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Philippine Ferry Fire Leaves 31 Dead, At Least 7 Missing
Hundreds of Tractors Protest EU Great Reset Plan to Cut Farm Animals
European Spring? Germany Braces For Major Strikes While France Burns
France Braces For Another Day Of Mayhem And Violence
Hungarian Parliament Approves Finland’s Bid To Join NATO – HOLLY NOTE: This will set Russia's teeth on edge.
China’s Greatest Weapon: TikTok Pushes Suicide Videos on 13-Year-Olds
Kim Jong-un Orders His Troops To Prepare For 'IMMEDIATE and Overwhelming Nuclear Counterattack' Against 'Enemies' As He Accuses US of Holding 'Aggressive' Military Drills With Seoul Using Nuclear Assets ALERT
North Korea Says It Tested New Nuclear Underwater Attack System ALERT
Worldview With Amir Tsarfati: The Most Dangerous Reality Since The Yom Kippur War
The World Is Being Split Into 2 and NATO Wants War With Russia
9 Russian Warships Spotted Off The Coast of Crimea
Libya Uranium: Missing Barrels Recovered, Say Eastern Forces
Thousands Of Pounds Of Uranium Go Missing In African Nation: U.N. Nuclear Watchdog ALERT
Russia and China Threaten To Create Global ‘Danger And Disorder,’ Says Britain’s Sunak
Netherlands: Police Arrest 700 Climate Radicals from Greta Thunberg's Ally 'Extinction Rebellion'
Illegal Migrant With Deportation Order Gets 32nd Criminal Conviction
Experts Sound Alarm On Weapons Technology Stolen By Chinese Communists' Espionage Efforts ALERT
Widespread Civil Unrest Is Growing All Over The Globe - Just Wait Until Summer! ALERT
Netanyahu: “Horrible Nuclear War” Will Break Out If The World Does Not Stop Tehran From Obtaining Atomic Weapons ALERT
Japan Just Discovered 7,000 Islands It Didn't Know It Had
Russia and Iran Reach Secret Nuclear Deal On Uranium Transfers
Iran Reverses Opposition to IAEA Inspections, Vows to Cooperate With Nuclear Watchdog
Taiwan Warns Of China Military's 'Sudden Entry' Close To Island
Anger Boils Over Train Crash In Greece, As Audio Released Of Driver Being Told To Ignore Red Light
Russia Blows Up Vital Bridge To Bakhmut, Ukrainian Police Say
New ‘Head’ Sculpture Discovered On Easter Island – video
IAEA Report Confirms Near-Weapons-Grade Uranium Found in Iran ALERT
North Korea Threatens Declaration Of War With US If Military Drills Continue – HOLLY NOTE: Is this more lip-flapping or a solid threat? About the time we discount Kim, he might just do something stupid.
Some of the Descendants of Nazis In Positions of Power Today
7 Hurt After Jet Caught In Storm Cell Has Sudden Free Fall, Sending People Flying
Camilla Will Officially Be Called 'Queen' and Not 'Queen Consort' after King Charles' Coronation
At Least 36 Dead, Dozens More Injured In Greek Train Derailment
Canadian Teacher With Size-Z Prosthetic Breasts Placed On Paid Leave
Canada Discovers ‘Chinese Buoys’ In The Arctic That Could Be Tracking US Nuclear Submarines In The Region ALERT
Italian Coast Guard Says At Least 60 Dead After Migrant Craft Crashes Off Coast, Alleged Human Trafficker Charged
Mexico - Pemex Hit By Fires At Three Facilities In One Day
Russia May Supply Iran With Fighter Jets, Kirby Says
Russia Sends Ship To Space Station To Rescue “Stranded Crew”
'We Will Defeat Everyone' Ukraine Prez Delivers Defiant Message On Anniversary Of Bloody Russian Invasion
China Calls For Peace Talks, Cease-Fire Between Russia and Ukraine
Russia's Richest Oligarchs Lose $67B In Year Since Putin Invaded Ukraine
The Coming Storm: Elites Carefully Laid Plan of Genocide ED OF DAY
EU Push to Get Migrants to Vote in Elections Designed to ‘Muffle’ Voices of Local Europeans – MEP
British Public More United on Immigration Being ‘Too High’ Than Any Other Issue: Polls
Tucker Carlson: These Are Deep And Growing Economic Ties Between Russia And China – video of day 1
Putin’s Address To The Nation – “Unbelievable, – We Are Again Threatened By German Leopard Tanks, Which Have Blood On Their Hands."
EU To Hold Emergency Meeting On Mar 6-7, May Send ALL OF NATO’s Remaining Ammunition To Kiev
US Believes Russia Conducted 'Satan 2' ICBM Test While Biden Was In Ukraine
North Korea Fires Pair Of Short-Range Missiles 2 Days After Intercontinental Test
Canadians: Mass Migration Makes Homes Unaffordable
North Korea Fires Missile as US, S. Korea Prepare For Drills
Putin Uses Armored Train, Private Stations for Personal Trips – Reports
REPORT: Justin Trudeau Hijacks Canada’s Healthcare and Threatens Provincial Premiers to Cut Off Healthcare Funding Unless They Agree to Digital Health ID
Brazil’s Socialist President Declares: Get Your Child ‘Vaccinated’, or Lose Your Welfare
Norwegian Shipping Company Bans Electric Vehicles On Its Vessels
2 Dozen Chinese Military Planes Enter Taiwan’s Airspace
Spain Spent $276 Million On Trains, Then Realized They Didn't Fit In The Tunnels
China Has Been Sending Spy Balloons Over 40 Countries on 5 Continents For Years ALERT
WATCH: Pro-Open Borders Protesters Joined by Muslims Shouting ‘Allahu Ackbar’ in Dublin
Russia Has Prepared 1,800 Tanks, 700 Aircraft & 500k Men 'For HUGE New Invasion In 10 DAYS
Pay VERY Close Attention To Which Businesses Suffer Arson Attacks
Japan, India Hold First Joint Air Drill As China Concerns Grow
Colombia Detects Another Possible Chinese Spy Balloon
Italy Hit With Nationwide Internet Outage, Reports Say
Newark, N.J. Resolution Proclaims ‘World Hijab Day’
Huge Crowds Rally to Remove Justin Trudeau from Power
El Salvador Just Learned That Incarceration Works
If WWIII Breaks Out, It Won’t Start On Tanks Or Fighter Jets, Warns Medvedev – Russian Politics & Diplomacy
ALERT: Its Starting... Theres Only ONE WAY This ENDS – video of day 2
Too Little Too Late: NATO Armor Not Enough to Turn the Tide of War – video
Mega Cities and Plans for the Global Population Relocation – video of day 1
Terrifying Microsoft AI Can Build A Robo-Clone Of Your Voice After Just 3 Seconds
Here is Why China Won’t Attack Taiwan
Peru Protests: Machu Picchu Closed Indefinitely And Tourists Stranded
Over 100 New Nazca Lines Discovered in Peru Designed by Ancient People
This Gigantic Face Appeared Overnight On A Mountain Near The Village of Sardi Khola in Nepal – video
Pakistan Begins Restoring Power After Second Major Grid Breakdown In Months
Apocalyptic Scenarios Are Unfolding All Around Us, but Most People Are Still Asleep
Uranium Package Headed for Iranians Found Embedded in Metal Bars at UK’s Heathrow Airport
UK Set To Crack Down On Illegal Aliens: Block Bank Access, Home Rentals, And Driver’s Licenses
"The Third World War Has Already Started" ALERT
World Economic Forum Declares New Crises
Chevron Says It Discovered ‘Significant’ Natural Gas Find Off Egypt’s Coast
Scotland’s Plan To Implement 20-Minute Neighbourhoods Nationwide
A "Corrupt Circle-Jerk..." Of "Select Human Beings" - Did Davos Just Reach 'Peak Creepy'?
500 ATMs Blown-Up By Migrant Gangs In Germany In 2022, Setting New Record
Greta Thunberg Detained By Police, Slams "Very Hypocritical" German Green Party For "Embarrassing Itself"
Gut-Wrenching Video Shows Plane Seconds Before Fatal Crash, Killing at Least 68
Greece Fights Back: 24 NGO Workers Face 25 Years in Prison for Human Trafficking
UK: Islamic Rapist Shouts 'May Allah Destroy You' as He's Sentenced for Using Government Covid Loans to Fund ISIS
Huge Flames Can Be Seen For Miles As Explosion Hits Gas Pipeline Connecting Latvia and Lithuania
British Protest 15-Minute Cities Where They Will Become Prisoners of the State
Putin Sends Warship Armed With Hypersonic Missiles To Atlantic & Indian Oceans
101st Airborne Still Deployed In Romania Simulating War With Russia
Intelligence: Russian Illegals In Europe
BREAKING: ENORMOUS CROWD – TENS OF THOUSANDS of Brazilians Descend on Brasilia, Storm Congress – SHOTS FIRED – video
Mass Arrests And 'Federal Intervention' In Brazil After Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Government Buildings
Where Most Of The Aid To Ukraine Came From In 2022
Soldiers' Widows Group Calls On Putin To Order Major Mobilization For Ukraine War
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Official, Qassem Fatahillah, Assassinated Outside His House
Hezbollah's Nasrallah Suffers Second Stroke, Hospitalized In Beirut - Report
UK Saw Record 45,000 Clandestine Boat Migrants in 2022 as People Traffickers Ply Deadly Trade – HOLLY NOTE: Sure this will be be taken as racist, but if western nations don't close their borders, none of us will recognize our countries. New Ager, Cyril Henry Hoskin, aka T. Lobsang Rampa wrote about the 'race of tan' over 6 decades ago in several of his books. This is not a new concept, just a globalist one, and only the elites have the money to escape and rise above. Obama referred to it as "the browning of America." See my article Keeping Evil at Bay, But the New World Order Will Have Its Day, Pt. 3
After 100,000 Migrants Arrive In 2022, Italy Set To Take Action Against NGO Ferry Boats
North Korea's Kim Orders 'Exponential' Expansion Of Nuke Arsenal ALERT
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile After Unprecedented Year Of Tests
Hezbollah's Nasrallah Suffers Second Stroke, Hospitalized In Beirut - Report