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Expanded Table of Contents

Why Prudent Places USA 4th Edition is So Important

Without doubt, the number one question we are asked is: Where is safe? Considering our drastically changing weather, terrorist concerns, and now government and elitists run amuck, this question is more prescient than ever. No one can guarantee 100% safety for any location, however, there are more clever places to live.

Even if you're not relocating, Prudent Places USA 4th Edition informs you about the community you call home. Understanding its pros and cons, its strengths and weaknesses enables you better prepare for the unexpected.

If you are considering a move, Prudent Places USA 4th Edition helps you avoid pitfalls. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition answers all these questions and many more:

  • Where is the UN's Agenda 21 land?
  • Where is nuclear waste stored and what route does it take when moved?
  • Where is land too contaminated to live on?
  • Where do nuclear power plants earthquake faultlines collide?
  • Where are new nuclear power plants going to be built?
  • Where states are least restricted by oppressive laws and taxation?
  • What counties have safe groundwater?
  • Where is the cleanest air?
  • Where are the UN's biospheres and reserves?
  • Where are America's prime nuclear targets?
  • What counties are safest from gang activity?
  • What rivers have contaminated fish?
  • What counties are less prone to floods and tornadoes?
  • Where are active volcanoes?
  • What are the current gun laws for each state?
  • What states have Make My Day and Castle Doctrines for gun laws?
  • Where are homeschool-friendly states and what are the requirements for each?
  • Where's the best climate?
  • Where are the nuclear reactors and do they pose a problem?
  • Will rising sea levels flood my area?
  • Where counties are most prone crime?
  • Which counties have the least animal waste pollution and pesticide contamination?
  • What is the likelihood of an earthquake?
  • Where are foreign drug cartels operating?
  • For going off-grid, what counties are best for solar power? Wind power? Geo-thermal power?
  • What's my seismic risk and is a major fault close by?
  • Where are the most desirable rural locations?
  • What counties are safest from floods?
  • Where are dangerous dams?
  • Where are major military bases?
  • What counties have the least natural disasters? The most?
  • What counties are in Hail Alley?
  • Where are the chemical weapons and deadly germ facilities?
  • How can I find caves and mines?
  • What counties are hit with the most hurricanes and how far inland do they go?
  • What counties have the least crime?
  • What states curb firearm ownership?

Whew! That's a lot, but it's just the start.

What's New in Prudent Places USA's 4th Edition?

First is a great new chapter: QUICK START: Tips for Locating Your Prudent Place to get you off and running.

Second, ALL maps – now at 800 – have been updated except where information doesn't ever change. For example, the 2'x'3 map of Aquifers throughout America is as Earth provided from millions of years ago.

Third, many entirely new topics are covered in this 4th Edition. A number of these pertain to liberty and freedoms of all Americans. As we see these eroded and evaporate daily, this becomes increasing important to understand your rights whether moving or wanting to know how your state fares and what to expect. There are shocking changes.

Numerous new subjects are covered under Nuclear Power Plants from the possible resurrection of the Yucca Mountain's spent fuel storage site, to more reactors coming on line and where they are located, to nuclear power plants in seismic zones and ones that lie lie over faultlines or are in flood zones. Neither of these situations are safe.

Where are high hazard and dangerously deficient dams? What we aren't told in the news. Especially in light of more extreme weather, we're seeing horrendous effects of when too much rain pours down and dams bulge and burst as they did in Colorado in Summer 2013. The American Society of Civil Engineers rate our Nation's dams at a "D". Haven't heard about this? Read what we don't see in mainstream news.

Dangerous Bridges – What Every Person Needs to Know. Funds for the critical repairs are being siphoned off. Instead of fixing fragile infrastructure, these monies are funneled into ever-burgeoning entitlement programs. America is broke, and there is no back-up pot of gold. After the massive flooding in 2013, ancient dams already desperately in need of repair are seeing their chalky concrete construction chiseled and crumbling. One out of every 9 of the 700,000-plus American bridges are rated as "structurally deficient". Especially in an evacuation, it could be very dangerous going over these tired bridges with tons of cars simultaneously rammed through. As seen in Minnesota in 2007 and in Washington in 2013, bridges fail – some with dire consequences.

Some of the mostly timely new topics include Agenda 21 and the UN and Federal Land Grab. How and where are these entities silently usurping even more land while barring Americans from public property. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition also details their future plans. Are you in a danger zone?

If worst comes to worst and our Country comes under attack, the second area to be hit will be our Military, right behind all Communications. The new 2'x'3 map shows all Major Military Installations and the text chapter reveals what this means for you.

Your Liberties and Freedoms: Many new topics fall into this category. America today is barely recognizable compared to our Country of 15 years ago. It's important to know the latest information on self-defense for Right-to-Carry States and Gun Laws of each state. New material also covers states with Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine Laws. These will keep you protected, not the criminal, and out of jail.

Another new topic focuses on Homeschooling and your right to teach your children. Regulations, Requirements and Laws are shown for each state. They are a mind-bending labyrinth of do's and don't's and more different than can be imagined state-to-state.

Last in this area, is an overall assessment of each state's freedoms. This chapter compiles information in many arenas from taxation to voting, marriage to property rights, from regulatory issues to liabilities, from fiscal policies to civil liberties, from eminent domain (where the Feds can take your land) to unauthorized checkpoints and much more, and scores every state accordingly. Be prepared for surprises.

New text chapters for all of the above give you additional information as well as the latest material for all previously existing topics. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition is the definitive work on the state of America, its changing laws and all things involving natural and man-made disasters and the environment. It revealss the strengths and weaknesses of every state – and each has its pros and cons.

Already Have Prudent Places USA?

This is the first MAJOR update to Prudent Places USA in a decade. So much has changed in 10 years – mostly not for the better. Nearly every map, every chapter, 'tittle and jot' has been updated and redesigned to reflect the most current information available anywhere. The 4th Edition required a year to research and complete using only the most reliable sources and trending information. Prudent Places gives you impartial, scientific and government data to arm you with the best aids in finding either a new place to live, a bugout location, or how best to benefit from your current residence.

Who Uses Prudent Places USA?

Thinking of living off grid? Prudent Places USA 4th Edition reveals where the best rural locations are plus which counties produce good wind power, solar and geothermal energy. You'll also want to know the top locations for fresh air, clean water, least drought, good gardening and which areas are least prone to government snooping and most amenable to homeschooling. What counties have the right amount of rain, sunshine and temperature for you?

Interested in purchasing a farm? Where is farmland not owned by the government? Where are river and lake fish OK to eat? Need elbow room? Prudent Places USA 4th Edition shows population density and where the masses are moving to. You want to be where they aren't! You'll also see the locations of main rivers and lakes for each county as well as major road and rail routes, and dangerous bridges and risky dams. These are important if you need to evacuate.

If finding a church is important, Prudent Places USA 4th Edition shows where different faiths predominate. Is ethnic diversity a must? Then check the population distribution maps. If you've asked any of the above, Prudent Places USA 4th Edition has the answer to these questions and much, much more!

About the Data

The latest information has been garnered from many areas, primarily from scientific, government and statistical sources and presented in quick-to-understand maps. Wading through heaps of text is not necessary though supplemental information is provided if you want to know why an issue is important and reap other nuggets of information. They are beautifully illustrated and may answer questions not covered by a map. We encourage you to look at these sections, but the many maps give you an instant jump-start.

Prudent Places USA 4th Edition covers seven main areas:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Man-made Disasters
  • Environmental Basics
  • Environmental Problems
  • Energy
  • People and
  • Places

You'll find maps in the right column of the Table of Contents and text chapters on the left.

Within these chapter headings, you have access to 64 main topics, plus additional subtopics. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition contains over 800 high resolution, full color maps, numerous informative tables, beautiful photographs of America, plus a myriad of bonus data. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition is visually enjoyable as well as informative. Nowhere can you find better detailed, more highly defined, full-color maps as those in Prudent Places USA 4th Edition. These 2 x 3 feet maps are so sharp, so clear, you can print them on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and see the information distinctly.

Prudent Places USA 4th Edition shows maps to a county level — all 3,142 of them! As a result, maps are very large and must be presented in CD-ROM format. It does little good to give a broad stroke picture when there are pockets of safer places in many states. Then again, some areas are absolutely NOT prudent.

Maps can be printed on transparencies and overlaid for a defining view of areas that interest you.

Before you get started, read the chapter on Quick Start: Tips for Locating Your Prudent Place. This essential book you'll refer to time after time.

May you discover your perfect place and maybe it's right under your nose!
Holly Deyo