program To All Floridian Children
Only 1 in 4 Democrats Wants Biden To Run Again In 2024: Survey
White House Threatens Veto For Republican Energy Package
Canadian Pacific Train Derails Near Chicago

Police: Shooter Was Former Student, Identifies As Transgender – Female That Identified as a Male
Chilling Footage Shows Nashville School Shooter Blast Front Doors, Roam Hallways
New Bombshell Allegations Against Biden Family Financial Records Just Dropped
Biden Urged CCP Infiltration In US Schools, Boardrooms, Athletic Fields as Vice President – HOLLY NOTE: If this didn't come from the respected Washington Times, you'd think this was nonsense. It's one thing to be personally bought and owned by Communists. It's another for him to urge China to take over our Nation.
Trump Vows To Punish China, Foster ‘Quantum’ Economic Growth
J6 Defendants ‘De-Banked’ For Minor Offenses
Kari Lake’s Attorney Discusses ‘Systemic Failure’ In Arizona Voter…
Dershowitz Says Bragg Could Be Disbarred For Trump Case
New Book Reveals What Happened After Supreme Court Leak
National Embarrassment: Saudi TV Mocks Biden In Skit – HOLLY NOTE: Nothing like being an international laughing stock.
Joe Biden’s Blunders Bring Sky News Australia Host To Tears – video
'The Witch Hunt Against Me Is DEAD': Trump Says Manhattan DA Tricked By 'Fraud' Star Witness, Wasn't Into 'Horseface' Stormy
Trump Sounds Alarm Over 2024, Says It’s America’s ‘Final Battle’
Mark Levin: This Is The Greatest Threat We Face – video of day 1
Gov. Hobbs Faces Backlash From Arizona Republicans For 'Foolish' Decision To Scrap Border Strike Force
Los Angeles Police Union Files Suit Against Owner Of 'Killer Cop' Website – video
At Least 7 Dead After Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Explosion
Xcel Energy to Temporarily Shut Down Monticello Nuclear Plant After Two Radioactive Water Leaks; Company Says No Threat To Public
Pipe Burst at Trinseo PLC Releases Hazardous Material Into Bucks County Creek; Coast Guard Responds

Police Reveal 28-Year-Old Woman Opened Fire In Lobby Of Elementary School Near Nashville – 6 Killed Including 3 Students, 3 Staffers and Shooter ALERT
Trump Grand Jury Calls a Lid for the Week — Is Soros’ Case Dead?
Mexican President Says Trump Arrest Is About Keeping Him Off The Ballot
Multiple States Using Election System That Is Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Agencies and Outside Entities
Armed Russian Jets Flying Over U.S. Bases Prove Just How Weak of a President Biden Is
ATF Torched Over New Rule That Turns Millions Into Felons
Arizona Supreme Court Finally Hands Kari Lake a Win, but the Media Doesn't Want You to Know About It
US Working To Get Dozens Of Americans From Afghanistan: Blinken
Poll: Biden Approval Slumps to Near Lowest Point of Presidency
Biden Says Infants 'Better Than People' as WH Scrambles To Clean Up ANOTHER Gaffe – Said He’d Deny Guns To “Domestic Political Advisers” When He Meant To Say Domestic Abusers
The George Show: Jon Calder Talks about Colorado's New Bag Laws And Other Silly Restrictions On Your Life – audio
Gov. Polis’ Housing Proposal Would Allow Duplexes, Townhomes, ADUs Across Many Cities in Colorado – HOLLY NOTE: Leave it to a Democrat to totally screw up this beautiful state. A few years back Polis declared he was in a race to see which state could go ‘greener’ faster – California or Colorado. Nobody is going to be thrilled about this. As you drive into Colorado Springs and northward, the high density house is positively shocking.

Between this proposal and Biden wanting to put low-end housing in the middle of nice neighborhoods, their aim – while they live in gated communities – will destroy property values.
Colorado’s Political Establishment Exposed: New Era Colorado – How Democrats Took Over This State

More Than 9,300 LAPD Cops Doxxed, Info Posted Online
Student Accused of Shooting 2 Faculty Members in Denver Found Dead
Antifa Activist Shoots, Critically Wounds Seattle Police Detective
GOP Congressman Investigating Manhattan DA Bragg's 'Politically Motivated' Trump Probe
Idaho's State Legislature Passed The Legislation With A Veto-Proof Majority To Reinstate A Firing Squad As The State's Backup Method Of Execution For Death Row Inmates
Warning: Every Dollar You Donate To The Red Cross Is Bringing America To Her Knees…
Former Air Force Officer Gets Prison Term For Capitol Attack
WAYNE ROOT: By Arresting Trump, Democrats Want Either Civil War, Martial Law, or Another January 6th. Here is the Strategy to Protect Trump and Save America- without Ever Risking your Life or Arrest
Dramatic Images Of Donald Trump’s Arrest Taking Internet By Storm, But There’s One Problem: They’re Fake
Jesse Watters: DeSantis Is Betting On Trump Fatigue – video of day 1
Time Is Running Out To Speak Freely About Free Speech In America
Nolte: Democrat-Run City, Louisville, CO Bans New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: Louisville is very close to Boulder where some of Colorado's craziest reside.
All 50 States, Ranked by Their Beauty
1. California
2. Hawaii
3. Alaska
4. Utah
5. Colorado
Trump Surges to Biggest 2024 Lead Yet, 2x Over DeSantis – HOLLY NOTE: We love DeSantis and would take him in a heartbeat if President Trump weren't running. Not sure that Gov. DeSantis has the savvy to demand of world leaders what Trump can and did. People get over Trump's brashness and tweets. This is not kinder, gentler world we live in. Right when we need a person at the helm with cojenes. That man is Trump. Now bring that down to the personal level. Most real women don't want piss-weak men. So saddle up.
Jesse Kelly – HOLLY NOTE: – This is my 'radio god'. If you guys haven't listened to him, you need to. Never mind girls that he is that amazing 6'8". Quit drooling. He's happily married.

Stan and I are listening to him and Stan is totally cracking up. Jesse always gives honor to Veterans every Monday night. Honors a war new veteran.

Jesse says it real, what most Americans think and as I do say every day on this little platform. He has the most blisteringly honest assessment of politics, where America is, and he is funnier than anything.

You know when some talk show hosts get a laugh they will retread that laugh line. Jesse moves on. Says it once. He is that quick. Everything is fresh.

He says if you're a caller, don't say you love me or even say 'hi'. Get down to business. Say what you need. Just do it! Jesse is unique. Listen up.
Poll: Momentum-Backed Trump Surges to 14-Point Lead Since Early February
Spring-nomena: 11 Incredible Phenomena You Have To See In Spring
Trump Attorney May Be Limited After Texts With Stormy Handed Over to DA – HOLLY NOTE: So do not get this. If President Trump had sex once with this gal, so don't care. That's between Trump and so-smart Melania. Democrats and their sycophants need to find a different issue like maybe he is the very definition of being a leader? Yeah. That one!
People Are Saying That Trump Might Be Slapped In Handcuffs And Arrested Next Week. Elon Says If That Happens He Will Win 2024 By A Landslide.
Donald Trump Urges His Followers To Get Out And Protest After He Is Arrested On Tuesday As New York City DA Launches Indictment Against Him
‘Who Cares’ That Trump Paid A Nondisclosure Agreement: Mark Levin – video of day 1
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Is 'Using The Justice System As a Weapon': Trump Attorney – video of day 2
Dinesh D'Souza: Duplicitous Two-Step By The Murdoch's Kept Tucker From Revealing More J6 Footage – video of day 3
FBI Is Now A ‘Weaponized Apparatchik’ Of The Presidential Administration
Biden Denies China-Linked Payments To Family Members Despite Bank Records
1 Million Guns Sold Every Month For 43 Straight Months
400K Gallons Of Radioactive Water Leaked From Minnesota Nuclear Power Plant; Cleanup Underway

2 Fatal Weekend Shootings In Miami Beach Prompt Curfew During Height Of Spring Break
Judge Orders Louisiana Child Rapist Who Attacked a Pre-Teen Girl To Be Chemically Castrated Once He's Finished His 35-Year Prison Sentence
Subpoenaed Bank Records Reveal 'New' Biden Family Member Who Got China Cash – Daughter-in-Law Halley Biden
House Oversight Committee Shows Bidens Received $1 Million after China Wired $3 Million to Biden Associate
RepubLicans Say Biden’S Rules For Firms Competing With China On Chips Make U.S. Less Competitive
Montana Attorney General To Sue Biden Administration Over Gun Executive Order
Stephen Colbert Takes Jab at VP Harris After Biden Praise: 'Part of the Job'
Law Enforcement Officials Say Train In Arizona Carrying Hazardous But Was Actually Corn Syrup
BNSF Train Derails Near Seattle, Dumping 5,000 Gallons Of Diesel Onto Reservation
Train Accidents by State 2018-2020 + 1 more
Tucker Carlson: It's Been A Tough Couple Of Years For The 'Experts' – video of day 1
Hunter Biden's Lawyers Are Trying To Say This Money Was 'Seed Money': Miranda Devine – video of day 2
Geraldo Rivera Told Conservatives to 'Put Up or Shut Up' on Hunter Biden - Boy, Did They Ever Put Up
Christian Music Artist Natasha Owens Releases New Single, “Trump Won” – Already Has Nearly One Million Views on Social Media – FBI Perplexed On How to Retaliate
Trump Maintains Front-Runner Status Over DeSantis in New Poll of GOP Primary Voters
Trump’s Competitors Seek To Set Themselves Apart Without Scorning MAGA
The Trump, DeSantis, Tucker Effect: New Polls Show Republicans Increasingly Done With Ukraine
TikTok Threatened With US Ban If Chinese Owners Don't Sell Stakes
'GET THE HELL OUT': Chicago Reporter Confronts Lori Lightfoot – video
Newly Released Video Shows The Moment Russian Fighter Jet Collides With US Drone – video of day 1
Trump Vows To “Totally Obliterate The Deep State” In “The Final Battle”
Treasury To Give Biden Family ‘Suspicious Activity’ Banking Reports To GOP Investigators
Schumer Sidesteps Whether He’d Back Warren Bill To Regulate Big Banks
Navy Intel Chief Says Average Americans Are ‘Naive,’ Have ‘Blindness’ On China Threat
Newark Duped In ‘Sister City’ Scam By Nonexistent Hindu Nation Kailasa

6 Strategies To Curb Violent Crime
Speculation Mounts Over ID of 'New' Biden Family Member Who Got Cut Of $3M Wire
New Biden Family Member Emerges In Hunter Biden Probe – video of day 1
Critics Blame Biden Spending Spree For Banking Collapses As White House Shirks Responsibility
Biden’s 2024 Funding Proposal Is a War Budget and He Is Leading Us to War ALERT
Greg Steube: Another Crisis Created By Biden And His Administration – video
Biden Announces Executive Order To Expand Gun Background Checks, Calls On Lawmakers To Go Farther
The J6 Committee’s Obstruction of Justice ED OF DAY 1
In Iowa Speech, President Trump Vows to Dismantle the Department of Education, Redistribute Power to the States Where It Belongs
Lindsey Graham Says He’ll Introduce Bill to ‘Set the Stage to Use Military Force’ in Mexico
LIES: Biden Claims Republicans In Congress Calling For 'Defunding The Police' – HOLLY NOTE: Dementia Joe clearly doesn't remember that virtually every is taped and recorded. The Squad – all Democrat loudmouths – were some of the most vociferous demanding to either defund or dismantle police departments. These were echoed by some Democrat mayors and governors. Can't recall a single Republican that called for this ridiculous action.
Biden: Worse than Jimmy Carter ED OF DAY 2
J6er Daniel Goodwyn: I’m a ‘Political Hostage’, Not a Political Prisoner — Prisoners Actually Have Rights – video
US Announces Sale Of Nuclear-Powered Submarines To Australia and China Isn't Happy
'Woke' Austin Has Homeless Living At Parks

Antifa Smash Windows, Clash With Police at UC Davis Charlie Kirk Event
China's Quiet Land Grab Threatens The United States' Most Valuable Resource ALERT
Chinese Communist Party Writes Sen. Hawley and Demand He Take Down His COVID Origins Bill… Forget He’s Not Joe Biden – Hawley Responds
BOOM! Oversight Chair James Comer: “IT’S AS BAD AS WE THOUGHT – We Have In Hand Documents That Show Biden Family Was Getting Money from Chinese Communist Party”
Biden Blocks Other Oil Drilling In Alaska While Considering Willow Project
Biden’s Green Subsidies Kill Planned Parkland Biofuel Refinery
Sen. John Kennedy: This Took My Breath Away – video of day 1
Tucker Carlson: The Truth Needs To Come Out – video
It’s Now Time To Prepare: A War With #China Will Be Fought On #American Soil.
Yet Another Norfolk Southern Train Derails As CEO Testifies Before Congress On East Palestine
Tucker Carlson – J6 Tapes Tuesday – video
Tucker Carlson – J6 Tapes Wednesday
Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns Says Tucker Carlson Releasing January 6 Footage is “A Huge Threat to Our Republic”
DeSantis Privately Acknowledges He Will Run For President In 2024: Report
Karine Jean-Pierre Reacts to January 6 Footage Released by Tucker Carlson: “Worst Attack on Our Democracy Since the Civil War”
'Bulls---': GOP Senators Rebuke Tucker Carlson For Downplaying Jan. 6 As 'Mostly Peaceful'
Ethics Complaint Filed Against McCarthy on Jan. 6 Tapes
Capitol Police Respond To Jan. 6 Video, Say Officers Were Trying To 'Deescalate' Shaman Situation
Kinzinger: 'Grifter' Tucker Carlson's January 6 Coverage 'Disgusting'
‘Totally Innocent’: Trump Praises Tucker Carlson for Challenging Insurrection Narrative With Jan. 6 Footage
Elon Musk Blasts January 6th Committee for Misleading the Public: ‘Deeply Wrong’
Searching For Tucker Carlson’s Bombshell J6 Videos? YouTube Censors Will Direct You To Fake Fact Checks Instead
Lies, Damn Lies, and Democrats ED OF DAY 1
70% of Senate Dems Vote To Override DC Bill Softening Penalties For Murder And Carjacking, And Paralyzing The Courts
Domestic Extremism Bill Would Criminalize Free Speech, Create 'Ministry Of Truth,' Warns Group
Tucker Carlson Tells Glenn Beck: ‘I Know DECEPTION When I See It’ – video
UpChuck ’Furious’ – Schumer to Fox News: ‘Tell Carlson Not to Run a Second Segment’ of January 6 Video Footage – HOLLY NOTE: It is mildly amusing watching Schumer have a spaz as did RINOs Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and Tom Tillis. They don't want you to see the truth that they've withheld from the public.

We hope everyone gets to see these videos so you realize how much and to what degree this country has been infiltrated by Communists. Think not? Watch the following video so you know to what degree these goals have been achieved. This isn't nonsense. These were were into the Congressinal Record in 1963.
Related: The Naked Communist - 45 Goals of Communism - W. Cleon Skousen – video
Tucker Carlson: The Jan. 6 Videos Touch A Nerve – video of month pt 7
Tucker Carlson: How Capitol Police Were Unprepared For Jan. 6 – video of month pt 8
Federal Judges Have Denied January 6 Defendants Their Due Process Rights: Julie Kelly – video of month pt 9
We're Watching A 'Total Panic Episode' On Jan. 6 Footage From The Media: Steve Krakauer – video of month pt 10
Fmr RNC Chair Steele: FNC’s Tucker Carlson Is a ‘Demonic’ Sycophant…
Cruz: Biden Enriched Cartels Whose Revenue Increase 26x Since 2018
Trump Is Leader of Republican Party… and America ED OF DAY
Bill Maher Quizzes Bernie Sanders On Woke 'Equity' Language, Senator Unsure Of Definition: 'I Don't Know'
Sen. John Kennedy Delivers Glorious Remarks on Biden and the 'Truth' –video
White House Left Stammering When Peter Doocy Grills Them About Threat From China
Fox News: Are you ready for ... Obama 2024?
Tucker Carlson Airs the First of the J6 tapes – video of the month. Finally, after Tucker Carlson and his producers reviewed 44,000 hours of J6 tapes, they have been synthesized it into viewable sections.

Last night, March 6 was the first program dedicated to these revealing how Democrats, MSM and most disappointingly Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger lied under oath.

You know we rarely list a video as Video of the Month, but everyone needs to see this. This link is for the entire show, which often gets taken down, but you can see most of it piecemeal in the following 5 links. Tuesday night will air another batch of tapes.

We watched in disbelief and disgust as the show unfolded. It's not that we didn't expect J6 deception to be revealed, but the depth and utter intent to lie was shocking. No wonder these tapes were embargoed for years and Dems tried their best to prevent their their release. President Trump must surely feel vindicated.
Tucker: Here Is Unseen Video From January 6 – video of month, pt 1
Democrats And The Media Tried To Hide The Truth About January 6: Charlie Hurt – video of month, pt 2
Tucker: Video Shows Members Of The Jan. 6 Committee Are All Liars – video of month, pt 3
Thomas Massie: These Tapes Have Changed My Perception Of Jan 6 – video of month, pt 4
Tucker: Tape We Reviewed Shows Jan. 6 Was Neither An 'Insurrection,' Nor 'Deadly' – video of month, pt 5
Miranda Devine Reacts To New Surveillance Footage Released From Jan. 6 – video of month, pt 6
If Leftists Hate America So Much, Why Don't They Leave? ED OF DAY
Another Norfolk Southern Train Derails in Ohio – HOLLY NOTE: One incident - a terrible thing. Twice - a coincidence? Now a third time in 4-1/2 weeks. Now it's starting to sound intentional. To what end? One can only guess.
Texas Lawmaker Files ‘TEXIT’ Bill To Spur Vote On Exploring Secession From US
‘They Are Lying’: Tucker Carlson Reveals New Details From Exclusive Jan. 6 Video Footage
Flynn Sues DOJ, FBI For Malicious Prosecution, Wants $50 Million
The Biden Administration is Costing Israeli Lives
California to Not Do Business With Walgreens Over Abortion Pills Issue, Governor Says
No Avoiding It Now: Immigration Issues Threaten Biden’s Climate Program
WH Won't Say Why Hunter Biden-Tied Russian Oligarchs Avoided Sanction
Jill Biden Blasts Haley’s Proposed Competency Test For Politicians Over Age 75 – HOLLY NOTE: President Trump had no problem taking this test which he passed with flying colors. Biden doesn't want his private truth revealed.

2 of the 4 Americans Kidnapped In Mexico Are Dead, 2 Alive: Report ALERT
Walmart Closing Portland Stores amid Crime Wave: ‘Theft Is an Issue’
Protesters Hurl Bricks, Molotov Cocktails At Police At Future 'Cop City' Site
2 Native Hawaiian Men Learn Their Fates After Brutal Hate-Crime Beating Of White Man With A Shovel
Texas Woman Arrested For Trying To Sell Car She Rented — For Cut-Rate Price
NY's Lax Bail Law Lets Lethal Fentanyl Peddlers Off Scot-Free: Suffolk County DA
Why Democrats Are Dreading A Full Jan. 6 Reveal
FBI Demanding Return Of 4Americans Shot, Kidnapped in Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: Used to love going to Mexico – in my last life, married to my late husband. Now Americans are abducted in top-scale resorts. Unfortunately it's just not safe any more since cartels have taken over the country. ALERT
President Trump's Barnburner Statements at CPAC 2023: “I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those of you who have been betrayed, I am retribution.” – video of week 1
Trump Overwhelmingly Wins CPAC's Republican Primary Straw Poll With DeSantis Coming in a Distant Second – Trump – 60%, DeSantis 20%
This Is The Biggest Scandal In American History of Our Best Professional Researchers Lying To The American People
Beating Biden Requires Winning Industrial Middle America: Can Trump or DeSantis Do It?
Polls Show Trump Ahead For ‘24 GOP Nod, But Only DeSantis Beating Biden
Adams Says Lightfoot's Loss In Chicago Is 'Warning Sign For Country'
AOC Begged To Go To Exclusive Met Gala — Even If It Meant Breaking The Rules
Southwest Flight Fills With Smoke, Forced To Make Emergency Landing
Democrats Turn On 'Joke' Candidate Marianne Williamson After She Announces 2024 Challenge To Biden
Dem Presidential Hopeful Marianne Williamson Accuses DNC of 'Rigging' Primary System For Biden – HOLLY NOTE: While she's right about this, Williansom is a nutball.
Botching Anti-Money-Laundering Move, Biden Weakens National Security
Residents Told To Shelter In Place After Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails In Ohio
Texas GOP Votes To Censure Rep. Tony Gonzales Over Votes On Same-Sex Marriage, Guns And Border Security
CPAC Fires Up GOP Activists For 2024 With Dire Warnings That The Left Is Destroying America – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't firing up the GOP base, it's fact. Look around, around you better off than when President Trump was in office?
Gas Stoves Are Back Under Scrutiny With New US Limits Proposed
Californians Overwhelmingly Do Not Want Newsom Running For President: Poll – HOLLY NOTE: As severely as Newsom has screwed up California, can you imagine what he'd do to the whole country?
If China Invades America, Will Leftists Rejoice? ED OF DAY 1
Here's How DeSantis Plans To Attack Trump
Democrat Trying To Tax 'Big Oil' Fundraises Alongside Consultant For Fossil Fuel Companies
Law Firm Investigator Causes Stir, Alleges Mexican Drug Cartel Bought Off Arizona Elected Officials
Pennsylvania Republicans Call On Fetterman To Show Himself On Camera To Prove He’s ‘Alive And Well’ Or Resign
What Will a post-Lightfoot Chicago Look Like?
Garland Gives Curious Explanation About Why Mexican Cartels Aren’t Classified as Terrorists
Not a Single Student Can Do Math At Grade Level In 53 Illinois Schools. For Reading, It’s 30 Schools
Democrat Congressman Mocks God During Hearing, Then Makes HUGE Mistake on Social Media Afterwards
Biden Slammed For Chuckling As He Discussed Mom Who Lost Two Sons To Fentanyl
Mom Who Lost Sons To Fentanyl Rips Into Lawmakers In Emotional House Testimony: 'This Is A War, Act Like It!' – HOLLY NOTE: If you haven't seen this gut-wrenching testimony, this is what Biden was chuckling over. Some have opined that his reaction was actually nervous laughter, because like usual, he had no answers. Would like to think it was that, instead of being the most heartless president ever. – video
Kari Lake Brings Election Lawsuit to Arizona Supreme Court
Secession Is Inevitable. War to Prevent It Is Optional. ED OF DAY
Ted Cruz Grills Merrick Garland on Justice Department – starts 1.:49 min. in – video of day 1
Sen. ‘Hawley: Does Your Department Have A Problem With Anti-Catholic – video of day 2
'You Specifically Said That!': Tom Cotton Relentlessly Hammers Attorney General Merrick Garland – video of day 3
Pentagon Admits Russia Captured American Weapons In Ukraine
US Tells Nations Not To Work With Assad On Quake As Death Toll In Turkey, Syria Surpasses 50,000
‘Deeply Saddened’: New York Firefighter Killed In Massive 4-Alarm Fire
50 Bizarre Laws That Have Existed Or Still Exist In America
Sean Hannity: The FBI and DOJ Won't Answer The Tough Questions – video of day 4
Tucker Carlson: Lori Lightfoot Just Got Spanked – HOLLY NOTE – What an utter joke. She blames being black as reason for losing the election when she just got smoked – only got 17 points. More to the point, one of the 2 men who beat her silly points-wise is black, so her excuse is as false as Biden’s mental capability.

Chicagoans are sick of the violence that Lightfoot let fester and prosper. Hopefully other predominantly Democrat-run cities will vote out their poor leaders out. – video of day 5

Chicago Cop Shot And Killed While Responding To Call: Police – HOLLY NOTE: If there's any doubt why now former Chicago may Lori Lightfoot was kicked to the curb, this explains it.
3 Kansas City Police Officers Are Shot During Standoff: 'We've Been Reminded Too Much Lately How Dangerous Police Work Can Be'
Businesses Flee Crime-Riddled Portland As City Turns Into A ‘Hollowed Out Shell’ Of Itself
US Mainland Reportedly Under Threat As Iran Pushes Assassinations, Kidnappings ALERT
Army Chief: If 'Major War' Breaks Out, China Will Attack U.S. Homeland ALERT
Lori Lightfoot Torched By Critics After Chicago Voters Kick Controversial Mayor To The Curb
EXPLOSIVE Testimony Today At The Sen. Elections And House O/Sight Hearings
'Greater Idaho' Movement To Absorb 11 Conservative Rural Counties From Liberal Oregon Gains Momentum
Biden Admin Admits Frequently Used Attack Line Against Gas Companies Is Wrong
Ex-Top Prosecutor's Entire Defense Team Quits Ahead Of Perjury Trial
Even the WaPo Scuttles 'Trump's Fault' Ohio Train Derailment Narrative
Whistleblower Video Confirms Chicago Housing Authority is Leaving Homeless Americans on the Streets in Favor of Illegal Aliens
Train Carrying More Than 30,000 Gallons Of Propane Fuel Derails In Florida - Hazmat Crews Rush To The Scene After 6 Cars Overturn ED OF DAY
Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Criticized A Plan From The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) To Move Waste From The Derailed Train Site In East Palestine, Ohio, To A Landfill in Indiana
Biden Forgot About U.S. Invasion HE PUSHED FOR – video
Tucker: This Is An Outrage – video of day 1
On This Day In History, Yellowstone Becomes America's First National Park
Astonishing List of People Implicated By Testimony Presented to AZ Legislators Regarding Cartel Links Through Falsified Deeds Used For Laundering Drug Cartel Money
'They Told Me Anyone Wearing Trump Has To Go Now': Ron DeSantis Book Signing Event In Florida Turns Ugly When Security Guard Is Ordered To Boot Pro-Donald Supporters - As Tension Between Republican Rivals Escalates
Washington Post Reviews ‘Every Possible Regulatory Change’ Made Under Trump, Finds None Contributed to East Palestine Train Derailment
The Plan To Wreck America ED OF DAY
Virginia Moves to Ban China From Buying Farmland – HOLLY NOTE: And so should the other 49 states. Not just farmland, but ALL infrastructure.
‘I Am Disturbed’: Locals Alarmed Over Plan to Inject Toxic Ohio Wastewater Underground in Texas – HOLLY NOTE: Have you noticed that Texas is THE dumping ground? This proudly, vociferous voice for Conservative values... And now Caifornicates and New Yorkers flock to those states. Texas and Florida. Hope to God they don't bring politics from which they fled.
Only Trump beats Biden — DeSantis and Haley would lose: Poll
Ron Desantis Is Breaking Democrats' Brains
‘Zero Tolerance’: The Biden Admin Is Allegedly Shutting Down Gun Stores For Minor Clerical Errors
Nearly All Republican Senators Bow Out Of 2024 Race, While Governors Gear Up
Study Reveals America’s Top ‘Dirtiest’ Cities Are Run By Democrats
Billionaire Clinton Friend Dies Of Suicide, Reports Say
Steve Hilton: What's Gone Well Under The Biden Administration? – video of day 2
Metal Factory Explosion in Ohio Leaves 13 People Injured, Rocks State That’s Becoming a Disaster Zone
Man Finds Undetonated Blasting Cap on Property 1.4 Miles From Ohio Derailment Controlled Toxic Chemical Burn
Shock Report: Sen. Fetterman Was Hospitalized Because He Was Unable to Take Care of Himself
GOP Policies Are Resonating With Hispanics: Jorge Martinez – video
Mark Levin Rips Biden As 2024 Questions Loom: 'One-Man Wrecking Ball' – video of week 1
DeSantis Recounts 'Rebelling The Other Way' Against Liberal Ivy League Doctrine – video of day 2
They Do Not Want Peace, And So You Need To Prepare For A Horrific Global War – HOLLY NOTE: We'd better pray, this is averted. ALERT
Biden Administration's New Equity Atlas: An Unconstitutional Equity Redistribution Scheme
That Biden Bid To Blame Trump For The Ohio Train Wreck Is Falling Apart – HOLLY NOTE: This really belongs under Hall of Shame. Am sure Biden will blame President Trump for Putin's attack on Ukraine, global warming and the ridiculous price of eggs. ED OF DAY 2
Marjorie Taylor Greene To Introduce Bill To Force Congress To Provide Ukraine Aid Audit – video of day 2
We Are A Nation Of Spies They Think
Decorated Navy SEAL Killed In Free-Fall Parachute Training Accident
GOP Lawmakers Vow To Unmask Hunter Biden’S Anonymous Art Buyers: ‘We Will Receive This Evidence’
Hunter Biden’s Latest Rebrand Is Just Smoke And Errors
NTSB: Operators Tried To Stop Ohio Train After Bearing Overheated

‘Crime of Poverty’ Excuse Is Devastating NY Small Businesses
Desperate NYC Merchants Turn To K-9 Units To Sniff Out Shoplifters
Donald Trump Delivers Truckloads of Water – Over 14,000 Bottles – to East Palestine After Train Derailment
… And Thousands of Gallons of Cleaning Supplies
'Not Forgotten': Ohioans Praise Trump For Visiting Their Town After Toxic Train Derailment, Rip Biden's Ukraine Trip
Donald Trump Soars over Potential 2024 Challengers with 50% Support in 2024 Republican Primary
Biden’s Latest Whack At The Suburbs Will Change Your Neighborhood For The Worse ED OF DAY 2
Supreme Court — Again — Rejects Utah Brothers’ Effort To Reinstate Donald Trump As President
Biden Stumbles Up Air Force One Stairs — Again — While Leaving Poland
Poll: Only 33% Think America Is Going in the ‘Right Direction’
Biden’s Shocking Push To Radicalize The Federal Bureaucracy
Sen. Daines Rails Against Biden’s Handling Of Issues, Says He Left Chinese Balloon Briefing With ‘More Questions’
Daylight Saving Time 2023: U.S. Senate OK'd Sunshine Protection Act, But Florida Will Still 'Spring Forward,' For Now
Daylight Saving Time Latest Updates – HOLLY NOTE: According to this article, the House is waiting on the Department of Transportation "to report on the effects of a permanent change. That analysis, however, is due on Dec. 31, 2023, after the Sunshine Protection Act is slated to take effect.

This makes it unlikely that any action will come on daylight saving time until 2024." If we're waiting Buttigieg, hell will freeze first before they get the report out.
Biden to Announce More Sanctions on Russia After Putin Suspends Nuke Treaty
20 Dem Govs Form Alliance to Promote Abortion
No Offsite Impact After Uranium Fire Breaks Out At Y-12, Officials Say

Young Reporter Gunned Down On The Job Leaves Behind Fiancée, Devoted Family
Gunmen Kill 7, Including Young Girl, After Being Mocked For Losing At Pool
Trump Set To Visit East Palestine Today: Conservatives Slam Biden, Local Leaders Tout Bipartisanship
Exclusive: McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson Access To Trove Of Jan. 6 Riot Tape
Biden Secretary of State Blinken Announces $185 Million in Aid to Turkey Following Earthquake – But Administration Ignores East Palestine
Gun Banning and Social Contempt ED OF DAY
Ramaswamy Reveals 'Action' He'd Take On Day 1 If Elected President
Biden Torched For 'Equity' Focused Artificial Intelligence Push Biologist Calls 'Social Cancer'
Swalwell’s Next Attack On Trump Is To Kick Him Out of the US Capitol
Lori Lightfoot,in 3rd Place, Claims She 'Misspoke' When Telling Non-Supporters To Not Vote

Convenience Store Shooting Leaves 5 People Hospitalized
Man Sentenced To 12 Years After Killing Pregnant Girlfriend, Placing Body Into Trash Compactor
18-Inch Pipe Bomb Discovered Near Train Tracks Behind Philadelphia Church
Joe Biden Leaves Kyiv, Ukraine, After More Than 5-Hour Visit Pledging Support: 'The World Stands With You'
Large White Balloon Has Been Spotted By Pilots Over Hawaii
DeSantis Approval Shrinks In Latest GOP Primary Poll: Trump 46%, DeSantis 23%
Nearly 9-in-10 Dems Say Biden Should Not Lead Party
Idaho House Passes Bill to Begin “Greater Idaho” Discussions With Oregon
Dr. Ronny Jackson Accuses White House Of ‘Cover-Up’ After Biden’s Annual Physical Returns Clean Bill Of Health
Mark Levin: Let's Talk About The Special Counsel Investigating Trump – video of day 1
Biden Admin And Democratic Governors Are Targeting Americans: Betsy McCaughey – video of week 2
Democrats Are Coming For Your Single-Family Home: Betsy McCaughey – video of week 3
Lake Moves to Take Election Fraud Case to Arizona Supreme Court
U.S. Universities, Backed by Soros and Zuckerberg, Throw Support Behind Durbin-Graham ‘DREAM Act’ Amnesty
Presidents Day 2023: Fascinating Facts To Know About America's Greatest Leaders
How Patriots Can Effectively Resist Tyranny Without Direct Confrontation, Threats, or Danger ED OF DAY

5 Shot, Including Child, During New Orleans' Bacchus Parade
California Violent Crime Tripled As Suspects Walked Free Without Bail: Reform Study
Health Concerns Grow In East Palestine, Ohio, After Train Derailment ALERT
East Palestine Officials Hold Meeting With Frustrated Residents
Life Imitates Art: Train Derailment in Ohio Is in the Same Town Where ‘White Noise’ Train Crash Was Filmed
SCOTUS to Reconsider Hearing Case Alleging Biden, Harris, Lawmakers Ignored 2020 Fraud, Broke Oaths
Rep. Greg Steube Introduces Legislation to Repeal 'Motor Voter' Registration
For Pete's Sake: Buttigieg Has Gone Missing Again ED OF DAY
FBI Searched University Of Delaware Looking For Biden Classified Documents
Dem With ‘Defund Police’ Ties Reverses Course After Assault
NORAD Intercepts 4 Russian Aircraft In Alaska Air Defense Zone
Gaetz Will Not Be Charged In Justice Department Sex-Trafficking Probe, His Office Says – HOLLY NOTE: Democrats made Gaetz's life absolute hell for several years. This was likely due to his staunch support of former President Trump and being a member of the conservative group Freedom Caucus. Now DOJ admits there was no there-there, so they've backed off this harassment, but not before giving him tons of grief.
Joe Biden Refers To Maryland's First Black Governor As 'Boy' In Speech
Dem Dinosaur Dianne Feinstein Finally Retiring
Feinstein Blindsided By Retirement Statement Issued By Her Staff
Loudoun Again: School Board ‘Liars’ Block Release Of Rape Investigations

Man Run Over, Killed While Trying To Steal Catalytic Converter in SoCal – video
Nonbinary Ex-Biden Official Accused Of Stealing Woman's Luggage Learns Their Fate – HOLLY NOTE: Noticed when he emerged from court yesterday, he dressed as the gender he was born with and didn't wear a dress.

As stated on numerous occasions, if my husband started wearing my clothes that would end it right then and there. Where are our masculine men? Once Obama green-lighted gay marriage, things really started going south. Lord help us.
Stealing Prosperity Shoplifting Epidemic Costing NYC Workers Their Jobs, Adams Tells Lawmakers In Bail Reform Plea
'This Is Ridiculous' NYC Man Allegedly Shoved Onto Tracks By Career Criminal Blasts Lack Of Safety On Subways
Air Force Jets Intercept 4 Russian Aircraft Off Alaska: NORAD
Donald Trump Jr. Says Hollywood Satanic Rituals Will Be Exposed
Is America at a ‘Jonah’ Moment, or a ‘Nahum’ Moment?
It’s Starting To Look Like The United States Blew Up The Nord Stream Pipeline In Covert CIA Operation To Stop Flow Of Russian Gas To Europe
US Army in Alaska Braces for Cuts of Up to 2,000 Soldiers – HOLLY NOTE Yeah, that makes a lot of sense when Alaska is a hair's breath away from Russia. Just 2.5 miles from Russia and Alaska between the Diomedes islands.
Survey: Republicans Report Higher Relationship Satisfaction Than Democrats
Rantz: Democrat Law Gives Syringes And Crack Pipes To Kids
Florida School District Cancels Survey That Asked 10-Year-Olds About Sex, Gender Identity
Russia/Belarus: Americans – GET OUT NOW Warning ALERT
Ohio Train Derailment Results In Lawsuits, Dead Animals And Lingering Questions About Toxic Chemicals ALERT
"Get The Hell Out Of There" - Ohio's Apocalyptic Chemical Disaster Rages On ALERT
U.S. State Department Funded Foreign Think Tank Working to Censor Americans
Shot In The Dark Biden Silent On Flying Objects After Directing 4 Shootdowns In 8 Days
As Ohio Train Derailment Disaster Continues, 2 More Trains Derail Across the Country – Coincidence or Systemic Oversight?
Pete Buttigieg And Chernobyl in Ohio
Tucker Carlson: There Is Chaos In America's Airspace – video of day 1
Canada Claps Back: Tells Adams To Stop Sending NYC Migrants
AOC Mocks Christian Group’s Super Bowl Ads Calling For Love, Compassion
Pothole Pete Makes Cringey Spy Balloon Joke, Stays Silent On Ohio Train Derailment
Suppose The Four Twits Aren't the Only Twits Suppose The Four Twits Aren't the Only Twits

Suspect Kills Self After Fatally Shooting 3, Injuring 5 at Michigan State
US Military Takes Down Fourth Unidentified Flying Object Over North America In 8 Days ALERT
Former White House Physician Demands Biden Undergo Immediate Cognitive Examination
FBI Whistleblower Raises Fresh Concerns About Bank Record Mining, Undercover Agents In J6 Probe
GoFundMe Boots Campaign For Arizona Rancher Held On $1M Bond For Murder Of Migrant Shot On Property
The Real Reasons Why Biden Will Be Waving Goodbye in 2024 ED OF DAY
House Republicans, 42 Democrats Vote to Stop D.C. from Giving Illegal Aliens Right to Vote
Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz Speak Out On Investigating The Weaponization of the FBI – video of day 2
50 US Nuclear Bombs Stored On the Same Fault Line That Killed More Than 25,000 People?
Could a Red-Light District For Sex Work Happen in San Francisco?
A Zombie Apocalypse Of Morons…
Ilhan Omar's Campaign Cash To Consultants Dipped By Millions After Halting Payments To Husband's Firm

A New York Woman Was Beaten And Maced — And Her Dog Was Killed. This Is Her Fight For Justice
Pittsburgh Business Owners Suffering From Crime Surge – video
Gov. Huckabee’s Rebuttal to Biden’s SOTU – video of day 1
The Feds Have All The Evidence They Need To Go After Jeffrey Epstein’s Buddies. Here’s Why They Still Roam Free
Cars, Missiles, Penicillin And Fridges: Beijing Has a Stranglehold on Nearly Everything America Buys. So, Mr. President, What Happens If There's War
GOP Slams Biden’s Legacy, ‘Failed Far Left Agenda’ Ahead of SOTU: Americans Know ‘Real’ State of Union
Trump Surges in New 2024 Poll, Results Should Have Biden Shaking in His Boots
Biden Posts Photo of First Page of His SOTU Speech, 1 Word Has Conservatives Howling with Laughter
Biden Will Talk Very Little About The Border: Brit Hume – video of day 2
Tucker Carlson: We Are Becoming A Country Of Despair – video of day 1
Endless Arms Flow to Ukraine Raises Worry over Readiness Against China ALERT
Biden on Verge Of Imposing Historic Regulation Agenda – HOLLY NOTE: Remember President Trump cut 22 regulations for every new one. Biden will make doing business even more difficult.
8 Reasons to NEVER Trust Anything This Government Says
List of the US Military Bases in the Path of the China Spy Balloon As it Traversed Across CONUS
Experts Sound Alarm Over China Buying US Land Near Military Bases: 'Chilling'
Montana Man Recounts First Seeing China's Spy Flight: 'I Should Have Never Seen This' – video
UPDATE... Rep. Waltz Says DOD Told Him China Spy Balloons Crossed US During Trump Years But Gen. Mattis DID NOT TELL TRUMP - Mattis Responds – video
Here’s How Much US Farmland Has Been Bought Up By China
America Sees Itself As A 'Dysfunctional Family That's Breaking Apart' ED OF DAY
10,000 Cartel Drones Detected Crossing U.S. Border Last Year
Face the Facts: Separating Truth From Fiction On Biden's Big Claims
Florida Legislature Set to Dissolve Disney’s Special Self-Governing Status
NYC Is So Bad That Migrants Are Fleeing To Canada - Migrants living illegally in NYC Are So Fed Up With The Big Apple's Crime And Filth That They're Taking Officials Up On Offers To Bus Them To Canada On The Taxpayer's Dime...
Housing Affordability Helps Explain Why People Move From California to Florida and Texas

FBI Arrests 2 People Who Plotted Attack On Baltimore’s Power Grid
BIDEN'S SLIGHT OF HAND: House Intel Chair Accuses Biden of 'Trying to Change the News' By Offering Congress a Trump Classified Documents Briefing on the Same Day as Chinese Spy Balloon Uproar Began
“First Biden Refused To Defend Our Borders. Now He Won’t Defend Our Skies.”
China Spying and Russian Saber-Rattling: The Beta Test for the BIG One – video of day 1 ALERT
3rd Chinese Spy Balloon Is ‘Operating Near US Interests’ – But Officials Won’t Say Where ALERT
Prepping For War? Chinese Spy Balloon Belies Much Larger Economic Warning Signs
Over 42,000 Non-Citizens, Including Perhaps 20,000 Illegal Aliens, Could Vote in D.C. Elections
Mayor Eric Adams Tried To Fend Off Criticism Over Accommodations At The New Emergency Migrant Shelter In Brooklyn By Staying There
The Silver Bullet For Victory ED OF DAY
Cruz Introduces Congressional Term-Limit Amendment
East Half of Oregon Movement Trying to Secede and Join Idaho Hopes to Inspire National Campaign Against Woke Havens Like Portland That Raise Taxes, Coddle Criminals And Ignore 'Traditional Values'
FedEx Cargo Jet Narrowly Averts Collision With Southwest Plane At Texas Airport

'Family Person' Off-Duty NYPD Cop And Father Of 2 Shot In The Head During Apparent Brooklyn Robbery
90-Year-Old Candy Store Owner Beaten Up In NYC
Co-Owner of a Popular Atlanta Nightclub Murdered in Front of His Own Establishment
Mexican Cartel-Style Violence Spreading in California over Marijuana Grow Fields
BYE! Ilhan Omar Voted Off Foreign Affairs Committee
‘Squad’ Rep. Rashida Tlaib Breaks Down Crying On The House Floor
Sean Hannity: Ilhan Omar's Long History Of Controversial Statements – video of day 1
Predicting and Preparing For War
Migrant Crisis Becoming Key Election Issue, Polling Data Suggests
Joe Biden as the Doddering King of Spain
Eyeing History, Nikki Haley Will Announce Her Run For GOP Presidential Nomination on Feb. 15
Sen. J.D. Vance Endorses President Donald Trump For 2024: ‘He Won’t Recklessly Send Americans to Fight Overseas’
Ted Cruz Calls Out Mayorkas: ‘Largest Human Trafficker’ On Earth
Manchin Joins Republicans To Protect Gas Stoves
Tim Scott Calls Dems' Police Reform Bill a ‘Nonstarter’
Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Discovered Floating Over Northern US: Report ALERT
Related: Biden Refuses To Shoot Down Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering Over Montana for Days ALERT
Adam Schiff Accused of Leaking Classified Info: ‘A Felony’
100 Dems Refuse To Condemn Socialism After Troubling Warning From Republican Cuban-American Rep Maria Salazar
Matt Gaetz Responds to Jerry Nadler’s Refusal to Recite Pledge of Allegiance Before Hearings
AOC Funneled Cash To Chinese Foreign Agent For Campaign Ads
Rep. Maxine Waters Has Choice Words Ahead Of Meeting With Biden – HOLLY NOTE: She always looks like she just sucked a bag of lemons.
Exclusive – Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear War: U.S. Has ‘No Plan’ in Ukraine, This Is Not a ‘Video Game’ ALERT
“Raid” on Benedict Biden’s Home Was a Sham: FBI Literally Set an Appointment With Biden’s Attorneys
Hunter Biden Finally Admits the Laptop From Hell Is His, Vows to Sue Those Who Exposed Biden Crime Family Corruption
Border Patrol Official Rails on Schiff's 'Disgusting' Attack on Republicans at House Hearing: 'Total Lies'
SCOTUS Bruen Decision Bearing Fruit: San Francisco Approves a Concealed Carry Application
Omaha Police Officer Kills Gunman Shooting AR-15 at West Omaha Target Store
Zelensky Sent Out Government Decree to Destroy ALL INFORMATION on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on Same Day as Russian Invasion – Then Fire Spotted Outside Intel Headquarters
This Tells You All You Need to Know: Satanic Temple Announces Launch of Clinic to Provide “Religious Abortions” in New Mexico
Fight for Speaker Pays Off as House Takes Big Step Toward Restoring Deliberative Government
Doritos, Coke, and Morning-After Pills All Available From This College’s Vending Machines
Tucker: Lindsey Graham Is Trying To Control Trump Through Flattery – video of day 3
Trump Warns Biden on Ukraine: ‘Then Come The Nukes’ ALERT
Who’s Been Illegally Giving China US Chips For Nuclear Weapons Lab?
Ilhan Omar Thinks You're Really Dumb
US Could Quickly Run Out Of Munitions In Conflict With China, Defense Industry Unprepared: Report
Republican-Led House Panel To Focus On Biden Family Business
Watchdog Group Says White House Science Integrity Measure Aounts to a ‘Gag Rule’
Americans Cite Government As Top Problem Facing The Nation, Inflation 2nd In New Poll
'Get a Real MD' Megyn Kelly Blasts First Lady After CBS Calls Her 'Dr. Jill Biden' – HOLLY NOTE: Megyn Kelly's sharp comments have merit. Remember when it was exposed 2 years ago that her doctoral thesis was so poorly executed that it was called into question? In college when submitting term papers, they'd better not contain this many errors or we'd earn a flunking grade. This is a pretty damning assessment.
Hunter Biden Alcoa Email Promising Russian Oligarch Info Raises Fresh Concern About Joe's Access
There’s More Evidence That Hunter Might Have Been Selling State Secrets
Now Even Jerry Garcia's Pot Company Is Fleeing California
These Are The Republicans Protecting Ilhan Omar
The Real Differences Between the Biden and Trump Document Troves – Why the Biden Presidency May Be Finished – HOLLY NOTE: That wouldn’t be all bad, but look what comes behind him. That IS bad!
Never Too Late to Pray for America ED OF DAY
Backing the Blue with a Megaphone

Hundreds of the 'Worst of the Worst' Sex Offenders to Be Released into Taxpayer-Funded Homes
If Looks Could Kill: Dominatrix Tried To Kill Lookalike Pal With Poisoned Cheesecake, Left DNA Behind: Prosecutor
US Could Quickly Run Out Of Munitions In Conflict With China, Think Tank Finds ALERT
Jim Jordan Gives Final Warning Before Issuing Subpoenas
Lauren Boebert Rips Host After Saying ‘No Evidence’ Biden Compromised By Foreign Powers
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On The Verge Of Key Committee Assignment
Left-Wing Think Tank Responsible For Thousands Of Fake Russia Stories, New Twitter Files Reveals
CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Ray Epps Led Break-In of First Set of US Capitol Barriers – Now We Have Video He Was Also in Lead Pack During Break-In of Second Set of Barriers on Jan. 6 – video of day 3
It's Not Just Gas Stoves Democrats Are Coming For - Here Are Other Home Appliances on the Chopping Block – HOLLY NOTE: Several other articles put the number of U.S. homes that cook with gas is 38%, not 30% and in California alone it’s 70%. In New York it’s 69%. Both are so blue, it’s doubtful Democrats can pull this one off.
A House Republicans Vote Down Gun Control Measures After Recent Shootings On School Campuses
Office of Public Instruction to Add a Civics or Government and a Financial Literacy or Economics Course to the Current Graduation Requirements For Montana High School Students
Map Reveals US Cities With Most Homeless Gen-Zers
Alliance of Big Tech, Dark Money Groups Partners With Counties in Utah That Bans ‘Zuckerbucks’ for Elections
Sebastian Gorka: United States’ Reliance on China for 90% of Its Medicine Could Prove Disastrous
The Nuclear War That We Have Been Relentlessly Warned About Is Now Right on Our Doorstep ALERT
RUMORS OF WAR: Air Force General Predicts America Will Be At War With China By 2025
California County Cancels Contract with Dominion Voting Systems Due to Major Concerns

3 Dead After Shooting In Ritzy LA 'Hood — 4th Mass Shooting In City This Week
Georgia Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Activates 1,000 National Guard Troops Amid Atlanta Protests ALERT
Colorado To Consider Its Own Gun Ban
Ilhan Omar Pulls Race Card As Mccarthy Rejects Committee Post
John Kennedy Rips Biden Over GOP Medicare Cut Suggestion
Catholic Lobbyists Urge Jim Jordan To Probe DOJ’s Handling Of Attacks On Churches, Pro-Life Centers
Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces 'PENCIL' Resolution Barring Adam Schiff From Accessing Classified Information – HOLLY NOTE: Stan ponders how Bull Shift breathes... Pauced a moment and realized he breathes through his lower oriface. Hence Bull Shift.
Governed by Idiots ED OF DAY 1
Matt Gaetz Reveals Adam Schiff’s ‘Pronouns’ in Well-Deserved Spiking of the Ball
Colorado Lawmakers Drafting Ban On Semiautomatic Weapons

Major US Cities Prepping For Possible Violence Ahead Of Tyre Nichols Video Release
Delivery Driver Robbed At Gunpoint By Two Men With 85 Combined Felonies
With Joe Biden, Soros Finally Had A Prez He Could Control
How 'Middle Class Joe' Went From 'One of the Poorest' In Congress to a Millionaire
Biden's Blame-Shifting Classified Docs Excuses Make Scandal Worse
US Disarms Itself To Aid Ukraine – HOLLY NOTE: This is exactly what we stated yesterday. ED OF DAY 1
M1 Abrams Tanks In U.S. Inventory Have Armor Too Secret To Send To Ukraine
Matt Gaetz Reveals Adam Schiff’s ‘Pronouns’ in Well-Deserved Spiking of the Ball
Poll: Donald Trump Outperforms Ron DeSantis in Head-to-Head Matchups Against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
AG Merrick Garland Says No Double Standard of Justice in Biden Classified Docs Case
Treason in America - Again ED OF DAY 2
Republican Lineup Announced for Panels on Pandemic, Weaponization of Government
RAY EPPS EXCLUSIVE!! Never-Before-Seen Leaked Video of Ray Epps Breach! Is the Government Doctoring Video to Cover For Epps & Incriminate the Proud Boys At Their Show Trial? This Is Part of the 14,000 Hours the Government Is Hiding!

Ohio Architect, Fiancée And 2 Relatives Dead After Grisly Find In Mexico 'Do Not Travel' Area
15-Year-Old Girl Learns Her Fate After Fatally Stabbing Rival Cheerleader
We Live In An ‘Idiocracy’ In Which Violence Of Epic Proportions Has Become The Norm
Most NATO Members Have Run Out Of Weapons For Ukraine – HOLY NOTE: This is one of my biggest fears; we give or sell almost all of our weapons leaving America defenseless. It takes a long while, years, to replenish same. Look at Biblical prophecy. There is a time soon coming when we are most vulnerable and taken out, which is likely why we don't come to Israel's aid. It is prophesied.
McCarthy Formally Kicks Schiff And Swalwell From House Intel: ‘Integrity Matters More’
Swalwell Says McCarthy Will ‘Regret’ Booting Him Off Intel: ‘I'm Not Going To Be Quiet’
Based: Hawley Introduces ‘PELOSI Act‘ to Ban Congress from Trading Stocks
POLL: Trump Now Leads Biden in Hypothetical Match-up
20 Republican States Sue Biden Admin Over Migrant Parole Program
WATCH: MTG to Introduce Legislation Labeling Antifa As 'Domestic Terrorists'
Only Voters Can Restore Order To The Southern Border ED OF DAY 1
Tucker: Hunter Biden Had Access To Classified Documents – video of day 2
Vince Everett Ellison: Don’t Be Afraid To Vote Based On Your Values
FBI Agent Who Tried to Frame Trump for Russia Collusion Hoax Arrested Over Ties to Russia
Ballot Analysis Explains Kari Lake’s Gubernatorial Loss in Arizona Despite Pre-Election Polling
Biden Documents Saga Largely The Same As Trump's — With One Key Difference
J6 Rioter Who Put His Feet On Pelosi’s Desk Found Guilty On All Counts
Biden's Blue Wall Breaking: Dem Support Crumbles Over Doc Scandal
Schumer Says It's 'Much Too Early' To Decide Whether To Support Sinema
Trump Reacts To Pence Classified Document Discovery: 'an Innocent Man'
Obama Office Declines To Disclose Plans, If Any, To Search For Classified Docs
Former Vice President Mike Pence Discovered Classified Documents In Indiana Home
Biden Classified Documents: What Is Known About Where, And How Many, Documents Have Been Found
Tucker Carlson: Biden Is Done – video of day 2
Numerous Reasons Mayorkas Should Be Impeached: Brandon Judd – video of day 1
Biden’s State Department Launches ‘Welcome Corps’ that Asks Americans to Help Resettle 125K Refugees in U.S.
Ex-Obama Official To Replace Ron Klain As Biden's Chief Of Staff: Report
Adams Joins Other Black Mayors To Decry 'Defund the Police,' White House Handling Of Border – HOLLY NOTE: Saying 'we told you so' has a hollow ring to it. As Ron White used to joke, "You can't fix stupid." ED OF DAY 2
Will 'No Regrets' Be Biden's Epitaph As The Classified Docs Pile Up?
'It’s Armageddon': Media Silent on Biden Admin Plan to Snatch Public Land For Solar Farms – HOLLY NOTE: Clearly there is no end end to Biden being a jerk. If you look at how much of U.S. land belongs to the government, that they 'need' more is ridiculous! This map is from 2005. Know for sure, more of Colorado was snatched just a year or so ago.
Biden and Justice Department Both Bungling The Classified-Docs Scandal
Pompeo Blasts Biden For Border Crisis, Slams Fentanyl Smuggling
Hunter Biden’s ‘Flirty’ Chinese Secretary Who Urged ‘Uncle Joe’ To Run Is New GOP Focus – flashback
Ex-Obama Official To Replace Ron Klain As Biden's Chief Of Staff: Report
Biden Classified Docs Scandal Fits 'Pattern Of An Influence Operation': Rep. James Comer
Classified Docs Scandal Is Unboxing The Biden Family Business ED OF DAY 1
Gingrich Says Level Of Corruption in DOJ and FBI Is 'Unprecedented'
Biden Documents Probe 'Looks More Like A Cover-Up,' Says Top GOP Rep
Biden’s Document Crisis Worsens As Even Democrats Slam Handling Of Classified Materials

Police Surrounded Van Tied To Alleged Killer In California Dance Club Massacre
LA County Shooting: Suspected Gunman Fatally Shot Himself In White Cargo Van
Fox News Weatherman Beaten on NYC Subway Train, Suspects Set Free
Vandal Jumps Out of SUV to Damage NYC Synagogue In Suspected Hate Crime
Shoplifting in NYC Has Never Been Worse, Say Weary Bodega Owners
Lunar New Year Shooting In Calif. Follows Near-Record Year Of Mass Murder
Protesters Attack Businesses, Set Police Car On Fire in Atlanta
House Minority Whip Katherine Clark's Child Arrested for Assaulting Cop in Anti-Police Action
ANTIFA Unleashes Hell on Downtown Atlanta As Part of "Night of Rage"
Julie Banderas: Really? Antifa Protesters Lighting Cop Cars On Fire Is Nonviolent? – video
Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases
Supreme Court Investigation Fails To Identify Leaker Of Dobbs Draft Decision
Supreme Court Leak: Conservatives React To Court's Inability To Find Leaker In Historic Abortion Ruling
Trump Unveils Plan to Protect ‘Crown Jewels’ of U.S. Economy from China
Hunter Biden’s $49,910 ‘Rent’ to Joe Exactly Matches Deposit on Office Shared with Chinese Energy Company
Tucker Carlson: Permanent DC Doesn't Want Biden To Run For President Again – video of day 2
FBI Decided Not To Monitor Biden Document Search
Mapping Out All The Key Revelations From The 'Twitter Files' So Far...
Peter Doocy: These Questions Still Need Answering – video
Democratic Kingmaker Clyburn 'All-In' For Biden 2024, Issues Warning Against Primary Challengers

Bad Neighborhoods: 1% Of Counties Responsible For 42% Of America’s Murders
Alec Baldwin Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In Fatal 'Rust' Shooting: District Attorney
Rep. Gaetz Introduces Bill To Abolish the ATF
2024: Republicans on Course to Get Blown Out by Phantoms
Joe Biden’s Weak, Insulting Trip To The Southern Border
Biden’s ATF Bans MILLIONS OF GUNS With New Rule And Gun Owners Could Face TEN YEARS IN PRISON For Refusing To Comply ALERT
Documents Show FBI and ATF Warrantless Surveillance Through Gun Background Checks
Biden Vows to Ban Assault Weapons at MLK Day Event – video of day 3
Tucker Carlson: This Is Very Serious – video of day 1
Tucker Carlson: Voters Are No Longer In Charge – video of day 2
Glenn Youngkin Outraged After VA Schools Withhold National Merit Awards From Top Students Over ‘Equity’
Prepping Lessons from the Great Depression – video of week 2
Mark Levin: Why Didn't the FBI Investigate Biden's Residences? – video
LEO HOHMANN: Biden Signs On to “Declaration of North America” (DNA) with Canada and Mexico – Is the Planned North America Union Making a Comeback? – HOLLY NOTE: Canadians and Americans don't want this. Canada doesn't like our politics or our gun laws. We don't like Trudeau or his socialism. The only country that benefits from this proposed NAU is Mexico with their woefully weak peso. It takes M$9.40 pesos to equal US $1. With 40 million Mexicans living in the U.S., they're coming here for a reason.
University That Housed Biden Center Pressed To End FBI China Spy Probe After Big Beijing Donations
House Creates Special Committee Focused On China
Democrat Introduces Legislation to Make White People Criticizing Minorities a Federal Crime
Denver Still Considering A Natural Gas Appliance Ban Of Its Own – HOLLY NOTE: Double dog dare Gov. Polis to try an institute this silliness down here. Though Pueblo County is basically purple, in our unincorporated town of Pueblo West, there are a lot of gunowners, have self-sustaining veggie gardens and some folks have chickens, horses, etc. and will to tell Democrats to get lost. As this article tweet-quotes most admirable OH Rep. Jim Jordan “God. Guns. Gas stoves.” Still wish he’d taken the Speaker’s job, but he didn’t want it.
End of an Error of Shielding The Bidens As Classified Docs Scandal Puts Joe's Presidency In Peril
Former Kansas AG: Merrick Garland Is Protecting President Biden – video
Omar Not Giving Biden An Inch After New Trove Of Classified Documents Found At Delaware Home
Press Turns Against Biden Over Mishandling Of Classified Documents – video of day 1
Eric Swalwell Is Sold Out To China: Lauren Boebert – video of day 2
210 Democrats Vote Against Bill Requiring Medical Care For Babies Born Alive After Abortion Attempt
NOT GUILTY: Justice Department Sees First Acquittal Of Jan. 6 Rioter
At Least 74 Illinois Sheriff’s Departments Vow To Defy State Assault Weapons Ban
Victor Davis Hanson Lays Out Plan For A Better America – video
Democrats Are Pushing The Agenda For Socialism, Communism: Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson – video
Arizona Court Of Appeals Schedules Conference In Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit, Agrees Case Should Be Expedited!
Experts Explain Real Reason Biden Administration Suggested Banning Gas Stoves – HOLLY NOTE: Just proves that ‘Greenies” can plumb new depths of silliness.
Democrats Receive Billions in Dark Money and GOP and Government Don’t Seem to Care
Biden Already Admitted Guilt — He's Just Betting Garland Doesn't Prosecute Him, or Trump – HOLLY NOTE: The most lying and least transparent and least present president ever. Biden has scampered off to his Delaware house 60 times since being president.

There are no sign-in sheets there. Who is coming and going? More payouts and handouts from the Chinese?

Pardon me as I have to pick myself up from laughing. See Ponder of the Day. Those records were sitting right by his treasured Vette. He never saw them? This crazy bi-acche – his queer secretary – said he did't know they were there. Righty-roo. Pull the other one. If that were the case, Biden is truly brain strangled.

Get involved friends. Ruffle feathers. Speak out. Take a stand. WE can't have this or lose America.
Sen. Graham Demands Special Counsel Probe As Biden Breaks Silence Over Classified Docs
Will 2023 Be Worse Than 2022? ED OF DAY
Jonathan Turley: There's A Lot We Don't Know About The Biden Classified Documents – video of day 2
Democrats Melt Down After New Bill Requires Care For Babies Born Alive During Failed Abortions
Banning Gas Stoves, And Going Electric Only, Is Part Of Left’s Agenda – HOLLY NOTE: Hands off my gas! 40% of America cooks with gas including yours truly. If the left is going all in on stupid and control, while don't they regulate people from smoking? That's proven to cause real harm.
If There's A Special Prosecutor For Trump, There Should Be One For Biden: Josh Hawley – video
On The Ballot in May: Oregon Counties To Vote To SECEDE (Escape) From Oregon and Join “Greater Idaho”
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GOP Rep. Ralph Norman: Mitch McConnell Is Not a Conservative, He Should Step Aside – HOLLY NOTE: The turtle has been a RHINO for years. He showed his true colors during the Trump admin.
Sen. Graham Demands Special Counsel Probe As Biden Breaks Silence Over Classified Docs
Will 2023 Be Worse Than 2022? ED OF DAY
Jonathan Turley: There's A Lot We Don't Know About The Biden Classified Documents – video of day 2
Democrats Melt Down After New Bill Requires Care For Babies Born Alive During Failed Abortions
US Atty, FBI Investigate Classified Docs at Biden Office
U.S. Attorney Reviewing Classified Docs from Biden’s Vice Presidency – HOLLY NOTE: As VP, he can't declassify docs. Only a president can. Whaddaya bet Biden remains untouched. Am simply mystified why media is so spineless and simply complies.
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Boebert Supporters Tell Firebrand ‘Tone Down The Nasty Rhetoric’
Florida Rep. Byron Donalds Reveals Committee Appointment In Exchange For McCarthy House Speaker Vote – HOLLY NOTE: So disappointing that this Congressman held out for something personal, something to advance his career, not for the betterment of the Country. Guess that says how politics works theses days – on both side of the aisle.
Trey Gowdy: Republicans Need To Stop Seeking Attention And Start Seeking Results – video of day 1
Abbott Hand-Delivers Biden A Blistering Letter On El Paso Tarmac Denouncing His Border 'Failure'
Tex Mess Biden Spends Only 3 Hours In El Paso In First Border Visit As President
Biden Slammed For Comparing Illegal Aliens To Jews Fleeing Nazis: 'Shameful And Out Of Touch'
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The U.S. Supreme Court Accepted The Raland Brunson Case, The Supremes Accepted The Case (Source is redacted to protect source)
Democratic Colorado Governor Says State Will No Longer Bus Immigrants To Cities

'He Has To Pay' Parents Of Slain Idaho Student Want Death Penalty For Accused Killer Bryan Kohberger – HOLLY NOTE: Idaho is a death penalty state.
Idaho Murder Suspect Returned To Area After Killing, May Have Stalked Home 12 Times: Affidavit
13 Crucial Minutes: A Timeline Of How The University Of Idaho Murders Unfolded
Man Gets Record 20 Years In Prison For Teen’s Fentanyl Death In Colorado Springs
Safeway Combats Theft With Separate Shopping Section For High-Theft Items At Certain Locations
At Least 10 People Reportedly Shot As Rapper Filmed Video Outside Miami Restaurant
Deal Reportedly 'in Writing' For GOP Rebels To Back McCarthy as Speaker
Trump Now J6 Target – Biden's Justice Steps Up Persecution Of 45
Exposing Joe Biden's Hypocritical Abuse Of Power ED OF DAY 2
Deep State Neocon Warmonger John Bolton Announces 2024 White House Run Against President Trump – HOLLY NOTE: Bolton is the very antithesis of Pres. Trump who extricated us from war in favor of spending $$ at home, not in endless wars. Wouldn't vote for Bolton in a fit.
Biden Administration Touts Drained Emergency Oil Reserves as Top 2022 Accomplishment – HOLLY NOTE: Our Strategic Petroleum Reserves were meant to be used for 2 things: In case or war and during times of natural disasters. Not only did this president drain these precious reserves to bring down the cost of gas and diesel right before midterm elections, he sold a good part of that oil to our #1 enemy – China.

Talk about a double bitch slap across the face. What a horse's rear he is. Biden, when it all washes out, will undoubtedly go down as the worst U.S. president in history. When someone can make Jimmy-Peanut Farmer-Carter look good, you know they are really bad.
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New York Gun Control Law Unconstitutional: NY Supreme Court
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It's Not Over Yet: Kari Lake Election Challenge Moves Forward, Here Are the Judges
Brilliant Plan – Kevin McCarthy Vows to Assuage Republican Fears About His UniParty Propensity by Organizing His Installation with Democrats
Evil Bastards ED OF DAY
Glenn Beck: THIS is why I think a HUGE CHANGE Is Coming to America – video of day 1
As Biden Visits Border, Still No Apology Over False Claims That Border Patrol Agents Whipped Migrants
President Biden Announces New Migrant Parole Program – video
Biden's 'Going To Gaslight Us' When He Visits The Southern Border, Some Critics Warn
JESSE WATTERS: 'Coyote Joe' and His Admin Create App To Usher In Migrants Amid Border Crisis – video of day 3
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Bringing Down The House: McCarthy Falters In Quest To Become Speaker – HOLLY NOTE: When we went to bed last night, they had finished their 3rd round of voting. How stupid and petty do Republicans look! Alternatives? Steve Scales has been cited as no stronger than McCarthy who is giving away the store to secure the Speaker’s position. Another name floated is Andy Biggs of Arizona, but have no idea what kind of job he'd do.

Our choice? Jim Jordan would be a strong, strong choice, but he has categorically declined to be Speaker. So we’re back in the circular firing squad and Democrats are lapping it up. Hate to say it, but this would never have occurred under Pelosi who ruled Dems with an iron fist.

As a result of this stalemate, on day one Republicans didn’t get to repeal the new 86,000 IRS agents, didn’t start hearings on the border or get the China-select committee ready to investigate China's nefarious dealings. Meanwhile all Congresspeople-elect are unable to be sworn in.

As Newt Gingrich stated, “the ‘blackmailers’ (holdouts against McCarthy), they’re blackmailing the whole Country.” The House is to gavel in at noon to see if they can come to a consensus. To win, McCarthy has to flip 11 no voters to yes, and have the other 9 vote ‘present’. This is the most uncertain Speaker vote in a century.

Freakiest thing ever: Muslim Democrat Hakim Jeffries nearly overtook McCarthy for Speaker. Imagine a Republican-won House led by a Democrat! If nothing else says Republicans need to get their act together, this is it. WSJ’s Chad Pergram labeled this as the biggest game of chicken.
Matt Gaetz Calls McCarthy A "Squatter" For Prematurely Moving Into Speaker's Office
Twitter Files: US State Department Panicked Over ZeroHedge COVID-19 Reporting
Private Residents in California Can Now Sue Firearms Manufacturers – HOLLY NOTE: How crazy does it get? This crazy! Clearly firearms manufacturers are not the ones who pull the trigger, nor are they mind readers. Sellers can only do due diligence by filing their application.

BLM’S LEGACY: Anti-White Hate Crimes RISE 260% in Chicago for 2022
The House Speaker Vote -- Embarrassment, Indeed – HOLLY NOTE: As of the morning of Jan. 5 Republicans are a hard no on MaCarthy as Speaker. Another 9 are undecided. Unless something significant changes Republicans will be gridlocked unlike Democrats that are in lock step. No wonder Conservatives never get anything meaningful accomplished while Dems ram through their harmful legislation. ED OF DAY 2
Trump Reacts To Border Situation – “The Real Insurrection Is What’s Going On At Our Southern Border”
Practical Goals for 2023: A Time to Build! – video
5 Radical, Woke California Laws Go Into Effect Today
January 6 Book Released: FIRSTHAND TESTIMONY of Harrowing Tragedy from the J-6ers Living It! “The American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison”- Please Purchase a Copy to Support Political Prisoners of Biden Regime!
U.S Virgin Islands AG Fired During Biden Visit After Vowing to Expose Epstein’s Powerful Friends
Large Trucks and Buses Made Before 2010 Now Banned From California
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HUGE: House Republicans Find Text and Email Evidence that Pelosi Staffers Secretly DECREASED Security at US Capitol for Jan 6 – While at Same Time Pelosi Was Organizing Film Crew that Day
Biden Admin Clears Chinese Company To Own 370 Acres Of Land Within 12 Miles Of Grand Forks USAF Base In North Dakota ALERT
Government by Gimmick Won’t Last
Biden Poised To ‘Repair’ Judiciary After Securing Senate Majority
Adam Kinzinger Lies About Ray Epps Again, and We Should Probably Figure out Why
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message II to Joe Biden (The White House Apostasy) – video of week
Retiring Jan. 6 Republican Says Good Riddance to Congress: ‘I’m Not Going To Miss The Job’ – HOLLY NOTE: Nobody will miss him either.
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Chief Justice In Year-End Report Reinforces Need For Judicial Security After Contentious Year At Supreme Court
Kevin McCarthy Has 'Strong Support,' Will Become Next Speaker of the House: Garrett Ventry – video

Idaho Murder Suspect To Waive Extradition Hearing: Reports
Anyone Feel Like Going To The Mall?– HOLLY NOTE: This is absolutely insane! – video of day 1
NYPD Rookie Attacked By Alleged Islamic Extremist With Machete Near Times Square
Violent Crime Soars In 2022; Blame Pinned On Too Few Cops, Lax Prosecutors, More Brutal Society
Idaho Murder Suspect Was A 'Creep' Around HS Girls, Battled Heroin Addiction