The Cosmic Conspiracy Final Edition 2010

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Written by Stan Deyo

First Published in 1978

FINAL Edition 2010 coming early April 2010

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Recruited by the Illuminati, Stan Deyo was taken secretly to Australia in 1971 to design "flying saucer" propulsion systems with them. Deyo reveals years later why "they" keep the alien/UFO agenda from the public. Many have investigated this huge conspiracy from the outside looking in - BUT, only one has come forward from an insider's perspective.

Stan Deyo's The Cosmic Conspiracy Final Edition 2010 is his testimony to the truth....

Table of Contents

SECTION I: Flights of Reasons
CHAPTER 1 - Sightings and Suspicions
CHAPTER 2 - Electro-Gravitic Propulsion
CHAPTER 3 - Constructs of Reality
CHAPTER 4 - Radiant Genius: Tesla
CHAPTER 5 - Effecting Weather Warfare
CHAPTER 6 - The 1982 Alignments

SECTION II: Mysticism And Numerology: Mystery Babylon
CHAPTER 1 - Centuries Of Darkness
CHAPTER 2 - Orders of Illuminism
CHAPTER 3 - Seal of Deception
CHAPTER 4 - Model For 'Peace'
CHAPTER 5 - It's All Happening
CHAPTER 6 - Circles of Illuminati

SECTION III: Not Of Earth: Ichthus
CHAPTER 1 - In the Beginning
CHAPTER 2 - Conflicts Bear Witness
CHAPTER 3 - How to Survive
CHAPTER 4 - Taken to Safety
CHAPTER 5 - Horror With Grace
CHAPTER 6 - Until Sin Dies
CHAPTER 7 - Spread the Word

'Survival Kit': Reading List For Section III
Appendix No. 1 - New York Herald Tribune articles
Appendix No. 2 - Interavia Electro-Gravitics article
Appendix No. 3 - The Gravitics Situation (Gravity Rand Ltd.)
Appendix No. 4 - Copies of the Maxfield-Teller letters
Appendix No. 5 - Einstein's Relativity Error
Appendix No. 6 - Electrodynamic Propulsion
Appendix No. 7 - Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System


Read about The Cosmic Conspiracy Final Edition 2010